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Russia stated that they had an important evidence regarding the chemical attack in the capital of Syria, Damascus, in the 21st of August: The sarin gas that was used in the attack, according to Russia, was not produced in a professional laboratory; it’s a home-made gas and its content is the same as the one that was used in the village of Khan al Assal in Aleppo in the 19th of March.
Evidence Transmitted to the US
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergei Lavrov, in an interview with the Washington Post, of the US, stated that he soon transmitted the aforementioned evidence to his American counterpart John Kerry.
The proof of the sarin gas used in the East Ghouta of Damascus to have the same content as the one used in Khan al-Assal is an important sign that the opponents carried out the attack in Damascus. It’s thought that the attack in Khan al-Assal was carried out by al-Nusra Front.
Syria had Stated: “Come to Aleppo for Investigation
The Syrian government had requested the UN (United Nations) to send a fact-finding group after the chemical attack in Khan al-Assal in the 19th of March. Lavrov, reminded that due to the repression o some of the members of the UN Security Council, the fact-finding group was not sent, thereupon Russia investigated the issue and filed the report on the findings to the Security Council.
The Russian Minister of Affairs said “The main conclusion is that the type of sarin used in that incident was homemade. We also have evidence to assert that the type of sarin used in August 21 (in Damascus) was the same, only of higher concentration.
Turkey was Clearly Mentioned
The Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, in his speech in the general assembly of the UN, characterized the attack in Damascus as a “provocation” and he called attention to the custody of the Syrian militants who were caught with sarin gas in Turkey in May and to the attempt of some Syrian and Turkish citizens to buy 10 tons of compositions for production of chemical weapons. The words of Churkin were interpreted as a hint that Turkey had role in the attack in Damascus.
Fine Hints
Sergei Lavrov, in his interview at the American journal, drew attention to the words of the opponent militants that “we’re given extraordinary rockets and ammunition by a foreign country but we don’t know how to use them” at the place where the attack occurred in Damascus. Lavrov didn’t mention a country in this sentence, however, recall of these words seems to be, once again, the hint of the Russia’s “Foreign country has hand in this issue.
The real strong claim is hidden in another sentence. Lavrov stated that “We also know about an open letter sent to President Obama by former operatives of the CIA and the Pentagon saying that the assertion that (Syrian) the government that used the chemical weapons was a fake.
Letters from Agents to Obama
The aforementioned letter was sent on behalf of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) with the title “Is Syria a trap?” The letter, giving several details, claimed that the attack was planned in Turkey.
Hence, Lavrov, once again, ended up by accusing Turkey regarding the chemical attack in Damascus, though more implicitly compared to Churkin. The daily soL Newspaper was published with the headline “Erdoğan might be judged for chemicals” and probed this claim that circulated in the diplomatic backstage after the accusations of Russia and Iran. In the aforementioned news, it was reminded that in an intelligence report leaked from Pentagon, there was information that the sarin gas that was used in Syria was produced in Iraq and smuggled to Syria through Turkey by al-Qaeda.
The US government was wrong footed in foreign politics after the attack in Damascus since there was no foreign intervention to Syria, contrary to what he expected. The fact that little interest is shown to the President Abdullah Gül during his visit to the US for the UN General Assembly is related to this situation. The increasing data on the claim that Turkey is behind the chemical attack might result in Turkey’s being accused in international arena.
CIA Agents Accused Turkey
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergei Lavrov, in his interview with the Washington Post, stated that “We also know about an open letter sent to President Obama by former operatives of the CIA.” In the aforementioned letter, it was claimed that the chemical attack that was carried out in Damascus in the 21st of August was planned in Turkey.
