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China setzt sich durch! USA arbeiten doch mit chinesischer Entwicklungsbank zusammen

OSCE Monitors, Journalists Come Under Fire in Eastern Ukraine

News | 24.03.2015 | 20:14
Sputnik — Monitors from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and a group of Russian journalists came under fire by Kiev-led forces in Eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, Ministry of Defense of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) said.
"While heading for Shirokino [near the city of Mariupol] along with the OSCE monitors to assess the implementation of the ceasefire, our convoy came under fire by Kiev-led forces. A group of Russian journalists also came under fire," DPR Defense Ministry was quoted as saying by the Donetsk news agency.
No deaths or injuries have been reported as a result of the incident.
DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko confirmed earlier in the day that Russian Armed Forces representative at the Joint Center for Coordination and Control (JCCC) Colonel-General Alexander Lentsov also came under fire in Donbas.
JCCC is a joint center established by Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office in East Ukraine following the September 2014 ceasefire agreement to coordinate the implementation of the truce in the country.
The most recent ceasefire in Donbas became effective on February 15, after Kiev forces and representatives of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk agreed on a number of measures to deescalate the military conflict lasting since April 2014.

War Economy Needed for Survival? Nearly $1 trillion Pentagon-NSA-CIA budget for destructive purposes - Save the beauty of Jeju Island (Korea) nature from military destruction


A Good Day at BIW (Bath Iron Works) 

Hee Eun Park (Silver) with message from Jeju Island at BIW today. (Photo by the Pizza King)

  • Just over 50 folks turned out today for the weekly Lenten season vigil at Bath Iron Works (BIW).  Thanks to Lisa Savage and CodePink Maine for bringing a big bus load of people from Portland and Brunswick to the event.  Lisa created and led a great skit that is being put onto YouTube as I write this.  It was cold and wet on this new spring day.  Maureen Kehoe-Ostensen with the Smilin' Trees Disarmament Farm in Hope, Maine reminded us that this is now spring, even if it doesn't yet feel like it, and that under the ground were bulbs and other plants just waiting to emerge.  She said we should remember our vigils are also the seed.  Maureen invited the assembled to join the two remaining Lenten vigils at BIW on the next two Saturday's starting at 11:30 am. 
  • Hee Eun Park (nicknamed Silver) spoke to many shipyard workers at 11:55 am as the noon shift change was in motion.  Hundreds were lined up in the cold to be released from inside the gates at the yard when the horn blasted.  A few were yelling at us - things like "I love war!" with a few hoots and howlers joining that chorus.  But the majority were respectful and listened to Silver's words blaring from our fragile sound system that luckily in this moment did transmit the message.  Silver told the workers that the people on Jeju Island loved them.  She cried when she said the people just don't want war - they had already long suffered during the 4-3 (April 3) massacres that led to the killing of more than 30,000 on Jeju under the full direction of the US military. 
  • The US took over Korea after the Japanese Imperial Army was defeated at the end of WWII.  Sadly, the US replaced the Japanese fascists with Japan's former Korean collaborators - thus nothing really changed for the people.  The peasants on Jeju Island resisted and were brutally brought into submission.  For many years the 4-3 massacre was a forbidden topic in South Korea under the series of US puppets who ran the country.  (If you watch closely you see the same thing happening in Ukraine today.  Same arrogant bullying to grab money, resources and lands for military bases).  These conflicts inside Korea ultimately helped create the Korean War that was all about the US and Europe imposing their control of the region for continued economic exploitation. 
  • The inclusion of the voices from Jeju Island at the BIW today's event changed everyone in some way.  The important question of 'Where do these warships go?' was made real after hearing from Paco Michelson and Silver who are now on a national tour to tell the Jeju story.  I felt a shift in the people at the protest vigil.  I also felt that many of the workers are beginning to see that they must think about our foreign policy; they must think about the cost to the nation of having a militarized economy; their kids face a severe future with climate change and they should be actively doing something like speaking out to say "We want to build rail, wind turbines, tidal power, and solar - we must do it now if they will have any chance to survive on our Mother Earth!"  Where else except the nearly $1 trillion Pentagon-NSA-CIA budget will the $$$$ come from to make the kind of conversion of our war economy that is needed for survival? 
  • We are trying to get the community to recognize that we need to move toward 'Plan B' now while there is still a chance.  Sadly, those with power and authority have their ears closed and their hearts darkened.  They huddle over their "New World Order" once forecasted, I heard, by Adolph Hitler.  
  • We can't just think of ourselves all the time - this every man for himself individualism is a huge part of the disease.  Silver reminded us about the need and value of community - such a love, respect and deep spiritual connection to your village, your land, the sea, all life engulfing - which Gangjeong villagers have manifested for more than 500 years.  We are fighting they say - every single day (and many nights) for the past eight years.  The people in Gangjeong village are crying out to the world to understand their struggle.  It is the same struggle everywhere.  
  • Jeju and Bath are connected - sadly by US Navy destroyers.  So let's have a real 'sister city' relationship.  Maybe we should approach Bath City Hall with a letter from Gangjeong village requesting sister city status.  The Jeju folks could explain about the soft coral forests just offshore that are being killed by dredging for the coming US warships.  Maybe the local newspaper (which ignored our attempts to put an announcement in the paper about the vigil) should print the Gangjeong letter?  We could try to hand the letter out at future vigils at BIW.
  • Folks in Bath understand the sea - the Navy dredges the Kennebeck River so they can get their destroyers out to the ocean.  Jeju and Bath have much in common - let's make it for something real! Anyone interested in that effort please let me know.  Maybe we could get letters from other cities around the world to Bath requesting they acknowledge the people on Jeju Island who are suffering because they must give up their lives and their culture so the US Navy can stick one more damn expensive and provocative warship down China's throat.

