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Counter-Propaganda: American Committee for East-West Accord

Propaganda Reigns In The West

Paul Craig ROBERTS | 24.06.2015 | 11:20

The lies about Russia and Russia’s president have grown so thick, threatening the world with devastating war, that distinguished Americans have formed the American Committee for East-West Accord. The members of the founding board are former US senator Bill Bradley, Jack Matlock who was US ambassador to the Soviet Union during the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, William J. vanden Heuvel who was US ambassador to the UN during the Carter administration, John Pepper who is the former chairman and CEO of Proctor Gamble, Gilbert Doctorow who is a businessman with a quarter century of business experience with Russia, and professors Ellen Mickiewicz of Duke University and Stephen Cohen of Princeton University and New York University.
It is extraordinary that the cooperation between Russia and the US created over the decades by successive administrations, beginning with John F. Kennedy and culminating in the end of the Cold War with the Reagan-Gorbachev agreements, has been destroyed by a handful of American neoconservative warmongers in the past year and one-half. The achievement of a 40-year struggle wiped out overnight by a handful of insane warmongers who believe that Washington has a right to world hegemony.
The problem began with President Clinton violating the promises given to the Russians that NATO would not be taken into Eastern Europe. This breach of American promise was followed by the George W. Bush regime withdrawing from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty and changing US war doctrine to permit pre-emptive nuclear attack by the US on other countries, principally Russia.
These provocations were followed by announcement of US missile bases on Russia’s borders.
The Obama regime added a coup in Ukraine, long a province of Russia, and the establishment of a US vassal government that threatens Russian security.
In the past such provocations would have led, if not to war, at least to counter-provocations. However, Vladimir Putin is a cool and thoughtful character, a credit to the human race. He politely complains of the provocations, but continues to refer to Washington and the pseudo-governments of Washington’s vassal states as Russia’s «partners», even though he knows that they are Russia’s enemies.
Putin responds to threats, to illegal sanctions, and to incessant propaganda with statements that governments need to respect each other’s national interests and to work together for common benefit. No politician in the West speaks in this way. Western politicians, including non-entities such as Washington’s lapdog UK Prime Minister David Cameron, issue threats to Russia in violent language that make Adolf Hitler’s threats seem mild by comparison. Russia could destroy the UK in a few minutes, and we have the spectacle of the moronic British PM issuing threats to Russia despite the fact that the UK is not capable of bringing any meaningful force whatsoever with which to confront Russia. The lapdog Cameron relies on Washington, just as the moronic Polish government relied on the «British guarantee.» 
The Washington morons think that they are isolating Russia, but what the fools are doing is isolating Washington and its vassals from the world. The large, important countries of Asia, Africa, and South America are allied with Russia, not with Washington. The BRICS--Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa--have created their own development bank and are conducting trade among themselves in their own currencies without use of the US dollar, the failing «world reserve currency».
Save the web address of the American Committee for East-West Accord and keep up with their work. Do not rely on the presstitute media. Robert Parry recently described, accurately, the New York Times as Washington’s version of Big Brother’s (Orwell, 1984) «Two Minutes of Hate.» 
Putin is the image that the presstitute NYTimes flashes on the screen to evoke the inculcated hate of «the enemy». The hate of the enemy keeps Washington’s wars going and conditions Americans to accept their own loss of liberty as habeas corpus, due process, and right to life crumble in front of their unseeing eyes, eyes blinded by propaganda.
At the just concluded St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to which I was invited but was unable to go, which I regret as I might have been introduced to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Putin gave believable assurances to a large array of foreign businesses present that Russia was committed to the rule of law and that their activities in Russia are safe. If you believe any of the propaganda fed to you by the Western presstitutes, including Bloomberg, about the «collapsing Russian economy», you can disabuse yourself of the lies by readingPutin’s account of the Russian economy.