The letter was signed by 12 retired agents among which there are Philip Giraldi,  a  former  operations  officer, and
Thomas Drake, a former senior executive of NSA. The letter stated to Obama that “There’s no evidence at the hands of the US that the chemical attack was carried out by Syria, you’re deceived.
The parts of the letter concerning Turkey is as such:
“We have learned that in August 13-14, 2013, Western-sponsored opposition forces in Turkey started advance preparations for a major, irregular military surge. Initial meetings between senior opposition military commanders and Qatari, Turkish and U.S. intelligence officials took place at the converted Turkish military garrison in Antakya, Hatay Province, now used as the command center and headquarters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and their foreign sponsors.”
“Senior opposition commanders who came from Istanbul pre-briefed the regional commanders on an imminent escalation in the fighting due to ‘a war-changing development,’ which, in turn, would lead to a U.S.-led bombing of Syria.”
“At operations coordinating meetings at Antakya, attended by senior Turkish, Qatari and U.S. intelligence officials as well as senior commanders of the Syrian opposition, the Syrians were told that the bombing would start in a few days. Opposition leaders were ordered to prepare their forces quickly to exploit the U.S. bombing, march into Damascus, and remove the Bashar al-Assad government.”
“The Qatari and Turkish intelligence officials assured the Syrian regional commanders that they would be provided with plenty of weapons for the coming offensive. And they were. A weapons distribution operation unprecedented in scope began in all opposition camps in August 21-23. The weapons were distributed from storehouses controlled by Qatari and Turkish intelligence under the tight supervision of U.S. intelligence officers.”
Khan al-Assal is Attempted to be Whitewashed
The chemical attack that took place in the town Khan al-Assal of Aleppo on which Russia stated that “same type of homemade sarin gas was used as the one used in Damascus” is tried to be whitewashed.
After the attack Syria had invited the UN for investigation but the US had prevented this. In June Russia filed a comprehensive report regarding the attack to the UN. Thereupon the UN fact-finding group came to Syria in August in order to investigate Khan al-Assal and other allegations. Among the other allegations was investigating the chemical substances that are thought to have come from Saudi Arabia.
When the group was in Damascus, there was a chemical attack in East Ghouta and a big massacre took place in 21st of August. Thereupon, allies like the US and Turkey requested the group to examine the new attack in East Ghouta but not the others. The very day the opponents stated that “they would not let the group in Khan al-Assal”.
When the group was making investigations in East Ghouta the US had to hastily depart from Syria without stopping by the other places since the US said “we’ll attack”.
In the mean time the opponents announced several times that they won’t let the group in Khan al-Assal. After Syria’s persistence, the UN group went back to Damascus to investigate the allegations. The group hasn’t been to Khan al-Assal yet.
Allegations in line with Adana Indictment
Russia’s allegation that “The type of homemade sarin used in Damascus is the same as the one used in Aleppo” is in line with Adana Indictment, whose details have been brought to the agenda by soL.
In May, a group that was related to the al-Nusra Front, which is under the control of al-Qaeda, was captured with chemicals used in production for sarin gas in Adana (Turkey). The indictment, regarding the incident, prepared by Adana Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office was given as a news with the headline “The traces of the ones who used chemical weapons are in Adana” on the daily soL.
According to the indictment, the person in charge of the network, Heysam Kassab, is related to al-Nusra Front and Liwa al-Islam. Al-Nusra is suspected of the attack in Khan al-Assal of Aleppo.
The East Ghouta Region, where the attack was carried out, is under the control of Liwa al-Islam. The organization is acting in accordance with al-Nusra in the region.