False Flags and Regime Change in Ukraine: Why We Still Don’t Know What Happened to Flight MH17

EDITOR'S CHOICE | 17.03.2015 | 16:16
Much is not what it seems around the tragedy of the Malaysian airliner MH17 which was shot down above the Ukraine on July 17th 2014.
This video challenges the immediate reflexes by the establishment media and governments, it explains the true story behind the events in the Ukraine and the loopholes in the official investigation.
Documentary Film by Peter Vlemmix

America’s Drive towards Global Hegemony, Economic Warfare and Regime Change

EDITOR'S CHOICE | 12.03.2015 | 10:02
The New World Order is a big threat to sovereign states, speakers at an international conference say.
The anti-war initiative, Perdana Global Peace Foundation, has a single goal of putting an end to war.
Founded by Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Foundation encourages dialogues between different nations, people and organisations to foster and energise global peace.
Its sister foundation, the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War aims to undertake all necessary measures to criminalise war and energise peace. It also found former US President George Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, among others, guilty of war crimes.
The recent activity by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation was a one-day international conference titled the New World Order, Recipe for War or Peace.
The keynote address was delivered by Dr Mahathir who warned that Malaysia might lose its independence if the government falls prey to the ploys of the US to increase its global hegemony through economic means.
Dr. Mahathir pointed out that the Transpacific Partnership or TPPA is a New World Order strategy by a powerful pact of people led by the US to dominate the world economy.
Dr Mahathir said globalisation and borderless trade are being used to establish a “one world government”.
Referring to the Free Trade Agreement as a regulated trade deal, he said countries that sign on the deal would be subjected to more rules and regulations than ever before.
Dr Mahathir also pointed out that disputes arising from these trade deals mean corporations could sue sovereign states at investor arbitration tribunals, in secrecy.
The New World Order refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government.
Other prominent speakers at the conference also said that a secretive power elite led by the United States wants to replace sovereign nation states through regime change.
Prominent academic and author Dr Michel Chossudovsky warned that the so-called war on terrrorism is a front to propagate America’s global hegemony and create a New World Order.
Dr Chossudovsky said terrorism is made in the US and that terrorists are not the product of the Muslim world.
According to him, the US global war on terrorism was used to enact anti-terrorism laws that demonised Muslims in the Western world and created Islamophobia.
Elaborating on his argument, Dr Chossudovsky said that NATO was responsible for recruiting members of the Islamic state while Israel is funding “global jihad elements inside Syria.
Dr Chossudovsky, who is also the founder of the Centre for Research and Globalisation, further emphasised that the global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity.
Echoing Dr Chussodovsky’s arguments, Malaysia’s prominent political scientist, Islamic reformist and activist Dr Chandra Muzaffar said that the US has always manipulated religion to further its global hegemony on sovereign states.
For example, he said the Arab spring was brought about by Colonel Muammar Muhammad Gaddafi’s resistance to US dominance.
But Dr Thomas Barnett who has worked in the US national security services since the end of the Cold War refuted the arguments put forth by the conference speakers as mere allegations and that people prefer to believe in conspiracy theories.
Touching on the subject of economic hegemony through free trade agreements, Dr Barnett said that it’s only normal that countries that sign on to international trade deals are subjected to some international treaties and business protocols that they must follow.
He also says that trade partners with the US have accrued many benefits and that the US has gone out of its way over the last 40 years to encourage peaceful development.
Barnett also pointed out that for the first time in Asian history there is an increasingly prosperous and powerful China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan.
Brushing aside Barnett’s argument, Dr Mahathir in his speech warned governments to be cautious, saying that those who refuse to conform are subjected to economic sanctions.
He also said that the one world government wants to undermine all other governments and would not hesitate to invade and occupy sovereign states to achieve its agenda.
Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, globalresearch.ca

KenFM: Medienmanipulation  anhand Günther Jauch Show Berlin

Wie immer analysiert Ken Jebsen brilliant die Lügen unserer sogenannten Qualitätsmedien

Video 38 Min.

Top Obama Aide: Israel Must End Occupation

'Occupation That Has Lasted for 50 Years Must End'

by Jason Ditz, March 23, 2015
While the split between the Obama Administration and the Israeli government has been a top story for awhile, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough really raised eyebrows with an explicit call for Israel to end its military occupation of Palestine.
An occupation that has lasted for 50 years must end,” McDonough said at the liberal Israeli Lobby J Street’s annual conference. It’s not a dramatic official policy shift, as the US has supported the two-state solution, at least on paper, for a long time.
Still and all, it’s not the sort of thing US officials would say in such a pointed manner, let alone at such a venue, as J Street has clashed openly with the Netanyahu government.
It’s a tit-for-tat move, a sign of US displeasure that the Israeli Premier openly denounced the two-state solution in last-minute campaigning last week. Netanyahu has since tried to backtrack, though McDonough today said it was clear the US “cannot simply pretend that these comments were never made.http://news.antiwar.com/2015/03/23/top-obama-aide-israel-must-end-occupation/