The Western Coup in Ukraine May Self Destruct Yet

News | 25.06.2015 | 00:02
NEO – Western coup in Ukraine may self destruct yet
Jim W. Dean Ukraine is just another example of the massive destruction being ravaged upon millions of innocent civilian victims so Western sociopaths of all sizes and shapes can amuse themselves
The American-EU disaster brought upon poor Ukraine as a pseudo attack on Russia is not working out as planned. And neither did the Minsk agreement, which has been turned into an instrument of torture for the endlessly suffering Donbass people. The West fiddles as Donbass burns, as does Syria, under the grotesque American justification of “pursuing our interests”.
The ceasefire violations by Kiev, many done by its uncontrollable Nazi and Nationalist battalions, have unwittingly let loose an army of neo-Frankensteins upon the already victimized land, with 500 civilians killed so far. Lost in that statistic is an even sadder one, the 1500 civilians who are missing in Donbass areas controlled by Kiev during 2015.
That all seems to be kosher in the estimation of the coup puppets Western backers if Ukrainian forces engage in killing the Donbass people via shelling. But the recent arrests for looting, torture and rape show that there are some limits to the West’s depredations, even if for show only, as evidenced by the missing above which meets with total silence in the West.
Nationalist battalion arrests begin
The infamous Tornado battalion commander and eight of this men were arrested for such crimes. Their unit immediately mutinied on hearing they were to be disbanded, and they barricaded their base to defend against being forced to disband. 
When Donbass was targeted for destruction by the West and Kiev, some of the independent battalions were formed by emptying out prisons and giving them weapons, with promises of looting, raping to teach the evil Russians a lesson. These hoodlums would become the future warlords of the conquered land, which it seems the banksters still want to hold as collateral for the IMF loans or purchase at fire sale prices as the economy crashes, with George Soros a the head of the line.
The second hammer to fall was the removal of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) director, Valentyn Nalivaychenko. He was an experienced official who had managed to avoid being tainted by the endless corruption scandals within the security organization, and who had been at odds with these renegade nationalist battalions. Most in the West are not aware he is a US citizen, with a real passport.
A comfortable majority in the factionalized Rada voted to remove him, and historically the SBU top staff is obliged to follow. But where will they go? Who will they side with in the next coup? It certainly will not be the Tornado battalion, despite the silly story about their 170 men headed to Kiev, all ex-convicts that the police and regular army units would love to shoot on sight.
If they are disbanded, they would no longer be under military law and punishment, but free to roam the countryside looking for any paymaster to put them back to work, and doing what to whom? This reminds me of the ancient saying, “Keep your friends close… and your enemies closer.”
Nalivaychenko proved this to be the case. Rather than going into hiding or keeping a low profile, he has already announced that he is considering running for the presidency. That takes some gall for someone just ridden out of town on the rail. But news reports prominently mentioned that he had a lot of foreign support. Presidential puppet candidates no longer come in sheep’s clothing.
The economic war rages on
The Minsk agreement continues its sleepwalk, but to what and where no one seems to know. Kiev has slowed its implementation down to a snail’s pace. The end game special status that Donbass wanted enshrined in the Ukraine constitution seems like a mirage now, all talk and no action. Although France and Germany guaranteed Kiev’s compliance in implementing the Minsk accords, they have literally done nothing to reign in Kiev’s ceasefire violations using the nationalist battalions.
This make-believe Minsk process is of course completely endorsed by the West. As General Breedlove told the wavering EU delegates at the Munich conference, he wanted them to help arm Kiev, despite knowing that it cannot defeat Donbass militarily, but to keep the war going in order “to give the sanctions against Russia time to work.” That goal has become as much a bad joke as Obama talking about Russia’s growing isolation.
Charlie Rose duels with Putin in the St. Petersburg arena