Yiğit Günay - soL
Translated by Ozan Ekin

International Network for Justice

Individual Terror as Pattern of Washington’s Foreign Policy


Individual Terror as Pattern of Washington’s Foreign Policy

Physical elimination of foreign politicians fallen out of US favor has become a routine matter for Obama’s administration. The US special services have put to good use the experience of international terrorist organizations as well as the inventions of its own, like, for instance, purposeful cancer contamination or the use of «radioactive delayed action mines». The Empire has not ended the clandestine operations against Latina America’s «populist leaders» even after the death of Hugo Chavez... Someone will say - is it the «conspiracy theory» again? Is it the story about the cruel methods used by the United States ruling circles to clear the way for establishing Pax Americana – from unprovoked wars to individual terror? Exactly... 

Syria: More than 125 000 Terrorists from Different Corners of the World

For two and half years since the Syrian crisis broke out and the Syrian officials continuously argued that despite some of the demands some of the protesters sincerely joined the protests were legitimate and the government of Dr. Bashar Al Assad instantly recognized and addressed to the extent of rewriting the entire constitution, rewrote the political parties law and accepting the formation of a number of new parties, calling for local and parliamentary elections and changing the government to include some of the real opposition figures who didn’t boycott the elections and won some of the parliament seats, rewrote the media law and so on, despite all of that there are large numbers of 5th column are taking advantage of the chaos and escalating the crisis into a bloody confrontation.

In his first speech after the crisis erupted, Dr. Assad stated that some of the security officials have concealed the true figures of outlaw fugitives and there are over 60,000 at large, some of which are wanted for dangerous crimes like killing, kidnapping, raping and theft.
In a country like Syria sharing borders with NATO member state Turkey, NATO occupied Iraq, NATO failed Lebanon, NATO parking lot Jordan and NATO spoiled baby Israel, from all sides, it’s quite difficult to maintain 100% security all over with the resources available.
Ask the US regime who keep complaining from the influx of gangsters and illegal immigrates from one neighbor Mexico in the south and from cavemen flying airplanes into its cities destroying 2 iconic towers and having a 3rd fall down with them in a rare show of sympathy, with all the resources and capabilities the US regime has compared with those available to the Syrian government with the conditions mentioned above.
Syrian media showed a large number of riots from the very first days carried out by gangsters and reported scores of unarmed riot control policemen being sniped in Daraa and in Homs in the very first week; more than 11o of them between 15 March and 21 March 2011. But totally ignored by the synchronized western mainstream media whom strangely were all having the same media narrative on Syria in demonizing the Syrian state and the Syrian president in person, later demonizing the Syrian Arab Army with the foolish narrative of ‘killing own families and people’! It worked with Libya and other places, it was working with Syria for some time.
Those following reports coming out from real activists from inside Syria and not from offices in London, New York or Paris, or even from Qatar, learned about foreign elements joining the ‘spontaneous public uprising’ in Syria by the Syrian people, at the beginning, those elements were mainly from neighboring and regional countries namely Lebanon, Saudi and Turkey.
When the Syrian Arab Army managed to withstand the waves of terrorist herds and didn’t collapse like planned for, NATO started importing radical anti-Islamic Islamist Jihadists from all parts of the world. UN special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi confessed there were more than 40,000 foreign terrorists in Syria in a statement he made in April 2013, our estimates from reliable sources from the Syrian security and from activists confirm there were more than 125,000 terrorists were smuggled mostly into Syria from Turkey which shares with Syria an over 800 kilometers long borders.
Turkish prime minister and caliph wannabe Erdogan managed through his loyalists in the Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı, MİT, the Turkish intelligence forces, to recruit, train, arm and finance tens of thousands of those terrorists then smuggle them into Syria with the help of large parts of the over 60,000 fugitives mentioned above. No other country would do such a thing to a neighboring country on this planet as this will always backlash, but for Erdogan promised to be the caliph of the revived Ottomans, nothing can stand in the face of his dreams, not even the national security of Turkey.

2 ‘Arab Spring’ Flowers blossomed in Syria – airlifted by the Obama Regime into Syria via NATO members state Turkey
In recent remarks, Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad in the latest series of interviews, and Syrian minister of foreign affairs Walid Moallem at the United Nations, Syrian media and many Syrian officials relayed there were terrorists from more than 80 countries fighting in Syria, either killed, arrested or reported by locals. Germans, French, Turkish, Australians, USAisns (there’s no other word to describe them), Saudis, Qataris, Egyptians, Jordanians, Tunisians, Libyans, Chechen, Chinese, even from Chile, the far country in Latin America are fighting in different terrorist groups under the FSA, Free Syrian Army umbrella.
An interview with a lady from Chile in the coming video (Click here to watch on YouTube) with English and Arabic subtitles, the English version is based on the Arabic one in case there might be any missing text:
Free Syrian Army or Free FROM Syrians Army fighting to promote democracy or to establish radical enclaves under competing Emirs, Sultans and Caliphs? Western citizens should tell us what they paid their hard earned tax money to establish in Syria and what their governments are doing in their names, and please do not claim it’s against your will, you elected them into power ‘democratically’. Source: Syrianews

Lähmung der "Friedenskräfte" überwinden - jetzt Antikriegs-Bewegung aufbauen !

