Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Western «mediators» are biased toward Kiev putschists

Wayne MADSEN | 17.02.2015 | 22:26

Gone are the days when certain Western nations possessed bona fide credentials as impartial mediators of conflicts. Today, even the Swiss, long regarded as neutral, are anything but, judging from their cooperation agreements with such NATO contrivances the as Partnership for Peace (PfP) and the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC).

Two of the four participants in the recent Minsk agreement on the cessation of military action in eastern Ukraine, Germany and France, are, as members of NATO, not trustworthy when it comes to impartiality between Kiev and the federalists fighting for their ethnic and linguistic rights in eastern Ukraine. 
Even though German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to endorse Washington’s plans to provide Kiev with «defensive» lethal weapons, she, nevertheless, during her recent visit to the White House, said that she and Obama were «unified» in their approach to Ukraine. Merkel stressed, «I can only say that if we give up on this principle of territorial integrity of countries, then we will not be able to maintain the peaceful order of Europe that we've been able to achieve.» Merkel, of course, refuses to acknowledge Germany’s role in demolishing the territorial integrity of Serbia by supporting the Albanian mafia Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) regime that declared independence in Serbia’s province of Kosovo. 

Frau Merkel has also been working behind the scenes in agitating for the «return» of the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, the former German East Prussia with its capital in Königsberg, to Germany. Merkel apparently believes that by supporting German irredentist claims to Kaliningrad, the one million Russian inhabitants of the enclave can merely be «wished away» as easy as the four million Russians living in eastern Ukraine. Merkel’s propagandists, working arm-in-arm with George Soros NGO provocateurs, are working to restore German-style architecture to Kaliningrad and trying to convince younger Russians living in the exclave that they are not Russians but «Prussians.» After the restoration of the German Konigsberg Cathedral, destroyed in World War II, some Germans want to tear down the Soviet-style buildings in Kaliningrad and replace them with restored old German buildings. Already, the old Könisgberg port area is being referred to as «Hafen City» as the Germanization of Kaliningrad continues. As much as the Cold Warriors want to demonize Russian President Putin, he personally donated the rebuilt cathedral’s massive organ as a demonstration of post-war peace.
Carrying such baggage as Kosovo and Kaliningrad, Merkel is in no position to hype the «territorial integrity» of any nation in Europe. 
As far as Francois Hollande, who accompanied Merkel to Minsk to hammer out the Ukrainian cease fire agreement with Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko and President Putin, is concerned, a «mediator» would not be keeping company with such a pro-Kiev rabble rouser as French «philosopher» Bernard-Henri Levy. Known more as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s agent of disruption who helped bring about Western intervention against the Muammar Qaddafi government in Libya, with its disastrous results, and the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, again, with its disastrous outcome, Levy was with Poroshenko in Ukraine on the eve of the Minsk summit. The provocateur Levy has as much access to the French Élysée Palace under Hollande as he had under Nicolas Sarkozy. On February 10, the night before Hollande traveled to Minsk, Levy was with Poroshenko in Kramatorsk in Donetsk Oblast having their picture taken with some unexploded rocket ordnance. Wearing military camouflage trousers and coat, Poroshenko stood next to the trench coat-clad Levy while pointing at the rocket. Levy wrote that Poroshenko thundered on about the rocket: «a monster of that size, outlawed by the Geneva Convention, the separatists don't have those. That could only be the Russians." Levy, ever the drama queen, then says an old lady handed Poroshenko fragments of a shell that were removed from her legs while saying, «Here, Petro, you give these to Putin. Tell him they're from Zoya in Kramatorsk.» Dramatic words, but only if one were to believe someone as prone to vomiting forth propaganda and disinformation as Levy.
If Hollande wanted to be a true mediator, he could have ordered Levy to stay out of Ukraine at such a sensitive time, on the very eve of the Minsk summit. But in France, it is clear that when it comes to Israeli provocateurs like Levy, any French president is a neutered weakling.
Writing for the neo-conservative Kyiv Post, Levy wrote that he told Poroshenko on the eve of the summit the following: «I tell him [Poroshenko] that the difference this time [as compared to the Munich Summit of 1938] is that France, under François Hollande, is with him. He says he knows that.» Levy’s comment came after Poroshenko after being asked by Levy what would happen if Putin insisted on a federalized eastern Ukraine: «Then I'll walk out and submit the question to public opinion and to the United Nations. We are not Ethiopia in 1935 or Czechoslovakia in 1938 or one of the little nations sacrificed by the great powers at Yalta. We're not even your friend [Alija] Izetbegovic, who accepted the partition of Bosnia in Dayton». 
Apparently, Poroshenko let the cat out the bag by referring to Izetbegovic, the ally of Osama Bin Laden in the Bosnian civil war, as a friend of Levy. Even Poroshenko the «Chocolate King,» knows enough about the deep politics of the world to know about the connections between Levy and his band of Zionists and artificial neo-conservative constructs like «Al Qaeda» and the present global bête noire, the «Islamic State»which would not even exist in Libya, Syria, or Iraq had it not been for Levy’s earlier work in undermining Qaddafi, Bashir al-Assad, and Saddam Hussein.
In essence, on the eve of the Minsk summit, the Zionist provocateur Levy, acting as a self-appointed representative of Hollande, used a photo op with Poroshenko to liken Minsk 2015 to Munich 1938 and Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. The neo-conservative media and politicians around the world have tried to inflame passions with such inane comparisons ever since the 2008 Georgian invasion of South Ossetia. The gambit did not work then and it is not working now. Levy has been hyping his play, «Hotel Europe,» which has already performed in Sarajevo, Venice, Odessa, and Paris, all hotbeds for George Soros activism, which decries the current threat posed to the «European Project». As seen with the Greek election, where the anti-austerity SYRIZA party was triumphant, and similar anti-European Union sentiment in Spain, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, and Portugal, the only Europeans threatened by current events are the Rothschild bankers who pay Monsieur Levy’s propaganda freight.

After the signing of the Minsk Accord, the European Union wasted no time in slapping sanctions on additional Russian government ministers and members of the State Duma. Such an act was hardly in keeping with the cause of diplomacy at such a key juncture in ending the fighting in eastern Ukraine. 

However, when one considers that the President of the European Council, former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, is a promoter of NATO heavily militarizing its eastern borders with Russia. Tusk, who is named for a Scottish lord, is an ethnic Kashubian from the Polish-German frontier region of Pomerania. Tusk was active in the Gdansk Solidarity movement in the 1980s when it was receiving financial and other aid from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Bought-and-paid for by the CIA and NATO, Tusk has advocated NATO stationing armored units on the Polish border with Kaliningrad as a way to threaten the Russian exclave. Considering his support for a showdown over Kaliningrad, it is surprising that Tusk does not refer to his old home town of Gdansk as «Danzig,» in keeping with the irredentist tendencies of his fellow Kashubians and like-minded Silesians along the Polish side of the Oder-Neisse line.

Impartial mediators are as rare as hen’s teeth in Levy’s modern-day «European Project.» At a time when Europe needs more Dag Hammarskjolds, Johan Jørgen Holsts, and Thorvald Stoltenbergs as mediators, it is damned by such provocateurs as Merkel, Hollande, Levy, Tusk, and even Thorvald Stoltenberg’s son, the chief war drummer for NATO, former Norwegian Prime Minister and now NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
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