Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Should Trump be Impeached ? - "Realist" commenting  Robert Parry's article on Consortium News from May 15th 2017

May 15, 2017 at 3:43 pm
Indeed, Bill. Republican voters in the primaries chose Trump, purposefully as an outsider, to avoid insider cronies such as you listed. There were 16 other candidates from whom to choose, all well-connected with the Deep State and the insider power structure. This ongoing attempt at a soft coup is the revenge of the Deep State that really wanted Hillary and just tried to use Trump as their propped-up Palooka intended to take the fall. Well, their crafty little conspiracy did not work, and being privileged characters within or supporting the top 0.01% they just won’t have it.
Everyone knows that Trump did not start all these fires that are raging around the world. In fact, he promised to put them out, but the Deep State WILL NOT ALLOW IT. They demand that their glorious ongoing slaughters around the planet continue. So, they are using the same device of character assassination they have used since the days of Joe McCarthy–probably since before the days of Andrew Jackson. 
As always, they have used the thoroughly mercenary and never independent press, which THEY own, as their tool. In fact, with all the modern electronic and digital tech at its disposal, the media is more sleazeball than ever before. 
This transparent attempt to dump Trump at all costs is nothing new in our embarrassing American governance. Trump’s alleged “sins” are certainly no worse than the preposterous allegations, along with the special prosecutor, brought against Slick Willy Clinton. His “crimes” are certainly no comparison with the lying, false flags, and military slaughter perpetrated by Dubya and Cheney. He has yet to establish that he is anywhere near as duplicitous or unfaithful to his words as Obomber was. For chrissake, Mr. Hope and Change was given a full eight years to overtly abrogate every principle he ever stood for. 
Trump in turn is being crucified right out of the gate merely for his style, his attitude, his quips, his strained relationships with other self-important people in government, politics, the media and behind the scenes power centers. This fiasco is nothing more than an attempted coup being carried out because the true “powers that be” did not approve of the people’s decision at the ballot box. What a disgusting model we “exceptionals” are to the world, or should I start saying to the “free world,” which is NOW the outside world, not here.
for more see source https://consortiumnews.com/2017/05/15/the-push-for-trumps-impeachment/

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