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"Deutschland Drehkreuz des digitalen Krieges" Presseschau von Annette Klebrig

Die Story im Ersten: Jagd auf Snowden.  Video verfügbar bis 19.01.2015

Wie der Staatsfeind die USA blamierte

"Jagd auf Snowden" erzählt die wahre Geschichte der Flucht Edward Snowdens. Es ist eine David-gegen-Goliath-Geschichte, an deren Ende sich Snowden ins Moskauer Exil rettet und die Supermacht USA blamiert ist. Die USA hatten ein Flugzeug illegal zur Landung gezwungen und alle diplomatischen Register gezogen. Und das FBI war nicht davor zurückgeschreckt, Snowdens Vater für seine Zwecke einzuspannen.

Erstmals berichtet Snowden selbst über seine Flucht

John Goetz, der das Thema für den Rechercheverbund von NDR, WDR und Süddeutsche Zeitung recherchierte, und Poul-Erik Heilbuth von Danmarks Radio erzählen den Thriller der Flucht von Edward Snowden in minutiöser Rekonstruktion und in exklusiven Interviews....
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Die Story im Ersten – Schlachtfeld Internet   Video verfügbar bis 19.01.2015

Wenn das Netz zur Waffe wird  -   Kritische Infrastrukturen sind Hauptziel digitaler Attacken.
Das Internet ist in bisher kaum bekanntem Ausmaß "Aufmarschgebiet" für die digitalen Truppen der Kriege des 21. Jahrhunderts. In einem exklusiven Interview mit dem amerikanischen Sender WGBH, dem NDR und Servus TV enthüllt Whistleblower Edward Snowden, wie die NSA und andere Nachrichtendienste das Netz zur Waffe machen.
Eindringlich warnt der ehemalige Mitarbeiter der NSA, das weltweite Abhören und Datensammeln der NSA sei nur die Vorstufe, die einem weiterreichenden Ziel diene. Das Cyber Command der Vereinigten Staaten marschiere über digitale Schwachstellen ein, um das Internet zu besetzen – und dann gezielt angreifen zu können. Snowden benennt konkrete Programme und beschreibt, was passieren kann, wenn die USA künftig Krieg im Netz führen. Menschen werden sterben, warnt Snowden. "Das Internet sollte Frieden und Demokratie fördern und keine Waffe sein", so der Whistleblower.

Deutschland Drehkreuz des digitalen Krieges

Das exklusive Interview ist Herzstück der Dokumentation "Schlachtfeld Internet – Wenn das Netz zur Waffe wird". In Zusammenarbeit mit deutschen Experten und amerikanischen Kollegen haben die Autorinnen Svea Eckert und Alexandra Ringling bislang unveröffentlichte Dokumente ausgewertet. Diese belegen, dass Deutschland Drehkreuz des digitalen Krieges ist.  -   Auch Edward Snowden warnt, deutsche Server würden von ausländischen Regierungen genutzt, um die USA digital anzugreifen. 
Das Ziel der modernen Netzkrieger: Die Übernahme kritischer Infrastrukturbereiche wie Elektrizitätswerke, Öl- und Gasleitungen, Transportsysteme und Kommunikationstechnik.

Auch über private Computer werden Angriffe lanciert

Svea Eckert und Alexandra Ringling zeigen in ihrer packenden Dokumentation zudem, dass in Deutschland die Tore weit offen stehen für digitale Angriffe, da viele Firmen und auch Behörden sich oft nur unzureichend gegen Zugriffe aus dem Netz schützen. Die Autorinnen finden mehr als 50.000 offene Systeme, die Ziele werden könnten für Hacker, aber eben auch für Staaten, die sich der neuen, digitalen Kriegführung bedienen.
Auch über private Computer werden Angriffe lanciert: Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) verzeichnet bereits eine Million infizierte Rechner. Erstmals spricht Snowden über die Gefahren von staatlich gelenkten Cyber Attacken.
Ein Film von Svea Eckert, Alexandra Ringling und James Bamford
"Schlachtfeld Internet – Wenn das Netz zur Waffe wird" ist eine Koproduktion von NDR, WGBH und Servus TV.