The recent St. Petersburg trade conference put a wooden stake in the heart of that fantasy. Billions of dollars in trade deals were signed, and over 2000 journalists attended. One of the highlights of the show was Charlie Rose hogging the microphone for what he thought was going to be his career highlight of whipping Vlad Putin in front of the world.
There is an wonderful American contribution to the English language that describes what happened. Putin ate Charlie Rose for lunch. His closing response to him was classic Putin in response to Rose’s attempt to put him on the defensive with Ukraine.
“Until the military and the so-called battalions – the armed nationalist formations – appeared on those territories, there were no weapons there. And there wouldn’t be any right now, if they tried to resolve the problem through peaceful means. Weapons appeared only after people started being killed by tanks, artillery, rocket launchers, combat aircraft. That’s when the resistance appeared. But as soon as someone undertakes an effort to resolve the conflict peacefully, the weapons will disappear,” Putin said.
Even little Crimea is laughing at Obama’s premature victory lap for isolating the entire Russian people and culture. “The West has already done everything which it could have done. They have tapped off water and imposed a transport blockade on Crimea. We have survived all that and continue developing – now in new economic realities. We have become even stronger over the past year,” said Crimean head Sergei Asyonov. Investors are flocking to Crimea, but having to work around the Western sanctions, something which has spawned a cottage industry in itself.
For Donbass things are much tougher. The economic blockade is hurting them. As Kiev sufferers economically, it wants to keep Donbass in worse shape, or Kiev would look ridiculous to its voters. In what was apparently an organized attack, one of the main gas trunk lines was shelled, which began undermining the entire pipeline pressure. If that pressure drops far enough, it will take months to repair, shutting down what local industry was still in operation.
My big worry is that this could have been a prelude to a summer offensive which a desperate Kiev might use as a diversion for its failures on the domestic front. The water supplies from Kiev-held territories are also blocked, ensuring that refugee populations will not be returning to their homes any time soon. But who would want to without a final resolution? There are no jobs to be had, so what would be the sense in returning?
Kiev general staff begins defecting to Donbass
Kiev is still a coup that has not really consolidated its power. The people trust this government less than the former. They know they were sold a bill of goods. Most are powerless but not all, like Kiev’s Deputy Minister of Defense, Major-General Alexander Kolomiets who defected to Donbass this week. He has this to say:
“The potential of the Ukrainian army is at a very low level. From a moral point of view, all the generals and officers who understand that the government’s actions are criminal, don’t want to fight. Only volunteers from nationalist troops are fighting. In the near future the Armed forces of Ukraine will be rocked by uprisings. Officers do not understand the commands to kill civilians. We will see it sometime in the fall. Everything will change very soon.”
While Kiev plays its waiting game, it is somewhat tied to that of the US and NATO, where the 6,000-man ready reaction force could be increase to 40,000 at the NATO conference next week. Four divisions is a major offensive move. Much of this force is headed to the Baltic States who have made a huge strategic blunder by offering themselves up for Western cannon fodder. The citizens there need some new and better leadership, and quickly, like most of the rest of us do.
Moscow is also buying time to complete its military modernization and to complete building with China and India the Eurasian integrated economic and military defensive Great Wall of Asia that will be able to defend itself via mutually assured destruction. Yes, the Western leaders are taking us backwards to that situation.
The last time they did this, it was the golden years for the US economy in which I grew up. Not so this time. Maybe the good citizens will finally grab their pitchforks and do what they need to do in time for our 2016 elections, where the next follow up step of the 9-11 coup is scheduled. These are dangerous times for us all indeed. We just have to make it that way for those who have brought this upon us, and give them their just reward, which is not the one they are looking for.
Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today
online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

