Sunday, May 24, 2015

Prisrak-Brigade (East-Ukraine) Comments on Murder of Alexej Mosgowoi

I am forwarding this message about another deadly attack in Eastern Ukraine to good friends, not knowing the person who sent it to me. The message it contains is very important to be taken notice of. I have not before heard of the 'Brigade Prisrak' in  Eastern Ukraine, nor do I have any details of the battle going on there, however, it seems to me that these people need and deserve our solidarity more than ever. Their struggle is for survival and for a better life, and for all for us, too. Some of you might not like "military" by principle but there are times when one has to be prepared to defend oneself, ones family, friends and belongings too. Sometimes one has no choice of arms, the alternative would be surrender and bringing about worse.
I share the mourning and the historic optimism of the  spokespersons in the video. Personally I do believe that whoever commits such acts of atrocities will have to be prosecuted of course but also will have to  justify himself before higher authorities. He or she must be in an extremely desperate situation, a situation that offers no way out.. Individuals and systems who take refuge in brutality of such kind cannot survive, they must be and will be overcome in the near future.
Witsun is a holiday in my country, a country supposedly based on Christian values. Witsun according to the Bible stands for  understanding among nations.
Let us work and join forces for that noble perspective. With warm regards 
 "No PasarĂ¡n!".