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Thomas Bach , IOC Head Lauds 'Excellent' Organization of Sochi Games

IOC Head Lauds 'Excellent' Organization of Sochi Games

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IOC Head Lauds 'Excellent' Organization of Sochi GamesThomas Bach
19:52 23/02/2014
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SOCHI, February 23 (R-Sport) – The organization of the Sochi Games has been "excellent," International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach said Sunday.
The Sochi Winter Games are the first for Bach since the German ex-fencer was elected IOC head in Spetember 2013.
“We did not only have the best athletes but we're also managing to get more and more athletes from more and more countries to the top and having their excellent performances. This has been enabled by an excellent organization,” Bach said. “I think all the systems here were working extremely well, from transportation to security over the Olympic villages, the food and everything, really excellent.”
As one of the main positive features of the Sochi Olympics, Bach praised the compact layout of the sports facilities and athletes' villages.
“What for me is most important is what the athletes are thinking about these Games ... and I have to tell you there was not a single complaint by any of the athletes,” said Bach. “They loved the sports facilities, the quality of the Olympic villages, and what impressed the most was the proximity of the Olympic villages and their venues.”
The closing ceremony of the XXII Winter Olympic Games will start at the Fisht stadium at 20:14 local time (16:14 GMT).

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