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Notre Dame fire a terrorist attack in asymmetric war, false flag, or just shoddy construction

Notre Dame fire a terrorist attack in asymmetric war, false flag, or just shoddy construction

Global Intel Hub (4/17/2019) Somewhere in Montana -  Zero Hedge Exclusive! One has to wonder when France's most precious relic burns to the point of 'complete destruction' according to insurance benchmarks.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies the world is not as it seems.Something about the fire of Notre Dame doesn't add up, although we haven't seen any hard evidence of a conspiracy or something that would suggest the main narrative is false.  What we can say is that it comes at a time when there are multi-ethnic clashes in France, when France is taking the lead in the EU's 'melting pot' approach.  Obviously those on the anti-Muslim side of the spectrum will be quick to blame Islamic immigrants for burning an obvious and public Christian and French relic, something deep and part of the culture of France.  But we shouldn't be so quick to jump to an obvious conclusion.  Like 911, it may be a false flag wrapped inside a false flag.  Or maybe it was just an old building that burned down. But the fact that it is such a massive cultural icon, in the backdrop of what's going on in Europe, Britain (Brexit), and in the US as well, further investigation is rational.  Trust no one!  "Paranoia is a higher state of consciousness"
As originally reported here on Zero Hedge, there are lots of indications of a fire that was intentionally set:
Time columnist Christopher J. Hale set off a firestorm of speculation when he tweeted that a friend who works at the cathedral told him “cathedral staff said the fire was intentionally set”…Hale deleted the tweet just a few minutes later.  Was he lying about what he had been told?  Coming from a professional journalist, that doesn’t seem likely.  Instead, it is much more likely that Hale quickly figured out that he said something that he wasn’t supposed to say. YouTube video that purportedly contains audio of Muslims celebrating the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral has also sparked a lot of speculation.  But at this point there doesn’t appear to be any way to verify the authenticity of the video. But what we do know is that all of this comes at a time when churches all over France are being attacked.  On March 17th, the second largest church in France erupted in flames, and police later ruled that it was not an accidentWhile Notre Dame is undoubtedly the most well-known landmark to be affected, Paris’ second largest church, Saint-Sulpice, briefly burst into flames on March 17, the fire damaging doors and stained glass windows on the building’s exterior. Police later reported that the incident had not been an accident. Overall, a dozen Catholic churches were either set on fire or greatly vandalized during one seven day stretch last month A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated across France over the period of one week in an egregious case of anti-Christian vandalism. The recent spate of church profanations has puzzled both police and ecclesiastical leaders, who have mostly remained silent as the violations have spread up and down France. Last Sunday, marauders set fire to the church of Saint-Sulpice — one of Paris’ largest and most important churches — shortly after the twelve-o’clock Mass. And some of the vandalism that was reported during that seven day period was deeply, deeply disturbing In Nimes (department of the Gard), near the border with Spain, the church of Notre-Dame des Enfants was desecrated in a particularly odious way, with vandals painting a cross with human excrement, looting the main altar and the tabernacle, and stealing the consecrated hosts, which were discovered later among piles of garbage.  Likewise, the church of Notre-Dame in Dijon, in the east of the country, suffered the sacking of the high altar and the hosts were also taken from the tabernacle, scattered on the ground, and trampled.  Could it be possible that there is a connection between those attacks and the fire that just erupted at the Notre Dame cathedral?
Demonstrating just how poorly designed its algorithms intended to filter out 'conspiratorial' content can be, particularly when reacting in real time to a breaking news event, YouTube has apologized after its recently launched conspiracy-filtering feature accidentally tagged a livestream of the devastating fire at Notre Dame cathedral as a '9/11 conspiracy' video. As Bloomberg pointed out, shortly after the fire broke out, several news organizations launched  live streams of the horrific blaze on YouTube. 