Betrachtungen von Irene Eckert 

 Mit den Formulierungen der ersten Sicherheitsrats-Resolution zu Syrien haben sich endlich  die Kräfte Geltung verschafft, die Geist und Buchstaben der UN-Charta Geltung verschaffen wollen. Es ist hervorzuheben, dass der Erfolg der Diplomatie ein Erfolg für alle Beteiligten  und für alle Betroffenen darstellt.

Der "Bundesausschuß Friedensratschlag" erkennt mit seiner jüngsten Stellungnahme zur Syrien-Resolution des UN-Sicherheitsrats bedauerlicherweise  noch immer nicht Notwendigkeit und  Gunst der Stunde. Die dort zusammengeschlossenen "Friedenskräfte" sehen weiterhin  nicht, wo Verbündete zuverlässig zur Verfügung stehen.

Haarscharf ist die Welt  gerade einer neuerlichen Ausweitung der Kriegszone in Nahost  entkommen. Der offene imperialistische Angriff auf den friedfertigen, aber von innen heraus unterminierten, Vielvölkerstaat Syrien wurde vorerst durch kluges diplomatisches Geschick Russlands und seiner Verbündeten in der Welt abgewehrt. Hier deutet  sich eine geopolitische  Trendwende von größter Bedeutung an. Die geballte Macht der imperialistischen Staatengemeinschaft reicht nicht mehr aus, der Welt ihren Willen nahtlos aufzuzwingen. Der Weltsicherheitsrat vermag jetzt klare Schranken zu setzen. Ohne Neubefassung des Sicherheitsrats kann kein neuer Schlag gegen Syrien erfolgen.

Erdrückende Beweise liegen im Übrigen  der Weltgemeinschaft vor, die nahelegen, dass die Urheberschaft der verbrecherischen Giftgas-Einsätze in Syrien auf das Konto der Kontras gehen. Die Präsenz von Al-Qaida und wesensgleichen auch von den USA und ihren Verbündeten offen verurteilten  islamistischen Terrorgruppen in Syrien ist inzwischen unbestreitbar. Unbestreitbar auch, dass diese inzwischen den 'oppositionellen', den bösen  Ton vorgeben. Die Westmächte werden  daher zögerlicher bei der Unterstützung solcher Kräfte, die sie ja offen verurteilen müssen. Andererseits droht weiterhin eine gezielte Provokation seitens dieser Kräfte mittels Chemiewaffen, von der nur eine Seite  'profitieren' würde.

Wenn Chinas und Russlands Außenminister die UNSCR -Resolution 2118/2013 nun  als "Sieg der Diplomatie" werten, so ist dem unbedingt und ohne zu zögern zuzustimmen. Diese Staaten  sind heute Garanten für eine der Charta gemäße  Antikriegspolitik. Sie haben dem Willen der Weltöffentlichkeit, im Bunde mit einer ganzen Reihe anderer Staaten, Geltung verschafft. Wenn wir also den Frieden wollen, ohne den alles andere nichts ist, dann müssen wir zusammenstehen und den Fokus  auf diesen Erfolg legen. Auf  diesem Erfolg gilt es auf regionaler und nationaler Ebene aufzubauen.

Die völkerrechtswidrige Aggressionspolitik gegenüber Syrien, die andauernde  Kriegshetze, die  sowohl gegen die UN-Charta, als auch gegen den "Pakt über bürgerliche und politische Rechte" verstößt, gilt es endlich  anzuprangern.  Kräfte, die dem Frieden in der Welt dienen wollen, müssen aufzeigen, dass diese militaristische  Politik  keinerlei Zukunft hat.

Seit der  völkerrechtswidrigen  kriegerischen Zerschlagung Jugoslawiens, seit dem Angriff auf Afghanistan, seit den 'Militärinterventionen' der 'Willigen' gegen den Irak, den zynisch-feigen Drohnen-Einsätzen in Pakistan,  im Yemen und anderswo, seit dem unerklärten und unbegründeten Krieg gegen Libyen, der 'Militärintervention' in Mali und nicht zu vergessen den fortgesetzten israelischen Kriegen gegen seine Nachbarn muss doch jedem wachen,  friedliebenden  Bürger klar sein, von welcher Seite her der Weltfrieden bedroht wird. Diese Klarheit  ist kaum noch dadurch zu vernebeln, dass Kriege nicht mehr Kriege genannt werden dürfen.

