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A great champion of human rights and injustice, Caitlin Johnstone, seems to be one of only a handful of people reporting on the very serious medical condition of Julian Assange.
Julian Assange’s Swedish lawyer Per Samuelson has told the press that “Assange’s health situation last Friday was such that it was not possible to conduct a normal conversation with him.”
This jarring revelation has been reported by a only a small handful of outlets.
To compound Assange’s persecution in relation to the clearly bogus Swedish assertions, Sweden, obviously on instructions from America and Britain, are refusing Samuelson’s request for a postponement of a scheduled hearing regarding Assange’s detention en absentia for a “preliminary investigation” of rape “allegations”.
The fact that the imprisoned WikiLeaks founder is so ill that he can’t converse is itself far more significant than the postponement refusal, yet headlines mentioning Samuelson’s statement focus on the Swedish case, de-emphasizing the startling news from his lawyer of Assange’s rapidly declining health.

As of this writing it is impossible to find any news outlets reporting this.
The Sydney Morning Herald covered the story thus without even mentioning illness in headline, instead going with “Swedish court rejects effort to delay Assange hearing”.
The much smaller alternative media outlet World Socialist Website has been the only outlet I’ve found so far which reports on Samuelson’s statement in anything resembling its proper scale, publishing a good article titled “Despite Assange’s ill-health, Swedish court rejects delay to hearing” a few hours ago.
This news has been so under-discussed and under-appreciated as of this writing that Caitlin Johnstone didn’t find out about it until hours after the story broke.
A report that Julian Assange was so sick he could barely speak surfaced last Friday and yet still there is no news about how he’s doing.
Caitlin Johnstone (and I) are calling on everyone who cares about Assange, press freedom, government transparency or peace activism to urgently be active through their individual networks.
According to Johnstone, another part of this story has gone completely uncovered in all English-language media. That is the news that Assange has actually been transferred to the hospital wing of Belmarsh prison. This was in a way ironically only reported by the Swedish outlet ‘Upsala Nya Tidning’, a newspaper published in the same district court Assange is scheduled to call in to for his hearing. The report was also based on a statement to the press by Per Samuelson.
The article reports the following, per machine translation:
“Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s Swedish lawyer wants the arrest hearing on Monday in Uppsala to be postponed. According to the lawyer, who has now visited his client in British prison, Assange is admitted to the medical department and was unable to make a call.
It continued “Last Friday, Assange’s Swedish defender, lawyer Per E Samuelson, visited his client in prison. In a letter to Uppsala District Court, the lawyer says that they met for just under two hours. According to the lawyer, Assange’s state of health at the meeting was such that ‘a normal conversation with him was not possible’. Julian Assange is said to have been taken to the prison’s ward, but there is no more detailed information about his state of health.”
This story was picked up from Upsala Nya Tidning by Danish outlet ‘Politiken’, which per machine translation titled its story “Weakened Assange hospitalized in London prison: ‘Impossible to have a normal conversation with him’”. These two news outlets are understood to be as reputable as any other mainstream western outlet, yet they remain the only publications to be reporting that Assange has been hospitalized.
Why? Question why? Is there a D Notice on the subject in Britain?

Now we’re seeing all sorts of rumors circulating about how Assange is faring in prison, and it gets difficult to sort out fact from fiction. It appears that it would be difficult to find a more reliable source on the state of his health than his own lawyer, however.
Caitlin Johnstone asserts that it has long been an established fact that Assange was in failing health while in the Ecuadorian embassy in London; doctors who visited him published an article months ago in the Guardian, in January 2018, saying “We examined Julian Assange, and he badly needs care  but he can’t get it”.
Renata Avila, an activist and author who has worked with and written about WikiLeaks, tweeted in response to the new revelations, “He needed urgent assistance after his expulsion from the Embassy. Instead, he was not allowed to receive adequate medical treatment.
We have been watching the slow-motion assassination of Julian Assange. The State, the UK Government has acted despicably and with zero integrity, quite the opposite. One can say the UK government has acted like a Orwellian totalitarian State, nothing less.
In effect Assange it would seem is being slowly murdered by psychological tactics, as surely as if the UK Government had placed a noose tied around his neck, not just in Belmarsh Prison but even prior to his imprisonment, by completely isolating him in the London Ecuadorian embassy.
It is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ to say outright that the police, intelligence, judicial and military agencies of the UK are carrying out his death sentence (by order of their masters in America).
As when the US conducts ‘regime change’, first came the smears (propaganda), then came the siege (sanctions), and then they stage their coup (dragging him out of the embassy) and now they’ve got him in their clutches and they can do what they want with him behind closed doors. That’s how you ‘kill’ a nation while still looking like a democracy, and that’s how they’re killing Assange.
Assange’s life may depend on the people taking to the streets now outside Belmarsh Prison and undertake whatever protests are necessary if even that means lobbying their MP’s in UK