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America Is Being Destroyed By Problems That Are Unaddressed - Paul Craig Roberts

EDITOR'S CHOICE | 31.12.2015 | 00:00
One hundred years ago European civilization, as it had been known, was ending its life in the Great War, later renamed World War I. Millions of soldiers ordered by mindless generals into the hostile arms of barbed wire and machine gun fire had left the armies stalemated in trenches. A reasonable peace could have been reached, but US President Woodrow Wilson kept the carnage going by sending fresh American soldiers to try to turn the tide against Germany in favor of the English and French.
The fresh Amerian machine gun and barbed wire fodder weakened the German position, and an armistance was agreed. The Germans were promised no territorial losses and no reparations if they laid down their arms, which they did only to be betrayed at Versailles. The injustice and stupidity of the Versailles Treaty produced the German hyperinflation, the collapse of the Weimar Republic, and the rise of Hitler.
Hitler’s demands that Germany be put back together from the pieces handed out to France, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, comprising 13 percent of Germany’s European territory and one-tenth of her population, and a repeat of French and British stupidity that had sired the Great War finished off the remnants of European civilization in World War II.
The United States benefitted greatly from this death. The economy of the United States was left untouched by both world wars, but economies elsewhere were destroyed. This left Washington and the New York banks the arbiters of the world economy. The US dollar replaced British sterling as the world reserve currency and became the foundation of US domination in the second half of the 20th century, a domination limited in its reach only by the Soviet Union.
The Soviet collapse in 1991 removed this constraint from Washington. The result was a burst of American arrogance and hubris that wiped away in over-reach the leadership power that had been handed to the United States. Since the Clinton regime, Washington’s wars have eroded American leadership and replaced stability in the Middle East and North Africa with chaos.
Washington moved in the wrong direction both in the economic and political arenas. In place of diplomacy, Washington used threats and coercion. “Do as you are told or we will bomb you into the stone age,” as Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage told President Musharraf of Pakistan. Not content to bully weak countries, Washington threatens poweful countries such as Russia, China, and Iran with economic sanctions and military actions. Consequently, much of the non-Western world is abandoning the US dollar as world currency, and a number of countries are organizing a payments system, World Bank, and IMF of their own. Some NATO members are rethinking their membership in an organization that Washington is herding into conflict with Russia.
China’s unexpectedly rapid rise to power owes much to the greed of American capitalism. Pushed by Wall Street and the lure of “performance bonuses,” US corporate executives brought a halt to rising US living standards by sending high productivity, high value-added jobs abroad where comparable work is paid less. With the jobs went the technology and business knowhow. American capability was given to China. Apple Computer, for example, has not only offshored the jobs but also outsourced its production. Apple does not own the Chinese factories that produce its products.
The savings in US labor costs became corporate profits, executive renumeration, and shareholder capital gains. One consequence was the worsening of the US income distribution and the concentration of income and wealth in few hands. A middle class democracy was transformed into an oligarchy. As former President Jimmy Carter recently said, the US is no longer a democracy; it is an oligarchy.
In exchange for short-term profits and in order to avoid Wall Street threats of takeovers, capitalists gave away the American economy. As manufacturing and tradeable professional skill jobs flowed out of America, real family incomes ceased to grow and declined. The US labor force participation rate fell even as economic recovery was proclaimed. Job gains were limited to lowly paid domestic services, such as retail clerks, waitresses, and bartenders, and part-time jobs replaced full-time jobs. Young people entering the work force find it increasingly difficult to establish an independent existance, with 50 percent of 25-year old Americans living at home with parents.
In an economy driven by consumer and investment spending, the absence of growth in real consumer income means an economy without economic growth. Led by Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve in the first years of the 21st century substituted a growth in consumer debt for the missing growth in consumer income in order to keep the economy moving. This could only be a short-term palliative, because the growth of consumer debt is limited by the growth of consumer income.
Another serious mistake was the repeal of financial regulation that had made capitalism functional. The New York Banks were behind this egregious error, and they used their bought-and-paid-for Texas US Senator, whom they rewarded with a 7-figure salary and bank vice chairmanship to open the floodgates to amazing debt leverage and financial fraud with the repeal of Glass-Steagall.
The repeal of Glass-Steagall destroyed the separation of commercial from investment banking. One result was the concentration of banking. Five mega-banks now dominate the American financial scene. Another result was the power that the mega-banks gained over the government of the United States. Today the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve serve only the interests of the mega-banks.
In the United States savers have had no interest on their savings in eight years. Those who saved for their retirement in order to make paltry Social Security benefits liveable have had to draw down their capital, leaving less inheritance for hard-pressed sons, grandsons, daughters and granddaughters.
Washington’s financial policy is forcing families to gradually extinguish themselves. This is “freedom and democracy “ America today.
Among the capitalist themselves and their shills among the libertarian ideologues, who are correct about the abuse of government power but less concerned with the abuse of private power, the capitalist greed that is destroying families and the economy is regarded as the road to progress. By distrusting government regulators of private misbehavior, libertarians provided the cover for the repeal of the financial regulation that made American capitalism functional. Today dysfunctional capitalism rules, thanks to greed and libertarian ideology.
With the demise of the American middle class, which becomes more obvious each day as another ladder of upward mobility is dismantled, the United States becomes a bipolar country consisting of the rich and the poor. The most obvious conclusion is that the failure of American political ledership means instability, leading to a conflict between the haves—the one percent—and the dispossessed—the 99 percent.
The failure of leadership in the United States is not limited to the political arena but is across the board. The time horizon operating in American institutions is very short term. Just as US manufacturers have harmed US demand for their products by moving abroad American jobs and the consumer income associated with the jobs, university administrations are destroying universities. As much as 75 percent of university budgets is devoted to administration. There is a proliferation of provosts, assistant provosts, deans, assistant deans, and czars for every designated infraction of political correctness.
Tenure-track jobs, the bedrock of academic freedom, are disappearing as university administrators turn to adjuncts to teach courses for a few thousand dollars. The decline in tenure-track jobs heralds a decline in enrollments in Ph.D. programs. University enrollments overall are likely to decline. The university experience is eroding at the same time that the financial return to a university education is eroding. Increasingly students graduate into an employment environment that does not produce sufficient income to service their student loans or to form independent households.
Increasingly university research is funded by the Defense Department and by commercial interests and serves those interests. Universities are losing their role as sources of societal critics and reformers. Truth itself is becoming commercialized.
The banking system, which formerly financed business, is increasingly focused on converting as much of the economy as possible into leveraged debt instruments. Even consumer spending is reduced with high credit card interest rate charges. Indebtedness is rising faster than the real production in the economy.
Historically, capitalism was justified on the grounds that it guaranteed the efficient use of society’s resources. Profits were a sign that resources were being used to maximize social welfare, and losses were a sign of inefficient resource use, which was corrected by the firm going out of business. This is no longer the case when the economic policy of a counry serves to protect financial institutions that are “too big to fail” and when profits reflect the relocation abroad of US GDP as a result of jobs offshoring. Clearly, American capitalism no longer serves society, and the worsening distribution of income and wealth prove it.
None of these serious problems will be addressed by the presidential candidates, and no party’s platform will consist of a rescue plan for America. Unbridled greed, short-term in nature, will continue to drive America into the ground.

