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Ukraine: Plane Failing to Take off Alexey RYKOV | 11.05.2014

The Ukrainian aircraft called Independence has a serious fault, only the right wing engine starts. The wing is eager to take off and scramble into the blue European starry sky. But the second engine is failing, perhaps somebody stole a turbine or it is low on fuel. Or may be both. The aircraft is rotating, trying to start flying, it is losing some parts and damaging the airstrip. With helter-skelter inside the salon, business class section passengers change places all the time and pilots can hear profane words in English coming from controllers’ office…
The way out is simple. First, one should switch off the engine and stop wasting fuel. Second, one should get down checking the plane. Perhaps it cannot fly at all and will not be landed at the airport of destination. Third, it’s important to ask all the passengers without exclusion if they want to fly in this very aircraft with this very crew going up into this long-coveted blue European sky. 
Smart people say that Europe does not give permission to land at all. It has the reputation of someone who stands for getting rid of independent states with the Brussels bureaucracy holding the reins. Every foreign policy step is taken being accompanied by dirty language heard to be coming from the control tower in American English.
More and more Europeans get dissatisfied with the servile and clumsy rulers seated in Brussels. They are also frustrated with their helpless national governments. Some are already involved in building the post-modern Europe of regions no matter the idea seems to be ridiculous. More or less one can imagine the Europe of United States but the Europe of districts, departments, provinces, lands and counties? That would be a folly. Add Ukraine to it with some regions willing to speak Russian and the population refusing to be Ukrainians and imagine the mess – a real nightmare coming true.
The whole truth should be told to the passengers and the crew of the airplane by those who control the situation* at the airport of destination and told immediately, loud and clear in no uncertain terms. But somehow nobody in Europe wants to do it, so the only thing left is to listen to what the control tower is saying.
The controllers know well the airplane will not take off. They are laughing their heads off looking at the jumble. Perhaps they even let rich tourists in to let them watch the show. It’s not for free, of course. It’s O. K. using foul language talking to the crew but one has to pay for it.
Will nobody tell the crew that the plane has holes with fuel dripping down to gradually acquire the color of blood? Nobody to tell it’s time to switch off the engine?
Can anyone imagine the reaction of the West in case combat helicopters were raised to the sky hovering over Maidan in the days of Yanukovych rule?
Ladies and gentlemen, please, open your eyes! Look at the way liberal fascism is exterminating the population of Ukraine, especially those who took the fate into their own hands in the conditions when the country has no legitimate government. Do they have to wait for Mr. Obama to start seeing things as they are and ask President Putin for a meeting? He did not even condescend to visit the Sochi Olympics. And there is something being cooked up in Kiev…
Talking about the Kiev puppets, do they have a dialogue with any of people’s mayors? 
It would be expedient for Europeans to remember how many centuries they had lived in national states till Western Europe got united into a superpower. The contemporary Ukraine’s history hardly exceeds twenty years. What will it be like if Ukraine goes on trying to fly this holed airplane? 
Did anybody think about consequences when Belgrade was bombed in 1999? Did any hearts go pop when the plans were elaborated for Eastern Europe to be annexed by the United States Empire? Especially in view that that East European states were to be divided into chunks. 
The people living in the chunks really hate the Yatsenyuks and the like that you imposed on them! Who will put down the people in revolt? Perhaps the hopes are pinned on the legionaries to be called back from Mali? Or, perhaps, Pravy Sector will reproduce itself? Here they go again, the dog soldiers of democracy! 
Perhaps, ladies and gentlemen, will you manage to fly the aircraft with one wing and one working engine? Do you conceive making it all yours? Can you imagine it flying over Paris or even going to the West of the 28th meridian? Oh, this safety of flights!


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*Is there anyone who really "controls" in the proper sense of the term in this context? Should we not get rid of those incapable controllers, take control over the course of events and change the course of the airplane altogether? It seems high time  for a reset.

We Need More Light: Danger of a NATO-backed False Flag Operation:

To Understand Or Not to Understand Putin

In Germany these days, very many citizens object to the endless Russia-bashing of the NATO-oriented mainstream media.  They may point out that the U.S.-backed regime change in Kiev, putting in power an ultra-right transitional government eager to join NATO, posed an urgent threat to preservation of Russia’s only warm water naval base in Crimea. Under the circumstances, and inasmuch as the Crimean population overwhelmingly approved, reinstating Crimea in the Russian federation was a necessary defensive move.
In Germany, anyone who says thing like that can be denigrated as a “Putinversteher” (a Putin understander).
That says it all. We are not supposed to understand.  We are supposed to hate.  The media are there to see to that.
While the West doggedly refuses to understand Putin and Russia, Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, seems to understand things pretty well.
He seems to understand that he and his nation are being systematically lured into a death trap by an enemy which excels in the contemporary art of “communication”.  In a war situation, NATO communication means that it doesn’t matter who does what.  The only thing that matters is who tells the story.  The Western media are telling the story in a way which depends on not understanding Russia, and not understanding Putin. Putin and Russia become fictional villains in the Western version, just the latest reincarnation of Hitler and Nazi Germany.
The horrific massacre in Odessa on May 2 proved this.  The photographic evidence, the testimony of numerous eye witnesses, the smoldering bodies and the shouts of the killers are all there to prove what happened.  Tents erected to collect signatures in favor of a referendum to introduce a federal system into Ukraine (now a politically divided but totally centralized state) were set on fire by a militia of fascist thugs who attacked the local federalists as “separatists” (accusing them of wanting to “separate” from Ukraine to join Russia, when that is not what they are seeking).  The local activists fled into the big trade union building on the square where they were pursued, assaulted, murdered and set on fire by “Ukrainian nationalists”, acting on behalf of the illegitimate Kiev regime supported by the West.
No matter how vicious the assaults, Western media saw no evil, heard no evil, spoke no evil.  They deplored a “tragedy” which just sort of happened.
Odessa is proof that whatever happens, the NATO political class, political leaders and media united, have decided on their story and are sticking to it.  The nationalists that seized power in Kiev are the good guys, the people being assaulted in Odessa and in Eastern Ukraine are “pro-Russian” and therefore the “bad guys”.
Understanding Putin
So despite everything, let’s try to understand President Putin, which is really not very hard.  Behind every conscious action there should be a motive. Let’s look at motives. Today, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, who certainly gives every sign of never understanding – or wanting to understand – anything, parroted the NATO line that Russia was “trying to orchestrate conflict and provocation” in Ukraine’s east and south.
That makes no sense.  Putin has absolutely no motive to want civil war to rage in neighboring Ukraine, and very strong reasons to do all he can to avoid it.  It confronts him with a serious dilemma. Ongoing vicious attacks by fanatic nationalists from Western Ukraine on citizens in the east and south of the country can only incite the victimized Russian-speaking Ukrainians to call on Russia for help. But at the same time, Putin must know that those Russophone Ukrainians do not really want to be invaded by Russia. Perhaps they want something impossible.  And it is perfectly obvious that any use of Russia’s military force to protect people in Ukraine would let loose an even wilder demonization of Putin as “the new Hitler” who is invading countries “for no reason”. And NATO would use this, as it has already used the reunification of Crimea with Russia, as “proof” that Europe must tighten its alliance, establish military bases throughout Eastern Europe and (above all) spend more money on “defense” (buying US military equipment).
The Western takeover of the Kiev government is clearly a provocation to draw Putin into a trap that certain Western strategists (Zbigniew Brzezinski being the chief theorist) hope will cause Putin’s downfall and plunge Russia into a crisis that can lead to its eventual dismemberment.
Putin can only wish to find a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian mess.
While Washington reverts to Cold War “containment” policy to “isolate” Russia, Putin today held talks in Moscow with Didier Burkhalter, the Swiss president and current chairman of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), in hope of initiating some sort of peaceful mediation.
Putin Pulls Back From False Flag Plan?
On this occasion, Putin announced that he had pulled back Russian forces from the border with Ukraine. He indicated that this was to ease concerns over their positioning, meaning claims that Russia was preparing an invasion. He also advised against holding referendums for greater autonomy in the Russophone areas until “conditions for dialogue” can be created.
However, news reports indicated that this reported military pullback caused new concerns among some Ukrainians, who felt Russia was abandoning them in their hour of need, and among some Russians, who feared the President was backing down under Western pressure.
It is not impossible that the pullback order was linked to a Novosti RIA report dated May 6, which indicated that the Ukrainian secret service was planning an imminent false flag operation in order to accuse Russia of violating the border with Ukraine.
Novosti said it had learned from security circles in Kiev that the Ukrainian secret service SBU had secretly shipped about 200 Russian army uniforms and some 70 forged Russian officer ID into the Eastern Ukrainian protest stronghold of Donetz, to be used to stage a false attack on Ukrainian border patrols.
Novosti said the reports were unconfirmed, but they could nevertheless be taken seriously by the Russians.  “The plan would be to simulate an attack on Ukrainian border troops and to film it for the media”, the report said.  In connection with the plan, a dozen or so combatants from the ultranationalist Right Sector were to cross the border and kidnap a Russian soldier in order to present him as “proof” of Russian military incursion.  The operation was scheduled for May 8 or 9.
By pulling Russian troops farther away from the border, Putin could hope to make the false flag operation less plausible and perhaps to forestall it.
The whole Ukrainian operation, at least partly directed by Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department, has been characterised by false flag operations, most notoriously by the snipers who suddenly spread murder and terror in Maidan square in Kiev, effectively wrecking the internationally sponsored transition agreement.  “Pro-West” insurgents accused President Yanukovych of sending the killers and forced a rump parliament to give government power to Ms Nuland’s protégé, Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk.  However, there has been plenty of evidence to show that the mysterious snipers were pro-West mercenaries: photographic evidence, followed by the telephone statement by the Polish foreign minister to that effect, and finally by the German television channel ARD whose Monitor documentary concluded that the snipers came from the extreme right anti-Russian groups involved in the Maidan uprising.  Indeed, all known evidence points to a fascist false flag operation, and yet Western media and politicians continue to blame everything on Russia.
So whatever he does, Putin now has to realize that he will be deliberately “misunderstood” and misrepresented by Western leaders and media.  Over the heads of the American people, over the heads of the Germans, French and other Europeans, a private consensus has obviously been reached among persons we may describe as our own Western “oligarchs” to revive the Cold War in order to provide the West with an “enemy” serious enough to save the military-industrial complex and unite the transatlantic community against the rest of the world.
This is what Russian leaders are obliged to understand.  What they need most to save the world from endless and useless conflict is the understanding of all those Americans and Europeans who have never been consulted or informed about this perilous shift in strategy, and who, if they understood, would surely say no.
Diana Johnstone is the author of Fools’ Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO, and Western Delusions. She can be reached at
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

PO Box 652

Brunswick, ME 04011

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