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Coronavirus Hysteria and Beyond (2)

The World Amid Coronavirus Hysteria and Beyond2

Times of crisis in a business sector can often lead to an overall improvement in the community. Weaker entrants often leave the game ...Those that remain therefore have reduced competition ..3

Citizen Empowerment Versus Democratic Rights
We face two choices: between „totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment“ and between „nationalist isolation and global solidarity“ says Financial Times author Yuval Noah Harari reflecting upon the post Corona virus area4. He also urges that „we have to act quickly and decisively“ in order to prevent short term emergency measures to become a permanent pattern of our future life. Harari is also ringing the alarm bell against biometric monitoring on the horizon – a truly frightening vision in an „open society“ as we are used to, at least by name. The Snowdon disclosures about our tapped e-mails and telephones seem to have been forgotten.
As much as the notion of „citizen empowerment“5 sounds good at first glance, but why does Y. N. Harari avoid reference to enshrined democratic rights? It is indeed breath-taking that Western democracies are presently confronted with an unheard of uncontrolled demolition of constitutional rights.

Unheard of? During the night of the burning Reichstag in Berlin, January 1933, the German Nazis turned to emergency laws. The prepared documents had been stored in drawer. The German name of the emergency drawer laws is „Ermächtigungsgesetze“, in English „Empowerment Acts“.

People over Profit
When the People's Republic of China declared their „war on the virus“ early in January, the central political leadership mobilized not only the army but the entire country. What they jugded to be the outbreak of a newly detected lung disease in the industrial hub Wuhan in the Hubei province was met in full combat order. The authorities must have been suspicious about its origin. It was not the first time such an epidemic hit the populous country.6 Despite opposite rumors they worked in closely with the World Health Organization from an early stage on. Their administrative measures were limited in time and focused on the regional outbreak of Covid 19. Their struggle seems to have been successful so far. Their procedures, implying advanced scientific methods and technologies were praised several times by the WHO. Their harsh administrative interventions were guidelined by the slogan 'people over profit'. In the meantime life in Wuhan and Hubei province has been gradually brought back to normal.

Stretching out a Helping Hand to friends and Foes
As soon as the leadership judged the danger as contained, China offered gracious help to other countries in distress. They stretched out their hands to friends and foes alike, as did Cuba, Venezuela and Russia. China's approach to the recent challenges, that hit them first, seem to have been meaningful and cooperative. Chinese globalism is philosophically grounded. Stoic poesy accompanied their first planeload of help to virus stricken Italy.7 “We’re waves from the same sea, leaves from the same tree, flowers from the same garden.” Seneca's words reflect the spirit on which the Chinese New Silk Road Project is based. It is a proposal for global networking, grounded on a basic attitude of humanistic togetherness that comes from far and goes along with the material assistance. The Chinese win-win approach also named as One Belt and Road Project8 is bitterly challenged by the US hegemony.

Fault of „Advanced Technologies“?
In sharp contrast to this cooperative idea which understands the human species in their oneness and consequently seeks to connect countries and continents, Noah Harari is playing the blame and shame game. In his article for the Financial Times he blames first and foremost the Chinese for their wrong approach. In his eyes they were applying alleged „totalitarian surveillance technologies“ surpassing, as he sees it, even KGB surveillance tools. They were wrongly applying face recognizing cameras and alleged biometric monitoring. He by-passes that his home country, Israel has been developping and using such like techniques for quite a while.
Beyond any horror scenarios that will lame resistance by spreading fear, we have to ask: Can technologies develop a life of their own? Or is possible under democratic conditions to apply technologies under strict and permanent public control for the good of the society. While it is necessary to be on the alert and to keep an eye on the maneuvers of authorities the FT journalist is calling for trust. Trust in whom? Harari is recommending general trust in authorities, trust in the media, trust in scientific data from health care experts. Furthermore he calls for 'honest reporting' versus 'conspiracy theories'. What a dichotomy. Who defines the trustworthiness of data collection? Who develops and frames the criteria for honesty and what kind of information is classified by whom as conspiracy? Y.N. Harari does not raise these questions, instead he insists on willing cooperation and compliance with administrative measures. Beyond this he recommends handwashing techniques.

