Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Al Marder from US Peace Council at the 70th Anniversary Rally in Moscow

Friday after greetings and drinks and hors d'oeuvre at the Moscow Peace Fund, they took us to a BIG WWII monument for a concert. After the concert Al was approached by journalist for LifeNews, a TV channel, for an interview. He and the journalist sat in front of a statue in what may be called the hall of tears. This evening one of the organizers gave me the URL for the broadcast: <>. Of course the audio interview, except for a few lines, is in Russian. Maybe you'll understand some of it.  If you open this page in Google Chrome you can get a written not so good translation.

 Inline image 1

Al being interviewed by LifeNews at WWII memorial Friday.

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At Moscow Peace Fund, Al is telling the story of his meetup with Soviet soldiers in Austria, May 1945. 

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March to rally May 9.  

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Al representing the World Peace Council at the 70th Anniversary rally of the CPRF. To Al's right is the interpreter. In front are veteran officers.  

Interesting discussions on Russian peace movement or rather lack of one yesterday and today.  

Tomorrow, Sunday, we return home.