Tuesday, December 25, 2012

No New Beginning Without a Proper Analysis

Here are some basics tools:

Humankind has the means to overcome all earthly problems. The human reason needs to be fully estimated anew. Logic applies to every phenomenon. Creativity is an essential tool as well. Hearts and minds must come together. A collective effort is obviously necessary. Noble minds want to cooperate.
History  must be studied, the  knowledge of classical texts are a key to the comprehension of new problems. Knowledge is at the bases of each valid judgement

The eventual failure and crack down of  the first socialist state needs to be looked at thoroughly and in an unbiased manner. The demonization of its most competent leader must be questioned and confronted with the historic truth of the period and itsachievements.
 The equation of socialism and the NS-regime as "national-socialism" needs to be capitalized as  a vicious propaganda tool and consequently must be rejected by each enlightened individual.

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Statement 44/12-December 17, 2012 ( commented excerpts)
Newtown bell sounds for us too!
It asks us which future we're building!

The human kind from a little over a hundred years has the knowledge and the means to liberate every human being from the daily hassle of procuring food and protecting themselves against the cold and bad weather, but the life of a large part of mankind is still dogged and dominated by the lack of food, housing, clothing and other essential means we are not saying to live with dignity but even just to survive. The human kind won the fight which for millennia it had to lead against the rest of nature to snatch what was indispensable to live and reproduce itself. But for most of the human kind that struggle became the struggle that it must lead every day against the system of relations which society is based on, a system that excludes them from civil life conditions. This is the gangrene that corrodes the current society.

... men are capable of overcoming this system of social relations and access en masse to the specifically human activities, those that distinguish the human kind from the other animal kinds ...

The workers, the laborers who produce goods for the capitalists, can organize themselves and win the class struggle that opposes them daily against the capitalists. ...

The first socialist countries demonstrated that under the direction of the working class and its Communist party it is possible to entrust to public agencies, the production of goods and services ...
Socialism is possible, but it is also necessary. The society based on the production of goods and services as commodities, has arrived at the most it could give and ended in an impasse. It has been an instrument of development of civilization, but now the capitalist production of commodities has become a machine that destroys the planet and pollutes the environment, in each country, even in the richest and advanced ones, condemns a part of the population to exclusion, and produces monsters on the individual level: Newtown events remind us and confirm it and are just the latest in a long list of similar events that have marked the news of imperialist countries in recent years.

There is a remedy for all the ills of the present society. The synthesis of the remedies, the basis which individual remedies need to grow, is that the production of goods and services must be decided by the society with its institutions and procedures and must be entrusted to public agencies that the company creates and manages: it can no longer be an appendage of individual interests, entrusted to the individual economic initiative. The division of humanity into social classes of exploited and exploiters, oppressed and oppressor has had its run...

Why then has the Communist movement been defeated, after the great successes gained in the early part of the last century, in the latter part of the twentieth century? (…)

(If humanity is to strive for socialism again and for a better future, it needs to study scientifically the root causes for the failure of the first socialist experience, bloggers comment)

Despite the heroism of millions of fighters, the communist movement has lost his first general war, the first wave of the proletarian revolution developed in the early part of the twentieth century, due to the limitations in understanding it had as regards this aspect of the fight it was leading.
The new birth of the communist movement is a need demonstrated and claimed by the materials relations that humanity is living. But the new birth implies a growth of spiritual activity (?) that starting from the communist vanguard would spread to advanced workers, to the working class, to the rest of the popular masses who are increasingly organizing themselves to take on their new responsibilities and their new role in society.
( What is needed is to study the classical  texts and to have a closer, unbiased look at the first socialist state that emerged in history and study the reasons for its eventual collaps.)

The communist organization is not only an instrument of political struggle and economic struggle. It is and must increasingly become an instrument of theoretical struggle, of moral training for transformation of consciousness!

Let’s study of the Manifesto Program of the new Italian Communist Party!