Friday, August 19, 2016

Gülen Operation in Turkey meant to Weaken Russia? Eric Zuesse/ William Engdahl

"William Engdahl, headlining on 22 May 2013, «CIA’s Graham Fuller – A Deep State Rogue», where readers can find a more comprehensive presentation of the CIA’s operation with Gülen to weaken Russia. In short: Gülen is a key CIA asset in the American aristocracy’s decades-long effort to conquer Russia. "
The leader of Turkey has thus now warned that if the US aristocracy continues what he alleges to be the US government’s backing of this coup-attempt, then Turkey will end its alliance with the US aristocracy, and will become allied instead with Russia. He’s explicitly threatening the US aristocracy. He’s indirectly threatening also NATO, of which Turkey has been a member since 1952. No NATO member country has previously left the anti-Russian military alliance, nor even threatened to leave it. 
What Was Behind the Turkish Coup-Attempt?
ERIC ZUESSE | 18.08.2016 | WORLD

What Was Behind the Turkish Coup-Attempt?

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