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Russia Vindicated by Terrorist Surrenders in Syria

Finian CUNNINGHAM | 31.12.2015 | 00:00

As Syrians gather in their capital Damascus to celebrate, there is a sense that the New Year will bring a measure of peace – the first time such hope has been felt over the past five years of war in the country.
Russia’s military intervention to help its Arab ally at the end of September has been the seminal event of the year. After three months of sustained Russian aerial operations in support of the Syrian Arab Army against an array of foreign-backed mercenaries, there is an unmistakable sense that the «terrorist backbone has been broken», as Russian President Vladimir Putin recently put it.
This past week sees several local truces being implemented across Syria with evacuation of militants from towns which they have held under armed siege. The civilian populations in these locations have been effectively held hostage as human shields by the militants, thus preventing Syrian army advances up to now. The Western media, such as US government-owned Voice of America, invert reality by claiming that it is the mercenaries themselves who have been under siege from the Syrian army instead of the fact that the mercenaries have been holding civilians in their midst as hostages, as was the case earlier in the siege of Homs, which was eventually also broken.
What has changed dramatically is the advent of Russian air power – over 5,000 sorties in three months – which has enabled the Syrian army to wipe out militant bases, oil smuggling and weapons supply routes in northern Syria along the Turkish border. This has left militants further inland to wither from the severance of supply lifelines. Hence the readiness now to accept truces and evacuation deals – under the auspices of the United Nations and International Committee for the Red Cross.
Thousands of anti-government insurgents are being bussed out of locations around Damascus, including Zabadani, al Qadam, Hajar al Aswad and Yarmouk.
An air strike reportedly by Russia forces killing the commander of the Jaish al-Islam militant group, Zahran Alloush, in the Damascus suburb of East Ghouta, dealt a devastating blow to morale among the self-styled jihadists. Alloush was reportedly killed along with several other commanders. That strike translates into «the game is up».
What is interesting is how the Western news media are reporting all this. Their reportage of the truces and evacuations are straining to minimize the context of these developments. This BBC report is typical, headlined: «Syria fighters’ evacuation from Zabadani ‘under way’».
The British state-owned broadcaster tells of hundreds of «fighters» being relocated from the town of Zabadani as if the development just magically materialized like a present donated by Santa Claus. What the BBC fails to inform is that that truce, as with several others around Damascus, has come about because of Russia’s strategic military intervention in Syria dealing crushing blows against the militant networks. The Western media have preoccupied themselves instead with claims from the US State Department that Russia’s military operations have either been propping up the «Assad regime» or allegedly targeting «moderate rebels» and civilians.
The disingenuous Western narrative, or more prosaically «propaganda», then, in turn, creates a conundrum when widespread truces and evacuations are being implemented. That obviously positive development signaling an end to conflict thanks to Russia’s military intervention has to be left unexplained or unacknowledged by the Western media because it negates all their previous pejorative narrative towards Russia and the Assad government.
Furthermore, the Western media are obliged to be coy about the exact identity of the «fighters» being evacuated. As noted already, the militants are variously described by the Western media in sanitized terms as «fighters» or «rebels». But more informative regional and local sources, such as Lebanon’s Al Manar, identify the brigades as belonging to the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State group and al-Nusra Front. These are terror groups, as even defined by Washington and the European Union. So, the Western media has to, by necessity, censor itself from telling the truth by peddling half-truths and sly omissions.
The Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam), whose commander was killed, is also integrated with the al-Qaeda terror network. Jaish al-Islam is funded and armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and serves as a conduit for American CIA weapons to the more known terrorist outlets. Notably, Voice of America referred to the terror commander Zahran Alloush with the euphemistic cleansing term as a «rebel leader».
What the Russian-precipitated truces and termination of sieges is demonstrating is that the western side of Syria, from Daraa in the south, through Damascus and up to the northern Mediterranean Sea coast around Aleppo and Latakia, are infested with the terror brigades of IS and Al-Nusra and their myriad offshoots.
Western media have repeatedly accused Russia of conducting air strikes against «moderate rebels» and not the IS brigades, which they claim, were concentrated in the east of Syria. It is true that the IS is strongly based in eastern cities of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, from where its oil smuggling operations are mounted.
Russia has stepped up its air strikes on IS smuggling routes in eastern Syria with devastating results. But also integral to the air operations is the cutting off of weapons routes in the northwest to fuel the insurgents along the entire western flank, including around Damascus.
The surrender of the various mercenary brigades and the breaking of sieges around Damascus is vindication of Russia’s military tactics; and also its narrative about the nature of the whole conflict in Syria.
The Western notion of «moderate rebels» and «extremists» is being exposed as the nonsense that it is. And so Western media are compelled to evacuate any meaningful context from their coverage of recent events in Syria.
Riad Haddad, Syria’s ambassador to Russia, spoke the plain truth in recent days when he said«We are at a turning point in the Syrian army operations against terrorists – namely the transition from defense to attack… [because of] the effective work of the Russian air force in Syria». But the ambassador’s comments were scarcely, if at all, reported in the Western media. Simply because those words vindicate Russia’s military intervention and its general policy towards Syria.
Also missing or downplayed in the Western media coverage of the truces across Syria is the question of where the surrendering mercenaries are being evacuated to. They are not being bussed to other places inside Syria. That shows that there is no popular support for these insurgents. Despite copious Western media coverage contriving that the Syrian conflict is some kind of «civil war» between a despotic regime and a popular pro-democracy uprising, the fact that surrendering militants have no where to go inside Syria patently shows that these insurgents have no popular base.
In other words, this is a foreign-backed war on Syria; a covert war of aggression on a sovereign country utilizing terrorist proxy armies.
So where are the terrorist remnants being shipped to? According to several reports, the extremists are being given safe passage into Turkey, where they will receive repair and sanctuary from the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – and no doubt subsidized by the European Union with its $3.5 billion in aid to Ankara to «take care of refugees».
Again, this is another indictment of the state-terrorist links of NATO-member Turkey, which the EU is recently giving special attention to for accession to the bloc.
Russia is not only vindicated in Syria. The Western governments, their media and their regional client regimes are being flushed out like the bandits on the ground in Syria.
If the UN-sponsored peace process due to start in the New Year succeeds to end the conflict in Syria, it will be largely down to Russia’s military campaign that has wiped out the terrorist proxies working on behalf of the Western criminal enterprise for regime change in that country.

