Sunday, January 25, 2015

Almost all Syrian opposition groups agree to attend Moscow talks - diplomatic source

News | 26.01.2015 | 00:04
TASS - All groups of the Syrian opposition, except for the Istanbul-based National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, have agreed to participate in the inter-Syrian talks in Moscow, a well-informed diplomatic source told TASS on Sunday.
The Syrian governmental delegation will be led by the country’s Ambassador to UN Bashar Jaafari. Participation of Syria’s foreign minister in the talks has not been planned from the very beginning.
The inter-Syrian meeting is due to be launched on Monday morning. More than 35 people are expected to arrive in the Russian capital and participate in these discussions.
Earlier reports said the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces has officially refrained from attending the Moscow talks, although at least five members from the group’s leadership, including the former head of the coalition, Ahmad Asi Al-Jarba, are planning to come.
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