Sunday, December 11, 2016

(Non- ) Reaction to Trump's Election Shows Real Nature of left over "peace activists"

"For seven and a half decades we did not hear a single American President speak of putting an end to the foreign intervention policy until Donald Trump did just a few days ago."

"Whether or not Trump will keep this promise is something to be seen, but what is mind boggling, and I dare say sinister, is that not a single peace activist seems to have made any positive comment.
Where have all the flowers gone?"

The silence of all of those who allegedly promote peace is dubious to say the least. If there was a shred of truth to their love for peace, they would have an obligation to promote and praise, or at the very least acknowledge whoever pledges to end wars. Their silence speaks volumes and reveals hidden true colours.

Today’s so-called peace activists are mostly and unwittingly pawns in the hands of Soros and other magnates. They move them and keep them under control, because in controlling them, they control the masses.

This is where all the flowers have gone.
Quotes from Ghassan Kadi for more :

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