Die Welt atmet auf in Anbetracht des für diesmal abgewehrten, offenen Militärschlags gegen Syrien unter wieder einmal fadenscheinigem Vorwand. Es ist dies aber  noch nicht das ersehnte  Ende der Aggressionen gegen dieses Land der Levante. Das syrische Volk leidet nach wie vor  durch die Übergriffe der  brutalen Kontras und durch die dem Lande auferlegten völkerrechtswidrigen Sanktionen.

Als Friedenskräfte müssen  also wir  entschieden Partei ergreifen für die Opfer des ausgeweiteten 'Nahost-Konflikts. Wie einstmals als es galt, dem tapferen vietnamesischen Volk Beistand zu gewähren, wie damals als es galt, Nikaragua gegen die Kontras beizustehen,  wie 1973 als es geboten war, die Opfer des blutigen Militärputsches in Chile zu unterstützen, so müssen wir  auch heute wieder Stellung gegen das unheilvolle Wirken der 'Rebellen" und gegen deren Hintermänner  beziehen. Diese sind der Welt bekannt.

Der langanhaltende, unerklärte Krieg gegen Syrien ist nur weiterer  aggressiver Akt des Imperialismus. Der Begriff ist keine Sprachhülse. Er ist wissenschaftlich definiert. Der "Imperialismus ist das höchste Stadium des Kapitalismus", wie er vor hundert Jahren schon  von Lenin richtig analysiert worden ist. All die postmodernen Kriege, die unter der lügenhaften Losung von Menschenrechts- und Demokratieförderung daher segeln, sind als Ausdruck eines Systems zu begreifen. Es handelt sich um  todbringende und dem Tode geweihte Strukturen.  Leider ist ihr Totengräber einer Schlafdroge erlegen. Es gilt ihn wach zu trommeln.

Machen wir uns im 'friedlichen' Deutschland  nichts vor. Wollen wir die Zukunft unserer Kinder sichern, wollen wir den schönen Planeten Erde vor der Vernichtung bewahren, wollen wir Frieden und Sicherheit im Lande , dann können wir weder auf  Frau Merkel, noch  auf   irgend geartete  'Linkspolitiker' bauen.

Wir müssen uns selbst zu Wort melden. Selbst mandatierte  'Friedenspolitiker' müssen  von uns ersucht werden, sich auf das Wesentliche, nämlich  auf konsequente Friedensarbeit  im Zeichen der UN-Charta zu besinnen.

Und niemals  vergessen:

”The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion, but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.” Samuel P. Huntington, 1996, p.51.

Übersetzung: Der Westen hat die Überlegenheit nicht mittels seiner Ideen, seiner Werte, oder seiner Religion erreicht, sondern durch seine Überlegenheit in der Anwendung organisierter Gewalt. Westler vergessen das leicht, Nichtwestler niemals." Samuel  P. Huntington, 1996

Last minute agreement helped to avoid open war and weakened Syrian rebels

 A last-minute agreement on Syrian chemical weapons averted an attack on Syria while Western support for Syrian rebels diminished after reports that most of the rebels were under the control of extreme Islamist Jihadists who no longer took orders from the exiled Syrian opposition political leaders based mainly in Istanbul. 