Lost faith in US-leadership role?
Now, we all know who the conspiracists are, according to news outlets like the Financial Times and their creditors. Such labels are easily put upon ordinary citiziens, who question the mainstream legend. Those who raise the slightest doubt vis a vis the officially approved of narrative, whoever expresses dissent will be smeared slandered. Brave and brilliant experts like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange belong to the non-trust-worthy community. They are treated like traitors. Those who dare to express dissent, bloggers, non certified journalists, any alternative medium, any scientist who is questioning the approved of mainstream story are being slandered as conspiracy tellers or fake news spreaders. This has been so ever since 9/11 – another event that shook the world at the beginning of the millennium. The lately revitalized patriot act allows for prosecuting those dissident voices without much ado.
Who is now the man to deplore 'the lost faith in US' leadership role' during the last couple of years? Without mentioning the name of the present US president, every FT reader knows, that he is refering to Donald Trump. Blaming the real estate investor who became US president for his albeit hampered efforts to withdraw US forces from foreign theaters of war is an easy game. But is Y.N. Harari really suggesting that US foreign policy has been more trustworthy before Donald Trump took over the Oval Office? Has the US-Israeli journalist forgotten about Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945? Has the bombing of North Korea into Stone Age in the early fifties passed by him unnoticed? The US army dropping of Agent Orange in Vietnam? Has he lost track of the silent bombing of Laos and Cambodia, the Bay of Pigs, the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia, the starving of children in Irak? Did the well grounded questioning of the official version of 9/11 by US scientists, engineers, architects and its terrible fall out the world over leave him completely untouched? What about the ongoing US war on Afghanistan, Irak, Yemen, the destruction of Libya and Syria, the constant threatening and blockading of Iran, the recent illegal murder of its leaders? Only a small portion of these crimes against international law and against humanity can be put on President Trump's account. What kind of leadership role does Harari have in mind to fill in the allegedly 'deplorable void' that Donald Trump's reluctance in maintaining US hegemony over the world has left? Does he regret the Obama / Biden / Hillary Clinton /Susan Rice era? Perhaps. But most certainly, the overall vast majority of the world's citizens will do better without their warmongering. They can easily do without the nearly 1000 US military posts around the world and the 400 bio laboraties around China and Russia.

Globalism versus Nationalism?
The term globalism commands the adjunct neoliberal. Neoliberal globalism, however, is a strategy that has been causing mayhem and major distress the world over. The term nationalism on the other hand must not be confounded with chauvinism. Unfortunately, ever since the German NAZIS violated and misused 'nationalism9for their own disastrous an inhumane ends the phenomenon is connoted negatively in the Western hemisphere. Terminology shapes our minds, therefore uncounted hirelings of the empire, spin doctors do nothing else than defining words and their meaning for us. They are payed for twisting our way of thinking, even our emotions through certain stratagems, such as globalism versus nationalism, good versus evil, healthy versus lethal.
When FT writer Noah Harari is calling for 'a global plan of action', even for global governance in times of crisis, this may sound progressive and positive especially in the ears of young international travelers, but think twice. You may not be aware that the notion of globalism has been poisoned by its companion neoliberalism. Whereas neoliberal globalism has ruined millions of people, has caused havoc to the environment the world over, nationalist movements in the past helped create constitutional rights, develop sovereign nations, where anti colonial, anti hegemonic liberation movements that lead to better lives for the many.
Since 1989 the stratagem “globalism” served for hegemonic purposes. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall with all its disastrous consequences for uncounted numbers of people, the United States of America have claimed undisputed hegemony until 2014. This situation began to gradually change after the brutal destruction of prosperous Libya. As the US orchestrated a similar strategy of aggression against Syria, the „globalists“ were challenged for the first time by the double veto from China and Russia in the UN Security Council. 
For more than 30 years neoliberal globalism has brought about harsh austerity measures and war. Countries and leaders who would not comply were destroyed or physically removed. Neoliberal globalism born in the USA ( to be more precise her Deep State, namely her arms industry, her finance sector and her intelligence machinery) became very slowly recognized for what it was. The destruction of humanistic and national cultural traditions, family values, educational standards, health security through privatization politics accompanied by military action and terror was understood to be the consequence of PNAC-strategies and neoliberal policies. More people became aware that projects representing social awareness had been replaced by identity politics and costless fostering of minority rights which consequently had lead to the rise of right wing populism. The historic 'Left' in all its shades while succumbing to the fake values of US enforced identity politics lost its teeth and left a real void. The void was filled by the global rise of populism. 
Wether we like it or not, Donald Trump with all his defaults and weaknesses is part of the populist opposition to the above mentioned illnesses of neoliberal globalism. His 'MAGA' resolve to Make America Great Again implies the recognition of real US weakness. His rise to power reflects the status of decay in which the US hegemony finds itself. Trumps gut feeling tells him that the national interests of the American people demand to stop the unhealthy overstretch of the US Empire. This is why the realtor wants to bring US-troops back home. May the Europeans, may NATO protect themselves against allegedly aggressive Russia and pay for it. The powers that still be will of course bitterly challenge Trump's plans which do not suit them at all. The war machine needs an enemy. Having gotten rid of Kennedy and others who stood in their way before and after him, they are equally conspiring Donald Trump him with all conceivable means, playing the card of moral superiority. The FT is clearly one of their instruments.

