Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Deutschland liefert Chemiewaffen an Syrien

Russland wirft UN-Inspekteuren Parteilichkeit vor ‎- vor 1 Stunde
Der Ton zwischen Russland und dem Westen im Syrien-Konflikt verschärft sich wieder. Russland warf den UN-Inspekteuren Parteilichkeit vor.

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Iran: UN Report indicates the Guilt of the Terrorists in Syria

syrianews/Iran: UN Report indicates the Guilt of the Terrorists in Syria

The manipulated videos of the Ghouta ’’massacre’’
Iranian lawmaker: UN report indicates that terrorists have carried out the chemical attack in Ghouta. While Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad said today that the interventionist policy of Washington is certainly not in the interests of the American people and also thanked Russia for helping his country facing such a “savage attack”, the Iranian legislator Nozar Shafiyee spoke about the published UN report on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Read More »

Former Pentagon Chief Gates criticizes Obama’s war policy against Syria

Middle East Trio Terror Sponsors
Former US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates criticizes Obama’s Syria policy. Although the former US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates is certainly anything else than an innocent lamb, his recent remarks at a forum in Dallas about the war policy by US President Barack Obama against the Syrian government are indeed smarter than the most statements by many current members of the U.S. administration in Washington. Read More »