Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Adam Garrie on Donald Trump

Trump was elected to end the era of foreign interventionism, he was elected because Hillary Clinton’s anti-Russian war mongering lost votes and never resonated with middle America, he won because he said that one cannot ‘kick the hell out of ISIS’ without allowing President Assad to govern his country.
... on the international stage, he must work to build new alliances and this requires the tone of Donald Trump the board member rather than Donald Trump the flamboyant salesman.

If he takes this approach, he may find that he has more friends overseas than in the msm and Congress. Unlike many of his strident opponents in America, the world, including and especially both Russia and China are willing to give him a chance. He must cultivate this opportunity.
Intellectual elites, as a rule, tend to be individuals who are out of touch with society, the real feelings of ordinary people and the needs of all people They also have a tendency to profess hatred of religion whilst they themselves act as deities on earth. Such an attitude is an insult to tradition, history and culture. 
Adam Garrie The Duran

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