Neoliberal Globalism is Chauvinism
In the meantime, making an effort to defend the national interests of a people is not bad thing. It is what elected politicians are supposed to do. Globalism on the contrary is a term invented by the hegemonic forces to veil their imperial interests. Its substance is chauvinism as it implies power over those considered weak and poor. This reality is covered under human rights rights rhetoric, under false flag terminology like „Responsibility to Protect“ and good governance proposals. Those leader who dear to defend the economic, cultural, social interests of their very nations are smeared and slandered by the globalist players. True sovereignists are labelled by those who want to keep their power over as chauvinists, nationalists, racists, misogynists and what else not. Mr. Harari and the paper he is writing for are mouthpieces of the global players. He knows how to make people believe that they represent their needs, human rights and progressive ideas.

No Problem Solved From Top to Bottom
But there is no solution to the basic needs of the human species and of the environment that protects us in circumventing the people on a national scale. No health issue can be solved, no security guaranteed, no poverty to be overcome without taking into consideration familiar, communal, regional, national concerns. Draconian authoritarian measures will solve no problem. Democracies that deserve the name must therefore do everything to defend the constitutionally guaranteed rights of their citizens in order to protect the needs of their peoples. This can only be done through elected leaders on a national scale. Legal opposition, the very essence of democratic societies has to be organized on a national scale. Health care institutions are to be funded properly and to be made functional on a local, a regional, a national scale. Due procedure is never a luxury. Functioning administrative, public bodies, power control are essential to serve the needs of the people. Top to bottom procedures are bound to only work for a minority.
Any meaningful call for a 'Global Plan of Action' must be developed form bottom to top, not vice versa. 'Decisive action' which Mr. Harari advocates for, is a means of dictatorship, which never ever led to good of a people.
Any international cooperation, can only be based on the cooperation and under the control of nation states and their elected leadership. Action plans must be worked out through existing interactive, more or sometimes unfortunately less, democratically justified bodies like the UN, the G20, the WTO, the WHO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization et al. More transparency and democratic decision making procedures are necessary if we want avoid mal use of power. Democratic procedures take time. Global dictatorship, 'decisive action' by a hegemonic power will always enforce its decisions through brutal force that has never ever been healthy. The foundation of security, the salvation of health issues, rely on the governance of nation state. They must be taken out of private hands. This why in times of crises, nations naturally close their borders. Especially in times of an allegedly exponential spreading lethal virus this sound like a wise decision.