US claims over civilian deaths in Syria ‘absurd,’ Russia says

News | 31.12.2015 | 00:03
PressTV - The Russian Defense Ministry has denounced as “absurd” allegations by the United States that Moscow’s airstrikes in Syria are causing civilian casualties.
The reaction came a day after the US Department of State claimed that the Russian campaign had left hundreds of "civilians" dead and struck "medical facilities, schools and markets."
"All of these anonymous and unsubstantiated statements about the alleged use of Russian aircraft on civilian targets in Syria are increasingly reminiscent of hypnotists' acts in travelling circuses," the ministry said in a Wednesday statement, slamming the claims as "absurd."
Russia launched the campaign against the Takfiri Daesh terrorists and other militant groups in Syria on September 30 upon a request from the Damascus government.
The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has also alleged that Russia’s airstrikes have killed over 2,370 people since September 30, including 792 civilians.
‘Absolute silence’ on US strikes
Russia's Defense Ministry, meanwhile, censured the "absolute silence" about the strikes by Washington, which itself is leading a coalition that has been targeting alleged Daesh positions in Syria since September 2014 without a permit from Damascus or a UN mandate. The effectiveness of those strikes have been questioned as infrastructure has been targeted in several cases.
The Russian statement also cast doubt on the outcome of the US-led coalition strikes, saying the airstrikes had caused "mass casualties."
Earlier this month, Russia dismissed as full of “clichés and fakes” a report by Amnesty International over its airstrikes in Syria that alleged hundreds of civilians have fallen victim to Russia's strikes in Syria. 
Syria has been grappling with a deadly crisis since 2011, which has claimed the lives of more than 250,000 people, and displaced millions.

US created ISIS, seeks discord among Muslims – Ayatollah Khamenei

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei © Alexei Druzhinin
The US is hostile towards Islam and tries to create divisions between Muslims, said Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, also accusing Washington of conceiving the Islamic State terrorist group.
“One of the main tools used by the enemies to prevent the birth of modern Islamic civilization is through creating divisions among Muslims,” Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday, as cited by Fars news agency.
Khamenei believes that the US is against the principles of Islam and promoting terror groups such as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).
“The present US officials are against the principles of Islam and, unlike their statements, they are after fomenting differences among Muslims, and its example is creating terrorist groups like Daesh (the Arabic acronym for ISIS) and other groups that have been created through the funding of the US affiliates and their political aids; they (the American officials) have caused the recent tragedies in the Muslim world,” Khamenei said.
“The Shiite or Sunni does not make any difference for the Americans; they are against any Muslim who wants to live in accordance with Islamic rules and make efforts to that end.”
Iran’s spiritual leader insisted that “arrogant powers” are creating internal conflicts between Muslims and destroy infrastructures of Arab countries such as Libya, Syria and Yemen.
“…when the Islamic awakening started they grew worried and tried to contain it and they even succeeded in some countries, but the Islamic awakening cannot be destroyed…” the Ayatollah said.
He also criticized the Islamic world for keeping silent about the pressure exerted on Bahraini Muslims, the ongoing bombings in Yemen, as well as the situation in Iraq and Syria.
Criticism of the polarization of the Muslim world was also expressed by Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, who called for unity on Sunday.
“There is neither a Shiite nor a Sunni crescent. We have an Islamic moon. We, Muslims, are in a world where we must be united,” the Iranian president said. “Does the destruction of Syria help strengthen Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates or other countries? Is anyone pleased by Syria’s destruction, apart from Israel?”
Ali Khamenei, who became Iran’s Supreme Leader in 1989 after the death of Ruhollah Khomeini, is a vigorous critic of the US policy.
The problem of Islamic State is a common challenge for Muslim states. Prominent politicians from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and other countries have criticized IS for its policy of terror, saying the group has nothing to do with Islam.

Wird DIE ANSTALT zum “linken” Atlantikbrückenpfeiler ?