Wayne MADSEN | 01.10.2013

Syrian opposition may try to use chemical weapons again - Lavrov warns

Russia urges international community to repel jihadists in Syria, Iraq

News | 01.10.2013 | 06:10
Moscow says it condemns the terrorist attacks in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. "We take the acts of violence and crimes committed in various part of Iraq, now including in Iraqi Kurdistan, with the utmost serious concern. The attempts of Jihadist supporters to achieve their goals with blood actions against state structures and civilians in Iraq, Syria and other countries of the region should be repelled," the Russian Foreign Ministry posted a statement on Monday.
Moscow thinks that "long-term solutions of pending problems and disagreements of all Middle Eastern countries is within wide national dialog and finding consensus agreements."
A series of explosions near the local security service office took place Erbil in central Iraqi Kurdistan on September 29.
The explosions claimed six lives and over 60 people, including civilians, sustained various injuries.
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the group affiliated with al-Qaeda, have taken the responsibility for the explosions.
Syrian opposition may try to use chemical weapons again - Lavrov
Moscow fears that the Syrian opposition will again attempt to use chemical weapons, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
"We have serious suspicions that these attempts [by the Syrian opposition to use chemical weapons] will continue," he said in an interview with Kommersant daily published on Monday.
Commenting on US claims that Washington has plenty of evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government Lavrov said: "They did not provide it to us. Meanwhile, we produced the evidence we have [received through our own channels, from Syrians and from independent sources] that prompts the conclusion that it is the handiwork of the opposition".
"At the meeting with the UN Secretary General and the five permanent members of the Security Council and at the Security Council session itself we stressed that the countries acting as sponsors of the opposition in political, financial and military respects bear responsibility for it [the opposition] not trying to lay hands on stocks of chemical weapons, to receive them from somewhere abroad or to stage provocations within Syria to shift blame onto the government, arouse general anger and thus try to provoke an external strike on Syria".
"It seems to me we are on the right track," Lavrov said.
He pointed out that, in compliance with the new UN Security Council resolution, "any abuses permitted by any side - the government or opposition groups - must be reported to the UN Security Council after a thorough investigation".
"This also applies to the use of chemical weapons by, God forbid, anyone," he said.
"If we are absolutely confident that any of the sides permitted an abuse or used chemical weapons, we will be ready to make a decision in compliance with Chapter 7 [of the UN Charter]," he said.
Lavrov went on; "This is inscribed in our commitments. But I must stress that we will not buy a pig in a poke like when we are now told about the August 21 incident they say it is clear to everyone that it was the handiwork of the government".
Voice of Russia, Interfax, RT

Keep Space for Peace Week: No Attack on Syria

                                            October 5-12, 2013

International Week of Protest to

Stop the Militarization of Space

No Missile Defense
No to NATO Expansion
No Syria Attack
End Afghanistan Occupation
Stop the Drones Surveillance & Killing
No Nuclear Power in Space or on Earth
End Corporate Domination of Foreign/Military Policy
Convert the Military Industrial Complex

 Co-sponsored by the Women’s International League for Peace & FreedomKnowDrones.com and the Drone Campaign Network (UK)

List in formation

·         Albuquerque, New Mexico (Oct 12) Drones and endless war protest at Kirtland AFB, Truman Gate, 11:00 am Stop the War Machine stopthewarmachine@comcast.net   
·         Andover, Massachusetts (Oct 10)  Vigil at Raytheon missile plant, 7-8 am at the front gate on Rte 133 marykatespeace@yahoo.com
·         Asheville, North Carolina (Oct 8) Screening of documentary film The Ghosts of Jeju putting in context the pivot to Asia-Pacific and how US space domination is used to direct all Pentagon operations. Ken Ashe (VFP) will speak on his trip to Jeju Island.  7:00 p.m. Lord Auditorium, Pack Memorial Library. Sponsoring groups New South Network of War Resisters, WNC PSR, members of WILPF Disarmament Task Force.  newsouthnetwork@gmail.com
·    Bath Iron Works, Maine (Oct 5) Vigil across from administration building on Washington Street (Navy Aegis destroyers outfitted with “missile defense” systems built at BIW) 11:30-12:30 am   Smilin’ Trees Disarmament Farm (207) 763-4062  
  • Bath Iron Works, Maine (Oct 19) Demonstration at “Christening” of new Navy “stealth” destroyer 10:00 am on Washington St.  Sponsors: Maine Veterans For Peace, Smilin’ Trees Disarmament Farm, Maine Bring Our War $$ Home Campaign   (207) 443-9502  
  • Berkeley, California (Oct 6) Public forum entitled Pacific Pivot and the TPP: What are they and what shall we do about them? St. John’s Presbyterian at 2727 College Ave. epicalc@lmi.net
  • Birmingham, England (Oct 7) Drones Public meeting The Military use of Drones at Queens College, 7.30pm with Brian Terrell, Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education. j.hull@queens.ac.uk