Coronavirus a Major Test for Democracy!
But what ever decisions are taken on a national scale citizens, people of all nations have to be encouraged to critique and question raising. They must be allowed to organize against authoritarian measures if they feel it necessary. Times of crisis are a test to individual thinking and enlightened reasoning, a time for expressing doubt vis a vis administrative measures. Doubt, not trust is the demand of the hour. We have to listen to critical voices, we must get better informed, we must raise more questions. The mass media and experts chosen by the same personnel that have deserved public mistrust for quite a while must be under scrutiny.
Whereas the journalist Y. Noah Harari is rightfully warning against biometric data collecting, the financial elite behind his news outlet FT are not known as paragons of democracy, of people oriented thinking. Consequently Mr. Harari is finger pointing against China and North Korea, publicly denounced enemies. At the same time he misses completely out on the economic and social fallout of the draconic measures taken in terms of shutting down small business, schools, universities, cultural and sports events, religious cult services, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, the confinement of the elderly and sick people in our Western societies. This is a well known technique of projection and blame shifting.
Millions of people laid off, millions of bankruptcies will of course help clear the field for the big players. The Corona crisis will help the Masters of the Universe to hide their bankruptcy with its expected fall out for the many. The virus comes handy to help shift the blame on the virus. 
Democracy will be buried. If we are not on the alert, the cure will be worse than the disease. If people do not collectively stand up and demand their democratic rights back, their right to control the spending of public money, the right to speak out against an indeed lethal brainwashing machine.
The most serious infection comes with the very contagious virus that is softening our brain.
As human beings, as citizens of democratically structured societies we must wake up to this enormous danger and reclaim our dignity, reclaim our right to question elected politicians, to question scientific and journalistic experts, men and women who have for now chosen to judge what is good for the rest of us. We simply can not allow our minds and our daily lives to be controlled for a any period of time.
No biometric data collecting machine will be able to set critical thinking out of control, if we, the people resist in time. 

Irene Eckert, March 29, 2020 

5 „Citizen empowerment defines opportunities and accessibility provided to citizens by their leaders and representatives“ https://www.igi-global.com/dictionary/methodologies-for-engineering-learning-and-teaching-melt/50714 Citizen empowerment is a relatively new term, aiming at or focusing on individuals, identity groups, civil society, NGOs rather than the people of a national state in its entity, namely their enshrined citizen rights!

6See the most insigthful articles by Pepe Escobar , published in AsiaTimes (Honkong), The Saker and other néws outlets

9 Socialism, too, but that is another story, to be told another time. But to be clear, the NAZIS were neither nationalists nor socialists.

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COVID-19: Prepared for the Wrong War by Joe Lauria, Consortium News

In the War of the Worlds a microorganism felled the Martian invaders that the U.S. military (in Orson Welles’ version) could not defeat. The U.S. may dominate the world, but no army threatens its demise, says Joe Lauria.
From Paris a CN Live! Documentary: ‘A Day With the Yellow Vests’
Wrong War
CN Live! spent a day a fortnight ago with the Yellow Vests protest movement in France. Here is our documentary by Cathy Vogan.

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2020: The State of Affairs – 2020: der Stand der Dinge

