Thursday, September 1, 2016

"The antiwar movement needs to get to work fast, before Hillary Clinton takes over" Diana Johnstone

Comments on Hillary's yesterday speech:

How can anybody vote for her after this “commander in chief” speech?
It is clear she is itching to be a war President, to show (herself?) how tough and patriotic she is.
Michele Flournoy and the whole neocon-interventionist clique are preparing the first of her wars: in Syria to overthrow Assad and deliver Syria to Islamic fanatics.
War against Russia on the side of fanatic Ukrainian nationalists comes later.  Not clear when we get around to using our nuclear arsenal, but that is certainly not excluded.
(The youtube listener comments are stupid and irrelevant.)  
The point is that this is a speech justifying all present and future wars against distant countries not for national defense (which would be easy,  given the geography) but because of America’s “exceptionalism” as “the indispensable nation”.  She sees the world in terms of pure conflict: if we don’t dominate the world, someone else will.  The notion of reaching compromise and understanding is totally absent.  The USA knows who deserves to live and who deserves to be eliminated for not respecting “our values”.  Nobody else can have any “values” worth noticing.
What values?  The one she mentions, and which is decisive in her campaign, is “our diversity”.  We are so diverse, black, white, brown, LGBT etc.  That should be enough to make us “good”, although that “diversity” is totally superficial.  Her whole social policy is based on pandering to identity groups.
Our diversity means that she can campaign against her adversary by branding him as “racist”.  Is it really any more “racist” to stop immigration than to kill Syrians who are loyal to their government?  
She demands respect for American “diversity” but has no respect for the diversity of the rest of the world.
She sees the rest of the world in terms of armed forces, of our great advanced weapons systems, of cyberwar.
She has designated prime enemies: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea.  
The war against Russia is already in full propaganda phase, making it clear that Russia and Putin are so evil that no compromise or understanding can be reached.  That leaves as the only form of communication: armed conflict.
A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war.  Period.

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