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Who was Paul Robeson by Mathew Ehret

Matthew Ehret

November 16, 2019
© Photo: Wikimedia
“Every artist, every scientist, every writer must decide now where he stands. The artist must take sides. He must elect to fight for freedom or for slavery. I have made my choice” 
Paul Robeson, 1937
America today stands at a crossroads. Where an entrenched oligarchy strives desperately to keep hold of those military, intelligence, financial and federal institutions which it spent decades infesting, while attempting to overthrow a nationalist president who has worked to end the “forever wars” while cooperating with both Russia and China.
This fight within the heart of America has been confusing for many people who accustomed themselves to interpret world history from the distorted lens of the age in which they live.
Such confused people cannot fathom HOW America could possibly be anything but an imperialistic nation infested with self-contradiction: A nation founded on Liberty but relying on exploitation, usury and institutional racism.
This confusion can easily be resolved by taking off the distorted glasses of “the present” and look at history as a process defined by the clash between two opposing views of mankind: a creature born free or enslaved.
Where the oligarchical system defines humanity as simply a mass of enslaved apes controlled by higher ‘alpha’ apes, the humanist system defines humanity as a species made in the image of a creator with inalienable rights. Abstract notions of “law, value, goodness, purpose, beauty, creativity or even potential” flow equally as words from each system, but with definitions that stand in stark opposition to each other.
Paul Robeson lived his remarkable life according to this knowledge and gave everything to awaken what he understood as the real America as a force of opposition to the racist, imperialistic machine that had made its move to take control of the republic on the eve of President Roosevelt’s early death in 1945.
Who was Paul Robeson?
Paul Robeson is a man who defies categorization. Although famous as a great African American baritone and actor born of an escaped slave, Robeson was so much more. While his life’s work should be basic knowledge and pride of every American today, the deep state which ran America for over 70 years has done all but erase him from existence labelling him a “communist crackpot” and Soviet spy. Why is the oligarchy so afraid of his memory?
Robeson is a cultural warrior of the highest caliber who knew over 20 languages including Russian, Chinese, Arabic and several African dialects, he early on became a cultural ambassador expressing the universality of mankind as he sung folk songs around the world and created institutions to enhance the best of each cultures development. He combined the anti-imperialist fight to liberate all former colonies with the combat for racial equality in America. He was the most vocal opponent to the Wall Street takeover of America and was recognized internationally as the leading figure and founder of America’s Civil Rights movement.
Music as a Weapon
Robeson famously called “music his weapon”, and used it masterfully to build spiritual bridges with all cultures by absorbing their languages, stories and folk songs. He wrote: “folk songs are, in fact, an expression of a peoples’ innermost nature, of the distinctive and multifaceted conditions of its life and culture, of the sublime wisdom that reflects that peoples’ great historical journey and experience.
In Russia, Robeson sang numerous patriotic pieces like Song of the Plains in perfect Russian:
In China, he sang popular folk songs and was the first western singer to sing Chi Lai (Arise) in 1940 which later became China’s national anthem:
He even learned Yiddish and sang the anti-fascist Warsaw Ghetto Uprising ballad:
Nothing more powerfully conveys the insight Robeson had into the universality of mankind when one hears his incredible description of the universal harmonies, and patterns underlying world languages and folk music conveyed during his 1958 Carnegie Hall concert featuring international folk music:
Political Freedom as the Highest Art
Counted among his close friends and allies were Albert Einstein, Vice President Henry Wallace (who Robeson campaigned vigorously for in his 1948 bid for the presidency), Jawaharlal Nehru, Jomo Kenyatta, and Kwame Nkrumah. Kenyatta and Nkrumah became leaders of the powerful Pan African movement and were members of an organization called the Council on African Affairs founded and chaired by Robeson in 1937.
Presiding over the 1944 Council on African Affairs conference alongside emerging Pan African leaders and American workers of all colors, Robeson oversaw the resolutions defining the conferences’ objectives:
  • To Give concrete help to the struggle of the African masses
  • To disseminate accurate information concerning Africa and its people; in that, to wake up Americans to what is happening in Africa; the one continent where undisguised colonial slavery is still practiced.
  • To influence the adoption of governmental policies designed to promote their advancement and freedom and preserve international peace.
  • To smash the iron curtain of secrecy and double talk surrounding the schemes for imperialist exploitation of Africa and its people.
  • To prevent American loans and guns from being used to crush the freedom struggle of Africans and other subject peoples.
  • To strengthen the allegiance of progressive Americas, black and white, with the peoples of Africa and other lands in the struggle for world peace and freedom.
Albert Einstein who also suffered under McCarthyism, co-chaired the American Crusade Against Lynching founded and chaired by Robeson in response to Truman’s failure to enforce anti-lynching legislation in 1946. Between 1945 and 1946, well over 100 black war veterans were lynched and many more “disappeared” as the south re-asserted their hegemony through terror.
It is not always appreciated today, but the fascist takeover of America in the wake of FDR’s death saw the resurgence of the southern establishment which Lincoln sought to destroy 80 years earlier. African American servicemen returning from WWII expecting to find equal rights, encountered a newly empowered Ku Klux Clan and racist Jim Crow laws- now protected by Hoover’s FBI and a racist little President who was working hard to undo all of FDR’s accomplishments.