Notre Dame isn't only a French icon, it's the birthplace of modern music as we know it:
The French abbot Suger, one of the architectural innovators of the 1100s – the century during which construction began on Notre Dame – lived and worked by his dictum “from material to the immaterial.”  The basic idea was that the design of a church could make space sacred and transcendent, and this philosophy played out structurally in Gothic architecture, a supreme example of which is Notre Dame.  During the cathedral’s construction, other cultural innovations, including musical ones, also emerged around Notre Dame in the 1100s and 1200s.  Today, we speak of the Notre Dame School as the principal incubator of sacred polyphony, sacred music performed by choirs singing not just a single Gregorian chant melody, but embellishments of chant tunes in multiple voice parts.
Wow - the birthplace of modern music as we know it has burned to the ground.  Clearly it's not 911, something deeper here is going on.  And looking through internet threads there aren't any credible source alternative theories, potential arsonists, or other anomalous phenomenon that would indicate false flag. But times, they are a changin.  During 911 remember that smartphones were not proliferated like they are today.  Those who had recorded video were confiscated (such as the FEMA photographer that took thousands of photos of the 'gold vault' and other strange things that are to this day unanswered). The military has technology which is generations beyond what private industry has, that's a widely known fact.  So when Nissan releases invisible technology, you can bet the military has something well beyond what we can even speculate. Hologramscloaking devicesparticle beam weapons, and more - For those who are just waking up to the fact that 911 was a big show, take a look at the far-fetched Project Blue Beam, in which the powers to be will 'fake' an alien invasion in order to implement a fully global one world order or single global government:
It is true that without the population or the bomb problem the elect would use some other excuse to bring about the New World Order. They have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, an extra-terrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make damn sure that it does work. They will do whatever is necessary to succeed. The Illuminati has all the bases covered and you are going to have to be on your toes to make it through the coming years.
Can you imagine what will happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the markets, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time? Can you imagine? The world power structure can, and will if necessary, make some or all of those things happen to bring about the New World Order.
The creator of this theory is pretty wacked out and like most things from Canada are just a little too 'weird' for us non-Canadians to really grasp at, even after spending hours or days thinking about it.  However, what is interesting is that many of the technologies exist that would make such a farce possible.  We can project holograms into the air that are so realistic they cannot be distinguished from fake.  You can see a dumbed down commercialized version of this technology (non-military) in the resurrection of our friend Tupac:

We're not suggesting here that Notre Dame was faked obviously the building burned to the ground.  What we are suggesting is that, modern false flag operations grow more sophisticated as technology does.  Palantir is a Silicon Valley startup (Pre IPO) that develops software that can detect terrorism.  You may not know Palantir but they sure know you!  What's scary is that it actually works. We mention holographics because what's cooking inside the DOD is likely 8th generation perhaps even more advanced than what's being released in Academic journals:
Scientists have figured out how to manipulate nearly unseen specks in the air and use them to create 3-D images that are more realistic and clearer than holograms, according to a study in Wednesday's journal Nature . The study's lead author, Daniel Smalley, said the new technology is "printing something in space, just erasing it very quickly."
Really?  Scientists have figured it out, but who is paying the scientists are US Government grants, or CIA sponsored funds like In Q Tel. And guess what, a recent In Q Tel investment is in Boca Raton based Immersive Wisdom, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) meets Virtual Reality (VR). These are just the facts.  In Q Tel and friends have invested big into controlling what you see.  In other words, they can manipulate reality in the real world.  Real time video manipulation is 10 years old.  They can make the spoon bend (as far as you see it). Again, we're not saying that Notre Dame was 'faked' this is a real tragedy for Caucasian culture and it should be restored.  In the world of intelligence there is a saying:  There are no accidents. The purpose of this article is just to scratch the surface and open a debate and perhaps with this in mind evidence will come forth more than a tweet from a journalist that says the fire was started intentionally.  Perhaps in the days and weeks ahead we will see the reality emerge.  What is for certain is that truth is not going to come from Google, Youtube, Facebook, or other In Q Tel projects. TIP: To obtain unbiased 'unfiltered' search results, use
China’s fast-growing technological and military capabilities make it a greater threat to America than terrorism, the US Department of Defense has claimed in a new strategy report.  The document also says Russia is an equally prominent threat for the same reasons, and says that both countries seek “to shape a world consistent with their authoritarian model”.  Confronting China and Russia and staying ahead of their quickly expanding military capabilities are the Pentagon’s “principal priorities” and will require “increased and sustained investment,” according to an 11-page unclassified summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy, released Friday.
As many already know, China and Russia are 2 countries that are not controlled by the United States and their allies.  While Russia itself is not a real threat to the United States, it must be eliminated or subdued if global domination is the end game.  Comparing the 3 militaries tit for tat, there are various advantages and disadvantages to each.  But one game where the US has a huge advantage is the information war. While the Russia Hoax has proven to be a game (not as seen on TV).. many are quick to denounce the anti-Russia policy as a ploy or to justify more military spending, when in fact the Doctrine is not clearly understood.  With the power of the US and friends, meaning the UK, the EU, US, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, most of Africa, Southeast Asia, and many smaller nations - this power extends to every point on the planet with 2 really huge exceptions - Russia and China.  So while they aren't 'enemies' in a traditional sense, strategically they are the only stumbling block towards a real one world government managed by the Americans, designed by the Swiss, and manufactured in Britain. The information war is currently hot.   The arrest of Assange during this time is of importance.  It will not kill Wikileaks, but it will discourage future would be leakers. Stay tuned. Or if you want to switch the channel to something more plebeian, visit Info Wars.Source:
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Notre Dame survived wars, revolutions and neglect, then ...