Kurz vor der Weihnachtsnummer aus der ANSTALT, wo Syriens  Präsident  Assad und  Putin mit PEGIDA gleichgestellt und als  blutrünstige Black-Knight-Monster, oder, um es in Worten von Sarah Wagenknecht zu sagen, als “blutige Diktatoren” präsentiert wurden, die ihre Völker unterdrücken und bombardieren, hat das ZDF seinen passagenweise wie Satire über die eigene  Russland-“Berichterstattung” anmutenden Propaganda-Film “Machtmensch Putin” in die Flachbildhirne geflimmert.
Kurz nach der Weihnachtsnummer aus der ANSTALT erscheinen die “Freien Syrer in Europa” (FSE), der neueste politische EUSArm der sogenannten “FSA”, dieses Vorläufers des US-IS, des ISR-IS, des TÜRK-IS, dieser Al-CIAida-Ableger mit einer ersten Kundgebung auf der politischen Bildfläche Frankfurt`s.
Man kann gespannt sein, wie sich das linke und “linke” Spektrum zu den “FSE” positioniert, diesem politischen Arm der sogenannten “FSA”, die wie die USkrainisch-faschistsichen Sniper auf dem Kiewer Maidan in Aleppo in die friedlichen Demonstrationen schoss,  später Giftgasbomben warf, um diese Verbrechen der syrischen Regierung anzuhängen und so die politische Opposition gegen Assad zu militarisieren und in Folge die syrische Polizei und Armee zu zwingen, dann mit Waffengewalt einzugreifen.
Die Herren von Wagner und Uthoff sollten doch Mal die aramäischen Christen, den syrisch-katholischen Erzbischof , die Jesiden und die Aleviten, die kurdischen Selbstverteidigungskräfte in Nord-Syrien fragen. Sie alle und die übergroße Mehrheit der Kurden begrüßen die gezielten Luftangriffe der russischen Luftwaffe auf IS-Stellungen, Depots, Öltransporter usw…  die US-Lieblinge von der Barsani-Peschmerga sollten sie bitte nicht fragen, denn die Waffen, die die bekommen, fließen entweder direkt oder indirekt an US-IS & Co. Wenn es zu ernsten Kampfhandlungen kommt, geben die u.a. auch von Bundeswehrausbildern trainierten Peschmerga-Zwerge Fersengeld und lassen ihre guten Waffen liegen..u.a. die ausgemusterten G36, aber durchaus auch brauchbare Präzisionswaffen, großkalibriges Gerät, Milanraketen usw….  Die Kurden in Nord-Syrien begrüßen es zusammen mit den Aleviten, den aramäischen Christen …., dass die syrische Armee in Koordination mit den kurdischen Verbänden und der russischen Luftwaffe die IS-Terroristen in die Flucht schlagen, ihre Kommandeure gezielt treffen, was in den letzten Monanten und Jahren den US-Verbänden, den Nato-Verbänden trotz technologischer und logistischer Überlegenheit nicht gelungen ist. Es war und ist ja auch nicht das Ziel. Ziel ist der Sturz der unbotmäßigen syrischen Regierung, die sich u.a. westlichen Erdgas-Pipelineplänen nicht beugen will. Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, brauchen die Militäreinsätze der Bundeswehr, die Ausspionierung syrischer und russischer Flugbewegungen, das Sammlen von russischen Zieldaten durch die deutsches AWACS-Maschinen Unterstützung von der Heimatfront.
Und da ist es doch sehr geschickt, wenn man die Dämonisierung Assads und Putins durch “ausgewiesen linke” Institutionen besorgen lässt: Die ANSTALT und die LINKE, nicht die ganze LINKE, aber doch z.B. eine ihrer linken Spitzen wie Sarah Wagenknecht, die in Kalkar Präsident Assad als “blutigen Diktator” bezeichnet hat …. die dann auch in Richtung Putin ruft: “Bomben können den Terror nicht stoppen!” Nun, kurdische Frauen mit Kalaschnikoffs alleine auch nicht. Sarah Wagenknecht sei daran erinnert, dass die Befreiung Deutschlands vom Faschismus auch nicht nur mit Friedenstransparenten, zivilem Ungehorsam und gemäßigter Sachbeschädigung zu erreichen war. Da waren Panzerverbände notwendig, schwere Artillerie, Luftangriffe und Bombardements. Hätten die West-Alliierten gezielt die Militäreinrichtungen und die Rüstungsfabriken bombardiert, die Buna-Chemiefabriken beim Lager Auschwitz-Birkenau, die Eisenbahnknotenpunkte, die Autobahnen und Aufmarschrouten, statt der proletarischen Innenstädte mit ihren Widerstandszellen … statt die Altstädte von Darmstadt, Hanau (wo die außerhalb liegende Atombombenwerkstatt Hitlers und die Degussa-Degesch-Giftproduktion für die KZ-s in Wolfgang kaum beschädigt wurden und die DUNLOP weiter für den Endsieg die Reifen rollen lassen konnte wie in Rüsselsheim die GM-Opelwerke ihren Opel-Blitz für den Blitz-Krieg), Frankfurt, Köln, Hamburg, Hildesheim (wo die weit außerhalb liegenden Boschwerke so gut wie keine Bombe abgekriegt haben) aber die Innenstädte brannten, wo die RAF-Piloten vorgelogen bekamen, dass in Dresden der Knotenpunkt der NAZI-Führung in der Innenstadt säße.. und dann 26.000 Zivilisten Opfer des Bomber-Harris-Kriegsverbrechens wurden (obwohl der zunächst von der Bombardierung abgeraten haben soll).
Diese ANSTALT hat viele MAINSTREAMgefällige Brüller produziert . Aber das Publikum war doch nicht sooo amused.
Als mediale Vorbereitung für den ersten Auftritt der sogenannten “FSE”/FSA in Deutschland war die ANSTALT aber bestens geeignet. Man muss sich nur delikate ansehen und die Sprechchöre genau anhören..
Man muss sich auch überlegen, wie die jetzt zunehmend staatlich organisierte Flüchtlingsbetreuung & -befragung mit höchster Wahrscheinlichkeit aus den Flüchtlingen diejenigen aussortiert, sammelt und fördert, die man als Assad-Gegner erkennen kann. Dass sich darunter auch in die Türkei geflohene IS-Leute befinden, ist ebenfalls sehr wahrscheinlich. Mit solchen Kräften lässt sich dann auch eine “syrische” Auslandsarmee aufbauen, oder auch Polizeieinheiten für den west-NATO-US-orientierten Wiederaufbau in der angestrebten “Nach-Assad”-Zeit. Nach 1945 wurden ja au ch in München ukrainische Faschisten gesammelt und kroatische ebenfalls, unterstützt und geleitet zunächst von der CIA und dann vom BND ….Die kroatischen kamen dann früher zu Einsatz als die ukrainischen… So wurde auch nach 1945 mit den Resten der russischen Wlassow-Armee verfahren… und mit ungezählten tschechischen, polnischen, russischen den sogenannten “Displaced Persons”, die der US-Geheimdienst auf Eignung überprüfen ließ entweder für “polnische Kompanien” in der US-Army oder für Sabotage und Spionage hinter den “Eisernen Vorhang”. Aus diesem Grund wurden dann viele rückkehrenden befreiten Zwangsarbeiter im Osten zunächst in Lagern aufgenommen und dort ebenfalls geheimdienstlich überprüft. Manchmal war auch der kalte Krieg sehr heiß. Es waren  auf beiden Seiten des “Eisernen Vorhangs” sehr “robuste Befragungen”. Oft hart an der Grenze zur Folter und nicht allzu selten Folter pur.

Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:29PM

“Seymour Hersh has been dropping bombshell after bombshell for years,” Daniel Patrick Welch says. 

American writer and political analyst Daniel Patrick Welch has called US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s latest article “a bombshell.” 
Hersh revealed in a lengthy article, published Sunday in the London Review of Books, that the US military defied Barack Obama on the ouster of the Syrian president, which, if true, would be a truly unprecedented revelation.
The article says the US was planning to remove President Bashar al-Assad from power and install the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group in office in Damascus.
Such a move would have resulted in a confrontation with Russia, but the then US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, defied Obama and prevented such a war, according to Hersh.
Comment in to Press TV on Tuesday, Welch said, “Seymour Hersh has been dropping bombshell after bombshell for years…The one caveat that people seem to have on this is that he relies heavily on one source, this Defense Intelligence Agency Director Michael Flynn, or whoever he is."
"But certainly the main point that the US knew that they were arming and the CIA knew that they were arming ISIS [ISIL] and other groups is non-story, that part is a no-brainer, a case of the right hand knowing what the right hand is doing,” he added.
“The other part about the upper echelons of the military actually defying him [Obama] and going behind his back is quite the bombshell, and that is an amazing story,” he continued.   
“He has been right on everything else. So I trust his judgment. But of course this is treasonous to actually actively defy a commander-in-chief, but it’s a kind of treason history likes, you know like the Soviet sub commander who countermanded a launch code in the Cuban missile crisis to probably save the world from nuclear annihilation,” he stated.
Now, sometimes people have to think, and Obama does not think. He is not a thinking president. He has given over his entire presidency to the neocons – really sociopathic leadership, either that or he is in cahoots with them--it doesn’t really matter. He is the laziest, most cowardly person ever to sit in that chair. It’s a travesty, it’s a really sad historical fact, and it will be seen that way historically,” the analyst noted.
He went on to say that Obama "has a no vision, no spine, and no ability to stand up to these horrific forces that are arming head choppers -- I mean, we've been following this story for thirty years. It's nothing new: the CIA and the Pakistani ISI and Mossad and the Saudis and the Qataris -- all joining in cahoots to fund and train and arm globalized, militarized [Takfiri terrorism]. Which is not a thing. It is only a thing in the imagination and the machinations of the Western elite."
"There is no way this could exist without massive funding from outside, starting with Carter and Brezhinski in Afghanistan in the 80s, right up to today. And of course all the other death squads that Israel and the US have contrived to start, as the US has done throughout Central America, and Africa with the assassination of Lumumba -- this list goes on and on and on," he observed. 
Welch said that “it is a bombshell from Seymour Hersh, and a welcome one. I hope he is right.”
You know, the military  -- within -- like Seven Days in May, the old movie – this is a fantastic story – that the military said, ‘Whoa, wait a minute! This is insane to keep doing this to insist on this Cold War crap that Assad must go, and leave another hellhole, death filled chasm in another failed state in the Middle East like what they did in Libya; and someone, people finally are standing up within the circles of government, and that is a very welcome sign,” he observed.
“I don’t know how far this will go, but the rest of us are chomping at the bit, and waiting for somebody somewhere in power to wake up,” the political pundit concluded.