Einstein, Wallace and Robeson in 1948
Reviving the Anti-Colonial America
As the founder of the Civil Rights Congress (CRC), Robeson not only fought for racial equality at home but united this new movement with the international anti-colonial struggle saying at a CRC meeting:
“The guarantee that our day of liberation is not far off is that this is a time of colonial liberation. It is a time when dark men and women in Asia and Africa are pulling off their shackles of exploitation which have kept them bound for centuries… As they succeed in Asia and soon, you may be sure, in Africa- as more than half the world escapes the clutches of the Dulles, Rockefellers and Firestones, they lend a powerful stimulus to our freedom struggle here at home.”
In describing the American corporations moving into controlling positions in Africa, Robeson made sure to differentiate the deep state from the real America when he asked:
“Are these financial big boys America? No! They are the former enemies of Roosevelt. They were the ones who were glad when Roosevelt died. They are the same ones who Roosevelt said were the core of American fascism. They are the allies of the remains of the Hitler entourage- they are the friends of Franco, the living representatives of the Spanish conquistadores who enslaved us and still enslave us in Latin America. They are the ones who hate American democracy as did the enemies of Jefferson and Lincoln before them. They are no part of America. They are the ‘would-be’ preservers of world fascism and the enemies of progressive America!”
It is no wonder then that Robeson became enemy #1 for Hoover’s FBI, Dulles’ State Department and Red hunters like Joe McCarthy who did everything in their power to destroy his life by labelling him a “Black Mussolini” and “Soviet agent”. In truth, they were afraid that he was more of a “Black Solon” who would destroy their usurious power hold over the republic and free the bond slaves at the first opportunity.
Resisting American Fascism
Speaking at a rally at Madison Square Garden, Robeson identified the real evil agenda lurking behind the Anglo-American Cold War:
“The ‘Stop Russia’ cry really means- stop the advance of the colonial peoples of Asia and Africa toward independence; stop the forces of the new democracy developing in Europe; stop the organized workers of America from trying to hold their ground against their profit-greedy employers; stop the Negro people from voting and joining trade unions in the South- ‘Stop Russia’ means- stop progress- maintain the status quo. It means- let the privileged few continue to rule and thrive at the expense of the masses. We must indeed win the peace- but we can do it only by using methods exactly the opposite of those pursued at present by the British Foreign Office and our own State Department. To win total peace there must be total freedom”.
The highest leading official in America who stood up to this agenda was “the man who should have been president” Henry Wallace (Vice President 1940-1944), who was fired from his position as Commerce Secretary by Truman in 1946 for the crime of demanding Russia-US friendship. Speaking to thousands on September 21, 1946 Robeson stated: “We are shocked by the forced resignation of Wallace. We join with the overwhelming majority of Americans who want peace and democracy for this country and the world, in fully supporting Wallace’s criticism.  We cannot avoid the painful conclusion that Truman’s action represents a complete capitulation to the reactionary minority in our country who seek world domination”.
When Wallace announced his presidential bid in 1948, Robeson was asked to run as his Vice-presidential running mate, but declined feeling that he could do more good on an international level but dedicated his every waking hour campaigning for Wallace and the Progressive Party in 1948.
In a March 1948 campaign speech for Wallace, Robeson said:  “Either we get along with the Communists, jump in the ocean or blow up the whole world. Saying you can’t get along with Communists is like saying you can’t get along with the birds”. In that speech Robeson described himself as “an advanced New Dealer” and said he supported Wallace because “if anybody continues the new deal traditions of Franklin Roosevelt, it is Wallace.” Robeson’s concept of an “advanced New Dealer” and Wallace’s fight against the deep state was elaborated on in Wallace’s Vision for the Post-War World Order. (1)