Last 5 posts by Jason Ditz

An Open Letter to Petro Poroshenko
by , March 07, 2015

Dear Petro Poroshenko,
Be careful of American support.
Now that you are about to become a close ally of the US and a dictator at the same time, you should be warned that this might not be the beginning of a long-living love affair that inevitably ends with an account full of dollars, an army equipped with the finest stuff ever produced to kill your enemies, with the warm feeling of security because your American advisers taught your people how to get rid of your opponents, and with standing ovations at the UN Security Council for whatever you will say against Russians and other foes. 
This is a little history lesson to remind you that the weather in Washington is much more capricious than the continental climate of Eurasia. 
The US certainly won Cold War, but not necessarily their Allies. One of the first to experience that fine difference was Saddam Hussein, Washington’s close ally in the Middle East for much of the 1980s. Hussein was a CIA asset to overthrow the Qassim-Regime, which was for the Americans too close to Soviet Union. In 1963, he successfully organized a coup and rewarded his American supporters by killing hundreds of Iraqi communists and with oilfields for American companies. But only in 1979, after another coup in Iraq and one in Iran, Hussein became chosen by the US as " our bad guy" in the region. When the Mullahs in Iran blow away the Shah, he became a useful idiot to take revenge for one of the biggest failures of American policy in the Cold War. Whatever he wished from the US to wage a war against Iran, he got it. Americans can be very generously, no question about it. They even provided him with chemical weapons to kill whoever he liked to kill.
However, it took not a long time after the Soviet Union collapsed, that the Americans changed their attitude towards Saddam Hussein. For their new grand gamble to rebuilt the Middle East, he was now more useful as an enemy than as an ally. Hussein was trapped to invade Kuwait to provide a pretext for the First Gulf War, followed by years of the sanctions, the no-fly-zone, and it ended with another gulf war, and a hole as the last refuge for Saddam and a not so nice execution in the dark of the night.
Lesson learned? You can kill as much as enemies of the US as possible, you can sell your natural resources, but it will not shield you, when the storm from Washington takes another direction. 
Do you remember Mobuto Sese Seko, the long-standing ally of Americans in the heart of Africa? You should, Ukrainian peacekeepers went there to tame the chaos that was left by his downfall in 1997. With the help of the CIA, Mobuto took over the Congo by a coup d’etat in 1965, and since then he was their most willing ally in Africa. He was their man to deliver weapons for the UNITA in the Angolan civil war and for the RENAMO in Mozambique, and of course, he was to ensure the unhindered plunder of the Congo by American companies, most notably the plutonium for American atom bombs. But then in the 1990s, Americans lost their interest in Africa, and Mobuto with all his eccentricities, his corruption and incompetence became a burden for President Clinton, who was propagating a new world order free from such oriental despots. If Mobuto had lived long enough to read the leaked telegrams of the US Embassy in Kinshasa, he would have learned that despite all the services he did for the US, he wasn’t in such high regard by his American allies. 
Lesson learned? You can shake as many hands of American presidents and politicians as you want, you will never know what they really think of you.