Einwände gegen Sarah Wagenknecht von H. Barth-Engelbart

Offener Brief an Sahra Wagenknecht & KollegINNen: Bitten Sie Präsident Assad um Entschuldigung!

Die Bundestagsabgeordneten sollen gegen den Einsatz der Bundeswehr in Syrien, Mali, Afghanistan stimmen, Initiative zur sofortigen Aufhebnug des Sanktionen gegen Syrien ergreifen, damit das Land nicht länger ausgehungert wird und weitere Hunderttausende Menschen schon aus diesem Grund fliehen müssen. Sie sollen Präsident Assad um Entschuldigung dafür bitten, dass sie ihn als "blutigen Diktator" bezeichnet haben, vor dem angeblich die Menschen fliehen. Tatsächlich aber fliehen sie in ihrer übergroßen Mehrheit vor den Auswirkungen der Sanktionen und vor dem US-EU-NATO-ISRAEL-unterstützten, via Katar, Saudi-Arabien & Türkei aus- & hochgerüsteten Terror des Al-CIAida Nachfolgers IS. In jüngster Vergangenheit sind mit Hilfe von Propagandalügen imperialistische Überfälle und -Kriege zu "Befreiungskriegen" und "humanitären Interventionen" umgelogen worden: in Jugoslawien, Afghanistan, Libyen, Jemen, usw...Fischer machte mit einer Lüge Milosevic zum "Völkermörder mit dem 2. Auschwitz", Saddam Hussein wurde mit der Massenvernichtungswaffen-Lüge zum "2. Hitler" gemacht, Gaddafi mit Lügen zum "blutigen Diktator und Mörder seines eigenen Volkes" und jetzt wird sogar von Sahra Wagenknecht Assad zum "blutigen Diktator" abgestempelt. Sie hilft so dabei mit, einen imperialistischen Überfall umzulügen zum "Befreiungsschlag gegen den IS und den blutigen Diktator Assad". Die tatsächlichen Befreiungskämpfe werden gegen die Russische Föderation und die syrische Armee denunziert als "Bombardierung des syrischen Zivilbevölkerung" , ausgerechnet von denen, die den IS-terror organisiert, unterstützt, bewaffnet, finanziert und ausgebildet haben: US-EU-NATO-ISRAEL und besonders die NATO-Freunde/Mitglieder Türkei, Katar, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabien und andere vorbildliche Demokratien
Sehr geehrte Frau Wagenknecht und KollegINNen
abgesehen von einer Reihe Differenzen, die ich zu Ihren Einschätzungen bezüglich Syriens, der Rolle DEUROpas und Russlands dort habe – die ich weiter unten näher ausführe, möchte ich Sie dringend bitten: erstens gegen die angeblich gegen den IS tatsächlich aber gegen Syrien gerichteten Bundeswehreinsätze Stellung zu beziehen, die weder von den UN mandatiert noch von der syrischen Regierung erbeten sind ---
zweitens auf die Europa-Abgeordneten einzuwirken, gegen den entsprechenden EU-Einsatz in Syrien zu stimmen, der angeblich zur Verteidigung Frankreichs gegen den Terror dienen soll, was angesichts der Tatsache, dass die Anschläge nach bisherigen Erkenntnissen alle von französischen und belgischen Staatsbürgern ausgeführt wurden, ohnehin völlig absurd ist, ---
drittens sofortigen Waffenexportstopp durch die Bundesregierung und umgehende Sanktionen gegen die offensichtlichsten Terroristen-Bewaffner, –Finanzierer, logistischen Helfer und Ausbilder zu fordern: gegen Katar, Saudi-Arabien, die Vereinigten Emirate, die Türkei. und diese Sanktionen auch auf die USA entsprechend auszuweiten,--
viertens Präsident Assad öffentlich für Ihre in Kalkar geäußerte kaum steigerbare Beleidigung um Entschuldigung zu bitten, die sie in Ihrer Rede bei der Kundgebung gegen die dortige NATO-Zentrale mehrfach wiederholt und bis heute trotz des Ihnen seit Monaten bekannten nach dem Brief folgenden Artikels nicht zurückgenommen haben ---
fünftens alle Quellen, die Sie zu der ungeheuerlichen Behauptung, Assad sei ein “blutiger Diktator” verleitet haben, öffentlich zu benennen und sie durch Ihre gut bezahlten wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiterstäbe verifizieren bzw. richtigerweise falsifizieren zu lassen.
Denn alle Wahlbeobachter der jüngsten Wahlen in Syrien haben die absolute Mehrheit der Unterstützer Präsident Assads einwandfrei bestätigt. Dass die vom US-IS besetzten Gebiete sich nicht an der Wahl beteiligen konnten, kann Präsident Assad und der syrischen Regierung nicht angelastet werden. --
sechstens möchte ich Sie darum bitten, in Ihren Anti-Kriegs-Stellungnahmen nicht den antirussischen Propagandisten in die Hände zu spielen, die jetzt aufschreien, die russischen Luftangriffe auf die Terror-Organisationen und ihre Infrastruktur würden hauptsächlich die Zivilbevölkerung und angeblich “moderate Rebellen” treffen, von denen der katholische Erzbischof Syriens- selbst als politischer Gegner Assads sagt, dass es “keine moderaten Rebellen gibt” ---