Wallace and Robeson at the Progressive Party Convention in 1948
Robeson vs the Deep State
Sadly the entire force of the deep state came down on Wallace resulting in his defeat in 1948 bringing Truman in for another 4 years.
Robeson was punished by John F. Dulles who revoked his passport in 1949, preventing him from travelling while the FBI ensured that he was un-hirable, his records unplayable and his words unprintable. The singer’s revenues collapsed and he relied heavily on the kindness of friends during this time. In 1956, Robeson said “there is a deliberate policy of attempting to prevent me from making a living by practicing my profession as an artist.” In a famous 1956 testimony to the House of Un-American Activities, Robeson courageously called out the fascist nature of the proceedings.
International pressure resulted in an end to his “imprisonment” and he began a new world tour where he sang, performed Othello in Shakespeare’s play in Stratford England, wrote his autobiography Here I Stand and campaigned against neo-colonialism. In a 1960 Australian ABC interview Robeson eloquently laid out his thoughts on the freedom struggle:
In 1961, Robeson began another world tour and let it be known that he would go to the Soviet Union, then to Africa and finally to Cuba where he was scheduled to meet with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara putting into jeopardy Dulles’ plans for a Cuban invasion. After this, Robeson intended to return to America to lead the Civil Rights movement that he had, in large measure began. Sadly, Robeson made it no further than Moscow. Dulles’ invasion of Cuba occurred three weeks later.
MK Ultra and the Deconstruction of Robeson
Much has been written on the topic of Robeson’s victimization under MK Ultra. The most pioneering work having been done by his son Paul Robeson Jr. who spent over 30 years investigating the matter. In short, Robeson had found himself at a surprise party in a Moscow hotel hosted by CIA-funded Soviet dissidents. According to reports, Robeson fell into a paranoid hysteria, hallucinating and locking himself in a room where he tried to commit suicide.
He was quickly sent to London’s Priori hospital where he was put through 54 electro shock therapy sessions and huge doses of psycho-active drugs. Robeson’s son proved that three doctors performing these “treatments” were CIA contractors while MI5 operatives oversaw the entire process. Robeson Jr. wrote that his father was“subjected to mind de-patterning under MK Ultra”.
It took two years for Robeson’s family and friends to get him out of Priori and into a German clinic before returning him home in August 1963 where doctors were shocked to discover the scale of drugs and electro shock he suffered in London.
Although he recorded a handful of messages in support of the Civil Rights movement after 1963, which had thankfully found competent leadership under Martin Luther King Jr., Robeson never recovered, living as a recluse and passing away at 77 years of age in 1976.
Today, as America is again forced to decide whether it wishes to go down the road of fascism and self-annihilation or renew its proper heritage as a defender of liberty, it is worth listening to the wise words of Robeson who gave his last recorded speech in January 1961:
“Despite common suffering, an even greater responsibility lies upon us to guarantee our children and all children everywhere that we shall do everything in our collective power to refrain our ‘would-be’ world dominators, our ‘would-be’ new masters of the century. They must understand that while we are uttering these very words, a new day has dawned in Africa, in Latin America, in Asia and this light awaits just beyond the horizon.”

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My old friend Genie Receives Peace Award in Philadelphia

Genie Silver Receives Peace and Justice Dove Award

From left: Sylvia Metzler, Tina Shelton, Genie Silver, Michael Silver, and Dan Silver. Photo by Ana Santoyo, used with permission.
By Tina Shelton
Co-Chair, Greater Philadelphia Branch
The Greater Philadelphia Branch presented Genie Silver, a WILPF member since 1973, with its 2019 Peace and Justice Dove Award at a reception on June 9, 2019.
Genie is a member of WILPF’s National Middle East Committee and has also served on WILPF’s Board and as a Vice President of the US Section. An activist for 55 years, Genie chaired WILPF’s Eurostrategic Committee in the 1980s to stop US cruise and Pershing-2 missiles from being deployed across Europe. Genie and her WILPF colleagues in the US and Europe organized a demonstration of 10,000 women held in Brussels on March 8, 1983. Genie addressed the demonstration and was part of a WILPF delegation that met in Brussels with the US ambassador to NATO to discuss the dangers of deploying new nuclear medium range missiles in Europe. She also testified before Congress speaking against these missiles.
Genie was on the STAR Committee (Stop The Arms Race) that met its goal of gathering a million signatures, delivered to the UN Secretary-General on March 8, 1984. She gave papers on nuclear disarmament at local, national and international WILPF conferences as well as speaking to other organizations on behalf of WILPF. She was a member of a delegation of six WILPF women who traveled to the Soviet Union to meet with the Soviet Women’s Committee. Genie, with four WILPF colleagues, committed civil disobedience at the White House in May, 1983, to bring attention to the extreme dangers of new US nuclear weapons being deployed in Europe.
Dan Silver, Genie Silver, and Libby FrankPhoto. From left, Dan Silver, Genie Silver, and Libby Frank. Libby, a member of the Greater Philadelphia Branch, founded WILPF’s Middle East Committee and served as the US Section’s Executive Director in the 1980s. In 1983, Genie, Libby, and four WILPF colleagues traveled to the USSR to meet with members of the Soviet Women’s Committee to discuss and take action on detente and nuclear disarmament. Photo by Michael Silver.
In the last 20 years, Genie has turned her attention to the plight of the Palestinian people. For the Middle East Committee, Genie has written many articles about the need to protect Palestinian children from being detained and tortured at the hands of Israel’s security and defense forces, in violation of International Humanitarian Laws. She also wrote about Israel’s codification of apartheid laws in July 2018. She’s written letters calling for the protection of Palestinian prisoners of conscience.
Genie’s work goes beyond WILPF—she’s a member of Jewish Voice for Peace and was an elected commissioner of her local township, Lower Merion, where she also co-chaired the township’s Open Space Preservation Commission. Genie wrote her PhD dissertation on Jane Addams’ political and peace work. As a professor of women’s and peace and conflict studies, Genie taught classes at Bryn Mawr College and in the Honors Program at Villanova University.
Marta Guttenburg, from the Philadelphia Jewish Voice for Peace, spoke at the reception, noting how the work of WILPF and JVP share common goals.
Libby Frank, longtime WILPFer and also a recipient of the Peace & Justice Dove Award, attended the event. Genie was joined at the reception by her husband, Mike, and son, Dan.