March of the Hypocrites

EDITOR'S CHOICE | 13.01.2015 | 09:00
It was only natural that "world leaders" would place themselves at the head of the Paris "unity" demonstration held to express outrage at the vicious Charlie Hebdo murders. Daniel Wickham, a student at the London School of Economics, compiled a list of the enemies of free speech who elbowed their way to the head of the march. Most hypocritical of all are the French themselves, who have laws against "hate speech" which are only selectively enforced and which have been used against the editors of Charlie Hebdo in the past. This cognitive dissonance was eloquently expressed by one Frenchman who carried a sign saying: "I’m marching but I’m conscious of the confusion and hypocrisy of the situation."
That politicians would steal the spotlight and turn the sincere outrage of millions into an opportunity for self-advertisement is hardly surprising. Sincerity has its uses, however, and these will become apparent in the days and weeks to come. Those marchers will soon be cheering their soldiers as they go marching off to war, with "Je suis Charlie" inscribed on their banners.
The target? Syria, where "links" have been found between the Paris attacks and the self-proclaimed "Caliphate"of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The New York Times reports:
"Amedy Coulibaly, one of the three gunman responsible for the terrorist attacks in France last week, produced a video that appeared online on Sunday, two days after his death, showing him sitting below the flag of the Islamic State militant group and pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the organization’s leader."
If you read the transcript of the video it reads almost like a script prepared by our biggest warmongers. It takes the form of an interview, with the invisible interviewer represented by words on a screen and Coulibaly answering:
"Which group are you linked to and do you have an Emir?
Coulibaly: ‘I am pledging my allegiance to the Caliph of the Muslims, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. I have made a declaration of allegiance to the Caliph and the declaration of a Caliphate.’"
The Islamic State has been trying to provoke a major military response from the Western powers for months now, executing American journalists and aid workers and posting videos of the executions on the Internet, but so far the US has reacted with caution. So they resorted to attacking the West on its own soil, and now the chorus of voices calling for an all-out invasion of Syria will become deafening, drowning out all reason. And Coulibaly dots all the i’s and crosses the t’s:
“Are you linked to the brothers who attacked Charlie Hebdo?”
"Coulibaly: ‘We are a team, in league together. I am with the team who did Charlie Hebdo. I went out a little against the police too. So that’s that. We did some things together, some things separately to have most impact. [Sound of TV news in the background in which newsreader can be clearly heard talking about the attacks].
‘We have managed to be synchronized together, to come out at the same time, because we are close in the same business.’"
It’s all so pat, an engraved invitation: Come and get us!
From his permanent pulpit on the Sunday morning TV talk-fest, Senator John McCain declared his intention to oblige them. Railing against the failure of the United States to defeat ISIS, McCain is asked by journalist Gloria Borger what exactly he has in mind, and his response is a preview of things to come:
"ISIS right now is winning. And we need to go after them, and we need to have more boots on the ground. We need to understand that Syria and Iraq are the same. We need to arm the Free Syrian Army. We need a no-fly zone, which many of us have been calling for, for years, and a coherent strategy that can be presented to the Congress, because they’re going to be wanting an authorization for the use of military force." 
There’s something more than a little counterintuitive about McCain’s call for a no-fly zone: after all, ISIS doesn’t have an air force, while the most effective counterweight to them – the Syrian government – does indeed. If McCain’s concern is ISIS, then why go after Bashar al-Assad? And as for arming the Syrian Free Army: those arms are more than likely to show up in the hands of ISIS. As Debka File reports:
"The Syrian rebel militia Al Yarmouk Shuhada Brigades, backed and trained for two years by US officers, mostly CIA experts, in Jordan, and supported by the Israeli army, has abruptly dumped these sponsors and joined up with the Islamic State in Iraq."
If McCain has his way, the next terrorist attackers who show up in the streets of a Western city are more than likely to have been trained by our very own CIA. A purer form of "blowback" could hardly be imagined.
In a more general sense, the principle of "blowback" operates in the terrorists’ favor as the US and its allies get more deeply involved in Syria and Iraq: if the Western powers follow McCain’s advice, jihadists will stream from Europe to the region in even greater numbers and the legitimacy of the "Caliphate" in the eyes of Muslims everywhere is increased. McCain and his fellow interventionists have a symbiotic relationship with the terrorists: both are legitimized on the home front by the actions of the other.
ISIS was itself birthed in the chaos that accompanied our invasion and conquest of Iraq, and McCain and the War Party are intent on duplicating that Orc factory in the territory of Syria.
So how does this policy of creating and succoring the very threats they rail against benefit the leaders of the West?
Without the threat of terrorism, our foreign policy of perpetual war would have zero public support. Without the excuse of having to monitor the ever-escalating activities of the Coulibalys of this world, the very idea that the government has the "right" to scoop up our communications and store them in a giant facility out in the Utah desert would be dismissed as a dystopian fantasy.
But then again, that’s the world we live in, in the year 2015: a dystopia so absurd that no writer, prior to September 11, 2001, would have dared put it into print, either as fiction or speculative nonfiction.
And so the hypocrites march on, right over a cliff and into an abyss of their own making.
Justin Raimondo, original.antiwar.com
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Obama to Use Détente as Cover for His Plans to Destabilize Cuba

