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US President Donald Trump has officially declared the disputed city of Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel's capital despite warnings from around the world that the move risks triggering a fresh wave of violence in the Middle East. He has also set in motion the relocation of the American embassy in Tel Aviv to the city, which has drawn condemnation from all corners of the world. Press TV has talked to Marwa Osman, political commentator, as well as Geoffrey Alderman, historian and political commentator, to share their opinions on the consequences of such a move.  
Osman believes Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel's capital is “the final nail in the coffin of Zionism in the Middle East,” adding that it would bring an end to the so-called peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis.
She went on to say that Trump has no idea about the consequences of his actions, asserting that he has no depth of understanding of either foreign or domestic policy.
“The man [Trump] has no idea what he has just done, he has no idea what kind of a shock wave will start from within al-Quds and outwards, towards the regional and Arab and eventually the Islamic world and also the free world which is against this declaration which is unjustified, it is illegal, it is illegitimate, it would never give any sort of legitimacy [to] the Zionist occupation,” she said. 
The commentator also noted even the United States’ close allies -- such as the UK -- do not condone such a step.
The entire Jerusalem al-Quds is currently under Israel’s control, while the regime also claims the city’s eastern part, which hosts the third holiest Muslim site, al-Aqsa Mosque.
The city has been designated as “occupied” under international law since the 1967 Six-Day War, which Palestinians want as the capital of their future state.
Meanwhile, Geoffrey Alderman, the other panelist on the program, opined that Trump’s decision may spark demonstrations but said that there won’t be some “major uprising.”
He also noted the bill known as the Taylor Force Act, which stipulates a cut in funding to the Palestinian Authority, will put more pressure on the Palestinians than the mere words uttered by Trump.
Osman disagreed with Alderman’s comments, saying Trump’s move will ignite a third Intifada, expressing confidence that the Palestinians will continue to resist.
She also highlighted the fact that the Israelis have been killing the Palestinians and taking their land for the past 70 years, emphasizing that the only way out of this situation is through resistance.
The commentator further suggested that people around the world should stand up to Trump’s decision, stressing that the issue of Jerusalem al-Quds is “a very emotional matter.”
She also predicted that the Zionists will come to the point where they will no longer be able to take control of the shock waves and Palestine will be freed.

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