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Berlin Bulletin No. 169   November 9 2019

Media jubilation reaches a climax on November 9th, thirty years after the bumbling, perhaps even misunderstood decision to open the gate for all East Germans to stream through, hasten to the nearest West Berlin bank for their “welcome present“ of 100 prized West German marks, and taste the joys of the western free market system. Within less than a year they would end the experiment known as the German Democratic Republic to join, and fully enjoy, the wealthy, healthy, prosperous united Germany, with its freedom of the press, speech, travel and consumer bliss.

The jubilation thirty years ago is easy to understand and to sympathize with. Alone the ability, whenever and as often as desired, to meet and celebrate with friends and relatives, sufficed to bring tears to many, many eyes and the almost universal cries of „Wahnsinn!“ – “Simply crazy!“

But moving as those scenes were, and happy to so many in their recollections, a history-based, sterner evaluation awakens doubts that, despite the paeans in the world media, this was not purely  a peaceful  revolution, a choice of freedom by the masses, another successful victory for freedom and justice  as in past centuries. We recall that even revolutions are complex, that the American Revolution was followed by Shay‘s Rebellion, a bolstering of slavery and a bloody six year war which forced most Indians from Ohio. The short era of Robespierre meant almost a year in prison for Tom Paine. And enthusiastic crowds can also make very false judgements.

East Germans soon learned that freedom of the press was for those who owned the presses, that freedom of speech helped most those who ruled over studios and cable connections. Most tellingly, they learned very quickly that those 100 West-marks were soon spent and new ones, for all those glistening commodities and travels, had somehow to be earned, while over 95 % of the industry they had built up was taken over by Westerners and, robbed of any machinery of value, for the most part shut down. It was now very simple to move westwards; several million did, now not for freedom, consumer goods or better-paid jobs but for any job at all. Professors, teachers, scientists, journalists, administrators at every level were thrown out, replaced by second and third string West Germans who were certain they could do everything better – and got “bush bonuses“ for making the sacrifice of taking over East Germany. For workers, the wage level is still below that in the West, while jobless figures and the work week  for those now finding a job are both above the figures in the West.

The victory thirty years ago brought other changes. The old GDR had, until the end, no drug problem, almost no AIDS, no organized crime, no school shootings, none of the free food pantries now so prevalent, since people n the GDR, while lacking food items like oranges, bananas and other southern imports, all had enough to eat. Nor was there anyone in those years begging or sleeping in the streets, since there were always jobs a-plenty and evictions were illegal. So was any discrimination against women, who got equal pay, at least a half-year paid maternal leave, free abortions, cheap summer vacations and summer camps, and one paid day off a month for household duties.

Oh yes, there were blunders a-plenty, stupidity, careerism, dogmatism. Envy and greed could not be eradicated  from the human soul, but with almost no feverish competition they were lessened, as the polls found. True, where people gained positions of power they  were as capable of misusing it as elsewhere. Nor could all the remnants of fascist poison be erased from 16 million heads in one or two generations. But they were forbidden – and those with racist thoughts and prejudices kept them to themselves or within their closest circles, while truly masterful films, books and plays endeavored to combat them. Today, nazi thugs march every weekend , and the pro-fascist Alternative for Germany party has 94 seats in the Bundestag and won second place in three state elections.

             Here we hit on the main problem with the breaking down of the Berlin Wall. The GDR had thrown out – lock, stock and barrel – all the giant cartels and monopolies which profited from World War One, built up Hitler when, during the Depression, working people became rebellious, then earned billions from slave labor during World War Two and, afte r 1945,  regained immense wealth and power. In the West! Bayer and BASF, major perpetrators of Auschwitz, are on top of the chemical pile, world-wide now with Monsanto. Powerful old fascist fat cats like Daimler (Mercedes) and Quandt (BMW) are cheating the environmentalists, Rheinmetall and Heckler & Co. are again making billions with their tanks and guns and missiles. All their properties were confiscated by the GDR – which is why they hated it and conspired against it, successfully. Also because the GDR, as opposed to its rival in Bonn, supported the Algerians in their fight for freedom, Allende against the Pinochets, Mandela and the ANC and SWAPO, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and freedom fighters from Nicaragua to Aden.

