Friday, July 1, 2016

Andre Vltchek on Brexit + Bloggers Comment


Andre is- as always - raising important points and is rightfully siding with the exploited Global South, I do disagree with him here when he says:

 "Whether it is more centrally run, or decentralized, the continent will continue plundering the Planet together with its mighty North American offspring." 

Of course this will be so for quite a while and we need to mobilize and raise therefore consciousness against it.

But his wording is  accusative and generalizing and therefore not  helping to  further this most wanted process. Exploited, wretched  people and therefore uneducated people are to be found the world over. The referendum in GB will trigger off resistance to the imperialist EU project everywhere, it already has. The underprivileged and the losers have turned the NO vote to a success.  And this vote will help  raise people's consciousness about the entire unsocial, militaristic, exploitative and destructive nature of this US-driven project. The BREXIT-vote  is only a beginning. Those who govern know that and therefore they go hysterical  over it. Putting virtually every European and North American citizen into the same bowl of slave holder mentality does not help to forward the struggle against such mindset as Andre Vltchek  intends.
 More dialectic thinking and analyses is wanted to further the struggle against imperialism as some of us, even here in "bloody old Europe", sincerely are working for. Hasta la victoria siempre!
In solidarity I. 

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