  • Boston, Massachusetts (Oct 18) Showing of The Ghosts of Jeju documentary film at BU School of Theology  BU 19, 745 Commonwealth Ave  7:00 pm tremregi@gmail.com

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts (Oct 17) Showing of The Ghosts of Jeju documentary film by UpandOut Group at 243 Broadway, 7:00 pmtremregi@gmail.com

  • Cardigan, Wales (Oct 6) Benefit Concert for Medical Aid for Palestinians, Scene Red plus Guests Bob Fish, Bill Vester, Small World Theatre, 8pm Poster details. For more information contact Maya Evans or on 07973 484202 or Penny Walker or on 07414 465695

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado (Oct 8)  From Drones to Phones high tech warriors break the law forum at the Penrose Library, 7-9 pm bill.sulzman@gmail.com

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado (Oct 11) Banners outside Schriever AFB, super secret home of the Space Warfare Center with heavy involvement in Cyber War operations, 3:30 - 4:30  bill.sulzman@gmail.com

  • Coventry, England (Oct 9) The Real Cost of Drone Warfare – with Maya Evans & Penny Walker, Friends Meeting House, Hill St. Coventry CV1 4AN, 7.30pm – 9pm.

  • RAF Croughton, England (Oct 5) Rally at U.S. satellite communication base, March to main gate 1 mile - starts Croughton village 12.00 midday, Returns 3:00 pm, Oxfordshire Peace Campaign, oxonpeace@yahoo.co.uk  

  • Gainesville, Florida (Oct 29) Showing of The Ghosts of Jeju documentary film at the Civic Media Center.  Mark1343@juno.com

  • Fairbanks, Alaska (Oct 10) Public forum No Winged Robot Assassins North at Noel Wien Public Library to discuss alternatives uses for Eielson AFB (Joint Alaska Pacific Range Complex) where drones will be tested. 7:00 pm  Mulford.rob@gmail.com

  • Fort Mead, Maryland (TBA) The Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore will vigil at the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade.  Contact Max Obuszewski at mobuszewski@verizon.net    or 410-366-1637

  • Fylingdales, England (Oct 5) North York Moors walk/protest/vigil at U.S. Star Wars radar facility meets at noon at the Hole of Horcum car park on A169.  For more details and transport arrangements  info@yorkshirecnd.org.uk

  • Harrogate, England (Oct 10) Showing of documentary The Ghosts of Jeju at the Harrogate Friends Meeting House with AndrewJackson and Lei (who visited Jeju) providing Korean food and speaking. 7:00 pm mail@caab.corner.org.uk  
  • Hendersonville, North Carolina (Oct 7)  Presentation to Four Seasons Toastmasters on space issues  standienst@morrisbb.net  

  • Indore, India (Oct 4-6) International Conference on Gandhi, Disarmament & Development that will feature Abolition of Nuclear Weapons and Prevention of an Arms Race in the Outer Space issues.  Global Network convener Dave Webb (UK) among speakers. (Indian Organizing Committee will assume the local cost of accommodation and food.)   jnrao193636@gmail.com

  • Jeju Island, South Korea (Oct 23-24) International Women’s Peace Pilgrimage & Solidarity Mission to Jeju Island, Peace for Life faith-based movement, www.peaceforlife.org

  • King of Prussia/Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (Oct 12)  Protest at Lockheed Martin, #1 war profiteer, Drone war technology manufacturer (drone aircraft, Hellfire missiles, command satellites). We Will Not Be Silent...Lockheed Martin is a making a killing! Mall & Goddard Boulevards. For more information: Brandywine Peace Community, 610-544-1818 brandywine@juno.com

  • Leicester, England (Oct 8) The Real Cost of Drone Warfare – with Maya Evans & Penny Walker, The Muslim Khatri Association Centre, 1 Connaught St Leicester LE2 1FJ. 7.30pm – 9pm. For more information contact Maya Evans or on 07973 484202 or Penny Walker or on 07414 465695