             The very existence of the GDR represented a barrier against further expansion by the Bayers with their control of ever more seed sources and their destruction of natural life, from frogs and butterflies to orchids, cacti and rain forests, but also against weapon+ makers who desire nothing more than further world  tension, especially with Russia and China, the two main remaining barriers to world hegemony of thebillionaires. They demand the use and replacement of their products. After 1945 and until 1990 no uniformed Germans were shooting presumed enemies anywhere in the world. With  the GDR out of the way the Bundeswehr flew missions and dropped bombs in the mountains of Afghanistan and trained soldiers in the desert sands of Mali – after beginning by bombing Serbia, repeating  Germany‘s crimes in two world wars.

              United Germany’s Minister of Defense, who hopes to become chancellor, has demanded that Germany play a far bigger role in today’s world – and plans a big build-up of weapons to achieve this. She has found smiling support from Secretary of State Pompeo, who came to Berlin and joined in the hallelujahs for the victory of democracy thirty years earlier.  Yes, Pompeo!

             The GDR had countless  faults and limitations, caused by poor leadership – mostly aged anti-fascist fighters, trying to save the endeavor to achieve socialism in at least this small corner of Germany, but overtaken by modern developments and never able to find rapport with large sections of a vacillating population tempted by daily TV images of a wonderful world in the Golden West, which had been built up to become one of the world’s richest countries. The GDR was battered by a world of problems from all sides, domestic and foreign, pressured into “arming itself to death“ militarily, limited by the giant costs of the new electronic, computer age, with no help from the east and a boycott by the west, plus its giant humanitarian project - supplying good, modern homes for everyone while keeping rents to about one tenth of income.

              In the end the odds were against it. But just as a World Series victory by the Washington Nationals did not mean that team was morally better  but simply that at the time it was stronger, the defeat of the GDR did not mean that the system it was trying to develop, strengthen and improve – socialism – was proven false by its defeat.

             The opening of the Berlin War was seen then and is still regarded by many as a wonderful victory. Looking around today’s deteriorating situation in Germany and much of Europe, with fascist movements on the rise and world-destroying weapons deployed and maneuvering dangerously, one might well recall the words of the Greek general Pyrrhus. After beating the Romans in the Battle of Asculum in 279 BCE, but with terrible losses for his own troops, he is quoted  as saying: “Another such victory and we are lost!“


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Peace or the Fight Against CO2: Choose your Priority by Thierry Meyssan

" withdrawing his troops from Syria, President Donald Trump did not suffer a military defeat, but achieved a political victory. In accordance with Jacksonian philosophy and its 2016 election platform, it ended the Carter and Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrines." (Th. M.)

Peace or the Fight Against CO2: You Have to Choose your Priority

Two policies are being pursued at the global level. The first aims to defend the future of humanity by putting an end to the main current cause of wars: access to fossil energy sources. The second aims to defend th2e planet by limiting CO2 production, mainly due to the use of fossil f2uels. These two policies contradict each other. It is important to choose your priority.