Solche Stellungnahmen wie “Mit Krieg kann man Terror nicht schwächen”
, “Luftschläge gegen den IS bringen nichts” usw.., dienen in ihrer Undifferenziertheit noch der Propaganda gegen die russischen Angriffe auf den US-IS, Isr-IS-,Türk-IS und bei MALI wird so verschleiert, dass es sich bei BOKO-HARAM & Co um einen US-Franz-Alger-IS handelt …Sie sind auch geeignet, im Nachhinein den Krieg der Anti-Hitler-Koalition als “faschismusfördernd” geschichtsrevisionistisch diffamieren zu helfen. --
Der Liquidierung Jugoslawiens, Libyens, des Irak und ihrer jeweiligen politischen Führungen gingen propagandistische Lügen-Kampagnen voraus, die von “Massenvernichtungshortern”, “zweiter Adolf Hitler”, “Organisator des zweiten Auschwitz”, “Völkermörder” & “blutiger Diktator” strozten, um imperialistische Raubkriege gegen sie zu legitimieren. Mit den gleichen Lügen soll jetzt die Stimmung in Deutschland für einen weiteren solchen Krieg gekippt werden weiterlesen geht hier:

siehe auch .”Half der Auslandseinsatz der deutschen Wehrmacht in Polen “, das Land von der blutigen Pilsudski-Sanacja-Diktatur zu befreien?
Veröffentlicht am 4. Dezember 2015 von Hartmut Barth-Engelbart

Im Namen aller Unterzeichner/innen.
Gründau, 03.12.2015 (aktiv bis 02.02.2016)

Why the West Can Never Defeat Russia" Andre Vltchek

Why the West Can Never Defeat or “Forgive” Russia

8423618Historically and intuitively, Russia has fought for the survival of humanity. Of course, things are not always pronounced or defined in such terms. However, already on several occasions, this enormous country has stood up against the most mighty and evil forces that have threatened the very survival of our Planet.
During the Second World War, the Soviet people, mainly Russians, sacrificed at least 25 million men, women and children, in the end defeating Nazism. No other country in modern history has undergone more.
Right after that victory, Russia, alongside China and later Cuba, embarked on the most awesome and noble project of all times: the systematic dismantling of Western colonialism. All over the world oppressed masses stood up against European and North American imperialist barbarity, and it was the Soviet Union that was ready to give them a beacon of hope, as well as substantial financial, ideological and military support.
As one oppressed and ruined nation after another was gaining independence, hatred against the Soviet Union and the Russian people was growing in virtually all the capitals of the Western world. After all, the looting of non-white continents was considered a natural right of the “civilized world”.
In the USA and Europe, such words as “colonialism” and “imperialism” were rapidly gaining extremely negative connotations, or at least on the surface. It would have been counter-productive to attack, to demonize the Soviet Union for supporting liberation struggles in all those continents. Instead, elaborate theories about the “Evil Empire” were erected.
Russia has always been “ in the way”; a colossal country spoiling the brutal plans of Washington, Berlin, London and Paris – plans to control and plunder the entire planet.
But the nobler were its deeds; the more insulting the attacks against it.
Russia always possessed tremendous capacity to mobilize itself, to throw all its resources at achieving one single, humanistic, and deeply moral goal. There has been something sacred in its struggles, something “higher”, and totally essential.
Stand up, enormous country, stand up to a deadly fight!” This is how one of the greatest patriotic songs of the Second World War begins. When Russia fights, then all that matters is victory. No price is too high.
Fate selected Russia to struggle for the entire world. If you don’t believe in “fate”, you will never understand the “Russian soul”. It is not about religion – Russia is mainly anarchic and “atheist”. But it believes in and accepts fate.
Moreover, most of the time Russia has really no choice. It has been faced either with the victory or the end of humanity. And when the world and its survival have been threatened, Russia has always stood up: outraged, frightening but also extremely beautiful in its wrath and determination. It has fought with each pore, each speck of its land, and each heart of its people. It has almost always won, but at a horrific price, burying millions of its sons and daughters, stricken afterwards by indescribable sorrow and pain.
And there was never anyone standing by, to console it. As the fires were still raging, as tears were still covering the faces of mothers and wives who lost their loved ones, the country was spat at, ridiculed and humiliated by the Western Machiavellian regimes and their propaganda.
Its heroism was belittled, its sacrifice mocked. It was repeated that its millions who died for humankind, actually died in vain.
In return for its heroic struggles, Russia never asked for anything, except for two essential things: recognition and respect. It never received either!
Now once again, Russia stands up, launching its epic fight against ISIS; that horrendous parody in the Muslim religion – created and armed by the West and its vicious regional lackeys.
Russia had to act. Because if it didn’t, who would? After centuries of Western crusades and the most appalling colonialist practices, there is hardly anything left of the Middle East, this marvelous part of the world, which can only be described as one of the cradles of our civilization. Plundered and humiliated, the Middle East has been reduced to a pathetic mosaic of client states, serving the West. Tens of millions have been murdered. Everything has been plundered. Socialist and secular governments have been cornered and overthrown.
I have worked intensively in this part of the world, and I can testify that save Africa, there is no other area of the world that is so scarred and brutalized by Western greed and barbarism.
Hopeless, mortally injured and desperate, two ancient countries that have been lately suffering the most –Syria and Iraq – approached Russia, asking for its help.
And Russia agreed to help them.
Yes, of course, I can already hear that cacophony of noises coming from Europe and North America about: “Russian interests” and its “sphere of influence”. Because in the West, nothing is, and nothing can be, sacred. Because everything has to be tinted with dark sarcasm and nihilism… If the West is acting like a thug, then the rest of the world has to be portrayed in the same colors and shades. After all, the West does not have allies, it doesn’t have feelings; only interests. I did not invent this; I was told this, again and again, when I lived and worked in destroyed parts of Africa.
But I don’t give a damn what they say in Paris or Washington. What matters is what is said in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. And I will tell you how it is there: if you go to a barber shop there, and you say that you are Russian, people get up, and they embrace you, and some cry!
Russia will never attack other countries, but if attacked, its wrath can be horrendous, especially when it is in the middle of fighting a war. “Whoever will come to us with a sword, from a sward they will perish,” proclaimed Alexander Nevsky, the 13th Century Prince of Novgorod.
The recent downing of a Russian bomber over Syria by Turkish Air Forces has increased the danger of a much wider regional war.
Turkey, a NATO member nation, is spreading terror all over the region: from Libya and Somalia, to Iraq, Syria and its own Kurdish territory. It is torturing people, murdering many including journalists, robbing millions of their natural resources, and spreading the most extremist, mainly Qatari-backed, jihadi teachings.
I met Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, many years ago in the early 1990s in Istanbul, when he was the then mayor of the city, and when I was “licking my wounds” in between my writing on how the West was systematically destroying Yugoslavia.
“Do you speak Turkish?” he asked me during one of our meetings.
“Not well”, I replied. “Just a little.”
“But you know perfectly well how to pronounce the name of our party! That shows how important we are.”
From our first meeting, I knew that he was a megalomaniac, a man full of inferiority complexes, and an aggressive scum. I had no idea he would ‘go so far’. He did. Because of him, millions are suffering, all over the region.
Now he has shot down a Russian bomber and invaded Iraq.
Turkey has fought Russia on several occasions, and almost always lost. Then, in between two world wars, it managed to survive only because of the help provided to it by the Soviet Union. Turkey should think twice about its next steps.
Russia does not just ‘fight wars’. Its fights for the survival of mankind are nothing short of an enormous work of art, of poetry or a symphony. It is hard to explain but it is so. Everything is intertwined.
To shoot the Russian SU-24 from behind is like shaking those 25 million who died during the Second World War. It is horrendous, as it is unwise. In Russia, this is not how things are done. You want to fight, then come out and fight, face to face.
But if you kill like a coward, and if you invade neighboring and already devastated countries, you may, one day, find yourself facing not just some SU-24’s, but a bunch of heavy strategic bombers.
Russia cannot be defeated. There are many reasons for it. One is pragmatic: it is a nuclear superpower. Another is, because it usually fights for just causes. And it does so with all its might and with its whole heart.
If it were not for Russia, there would be no Planet Earth, at least as we know it. The West and its fascist Christian states would be fully in control of the world. The “un-people”, the “non-whites” would be treated like animals (even worse than they are treated now): there would be no control left, and no boundaries to the theft and destruction.
The so-called “civilized world” (the one that builds its theatres and schools from the rivers of blood and corpses of others) would be marching, unopposed, towards absolute control over the Planet.
Fortunately, Russia exists. And it cannot be defeated. And it will never be defeated. However, it can also never be forgiven by the West, for standing on the side of the wretched of the earth.
Andre Vltchek is philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist, he’s a creator of Vltchek’s World an a dedicated Twitter user, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

