Thursday, April 11, 2013

"NO!" by Pablo Larrain

 Cannes Film Festival: From Chile, Pablo Larraín’s ‘No’
Thursday, April 11, 20
Gael García Bernal in Pablo Larraín's "No," part of the Directors' Fortnight.Gael García Bernal in Pablo Larraín’s “No,” part of the Directors’ Fortnight.

"“No” revisits the remarkable moment when Gen. Augusto Pinochet Ugarte was forced out by the No campaign, a center-left coalition that packaged resistance into commercials featuring jingles, a rainbow graphic and wide smiles, the nightmare legacy of the coup d’état vanquished by a brilliant coup de théâtre. In October 1988, a constitutionally required national referendum was held in Chile to determine if Pinochet would remain in power another eight years. Voters who supported the regime voted yes; those who didn’t voted no. The no’s captured 55 percent of the vote, and Pinochet was ousted, although he remained president until free elections were held the next year (his successor was Patricio Aylwin Azócar) and commander of the armed forces until 1998.
Mr. Larraín’s movie revisits how the No campaign was conceptualized and produced. Gael García Bernal, in a deft, subtly moving performance, plays Rene Saavedra, a skateboard-riding advertising hotshot who signs onto the No campaign, to the displeasure of his conservative boss, Luis Guzman (Alfredo Castro). "
so far the New York Times.
A creative marketing campaign helped to overthrow Pinochet 's dictatorship. The film focuses on positive  emotions, helps to build up the conviction that masses can help change the course of history even in a situation that seems  utterly hopeless.
Intelligent and creative brains are a key factor, but so is the input an organized will and in the end the help of the masses.

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