JPEG - 34.4 kb
A colourful entrepreneur, Donald Trump is committed to "Make America Great Again!" by dismantling the American Empire. He has promoted fossil energy production in the United States and is withdrawing US troops from the broader Middle East; a policy he could not have pursued without removing his country from the Paris Agreement.
In a note issued by the White House on October 23, 2019, President Donald Trump’s office announced that the United States no longer needs to wage wars to obtain oil supplies [1].
Gone is the "Carter Doctrine" that responded to the revelations about CIA crimes, the US defeat in Vietnam, the Watergate scandal and the 1974 world oil crisis. To restore self-confidence to his fellow citizens, President Jimmy Carter delivered a major televised speech [2] and the 1980 State of the Union speech [3] in a row. He declared that the US economy’s energy supply required that access to Middle Eastern oil be qualified as a "national security issue". His successor, President Ronald Reagan, created CentCom, the US military command in the central region, as if the Middle East were suddenly becoming a province of the US Empire.
For 21 years, world politics has been organized around this incredible claim by Washington. The area covered by CentCom has changed several times. It initially included the Horn of Africa to Egypt, the Levant except Israel and sometimes Jordan and Lebanon, the Arabian Peninsula and Southwest Asia. All the wars from 1980 to 2001 were primarily energy resource conflicts (except those in the Balkans, which were the "laboratory" for what was to follow).
Since 2001, the supply of energy to the US economy has become secondary. As capitalism has evolved, priority has been given to the supply of energy and raw materials to the entire globalised economy (and to the detriment of non-globalised regions of the world). It was the "Rumsfeld/Cebrowski Doctrine". The US army no longer defended the interests of the US population, but of globalized multinationals.
As the United States played an influential role in the 1974 global oil crisis, it did not affect them. But a second crisis would have affected them. That is why Edward Luttwak, Lee Hamilton and Henry Kissinger inspired Carter’s Doctrine. The three of them played a leading role in the development of the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski Doctrine: it was Luttwak who was the mastermind for the September 11plotters [4], Hamilton who popularized the myth of attacks by Islamist terrorists [5] and Kissinger [6] who entrusted his assistant Paul Bremer with the looting of Iraq by a private company, the Coalition’s Provisional Authority.
By withdrawing his troops from Syria, President Donald Trump did not suffer a military defeat, but achieved a political victory. In accordance with Jacksonian philosophy and its 2016 election platform, it ended the Carter and Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrines.
Several million people died after the 1980 State of the Union speech. The main source of war in the world has just disappeared.
JPEG - 25.1 kb
Before entering politics, Barack Obama drafted the statutes of the Climate Exchange Plc. Arriving 9 years later at the White House, he continued George Bush’s destruction in the broader Middle East and ordered the destruction of Libya. He is a fervent "defender of the climate" and a supporter of Emmanuel Macron during his election in France.
But, given the pressure exerted against him through the Democratic Party members, it is not this aspect of his policy that the White House statement highlights. Rather, it highlights the increase in oil and gas production that has made the United States the world’s largest producer of these two fossil energy sources in a few years.
These results are accurate, but will not be sustainable. Indeed, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), US oil and gas shale production will begin to decline as early as 2023 or 2024. We have already explained that Mike Pompeo’s strategy was to maximize the benefits before this decline; that ultimately, the United States intended to maintain a leadership position in the global energy market [7].
The White House continues by highlighting the withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement. Here, the defence of humanity is opposed to the "defence of the planet". It is up to each individual to choose their priority. This is a very important philosophical question that we invite our readers to reflect on.
To feed this reflection, let us remember that the climate is not stable, it changes, warms up naturally and cools down just as naturally.
- The astronomical theory of paleoclimates is used to explain the three simultaneous cycles from climates to geological times. One of the world’s leading modern astronomers, Serbian Milutin Milanković, demonstrated during the First World War that three factors influence climate through the Earth’s position in relation to the Sun: the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit, the inclination of the Earth’s axis of rotation and the rotation around this axis; a theory that has since been verified by studying ice cores.
- In 1967, Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie (professor at the Collège de France) published his famous History of climate since the year 1000.
This does not rule out the hypothesis of human responsibility in current climate change, but it can only be marginal.
JPEG - 57.5 kb
Emmanuel Macron had promised during his election campaign to "green Finance". Forced by the US super-billionaire Kevin Kravitz who financed his campaign, he continued the policy of his predecessors against Syria and is now demanding NATO intervention. At the same time, he took the lead in "defending the planet" through the Paris Agreement.
The current debate is distorted by two elements:
- First, "science" is confused with "scientific consensus". Science is a logical and verifiable construct. Scientific consensus is the air of the times among scientists, but it is only the air of the times. It’s very different. Thus, in antiquity, Aristarchus of Samos hypothesized the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Nicolas Copernicus supported this theory, which Johannes Kepler demonstrated, but when Galileo affirmed it again, he met with scientific consensus and was ultimately condemned by the Catholic Church.
- Secondly, the Climate Exchange Plc proposed a system to charge CO2 emitters. It would thus be a question of fighting global warming, although CO2 is one of the gases among others that can have an impact on the climate. Climate exchanges were opened in Chicago, then London, Montreal, Tianjin and Sydney. As it happens, Climate Exchange Plc was founded by a former director of Goldman Sachs Bank and US Vice President Albert Gore. Its statutes were drafted by a then unknown lawyer, the future president of the United States, Barack Obama [8]. In short, the fear of global warming allows a few powerful people and they alone to get rich.
In conclusion: the effects of US military withdrawal from the Middle East are verifiable for both the US economy and peace in the region. The effects of CO2 on the climate are hypothetical and in any case marginal.
Roger Lagassé