Fire came.
It was Napoleon Bonaparte who came to Notre Dame’s rescue, restoring the
cathedral to the Catholic Church in 1802. Two years later, he was crowned
 there as Emperor of the French.
on April 16, 2019 By 

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris weathered over 850 years, enduring multiple wars, religious strife, anti-religious sentiment of the French Revolution and decades of neglect, before a rooftop blaze severely damaged it.
When King Louis VII of France sought to build a church on the central island of Paris, Bishop Maurice de Sully tore down the old basilica of St. Stephen and began construction of Our Lady of Paris in 1163. The high altar of the church was consecrated in 1182, but it took until 1345 for the cathedral itself to be consecrated as complete.
The church was adorned with many reliefs depicting Biblical stories, as well as statues of both Christian saints and its trademark gargoyles and other monsters. Some of the statues were damaged in the 16th century during the era of religious strife in France: clashes between Catholics and Protestant Huguenots claimed an estimated three million people lives between 1562 and 1598.
Notre Dame underwent extensive renovations and upgrades in the 18th century, during the reign of Louis XIV and Louis XV, replacing many of the original stained glass windows, rearranging the sanctuary and removing the spire.
Revolution and ‘Cult of Reason’
Following the 1789 French Revolution, the cathedral was looted and damaged. The republican government was officially atheist and rededicated the cathedral in 1794 to the Cult of Reason. Statues of biblical kings located on the western facade were beheaded, and much of the statuary was destroyed. The Virgin Mary was replaced on the altar by the Goddess of Liberty. One of the Great Bells of the southern tower – Marie – was taken down and melted, the other – Emmanuel – was spared. The cathedral was eventually turned into a warehouse.
It was Napoleon Bonaparte who came to Notre Dame’s rescue, restoring the cathedral to the Catholic Church in 1802. Two years later, he was crowned there as Emperor of the French.
1800s: Renewal and rebirth
Following the demise of Napoleon’s empire in 1815, France – and Notre Dame – lapsed into neglect and turmoil. The half-ruined cathedral languished for years until Victor Hugo wrote a novel about its hunchbacked bell-ringer (Notre-dame de Paris, or The Hunchback of Notre-Dame), published in 1831.

This was Notre-Dame in 1852 before Viollet-le-Duc renovated it. No spire then.
The spire that collapsed today had a rooster at its top, containing 3 relics: a piece of the Crown, & relics of Saint Denis and Saint Geneviève.
Pic © Charles Marville/@museecarnavalet/@PhotoParisienne

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King Louis Philippe ordered the restoration of the church in 1848, and entrusted the task to architects Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Lassus and Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. The 25-year project saw the restoration of the spire and the re-creation of the stained glass windows. Artisans remade the original decorations if there were drawings or engravings to go on, and if not, created new ones that were considered fitting.
The result was a work of such beauty that when revolutionaries of the Paris Commune wanted to destroy the cathedral in 1871, several artists talked them out of it.