Sunday, September 24, 2017

Russia calls Trump’s bluff – Lavrov says US afraid of attacking North Korea


Lavrov cited the model of mutually assured destruction, which ultimately prevented nuclear conflict during the Cold War era.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has dramatically called the bluff of the US President who just hours ago threatened North Korea with regime change after North Korea delivered a strongly worded rebuttal of Trump’s UN speech at the General Assembly.
The Tweet repeated a slightly modified version of Trump’s “Rocket Man” insult.
However, while many are panicking over a war of words between nuclear powers, Sergey Lavrov has stated that the “mutually assured destruction” model of deterrence will ultimately work out in the interests of peace.
The Russian Foreign Minister stated,“Americans won’t strike Korea, because not only do they suspect, but know for sure that Pyongyang has nuclear weapons”.
He continued,“Regarding this issue, President Putin has repeatedly said it was impossible to imagine that the US or someone else has 100 percent information on all of the (nuclear) objects”.
This remark implies that Russia believes North Korea’s nuclear capacity to be stronger than many believe it to be. This is crucial as no country is fully aware of the specific nature of North Korea’s nuclear weapons capacity.
He added words of extra caution however, given the unpredictable nature of the current US President.
Lavrove said,“…the situation could spiral out of control, so that thousands, dozens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands innocent people will suffer in South Korea, as well as in the North, certainly in Japan, with Russia and China nearby too”.
The deeply irresponsible remarks made by Donald Trump, threatening to completely destroy North Korea have many worried, but Russia’s Foreign Minister seems assured that the US is too scared to attack a country that can fight back with nuclear weapons.
This is in line with previous remarks of  Russian President Vladimir Putin who reminded the world during the recent Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, that North Korea’s weapons programme is a natural result of the very legitimate fears that if defenceless, North Korea could be invaded in the way the US invaded Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011.
Sergey Lavrov previously referred to the war of words between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un as a fight between children in a kindergarten.

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