Spectre of Hyperinflation: 1923 Weimar and Today by Matthew Ehret


Matthew Ehret

November 5, 2019
© Photo: Wikimedia
While world’s attention is absorbed by tectonic shifts unfolding across the Middle East, and as many Americans are brainwashed to believe the 2020 elections are driven by the need to impeach President Trump, something very ominous has appeared “off of the radar” of most onlookers. This something is a financial collapse of the western banks that threatens to unleash chaos upon the world.
In my last report, I discussed why the current financial system is on the verge of a 1923-Weimar style hyperinflation driven by Federal Reserve bailouts trying desperately to support a deleveraging of the $1200 trillion derivatives bubble that has taken over the western banking system. I also discussed the Bank of England-led “solution” currently to this crisis involves a new global “green” digital currency with new “rules” which are very similar to the 1923 Bank of England “solution” to Germany’s economic chaos which eventually required a fascist governance mechanism to impose it onto the masses.
In this article, I wish to take a deeper look at the causes and effects of Weimar Germany’s completely un-necessary collapse into hyperinflation and chaos during the period of 1919-1923.
Versailles and the Destruction of Germany
Britain had been the leading hand behind the orchestration of WWI and the destruction of the potential German-Russian-American-Ottoman alliance that had begun to take form by the late 19th century as foolish Kaiser Wilhelm discovered (though sadly too late) when he said: “the world will be engulfed in the most terrible of wars, the ultimate aim of which is the ruin of Germany. England, France and Russia have conspired for our annihilation… that is the naked truth of the situation which was slowly but surely created by Edward VII”.
Just as the British oligarchy managed the war, so too did they organize the reparations conference in France which, among other things, imposed impossible debt repayments upon a defeated Germany and created the League of Nations which was meant to become the instrument for a “post-nation state world order”. Lloyd George led the British delegation alongside his assistant Philip Kerr (Lord Lothian), Leo Amery, Lord Robert Cecil and Lord John Maynard Keynes who have a long term agenda to bring about a global dictatorship. All of these figures were members of the newly emerging Round Table Movement, that had taken full control of Britain by ousting Asquith in 1916, and which is at the heart of today’s “deep state”.
After the 1918 Armistice dismantled Germany’s army and navy, the once powerful nation was now forced to pay the impossible sum of 132 billion gold marks to the victors and had to give up territories representing 10% of its population (Alsace-Loraine, Ruhr, and North Silesia) which made up 15% of its arable land, 12% of its livestock, 74% of its iron ore, 63% of its zinc production, and 26% of its coal. Germany also had to give up 8000 locomotives, 225 000 railcars and all of its colonies. It was a field day of modern pillage.
Germany was left with very few options. Taxes were increased and imports were cut entirely while exports were increased. This policy (reminiscent of the IMF austerity techniques in use today) failed entirely as both fell 60%. Germany gave up half of its gold supply and still barely a dent was made in the debt payments. By June 1920 the decision was made to begin a new strategy: increase the printing press. Rather than the “miracle cure” which desperate monetarists foolishly believed it would be, this solution resulted in an asymptotic devaluation of the currency into hyperinflation. From June 2020 to October 1923 the money supply in circulation skyrocketed from 68.1 gold marks to 496.6 quintillion gold marks. In June 1922, 300 marks exchanged $1 US and in November 1923, it took 42 trillion marks to get $1 US! Images are still available of Germans pushing wheel barrows of cash down the street, just to buy a stick of butter and bread (1Kg of Bread sold for $428 billion marks in 1923).
With the currency’s loss of value, industrial output fell by 50%, unemployment rose to over 30% and food intake collapsed by over half of pre-war levels. German director Fritz Lang’s 1922 film Dr. Mabuse (The Gambler) exposed the insanity of German population’s collapse into speculative insanity as those who had the means began betting against the German mark in order to protect themselves thus only helping to collapse the mark from within. This is very reminiscent of those Americans today short selling the US dollar rather than fighting for a systemic solution.
1923: City of London’s Solution is imposed 
When the hyperinflationary blowout of Germany resulted in total un-governability of the state, a solution took the form of the Wall Street authored “Dawes Plan” which necessitated the use of a London-trained golem by the name of Hjalmar Schacht. First introduced as Currency Commissioner in November 1923 and soon President of the Reichsbank, Schacht’s first act was to visit Bank of England’s governor Montagu Norman in London who provided Schacht a blueprint for proceeding with Germany’s restructuring. Schacht returned to “solve” the crisis with the very same poison that caused it.
First announcing a new currency called the “rentenmark” set on a fixed value exchanging 1 trillion reichsmarks for 1 new rentenmark, Germans were robbed yet again. This new currency would operate under “new rules” never before seen in Germany’s history: Mass privatizations resulted in Anglo-American conglomerates purchasing state enterprises. IG Farben, Thyssen, Union Banking, Brown Brothers Harriman, Standard Oil, JP Morgan and Union Banking took control Germany’s finances, mining and industrial interests under the supervision of John Foster Dulles, Montagu Norman, Averill Harriman and other deep state actors. This was famously exposed in the 1961 film Judgement at Nuremburg by Stanley Kramer.
Schacht next cut credit to industries, raised taxes and imposed mass austerity on “useless spending”. 390 000 civil servants were fired, unions and collective bargaining was destroyed and wages were slashed by 15%.
As one can imagine, this destruction of life after the hell of Versailles was intolerable and civil unrest began to boil over in ways that even the powerful London-Wall Street bankers (and their mercenaries) couldn’t control. An enforcer was needed unhindered by the republic’s democratic institutions to force Schacht’s economics onto the people. An up-and-coming rabble rousing failed painter who had made waves in a Beerhall Putsch on November 8, 1923 was perfect.
One Last Attempt to Save Germany
Though Hitler grew in power over the coming decade of Schachtian economics, one last republican effort was made to prevent Germany from plunging into a fascist hell in the form of the November 1932 election victory of General Kurt von Schleicher as Chancellor of Germany. Schleicher had been a co-architect of Rapallo alongside Rathenau a decade earlier and was a strong proponent of the Friedrich List Society’s program of public works and internal improvements promoted by industrialist Wilhelm Lautenbach. The Nazi party’s public support collapsed and it found itself bankrupt. Hitler had fallen into depression and was even contemplating suicide when “a legal coup” was unleashed by the Anglo-American elite resulting in Wall Street funds pouring into Nazi coffers.
By January 30, 1933 Hitler gained Chancellorship where he quickly took dictatorial powers under the “state of emergency” caused by the burning of the Reichstag in March 1933. By 1934 the Night of the Long Knives saw General Schleicher and hundreds of other German patriots assassinated and it was only a few years until the City of London-Wall Street Frankenstein monster stormed across the world.
The New Silk Road or New World Order 
Today’s world sits atop a bubble of unimagined proportions which began to blow in 2008 and has been kept afloat by nothing more than a decade of blind hope mixed with money printing, zero interest rates, speculation and austerity. The PHYSICAL economic basis supporting the money system has been crippled due to 40 years of post-industrial consumerism rampant across the west. While it is admitted that the U.S dollar cannot remain the reserve currency for the world as it has from 1945-present, those same central banking forces from London have admitted that if their plans for a “one-world” green digital currency is not forced onto nations, then China’s Yuan and the New Silk Road will shape the new system.
Whether London will manage to succeed in 2020 pushing a fascist de-carbonization (ie: depopulation) scheme onto the world where their 1920 Monster failed remains to be seen.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Paulitz, Kriegsmacht D? 