Not scared enough, because you think these are fancy tales from the old times of the Cold War? How about Noriega, trained by the CIA to control the Panama and to help them with their war against the drug cartels in the 1980s. But then, in the wake of the Contra-Iran scandal of 1986, his involvements in drug smuggling became somehow a nuisance for the dirty warriors of the US. In order to get rid of him, the US invaded Panama at the end of 1989 and arrested him after they treated him with noisy rock music for days to force his surrender. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison, released after 17 years only the take another round in a French prison. 
Lesson learned? American pop culture is not only for entertainment it can be a weapon, too. You may have buried your not so humble origins in war of oligarchs in the 1990s, but there is certainly some file at Langley waiting to be opened if it suits somebody. 
There are so many other dictators who tried to strike a deal with the US only to end up in prison or on a graveyard. What about Colonel Muammar al-Ghadafi? Okay, he was an arch enemy of the US for most of his life. But when he tried to change the sides and supported the American war on terror by offering the services of his torture experts to hunt Al-Qaeda, he was not awarded with American friendship but with bombs that drove him out of his palace and an assassination squad that killed him. Assad of Syria, who tried to buy time by offering similar services, barely missed that fate, but only with the help of Putin. Russians, it seems, are more loyal to their "bad guys". Think about Castro! Who was freed from his debt burden by the Russians last year. Do you hope the IMF will be that generous? Or the Chinese, after all the years, they still stick to Mugabe even if Xi Jinping is miles away from Zhuo Enlai, who laid the foundations of this special relationship in the 1960s. I guess, they even still sing together revolutionary songs behind closed doors, after some drinks.
Lesson learned? The University of Kiev, where you made your degree, is, after all, not Ivy League and that is all what counts. As a former apparatchik you will never know if your conversion to a democrat and capitalist is taken seriously by your American allies. You will be under suspicion as all the other converted ex-terrorists, ex-Marxists, ex-dictators, who bow to the American flag. 
American politics, you should know, are a snake pit. There are so many agencies, institutions, lobby groups involved that you will never know who is in charge of foreign policy. There are dozens of think tanks that, in order to be heard in this choir of voices, come up with a constant stream of new strategies, priorities and emerging conflicts to be made relevant to the US. The president, despite all the glamor and pithiness surrounding his office, is only a moderator between all these different factions and voices. The American empire is overstretched, there are so many conflicts to be manipulated, so many interests to be served that you can never be sure what is your actual ranking on the priority list. After all, the only thing what counts are domestic politics, the polls and the contributions for the re-election campaigns. In this murky world of an empire that regards itself as chosen by god and as indispensable, you are what you are: an outsider, an useful idiot in your best days, a burden when the US changes its priorities or loses its interest for you. 
I hope you will sleep well.
Michael Pesek is a lecturer in global history at the Humboldt-University of Berlin for many years. He has been published in major German and French newspapers.