Veröffentlicht: März 21, 2020 in Politik
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2020: The State of Affairs
Almost 20 years ago, in September 2000 the „Project for the New American Century“ issued the paper „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“. On page 60 you find the announcement of Fascist_atrocities! It reads: 
And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“
The US Power Elite has many times declared China to be the most “dangerous opponent” to US “exceptionalism” and the US effort to bring_the_whole_world_under_control. Especially the Chinese-Russian efforts to build a “Eurasian Cooperation” are a big nightmare_of_the_US_Power_Elite. The Corvid-pandemic has allegedly started in China in the Wuhan province. What almost everywhere in the mainstream media is missing is the fact that last year the Military_World_Games 2019 took place in Wuhan with a large – though not very successful – US delegation. Strange coincident! Is it really absurd to turn to the “usual suspect” (the more since there are indications of “advanced_knowledge”)?
And another strange incident has to be noted: around that time there was the “Event_201”, organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They “played” with a scenario of a Corona virus pandemic taking 65 Million lives worldwide. The organizers later hurried to deny with a “Clarification” that this was a “prediction” of the current crisis. This is another point to harbor suspicions that this might be an act of bio terrorism perpetrated by the US Power Elite.
Alternative media and Chinese sources (and Iranian and Russian) have come_up_with_such_a_suspicion, dubbed “Conspiracy Theories” in Western media, where such thoughts are dismissed as absurd. One argument brought forward against the suspicion is: if the US would apply a bio weapon, then there should be more deaths. Likewise people reject such a suspicion because the pandemic is also spreading to Western countries. Are those really valid arguments against the suspicion?
Cui Bono?
Let´s look at the effects of the crisis up to now and let´s ask what of them could be in the interest of the US Power Elite. The Chinese economy is heavily affected by the crisis, likewise are the economic relations of China with Europe and the EU, thus the Chinese-Russian efforts for the Eurasian Cooperation. Also Iran is struck hard by the pandemic. The EU – since long being targeted by the US Power Elite – is in turmoil. People in most Western countries are in panic, just looking at their own individual health, being driven into social isolation and no more looking at the things the US Empire to doing to the world as far as the danger of war, the ecologic disaster and growing social divisions are concerned. People are more and more obedient and ready to accept authoritarian solutions. Moreover many companies are in heavy crisis, getting ready to be overtaken by large Hedgefonds like “Blackrock” etc.. Everyone who has looked into the nature of the US Power Elite will know, a whole number of its members must be jubilating.
But, I hear some people say, the US is also affected by the disaster! There could be two answers to that. One is: think of “the Sorcerer´s Apprentice” (the famous poem by Goethe).
The second answer could refer to an even more cynic aspect of the Power Elite. Do you really think that Elite is concerned with the public wellbeing in the US? Who will suffer most losses in the US? Those will be members of the poor people, mainly African Americans and “Latinos” as well as poor whites. The real Power Elite believes they could survive anything “well_bunkered” and doesn´t care a damn for those ones, as long as they expect a favorable result for their aspirations at large. Well, the whole thing could cost Trump his reelection. So what? The Neocon Power Elite wasn´t happy with Trump anyway, though they have put him somehow “on_track”. They have pushed Bernie Sanders aside and are preparing for Biden to become their puppet in office!
But that all doesn´t mean that the US Power Elite might not have miscalculated on the long run and hopefully they have. Taking all the effects into consideration there is no sound point to wipe the suspicion away that this crisis has been orchestrated by the powers that – shouldn´t – be!