zahlreiche Illustrationen, ISBN 978-3-981-852516

Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland sieht sich mit “internationalen Erwartungen” konfrontiert, aufzurüsten, als militärische Ordnungsmacht in Afrika, im Nahen Osten und in Europa aufzutreten und regelmäßig Kriege führen zu “müssen”. Nach jahrelangem Verweigern gibt die deutsche Bundesregierung dem massiven Druck offenbar zunehmend nach. Aktuelle außen- und verteidigungspolitische Entscheidungen und Ankündigungen lassen Schlimmes befürchten.
Wer interessiert daran ist, dass der Frieden in Europa und in der Welt bewahrt wird, kommt nicht daran vorbei, sich mit diesem Buch von Henrik Paulitz auseinanderzusetzen. Er möchte die Bevölkerung, aber auch Wissenschaft und Politik wachrütteln, und stellt friedenspolitische Handlungsempfehlungen zur Diskussion. Das Buch sollte überall dort gelesen und diskutiert werden, wo Politik vermittelt und gemacht wird. Es geht uns alle an, ob sich Deutschland zu einer Kriegsmacht entwickelt oder zum Frieden in der Welt beitragen kann.
Dr. jur. Peter Becker, Stiftung Friedensbildung:
“Auf Deutschland kommen außenpolitisch sehr gefährliche Entwicklungen zu. Ich möchte allen Bürgerinnen und Bürgern, Schülern und Studierenden, sowie der Politik nachdrücklich empfehlen, sich mit dem Buch ‚Kriegsmacht Deutschland?‘ von Henrik Paulitz auseinanderzusetzen. Es setzt neue Maßstäbe in der friedenspolitischen Debatte.”
Badische Neueste Nachrichten (BNN):
“Paulitz hat eine Übersicht erarbeitet, anhand welcher sich sowohl Schüler als auch Erwachsene mit der Kriegspolitik Deutschlands auseinandersetzen können.”
Südwestpresse (SWP):
“In ‚Kriegsmacht Deutschland?‘ erklärt Paulitz, wie es zu Kriegen kommen kann, beleuchtet die Situation innerhalb Europas und stellt die Rolle Deutschlands im Ausland dar. (…) Der Wissenschaftler gibt außerdem Lösungsvorschläge, durch die die Kluft zwischen der Bevölkerung und der Politik nicht weiter vergrößert wird. Denn eine gespaltene Gesellschaft sei die Grundvoraussetzung für einen Krieg.”
Clemens Ronnefeldt, Internationaler Versöhnungsbund:
“Ein wichtiges, nachdenklich machendes und ermutigendes Buch zum richtigen Zeitpunkt, mit vielen Impulsen, aus militärischem Sicherheitsdenken auszusteigen und eine neue Politik der Friedenslogik in Deutschland zu implementieren.”
“Paulitz will mit seinem Buch die öffentliche Debatte um Krieg und Frieden anregen und versachlichen. Diejenigen, die friedenspolitisch argumentieren und sich für Diplomatie und nicht-kriegerische Wege der Konfliktlösung stark machen, hat er mit einer ganzen Fülle an Fakten und Argumenten munitioniert. Dafür gebührt ihm ein großes Lob, denn es geht hier um sehr viel.”
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Duchrow, Ev. Theologe und Sozialethiker:
“Dieses Buch ist sehr geeignet, in Schulen, Akademien, interessierten Gruppen und Kirchengemeinden die gegenwärtigen Probleme deutscher und europäischer Politik im globalen Kontext in Hinsicht auf Krieg und Frieden verständlich zu machen und zum Friedenshandeln anzuleiten. (…) Ein besonderes Verdienst des Buches ist, dass durchgehend die kriegstreibende Rolle der kapitalistischen Wirtschaft deutlich gemacht wird. (…) Ein sehr wichtiges Buch der Volksaufklärung, auch kommunikativ und anregend mit Schaubildern gestaltet.”