Berliner Historiker schreibt Offenen Brief an Poroschenko: „Ein nützlicher Idiot“

.der jude poroschenkoDer Historiker Michael Pesek hat einen Offenen Brief an den ukrainischen Präsidenten Pjotr Poroschenko verfasst. Er schreibt: „(Für die USA) sind sie ein nützlicher Idiot in seinen besten Tagen, bis Sie denen zu einer Last werden, sobald die USA ihre Prioritäten ändern oder das Interesse an Ihnen verlieren.“
In dem Brief warnt der Experte den ukrainischen Präsidenten vor dem amerikanischen Einfluss. “Jetzt, da Sie dabei sind, ein enger Verbündeter der USA und gleichzeitig ein Diktator zu werden, sollte man Sie warnen, dass dies vielleicht doch nicht der Beginn einer langlebigen Liebesbeziehung ist mit einem Happy End, einem Konto voller Dollar, einer Armee, die mit den besten Waffen ausgerüstet ist, um Ihre Feinde zu töten, mit dem warmen Gefühl der Sicherheit, weil Ihre amerikanischen Berater Ihren Leuten beigebracht haben, wie man Gegner loswird und mit Standing Ovations im UN-Sicherheitsrat für alles, was Sie gegen Russen und andere Bösewichte sagen.”
Michael Pesek lehrt Globale Geschichte an der Humboldt-Universität und gilt eher als Afrika-Experte. Was hat den Historiker veranlasst, einen Brief an den ukrainischen Präsidenten zu schreiben?Michael Pesek: “Der unmittelbare Anlass war ein Videoaufruf von Victoria Shilova, einer Abgeordneten im Parlament von Dnepropetrowsk, ein sehr emotionaler Aufruf an Herrn Poroschenko, diesen Krieg zu beenden. Ein Krieg, den sie als Krieg zwischen Brüdern bezeichnet. Und ich schreibe gerade ein Buch über den Kalten Krieg in Afrika und mir kam das sehr bekannt vor, dass ein lokaler Konflikt plötzlich von außen befeuert wird und dann scheinbar kein Ende finden kann. Daran wollte ich Herrn Poroschenko erinnern, dass, wenn man sich auf Hilfen von außen einlässt, das einen Preis hat.”Der Historiker führt in seinem Brief diverse Analogien aus der Geschichte an, wo die USA Verbündete erst aufgebaut und dann fallengelassen oder beseitigt haben. Beispiele sind Saddam Husein im Irak, Mobuto im Kongo oder Noriega in Panama. Vor allem in der Geschichte Afrikas, findet Pesek, kann man sehen, wie amerikanische Politik über Jahrzehnte funktioniert.
“In den 1960ern unter Kennedy gab es ein großes Interesse der Amerikaner an Afrika. Das hielt dann zwei Jahre an und dann verflachte dieses INTERESSE, und die USA zogen sich wieder zurück. Dann gab es in den Siebzigern ein verstärktes INTERESSE der Sowjetunion an Afrika, worauf die Amerikaner wieder reagiert haben. Wenn also eine Gelegenheit gesehen wird, in einen Konflikt einzugreifen, um geopolitische INTERESSEN durchzusetzen, dann wird die USA aktiv. Und meine Erfahrung aus der Geschichte ist eben, wenn man lokale Konflikte globalisiert, beendet man sie nicht, sondern verlängert sie nur.”Auch in der Ukraine geht es den USA ganz klar um Geopolitik, findet Pesek. “Es geht den USA dort in erster Linie darum, einen Konkurrenten, vor allem um die militärische Vorherrschaft in der Welt, auszuschalten. Und das ist natürlich Russland.Das sagen die Amerikaner ja auch relativ offen, dass es ihnen gar nicht so sehr um Demokratie, sondern mehr um Geopolitik geht.”Wie sieht Pesek die Rolle Europas? Und ist das Vorgehen der USA mit Europa abgestimmt? Pesek meint dazu:“Die EU ist geopolitisch nicht so eine Macht wie die USA. Die EU hat ja noch nicht mal eine eigenständige Außenpolitik.