Don´t make a mistake!
But there is another important point for us trying to organize resistance against those powers: surely there comes exaggeration into the play, since panic is an aspired goal of “Disaster_Capitalism” (how Naomi Klein characterized the system). But we would be misguided if we think the whole thing as such is a “hoax by the powerful” to drive us into obedience. Yes we should be driven into obedience, but not by a hoax, but by a true act of bio terrorism! If the resisting forces would make people believe just in a hoax, we would rightfully be held responsible by the public for the tragic outcomes. And be sure, if I´m right and this has been orchestrated, those forces will also push_fake_analysis like “this all is a hoax” in order to step up the disaster! They work on various levels and like absurd fake “analysis” as part oft desinformation, as many examples show.
We should make people aware of the glaring contradictions in the “official narrative”. We have to expose the power structures that have brought about the crisis. These power structures are directly tied to globalized neoliberal Capitalism, imperial efforts for World domination and the class question. And there is a striking parallel.
Another “Nine Eleven”?!
The Power Elite is obviously so self confident, that it announces its atrocities with impunity. That was the case with “Nine Eleven”.
Let´s go back to the above mentioned “Rebuilding America´s Defenses”. It is strange enough that one can find on page 51 something that sounds like the announcement of “Nine Eleven”. After talking about the difficulties to “sell” to the Western public after the end of the Cold War the stepping up of armament one reads:
Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.
This was written one year before Nine Eleven. Not too astonishing for those who have studied the absurdities of the “official narrative” about the event.
Anyway, Nine Eleven was used to legitimize the “War on Terror” which is in reality a war of terror against the Southern Hemisphere and against civil rights. It did not only kill hundreds of thousands but polluted_whole_regions by depleted Uranium. The effect is similar to the pollution of Vietnam by “Agent Orange” during the Vietnam War. It was also part of the effort for total World control.
In my eyes the similarities between Nine Eleven and the Corvid-19 crisis are striking, though the US Power Elite is this time not blaming anyone for it (apart from some pointing to China). Both events to my view serve geo-strategic aims and both are followed by enormous social, economic and political consequences which the US Power Elite tries to get maximum gains of. Imagine the US would be in possession of the only means against Covid-19! They tried already to_get_exclusive_access to something developped by the German company “Curevac” and possibly buy the whole companym, which luckily failed. 
Anyway, people are right to take care of their health, follow sound advises to protect themselves and others, care for others by “keeping distance” and be diciplined on that. But likewise it is highly important to understand how such disasters are probaly orchestrated and who is benefitting from it! If we, “the people”, do not organize ourselves and build true resistance we will fall victim to the self appointed “Masters of the Universe” and their weird concepts, which include ideas of exterminating those ones being “of no use” for the super rich!
Andreas Schlüter
See also:
Deutsche Version
2020: der Stand der Dinge
Vor fast 20 Jahren, im September 2000, veröffentlichte der Think Tank „Project_for_the_New_American_Century“ das Papier „Rebuilding America’s Defenses“. Auf Seite 60 finden wir die Ankündigung faschistischer Gräueltaten! Sie lautet: 
And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“
Übersetzt: „Und fortgeschrittene Formen der biologischen Kriegsführung, die auf bestimmte Genotypen „abzielen“ können, können die biologische Kriegsführung aus dem Reich des Terrors in ein politisch nützliches Werkzeug verwandeln.