Nil NIKANDROV | 13.01.2015 | 00:00

US President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro agreed to normalize the relationship in December but there is nothing to ensure a smooth process. The 50-year period of conflicts and mutual claims cannot be simply forgotten. The enrooted mistrust of the Cuban leadership towards the United States is hard to overcome. There is a growing conviction in Havana that the imperialist enemy will not miss an opportunity to deliver a deadly strike against the country of victorious socialism. This point of view is permanently set in the mindset of veteran revolutionaries who have determined the strategy of the country’s development. The same applies to the pragmatic generation of Communist leaders who have launched the process of gradual political and economic modernization. 
Cuba is resolved to maintain its independence and protect the gains of the revolution. The people support the reforms, including the democratization of political and social life. It’s important to define the pace of changes and create economic basis for improving living conditions of common people. Washington is not interested in the evolutional pattern of Cuba’s development. 
Paul Craig Roberts, a well-known US economist and politician, expressed the opinion that Obama will turn the US embassy in Havana into an instrument used to implement his hostile intentions. The United States will use the non-government organizations for inciting street protests like it was done in Ukraine. There are a growing number of posts to Twitter saying that, no matter the White House sounds soft on Cuba, the US special services are concentrated on organizing Cuban Maidan demonstrations. The protests could be even more radical. Anti-Cuban subversive centers function in the US, Canada and Europe dissipating information about «luxurious life» of Cuban high standing Communist Party functionaries and government officials isolated from common people. The information on corruption in the ranks of state and party officials is an important aspect of the non-government organizations under the control of US special services. Their mission is to undermine stability, law and order in Cuba. Normally the corruption fighters use the materials fabricated by the US Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. 
Since a long time ago the US mission in Havana has been involved in the activities aimed at establishing non-government organizations, including training of «young opposition» and their introduction to the methods used for staging «color revolutions». American diplomats seldom openly call for the fight against the «Castro regime». Instead they display great fervor making comments on the chosen episodes of documentary films devoted to «color revolutions» and overthrow of tyrants and dictators! They provide deep insight into the activities conducted by young activists of protest movements in other countries. They admire their readiness for self-sacrifice pursuing the ideas of democracy and humanism embodied in America! Yoani Sanchez has been spreading anti-government information with a hostile intent for a number of years. Her success evokes envy in the ranks of dissidents: she gets well paid and is often invited to make foreign trips. As a human rights activist, Yoani receives prestigious awards. It is said she may be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. And she has followers. 
Immediately after the scandalous relationship between Sanchez and the CIA was revealed to become public domain, new opposition activists took the positions at the front line of struggle against «the dictatorship of Castro brothers», especially Eliecer Ávila. He attracted the attention of anti-Cuban subversive centers in 2008 when he asked some Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada, the President of the National Assembly of People’s Power, a few sharp questions about the freedom of press, direct access to Internet and the weak points of the Cuba’s election system. Alarcon answered candidly and adduced solid arguments. That was it, so it seemed to be then, but somebody made a video recording of the meeting. The fragment with the recorded event and the curious student asking hot questions was shown in American TV programs devoted to Cuba, as well as European TV channels. All of a sudden Eliecer Ávila became famous. 
A simple peasant from province who received higher education in Cuba (he received a degree in information technology) became known. It made his head go round. Then the same pattern as in the case of Yoani Sanchez was used to get him into public spotlight. Western media outlets paint him as a competent expert on Cuba, a potential political leader able to form and lead a political organization (and do it pretty soon) which could take the place of incumbent Communist Party. CIA sponsors arranged a foreign trip for him (Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Spain, the United States and other places) so that he could know what real democracies are like. During the tour they held discussions to shape his opinion on the formation of new party. At present one can only guess what is in store for Ávila and what his political career path would be like. Ill-wishers spread the rumors among dissidents that Ávila collaborates with the Cuban counter-intelligence. That’s why he is so passive when it comes to opposing the regime. 
There are around twenty-thirty non-government organizations operating in Cuba. One way or another, they coordinate their activities with the United States Interests Section of the Embassy of Switzerland in Havana. The Ladies in White (Las Damas de Blanco) is the best known organization which stages protests against «the Castro regime» and the politically motivated imprisonments. There are 53 people imprisoned in Cuba for political reasons, according to the US State Department’s list. In the given case the word «political» has a rather dubious meaning. At that the Cuban government started to release the prisoners in accordance with the agreement concluded with President Obama. One can tell a lot about the sophisticated operations of US special services in Cuba. The USAID activities among young music fans, especially rappers, are a good example. They used front organizations to promote the band called Los Aldeanos. Other musicians were invited to join in. They planned to organize a festival as a way to spread around «fresh ideas». The «rap operation» was conducted along with other subversive activities. For instance, USAID launched the project ZunZuneo, a Cuban Twitter, calling for political struggle against the government. At the same Cuban tours were organized for the young people coming from other Latin America countries so that they could instigate their Cuban contemporaries to anti-government uprisings. 
All these plans have been frustrated but the looming détente in the US-Cuba bilateral relations opened new opportunities for the enemies of Cuban revolution. The US Interest Section in Havana is not idle as the process of its transformation into the full-fledged embassy has been launched. The complex plan of preparing a «color revolution» is being gradually implemented. The just started reduction of tensions is used as a cover. The US special services never stop rehearsals to prepare potential actors for the roles in the play called «Maidan-style performance». 
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