I will not give up and will keep writing and fighting, but at my pace.

Thank you.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"Mit oder ohne Assad" - Kontrovers im Deutschlandfunk

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

bezüglich der nachstehenden heutigen Sendung "Kontrovers" im Deutschlandfunk, habe ich aktuell nur eine Frage.

In den ca. 80 Minuten Sendezeit, wurde von keiner teilnehmenden Person (u. a. keine Frau) nicht ein einziges mal der Begriff "Imperialismus" benannt.

Meine Frage an die Beteiligten: Gibt es den nicht? 
Vielen Dank im Voraus für Ihre Antwort.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Willi Schulze-Barantin

P.S. "M" kommt vor "O" im Alphabet. Somit hätte die Überschrift der Sendung doch "Mit oder ohne Assad" heißen müssen!!

Ohne oder mit Assad Wie ist der Syrien-Konflikt zu lösen?
Kann der Friedensplan der UNO dem Syrien-Konflikt, der schon mehr als 250.000 Menschen das Leben gekostet hat, ein Ende machen? Welche Rolle soll der vielen verhasste Staatschef Baschar Al-Assad in Zukunft noch spielen? 
Moderation: Martin Zagatta
Porträts von Baschar al-Assad in Damaskus (dpa / picture alliance / Valeriy Melnikov)
Porträts von Baschar al-Assad in Damaskus (dpa / picture alliance / Valeriy Melnikov)

Kann eine internationale Allianz die Terrororganisation, die sich Islamischer Staat nennt, nur in Zusammenarbeit mit dem syrischen Regime besiegen?
  • Professor Günter Meyer, Leiter "Zentrum für Forschung zur Arabischen Welt" der Uni Mainz
  • Sadiqu Al-Mousllie, Mitglied des Syrischen Nationalrats
  • Karl-Georg Wellmann, CDU-Bundestagsabgeordneter, Mitglied im Auswärtigen Ausschuss
Sie sind herzlich eingeladen, sich an der Diskussion zu beteiligen. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Anruf oder Ihre Mail: Tel. 00800 – 4464 4464 (europaweit kostenfrei) und

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Klarsichtige Stimme zum antifaschistischen Friedenskampf