Die US-Machtelite hat China schon oft zum „gefährlichsten Gegner“ des amerikanischen „Exzeptionalismus“ und der US-Bemühungen, die ganze Welt unter Kontrolle zu bringen, erklärt. Insbesondere die chinesisch-russischen Bemühungen um den Aufbau einer „eurasischen Zusammenarbeit“ sind ein großer Albtraum_der_US-Machtelite. Nun hat die Covid-Pandemie angeblich in China in der Provinz Wuhan begonnen. Was fast überall in den Mainstream-Medien fehlt, ist die Tatsache, dass im vergangenen Jahr die “Militaerweltspiele” in Wuhan mit einer großen – wenn auch nicht sehr erfolgreichen – US-Delegation stattfanden. Seltsamer Zufall! Ist es wirklich absurd, sich den „üblichen Verdächtigen“ zu zu wenden?
Und noch ein seltsamer Vorfall ist zu erwähnen: Etwa zu dieser Zeit fand das „Event_201“ statt, die vom Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Partnerschaft mit dem Weltwirtschaftsforum und der Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation organisiert wurde. Sie „spielten“ mit dem Szenario einer Corona-Virus-Pandemie, die weltweit 65 Millionen Menschenleben fordert. Die Organisatoren leugneten mit einer “Erklaerung” später hastig, dass dies eine „Vorhersage“ der gegenwärtigen Krise sei. Dies ist ein weiterer Punkt, der den Verdacht aufkommen lässt, dass es sich um einen Akt des Bioterrorismus handeln könnte, der von der US-Machtelite verübt wurde.
Alternative Medien und chinesische Quellen (sowie iranische und russische) sind mit einem solchen Verdacht an die Öffentlichkeit getreten, der in den westlichen Medien als „Verschwörungstheorie“ bezeichnet wird, wo solche Gedanken als absurd abgetan werden. Ein Argument, das gegen den Verdacht vorgebracht wird, ist: Wenn die USA eine Bio-Waffe einsetzen würden, dann müsste es mehr Tote geben. Ebenso wird ein solcher Verdacht zurückgewiesen, weil sich die Pandemie auch auf westliche Länder ausbreitet. Sind das wirklich stichhaltige Argumente gegen den Verdacht?
Cui Bono?
Schauen wir uns die bisherigen Auswirkungen der Krise an und fragen wir, was davon im Interesse der US-Machtelite sein könnte. Die chinesische Wirtschaft ist stark von der Krise betroffen, ebenso die Wirtschaftsbeziehungen Chinas mit Europa und der EU, also die chinesisch-russischen Bemühungen um die eurasische Zusammenarbeit. Auch der Iran ist von der Pandemie stark betroffen. Die EU – seit langem im Visier der US-Machtelite – ist in Aufruhr. Die Menschen in den meisten westlichen Ländern sind in Panik, schauen nur auf ihre eigene individuelle Gesundheit, werden in die soziale Isolation getrieben und schauen nicht mehr auf die Dinge, die das US-Imperium der Welt antut, was die Kriegsgefahr, die ökologische Katastrophe und die wachsende soziale Spaltung betrifft. Die Menschen sind immer gehorsamer und bereit, autoritäre Lösungen zu akzeptieren. Außerdem befinden sich viele Unternehmen in einer schweren Krise und stehen davor, von großen Hedgefonds wie “Blackrock” etc. geschluckt zu werden. Jeder, der sich mit dem Wesen der US-Machtelite befasst hat, weiß, dass eine ganze Reihe ihrer Mitglieder jubeln muss.
Aber, so höre ich einige Leute sagen, auch die USA sind von der Katastrophe betroffen! Darauf könnte es zwei Antworten geben. Die eine ist: Denken Sie an Goethes „Zauberlehrling„.
Die zweite Antwort könnte sich auf einen noch zynischeren Aspekt der Machtelite beziehen. Glauben wir wirklich, dass die US-Elite sich um das öffentliche Wohl in den USA kümmert? Wer wird in den USA die meisten Verluste erleiden? Das werden Mitglieder der armen Bevölkerung sein, hauptsächlich Afroamerikaner und „Latinos“ sowie arme Weiße. Die wirkliche Machtelite glaubt, dass sie alles “gut_verbunkert” überleben könnte, und kümmert sich einen Dreck um diese, solange sie ein günstiges Ergebnis für ihre Bestrebungen im Allgemeinen erwarten. Nun, das Ganze könnte Trump seine Wiederwahl kosten. Na und? Die Neocon-Machtlite war sowieso nicht glücklich mit Trump, obwohl sie ihn irgendwie „auf_Linie“ gebracht hat. Sie haben Bernie Sanders beiseite gedrängt und bereiten sich darauf vor, dass Biden ihre “Marionette im Amt” wird!
Aber das alles bedeutet nicht, dass sich die US-Machtelite auf lange Sicht nicht verkalkuliert haben könnte, und das hat sie hoffentlich auch. Wenn man alle Auswirkungen in Betracht zieht, gibt es keinen vernünftigen Grund, den Verdacht zu zerstreuen, dass diese Krise von den Mächten – die es nicht geben sollte – inszeniert wurde!
Machen wir keinen Fehler!
