Monday, October 13, 2014

Flammende Antikriegsrede Rede Oskar Lafontaines während einer Debatte im Bundestag anlässlich des 100. Jahrestages seit Beginn des Ersten Weltkrieges

Die flammende Rede Oskar Lafontaines - Video 3 Min.

28 August 2014. Ex-Bundestagsabgeordneter und Finanzminister Oskar Lafontaine spricht Klartext über das kriegerische US-Imperium, das in der ganzen Welt Kriege, Leid und Unruhen stiftet. Debatten im Bundestag anlässlich des 100. Jahrestages seit Beginn des Ersten Weltkrieges, die Diskussion veranstaltet von der Partei "Die Linke" mit anwesenden Gästen: Willy Wimmer, Gregor Gysi, Oskar Lafontaine und Peter Gauweiler.

100s of Ukraine soldiers protest in front of presidential administration

Published time: October 13, 2014 15:57
Ukrainian National Guard troops are protesting outside the presidential administration office in Kiev as they demand demobilization. They are refusing to return to their barracks outside the capital.
About 200 soldiers have surrounded the building claiming they have served six months longer than their contracts stipulated.
Soldiers are chanting, “Demobilization!” and, “All for one and one for all.”

They say they are not going to leave until authorities answer their questions, key amongst them being when they will be able to return home.

Members of the presidential administration, however, have demanded that the soldiers immediately return to their military barracks.

“Soldiers, come on, return to [your] military units, we’ll figure this out there,” one of the officials told the protesters, according to TASS.
They have demanded that they either receive better pay or are allowed to return home. One of the soldiers has told TASS news agency that they were paid roughly $11 per month, adding that there has been no hike in wages since their contracts expired.
"There are currently no possibilities for demobilization under conditions of de-facto military actions,” the President said during his visit to Kharkov on Saturday.
The National Guard was reestablished in March 2014. The first National Guard's regular battalion was formally sworn in for service on April 6 following three weeks of training.

​Turkey allows US to use its bases for fight against ISIS - report

Published time: October 13, 2014 06:24
Edited time: October 13, 2014 08:11

A Turkish F-16 fighter jet leaves its hangar for take off from Incirlik airbase in the southern Turkish city of Adana (Reuters / Umit Bektas)
A Turkish F-16 fighter jet leaves its hangar for take off from Incirlik airbase in the southern Turkish city of Adana (Reuters / Umit Bektas)
Turkey’s authorities have allowed the US to use its airbases in the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, a senior US official said, adding that Washington can also use a key Turkish installation near the Syrian border.
"Details of usage are still being worked out,” the US official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Turkey has come under increased pressure from the US and its coalition partners in the fight against IS (also known as ISIS, or ISIL) to help combat the jihadist militia. US military units have long been stationed in southern Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, 8 kilometers east of Adana, the fifth-largest city in the country. At least 1,500 US airmen operate out of the base.
US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel held a telephone call with his Turkish counterpart Ismet Yilmaz. He thanked Ankara for its "willingness to contribute to coalition efforts, to include hosting and conducting training for Syrian opposition members," Rear Admiral John Kirby, the chief spokesman for the Department of Defense, told AFP.
Hagel "noted Turkey's expertise in this area and the responsible manner in which Turkey is handling the other challenges this struggle has placed upon the country, in terms of refugees and border security,"Kirby added.
During the telephone call, Yilmaz agreed that Turkey could also host the US Central Command-European Command planning team, scheduled next week to "further develop a training regimen," Hagel’s spokesman said.
"Both leaders stressed the need to continue taking a comprehensive, strategic approach to the threat posed by ISIL and other extremist groups."

"Ulfkottes „Gekaufte Journalisten“ – ein spannender Titel und ein enttäuschendes Buch" Albrecht Müller

Ulfkottes „Gekaufte Journalisten“ – ein spannender Titel und ein enttäuschendes Buch

9. Oktober 2014 um 17:44 Uhr Verantwortlich: Albrecht Müller Trotz gewisser Vorbehalte gegen den Kopp-Verlag und gegen den Autor Udo Ulfkotte bin ich mit positiven Erwartungen an die Lektüre dieses Buches gegangen. Diese freundlichen Erwartungen haben damit zu tun, dass mir die Lektüre und Besprechung dieses Buches von einem vertrauenswürdigen Wissenschaftler empfohlen wurde. Es hatte …
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