  • Lincoln, England (Oct 6) Waddington 6 drone pre-trial event, Lincoln.   More details from Drone Campaign Network

  • Lincoln, England (Oct 7) Magistrates’ Court. Trial of the Waddington 6 begins.The 6 entered the RAF base in June and have been assured that their arguments will be listened to in full and they want to use the trial as an opportunity to get as much media coverage as possible for ‘Putting Drones on Trial’. They will be using the recently published paper by Public Interest Lawyers about the illegality of drones. Supporters welcome. More details from Drone Campaign Network

  • Maine Drone Peace Walk (Oct 10-19) Peace walk led by Nipponzan Myohoji from Limestone to Bath, Maine called Preserve our Privacy: No Drone Spying in Maine. The walk will protest drone surveillance and the possible testing of weaponized drones in Maine. Sponsored by Maine Campaign to Bring Our War $$ Home and Maine VFP.   globalnet@mindspring.com

  • Menwith Hill, England (Oct 8) Demonstration at NSA Spy Base in Yorkshire focused on drones in particular and US missile defense in general. 6-8 pm.   Sponsored by CAAB  mail@caab.corner.org.uk  or 01423 884076

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota (Oct 5) No war, No Drones, No Syria Intervention, Stop Attacks on Civil Liberties Protest at Lake Street & Hiawatha Ave, 1:00-2:00 pm, Initiated by: Minnesota Peace Action Coalition and endorsed by many local groups ajdale98@yahoo.com

  • Montrose, California (Oct 11) Vigil with space week posters at Montrose Shopping Park, Oceanview Blvd & Honolulu Avermedford@ucla.edu

  • New York City, New York (Oct 7) Stand Against War and for Our Rights. On the 12th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, we will gather to discuss our right to assemble peacefully, our opposition to war, and our right to remember. Begins at 5:00 pm at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza, 55 Water Street.  www.stopthesewars.org

  • Oxford, England (Oct 10) Oxford Catholic Worker / Drone Wars UK The Menace of Drone Warfare with Brian Terrell, 7.30pm Peace House, Paradise St, Oxford OX1 1lD. More details from Drone Campaign Network

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Oct 13) Showing of The Ghosts of Jeju documentary film at Brandywine Peace Community Potluck Supper & Program, University Lutheran Church, 3637 Chestnut Street. For more information 610-544-1818 brandywine@juno.com 

  • Salida, Colorado (All week) Posting space week posters around the community

  • Stockholm, Sweden (Oct 2) Gathering in front of the Swedish Parliament Building at Mynttorget from 2-5 pm. Banner with the text: Drones kill. Speaker Agneta Norberg.  In the evening at Workers Study Association Building meeting with Swedish Parliamentarians: Anna-Lena Sörensson, Socialdemocrat Party,Walter Mutt, The Environmental party, Hans Linde, Left Party. lappland.norberg@gmail.com

  • Sydney, Australia (Oct 7) Rally at the RAN Sea Power Conference and exposition PACIFIC 2013 (Arms Trading), Outside the Sydney convention & Exhibition Centre, 11 am till 12.30 pm, No more subs, No Naval build-up to suit the US pivot to the Asia Pacific, Sponsored by Anti-Bases Campaign, IPAN NSW denis@anti-bases.org

  • Tucson, Arizona (Oct 8) Peace vigil from 6:30 - 7:30 am at Raytheon Missile Systems, Hermans Road entrance to the plant (3rd traffic light south of Valencia on Nogales Highway, the extension of South 6th Avenue). Join the Raytheon Peacemakers as we demonstrate against war and those who profit from it.  nukeresister@igc.org

  • Weld County, Colorado (Oct 12) Vigil at Minuteman III missile silo N-8 in Weld County.  The N-8 silo houses one of 49 h-bomb armed missiles on 24/7 alert in Colorado, part of the total fleet of 450 MM III missiles in the US, noon to 1:00 pm  bill.sulzman@gmail.com

  • Worcester, Massachusetts (Oct 9) Showing of The Ghosts of Jeju documentary film by Catholic Worker 7:00 pm  tremregi@gmail.com