friedensbewegt, deutsch, 2016

Veröffentlicht am 24. Dezember 2015  von 
  1. Deutschland verfolgt – wen wundert’s bei solch alt-erfahrenem Imperialismus – systematisch geopolitische Interessen. Da treten niemals “unüberlegte Einzelhandlungen” (oder auch “falsch verstandene Solidarität”) an die Stelle von Politik. “Partner in leaderhip” ist die derzeit gültige Kurzformel, 1989 dem Kohl vom alten Bush eingeräumt, 2006 vom Bush-Sohn der Kanzlerin bestätigt. Also muss die Friedensbewegung eine Gesamtpolitik bekämpfen. Macht sie Ein-Punkt-Politik, Zwei-Punkt-Politik, selbst bei Drei-Punkt-Politik, findet sie sich bestenfalls NEBEN dem Hauptspielfeld.
  2. Für die Leadership sind natürlich die Exzeptionellen zuständig – die USA. Das Ziel wurde seit vielen Jahrzehnten verfolgt, dennoch gibt es auch hier eine der Gegenwart angepasste Formel – “Neue Weltordnung” (NWO). Diese Marschrichtung gab Bush 1990 aus. Danach zeigte der deutsche Imperialismus mit seinen schmutzigen Aktionen gegen Jugoslawien schon mal im kleinen “wie’s geht”, 1997 schrieb Brzezinski eilends die Blaupause, PNAC lieferte 2000 die Planungsunterlagen, die der Herrschaftskomplex (MIK+Dienste+Medien) nun einmal braucht, um loszulegen, und mit und seit 2001 (9/11) wird das Konzept praktisch (mit wirklichem Öl unter wirklichem Sand, mit wirklichem Profit und wirklichen Toten) abgespult. Eine Friedensbewegung oder eine Linke, die nicht realisiert, dass die Welt seit 1990 im unerbittlichen Würgegriff der einzigen Weltmacht ist, nämlich des anglo-amerikanischen (vulgo atlantischen) Imperialismus mit seinen “Partnern” – eine solche Friedensbewegung oder Linke träumt. Aber vielleicht hat sie auch nur vergessen, ihren Namen “Friedensbewegung” oder “Linke” abzulegen?
  3. Jahrelang waren Friedensbewegung und Linke in einer gleichsam standardisierten Position: Es schien klar, wer für die Verbrechen zuständig war. Die Namen Bush, Sarkozy, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, um nur wenige zu nennen, kamen leicht über die Lippen. Gegen deren Taten erhob man humanistischen, menschenrechtsgesättigten, folgenlosen Protest. Die Protestkultur einer relativ kleinen aber hochgebildeten oder zumindest spezialisierten Szene erblühte, samt qualifizierten/spezialisierten Organisationen und eben solchen Funktionären. Hochqualifiziert, hochspezialisiert intransparent. Diese Idylle endete Anfang 2014. Nicht zufällig.
  4. Der atlantische Imperialismus, Marschzahl “NWO”, näherte sich nach einem langen Jahrzehnt blutiger Kriege mit vielen hunderttausend Opfern seiner Wahrheit. Die Bauern, um beim Schachspiel zu bleiben, waren abgeräumt, die leichten Figuren ebenfalls. Der Turm Iran aber hielt stand. Der Turm Assad hielt stand – weil das Zentrum des anderen Konzepts, des Konzepts der multipolaren Weltordnung, weil Russland und China in zunehmend engerem Bündnis standhielten. Russland und China (und im weiteren Sinne BRICS) vertreten ein nichtimperialistisches Konzept der Souveränität und der Beschränkung auf friedliche Entwicklung nebst militärischer Sicherung des eigenen Machtbereichs. Organisationen und Funktionäre der sog. alten Friedensbewegung wurden unsanft aus ihrer Idylle geweckt. Viele ergriffen einen Strohhalm, der über den Verlust hinweghelfen soll. Er heißt Äquidistanz. Das Wesen dieser Position besteht darin, den Aggressor und Denjenigen, der sich gegen die Aggression verteidigt, auf eine Stufe zu stellen.
  5. Die Bruchstelle, historisch konkret benannt, heißt: “Krieg gegen Syrien” und “Putsch und Krieg in der Ukraine”. Es begann wie immer: Das Imperium im Format NATO setzte seine Waffen ein, anfangs die nichtmilitärischen, dann die blutigen. Keine Friedensbewegung, die das jemals hätte verhindern können. Der Fortgang aber war anders: Die angegriffene Seite schlug zurück, mit gleichwertigen Waffen  oder gar überlegenen. “Plötzlich und unerwartet” steht das Gespenst eines großen Krieges vor und sogar im NATO-Hühnerhof. Nun, Friedensbewegung, wach auf! Und kannst Du “dem Rad der Geschichte” nicht in die Speichen greifen, dann kläre wenigstens radikal auf! Wenige stellten sich dieser Aufgabe. Die Freidenker gehörten frühzeitigund dauerhaft zu ihnen.
  6. Aufgeschreckt von der faschistischen Fratze am Ende des Maidan und den auch uns drohenden Gefahren stand spontan eine neue Antikriegsbewegung auf den Strassen. Das begann im März 2014 und ihr Name war “Montagsmahnwache”. Und das Schlimmste passierte: Namhafte der alten Friedensbewegung hetzten in und mit den Systemmedien gegen den spontanen, ja, manchmal auch wirren Protest. Heute aber sind in der Friedensbewegung und Linken nicht die Namen der Hetzer und Spalter “verbrannt”, Namen, wie Ditfurth, Steinbicker oder Schädel. Verschrien ist, statt als Stolz der Friedensbewegung zu gelten, der Name Ken Jebsen.
  7. Not tut auf allen Ebenen der bedingungslose Kampf gegen das Kriegsbündnis NATO. Eugen Drewermann, jedes linken Extremismus unverdächtigt, weist unverwandt auf diesen Krebsschaden, von dem Rainer Rupp lapidar sagt: “Tod und Verderben, das liegt in dem genetischen Code der NATO”. Die Freidenker und der Bundesverband Arbeiterfotografie haben im Juli 2015 den Aufruf gestartet “Sagt NEIN, ächtet Aggressionen, bannt die Weltkriegsgefahr!” – DEUTSCHLAND RAUS AUS DER NATO – NATO RAUS AUS DEUTSCHLAND. Der Aufruf wurde von 60 Organisationen und rund 850 Einzelpersonen unterzeichnet, Stand Oktober 2015. Seitdem – zahlreiche NATO-Länder einschließlich BRD sind inzwischen aktive Kriegsteilnehmer direkt oder indirekt gegen Russland –  ist STILLE eingekehrt! Ich meine, diesen Stillstand müssen Friedensbewegte und Linke schnellstens beenden.
  8. Not tut die Identifizierung des Faschismus unserer Tage. Es ist Zeit, dass die Beschwörung des Schwurs von Buchenwald Taten auslöst. Faschismus heute ist ein von den Herrschenden differenziert eingesetztes Instrument, das bis jetzt und vielleicht auch morgen keinen der bedeutenden westlichen Staaten physisch totalitär übernimmt. Faschismus hat sich aber sowohl in der Ukraine, als auch in Syrien als die terroristisch machtvoll agierende Speerspitze der Kräfte der NWO erwiesen. Es scheint, dass sie nur mit dieser Speerspitze verhindern können, in die Defensive zu geraten.
  9. Not tut, gegen den dreifachen Missbrauch der Menschen in der Flüchtlingskrise aufzutreten: – den Missbrauch der Flüchtlinge als geostrategischer Faktor und als Billigarbeitskraft – den Missbrauch der für das Willkommen Engagierten als Feigenblatt des Ausbeutersystems und unbezahlte Dienstleister – den Missbrauch der zu Recht besorgten und verängstigten BRD-Bürger als Gefolgschaft für die rechten Flötentöner des Systems. Die Flüchtlingskrisen der Gegenwart und Zukunft menschenwürdig zu bewältigen, verlangt die radikale, demokratisch kontrollierte Umverteilung von oben nach unten.
  10. ich meine, dass “NO NATO! – DEUTSCHLAND RAUS AUS DER NATO – NATO RAUS AUS DEUTSCHLAND!” der Hauptnenner des ganzen Antikriegskampfes in Deutschland, aller friedenspolitischen Aktivitäten, ja auch aller Aktivitäten zur Förderung unserer Demokratie und des Rechtsstaates im Jahr 2016 ist. Das ist der übergreifende Bezugsrahmen, den uns die Verhältnisse vorgeben und dem sich alle einzelnen, so notwendigen Initiativen sinnvoll einordnen. Alle Energie und Phantasie für viele, viele Aktivitäten, Initiativen und Kampagnen – gegen die deutsche Kriegsbeteiligung in Syrien – gegen Atomwaffen auf deutschem Boden – gegen Ramstein – gegen Sanktionen und Rüstungsexporte – gegen TTIP – für dauerhafte Zusammenarbeit mit Russland und allen Mächten guten Willens auf Basis der wechselseitigen Achtung der Souveränität!

Ich stelle immer zwei Fragen: Wie viele Länder haben Militärbasen in den Vereinigten Staaten? Und in wie vielen Ländern haben die Vereinigten Staaten keine Militärbasen? - Jose Saramago