Thursday, February 18, 2016

Syrischer Kommunistischer Jugendverband: “Wir werden niemals aufgeben!” Youth of Syria: ‘We will never give up!’

Special interview with Wessam Kahel, member of the International Relations Committee of the Communist Youth Union of Syria-Bakdash.
ICP, 9th February 2016

ICP: How would you consider the internal dynamics and the positions of the subjects in Syria today?
WK: I would like to give some information from the last events.Syrian army recently has progressed in different places. As you know, it is a quite large country. So, the  Syrian army cannot spread all its forces to all places. This progress should be considered due to Russia, on which we will talk about later.
Haleppo for example, the south of Haleppo is mainly controlled by the Syrian army and the reactionary rebels have all been swept away. This powerful and fast progress of the Syrian army was supported by Russia. More than 75 places in south of Haleppo are controlled by the Syrian army now. It is not the city, but the wide countryside. In some small cities, the army swept the rebels away just in a few hours. We were surprised by this very fast progress.
Also in the west of Haleppo, important progress have been gained against Daesh this time.
In south, there are the main terrorist organisation, the Front of Nusra which is affiliated to Al-Quaida, and also some other smaller terrorist organisations controlled by this Front of Nusra.
In the west of Haleppo, there have also been progressions towards al Rakka, the so-called capital of Daesh.
We are all very surprised about this progress and we are very hopeful as well.
Also around Damascus, where most of the places are in the government’s control, in the countryside and exactly in the west, there is Islamic Front, an organisation controlled by the Saudi-Arabia. The leader of this organisation has been killed in an operation of Syria and Russia. His name was Zehran Hallush. This clearly means a very big problem for this organisation since they depend only to one person, not to an ideology.
In the south of Damascus, Dara, near to Jordan and Israel, where there is also Front of Al-Nusra, the Syrian army has regained the control of some many big cities and important places. This is a very broad region but Syrian army has done many progressions in all of these places.
In the middle of Syria, in Homs, there was  a very small base where the rebels are grounded. Syrian army has circled them, fought and made these rebels leave the city. Homs is now clear. The countryside towards Liban is also clear.
ICP: What about Palmira?
WK: Unfortunately, you know that there has been a big attack from hundreds, maybe a thousand of rebels to get this small city. It is a very important city since it is a historical place. Syrian army has draw back as they did not want the artifacts got damaged. It is still under the control of ISIS, but the Syrian army is situated around 10 km above. It is not the most important place for now though, there are many big cities that the Syrian army tries to deal with.
ICP:Has there been any damage to this ancient city? ….  mehr:

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