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A masterful Move as Moscow Hosts Conference in Self-Determination

Wayne MADSEN | 30.09.2015 | 00:00

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and its «non-governmental organization» carve outs and pass-through operations, including George Soros’s Open Society Institute and the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy (NED), are fond of interfering in Russian internal affairs by championing the secession of autonomous republics from Chechnya and Cherkessia to Karelia and Kaliningrad. 
However, in a quite masterful stroke, Russia has given the West a taste of its own medicine by hosting this September a self-determination conference in Moscow titled «Dialogue of nations: the right to self-determination and the construction of a multipolar world». A previous conference with the same title and theme was held last December in Moscow. Both conferences were sponsored by the NGO, the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia.
The December 2014 conference brought together delegates from Novorossiya (the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk), Trans Dniester Republic, Iran, Syria, the Bosnian Serb Republic, Italy, the United States, and a number of republics and regions of the Russian Federation. This year’s conference attracted delegates from Catalonia, the Kingdom of Hawaii, Puerto Rico (the Taino Nation of Boriken), Western Sahara, and Northern Ireland, among other nations seeking self-determination from the western neo-colonial yoke.
Most movements striving for self-determination and political autonomy in the world today are natural allies of the anti-globalist movement. It is such globalist constructs as the United Nations, European Union, African Union, and Organization of American States that suppress self-determination of people and nations, all in the interests of Western politico-military domination and the interests of multinational corporations to loot the natural resources belonging to native peoples.
Past attempts to create organizations representing aspirant nations and peoples have met with an eventual takeover by NGOs linked to the Soros and globalist networks of control. One such organization, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), was created in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Headquartered in The Hague, UNPO soon drew the attention of unsavory globalist interests that were intent on neutralizing the independence aspirations of a number of territories and regions. 
When, in 2002, Karl von Habsburg, a former member of the European Parliament and the eldest son of Otto von Habsburg, the last crown prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was appointed director-general of UNPO, the organization’s fate was sealed. Nothing says imperialism more than a pretender to the throne of the greatest enemy of the national aspirations of peoples and nations than the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Habsburg monarchy. As 19th century Hungarian freedom fighter and political leader Lajos Kossuth said, «the policy of the house of Austria, which aimed at destroying the independence of Hungary as a state, has been pursued for three hundred years».
There should be little wonder why globalist-controlled groups like UNPO and the United Nations Committee  of 24 (the Special Committee on Decolonization) do not consider Scotland, Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska to be colonial contrivances but the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia does. To suggest that the United States is illegally controlling Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska is blasphemy to the globalists while UNPO pushes for independence for East Turkestan, Taiwan, and Tibet from China, Balochistan from Pakistan, and the Hmong people from Laos. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has long advanced the independence movements of the Uighurs, Taiwanese, Tibetans, Balochis, and Hmong. It is convenient to have NGOs like UNPO, run by people like the Habsburgs, to carry the CIA’s water on support for independence and nationalist movements.
The two meetings on self-determination and a multi-polar world held in Moscow because they have taken the debate on drawing new borders out of the hands of the corporate oligarchs who determine such matters behind closed doors in such secret conclaves as the Bilderberg and Davos conferences and among the Western leaders and their immediate subordinates at private meetings at United Nations and G-7 venues.
If the process toward nations achieving independence was fair, the Cook Islands would be welcomed as the 194thmember of the United Nations at this year’s 70th session of the General Assembly. An associated state of New Zealand, the Cook Islands wished to apply to become a full member of the UN. The Cook Islands’ Prime Minister Henry Puna made his intentions clear to the world. The reasoning behind the desire of the Cook Islands to join the world body was based on its graduation from a «least developed country» (LCD) according to standards set by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an organization binding together the world’s leading capitalist economies. Graduation from an LCD means that the Cook Islands lost needed OECD economic assistance, therefore, it wanted to be included in the UN assistance structure as a full member state.
However, New Zealand’s right-wing Prime Minister John Key, a habituĂ© of the Bohemian Grove summer gathering north of San Francisco that annually brings together the same ilk who attend Bilderberg and Davos meetings, nixed Puna’s proposal. Key said that as long as Cook Islanders retained full New Zealand citizenship, they could not achieve independence. Although the Cook Islands celebrated 50 years of autonomous self-governing status in 2015, Key refused to allow the islands to negotiate a status that would give it enough autonomy to qualify it for UN membership.
Key was adamant against the Cook Islands joining the UN. He said that even if the UN granted the Cook Islands membership -- unlikely since two of New Zealand’s military and intelligence allies, the United States and Britain, wield a UN Security Council veto -- New Zealand would still prevent it. Key said that New Zealand adequately represents the Cook Islands in international settings like the UN. However, former Cook Islands Foreign Minister Wilkie Rasmussen disagreed. He said New Zealand has never treated the Cook Islands seriously on the international stage.
This is the type of neo-colonialist bullying and gratuitous patronage many territories and regions have seen from their governing powers – from that dished out by France to New Caledonia (Kanaky) and Polynesia in the south Pacific to that meted out by the Netherlands to Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten, Saba, Bonaire, and St. Eustatius in the Caribbean.
The cold shoulder that the Cook Islands received from its colonial administrator, New Zealand, is similar to that experienced by the Danish self-governing territory of the Faroe Islands. When Kai Johannesen, the then-Prime Minister of the pro-unionist government of the Faroes, suggested UN membership for his country while still maintaining its union with Denmark, the proposal was dead on arrival in Copenhagen. For the power players of the West, determining what nations become members of the UN and other forms of recognition are left to those having merely a profit-oriented stake in the futures of emerging nations.
The annual Moscow gathering of nations and groups striving for self-determination has much room to grow in a world where nameless and faceless power brokers of the West decide the very fates of aspiring states. The recent Moscow conference on self-determination of nations was criticized by the house organs of the Soros-oriented elite – The Guardian and The Independent of the UK, the Kyiv Post, and Yahoo News included – as endangering the borders of Europe and North America. It is truly amazing how the globalist power centers react when another country puts their hypocrisy on full display for the entire world to see.
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