Es gibt viele unterschiedliche Fraktionen in der EU mit unterschiedlichen INTERESSEN.
Mein offener Brief ist ja eher eine Analyse der amerikanischen Außenpolitik. Man muss sagen, dass Obama in der Außenpolitik unheimlich schwach ist. Es gibt so viele Akteure, die anstelle von Obama Außenpolitik machen, z.B. Victoria Nuland oder McCain, der da einfach in Sachen neokonservativer Politik durch die Weltgeschichte reist und einen Konflikt nach dem anderen anfacht.”Gibt es eine Strategie der USA in der Region Ukraine? Welchen Plan haben die sogenannten Think Tanks? Pesek: “Ich denke, sie improvisieren auch, aber auf Grundlage der Blaupause von Brzezinski, der die Ukraine als ein ganz entscheidendes Schlachtfeld für zukünftige globale Konflikte betrachtet hat. Man muss dabei aber auch bedenken, dass die Studien zu Osteuropa nach Ende des Kalten Krieges auch in den USA extrem zurückgefahren wurden. Es gibt ja kaum noch Leute in den entsprechenden Think Tanks, die russisch oder ukrainisch sprechen. Es gibt also ein großes Unwissen darüber, was eigentlich in diesem Konflikt passiert.”Zbigniew Brzeziński ist ein polnisch-US-amerikanischer Politikwissenschaftler und zählt zu den grauen Eminenzen unter den US-amerikanischen Globalstrategen. In seinem Buch “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives” schreibt Brzeziński bereits 1997:»Die Ukraine, ein neues und wichtiges Feld auf dem eurasischen Schachbrett, stellt einen geopolitischen Dreh- und Angelpunkt dar, denn schon seine alleinige Existenz als unabhängiges Land trägt dazu bei, Russland zu verwandeln. Ohne die Ukraine ist Russland kein eurasisches Reich mehr…
Wenn Moskau allerdings die Kontrolle über die Ukraine mit ihren 52 Millionen Menschen und wichtigen Rohstoffen sowie dem Zugang zum Schwarzen Meer zurückgewönne, würde Russland automatisch wieder in die Lage versetzt, ein mächtiger imperialer Staat zu werden, der sich über Europa und Asien erstreckt.«Michael Pesek warnt Pjotr Poroschenko in seinem Brief: ” Sie können die Hände von noch so vielen amerikanischen Präsidenten und Politikern schütteln, Sie werden nie wissen, was sie wirklich über Sie denken.” Weiter mahnt der Experte: “Sie können so viele Feinde der USA töten wie möglich, Sie können auch ihre Bodenschätze verkaufen, aber auch das wird Sie nicht schützen, wenn der Sturm aus Washington seine Richtung ändert.”Den Offenen Brief des Historikers Michael Pesek an den ukrainischen Präsidenten Pjotr Poroschenko finden Sie hier im englischen Original.

Petro Poroschenko (einer der reichsten Juden der Welt!)- ist seit Jahren Informant für die USA

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