Aber es gibt noch einen weiteren wichtigen Aspekt in dem Bestreben, den Widerstand gegen diese Mächte zu organisieren: Sicherlich kommt Übertreibung ins Spiel, denn Panik ist ein angestrebtes Ziel des „Katastrophen-Kapitalismus“ (wie Naomi Klein das System charakterisierte). Aber wir würden einen schweren Fehler begehen, wenn wir das Ganze als solches für einen „Schwindel der Mächtigen“ hielten, um uns zum Gehorsam zu treiben. Ja, wir sollen in den Gehorsam getrieben werden, aber nicht durch einen Schwindel, sondern durch einen wahren Akt des Bioterrorismus! Wenn die Widerstandigen die Menschen nur an einen Schwindel glauben lassen würden, würden wir von der Öffentlichkeit zu Recht für die tragischen Ergebnisse verantwortlich gemacht werden. Und seien wir sicher, wenn ich Recht habe und dies inszeniert wurde, werden diese Kräfte auch falsche Analysen wie „das alles ist ein Schwindel“ fördern, um die Katastrophe zu verstärken! Sie arbeiten auf verschiedenen Ebenen und fördern direkt oder indirekt auch unsinnige Theorien als Teil von Desinformationen, wie viele Beispiele zeigen.
Wir sollten die Menschen auf die eklatanten Widersprüche in der „offiziellen Erzählung“ aufmerksam machen. Wir müssen die Machtstrukturen aufdecken, die die Krise verursacht haben. Diese Machtstrukturen sind direkt mit dem globalisierten neoliberalen Kapitalismus, den imperialen Bemühungen um die Weltherrschaft und der Klassenfrage verbunden. Und es gibt eine auffällige Parallele.
Noch ein „Nine Eleven“?!
Die Machtelite ist offensichtlich so selbstbewusst, dass sie ihre Gräueltaten ungestraft ankündigt. Das war bei „Nine Eleven“ der Fall.
Kehren wir zurück zu dem oben erwähnten Papier „Rebuilding America´s Defenses“. Es ist interessat, dass man auf Seite 51 etwas findet, das sich wie die Ankündigung von „Nine Eleven“ anhört. Nachdem über die Schwierigkeiten gesprochen wurde, der westlichen Öffentlichkeit nach dem Ende des Kalten Krieges die verstärkte Aufrüstung zu „verkaufen“, liest man:
Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.
Übersetzt: „Außerdem wird der Transformationsprozess, auch wenn er revolutionäre Veränderungen mit sich bringt, wahrscheinlich langwierig sein, wenn nicht irgendein katastrophales und katalysierendes Ereignis – wie ein neues Pearl Harbor – eintritt.
Dies wurde ein Jahr vor Nine Eleven geschrieben. Nicht allzu erstaunlich für diejenigen, die die Absurditäten der „offiziellen Erzählung“ über das Ereignis studiert haben.
Jedenfalls wurde „Nine Eleven“ benutzt, um den „Krieg gegen den Terror“ zu legitimieren, der in Wirklichkeit ein Krieg des Terrors gegen die südliche Hemisphäre und gegen die Bürgerrechte ist. Er tötete nicht nur Hunderttausende, sondern verseuchte_ganze_Regionen durch abgereichertes Uran. Der Effekt ist ähnlich wie die Verschmutzung Vietnams durch „Agent Orange“ während des Vietnamkriegs. Es war auch Teil der Bemühungen um die totale Kontrolle der Welt.
In meinen Augen sind die Ähnlichkeiten zwischen Nine Eleven und der Corvid-19-Krise auffällig, obwohl die US-Machtelite diesmal niemanden dafür verantwortlich macht (abgesehen von einigen, die auf ein “Versehen Chinas” zeigen). Beide Ereignisse dienen meiner Ansicht nach geostrategischen Zielen, und beide haben enorme soziale, wirtschaftliche und politische Konsequenzen, aus denen die US-Machtelite das Maximum herauszuholen versucht. Stellen wir uns vor, die USA wären im Besitz des einzigen Mittels gegen Covid-19! Sie versuchten bereits, exklusiven Zugang zu einer Entwicklung der deutschen Firma „Curevac“ zu bekommen und möglicherweise die_ganze_Firma_zu_kaufen, was glücklicherweise fehlschlug.
Wie auch immer, die Menschen haben die Pflicht, sich um ihre Gesundheit zu kümmern, vernünftige Ratschläge zu befolgen, um sich und andere zu schützen, sich durch „Distanz“ um andere zu kümmern und dabei diszipliniert vorzugehen. Aber ebenso wichtig ist es, zu verstehen, wie solche Katastrophen wahrscheinlich inszeniert werden und wer davon profitiert! Wenn wir, die “gewöhnlichen” Menschen, uns nicht organisieren und wahren Widerstand aufbauen, werden wir den selbst ernannten „Masters of the Universe“ und ihren teuflischen Konzepten, die die Ausmerzung der “nicht Verwertbaren” beinhalten, zum Opfer fallen!
Andreas Schlüter