Germany, Italy, Japan and the UN Charter’s “Enemy State Clause”: Obstacle to an Asian and European Peace? For serious and indepth discussion (blogger)

EDITOR'S CHOICE | 24.06.2015 | 11:56
The UN Charter still designates Italy, Germany and Japan as enemy states to the United Nations. In legal terms this means that any U.N. Member State can launch a “preemptive” military aggression against these nations without a declaration of war. Seldom discussed, this enemy State status is today, arguably, one of the greatest obstacles for a lasting peace in Asia and in Europe.
Since the end of WW II none of the G-4, that is China, UK, USA, and the USSR / Russia have taken steps to abolish the Enemy State Clause from the Charter of the United Nations. The UN Charter still designates Italy, Japan and Germany as enemy States to the United Nations. This fact is generally omitted from the public political discourse; that is, both in the G-4 nations as well as in Italy, Japan and Germany.
The implications and the lack of the sovereignty (e.g. the jus ad bellum) are, arguably, one of the greatest obstacles with regard to achieving a lasting Asian and European peace. A few examples should amply demonstrate why.
Italy – Germany and Gladio
Both the Italian Brigate Rosse and the German Rote Arme Fraktion (RAF) were in part infiltrated by respectively Italian and West-German intelligence services before they were even formally established. In Germany the internal intelligence service of Berlin (Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz Berlin LfV Berlin) as well as the Federal Internal Intelligence Service (Bundesamt für Verfassungschutz – BfV) had infiltrated the later to be militarized left from the onset of the leftist student protest in the mid-60s.
To mention but one example; a LfV-Berlin agent, Peter Urbach, was one of the first to provide weapons and explosives to what later would develop into the militant 2. Juni and RAF. The situation with regard to Italy’s Brigate Rosse was similar. When German leftists went to Italy to help procuring weapons for the left in Greece that was prepared to take on the Greek military dictatorship, it became obvious that Italy’s police and Intelligence Services with ties to Italy’s Gladio network were well-informed and involved. (Statements by former members of Germany’s 2. Juni and RAF).
Some critics of the armed resistance would construe this fact as if the militant left was working on behalf of the intelligence services all along. Not true. What is true, however, is that the militant left was infiltrated from day one, and that some attacks were incited, other were allowed to happen, with intelligence services obstructing police investigations. Other attacks like the assassinations of von Herrenhausen and Rohwedder have, arguably, been carried out by NATO intelligence, while accusing the RAF or as in the case of von Herrenhausen the RAF as well as parts of the Lebanese Hezbollah which is known to be heavily infiltrated by the Israeli Mossad.
There exist today, serious and justified doubts whether Gladio networks were involved in the assassination of Deutsche Bank Director Alfred von Herrenhausen and Treuhand President Rohwedder. Von Herrenhausen lobbied for a more benign policy toward so-called third world nations and a partial debt moratorium. Rohwedder was, after the German reunification (shotgun wedding), actively inquiring into the mafia-style takeover of East German corporations by foreign entities.
So much to the information that slowly becomes part of the public discourse. What is being omitted, however, is that the domestic and foreign intelligence services of Italy and Germany, at top-levels and in part in the form of “factions with these services” still are heavily controlled by Washington and London.
The CIA and MI6 are playing a role, although the main thrust comes from the Pentagon, the JSOC-CIA interface and the JSOC / NATO interface. In Italy the 1978 kidnapping and assassination of Aldo Moroby an infiltrated Brigate Rosse cell prevented the formation of an Italian Cabinet with participation of Italy’s Communist Party. So much to Italian “sovereignty”.
One may ask whether an Italian or German government could act sovereign and so to speak “clean up” within their respective intelligence services. The answer is an unequivocal no; not as long as both States remain designated as enemy States to the UN.
The situation of German governments is further complicated by the fact that Germany still has no peace treaty and that Washington and London do all that is in their power to maintain that status quo. No post WW II government in Germany has dared to touch upon this “hot potato”, Red – Green coalitions included. Even The Left (Die Linke) avoids the issue as much as possible.
German governments have, generally speaking, used two strategies. 1) To push for a permanent seat at the UN Security Council to force the hands of the G-4. 2) To assert German power within the European Union; at considerable expense for the German economy in form of bail outs etc.
Relevance today?
Considering the situation in Ukraine and tensions between Russia and NATO / EU one cannot underestimate the fact that neither an Italian or German government could maintain a sovereign foreign policy. About 50% of Germans do not perceive Germany as solidly or permanently anchored within NATO and about 50% would like to see Germany maintain a neutral position as bridge between the east and the west, at equal distance and with equally good relations to respectively Moscow and Washington. No German government would be able to reflect this public opinion in its policy.
Japanese – US / Russian / Chinese Relations
Being designated as enemy State to the UN, Japan has to “dance on hot coals” too. There is a growing public consensus against US bases in Japan but no Japanese government could reflect this trend in tangible policies without risking serious implications. Any Japanese top-politician that would touch upon this issue would literally commit political hara kiri.
But it is not only the USA that keeps Japan in the legal limbo of being designated as enemy State. Japanese – Chinese relations with regard to the disputed Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands are strongly biased by Japan’s attempt to assert its sovereignty, even if it, at times reluctantly, has to play geopolitics and use the US against China.
The enemy State clause also has an impact on Japanese – Russian relations. The disputed South Kuril Islands (as Russian would call them) is one issue that is biased by the Japanese legal status as UN enemy State and the lack of a Japanese – Russian peace treaty. Japanese governments, at times reluctantly, have to play the US card against Russia. Russian – Japanese relations could, arguably, become far more positive if Russia took the initiative to level the playing field by signing a peace treaty.
Considering the developing Chinese – Russian relations and considering long-term geopolitical strategies in the Asia – Pacific region, a Russian and Chinese show of confidence in Japan as a partner would free the hands of Japan with regards to US – Japanese relations and be a wise move that would have positive repercussions throughout the region, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam.
Taking the initiative to remove the enemy State clause and global leverage
Taking into account the complexity of today’s global markets; taking into account the complexity of today’s military alliances and interdependencies across so-called enemy lines, one can argue that any G-4 nation that takes the initiative to genuinely lobby for abolishing the enemy State clause from the UN Charter will gain a considerable political and geopolitical advantage.
With regard to both Russia and China such a step could, using tentative policies, also result in foiling the Anglo-American Axis’ hegemony in Europe and Washington’s Asia Pivot.
A joint Chinese – Russian initiative would also create far greater trust in countries like Vietnam and South as well as North Korea. A Russian initiative would create a more genuine discourse about the situation in Ukraine, NATO’s role with regard to Ukraine and the fact that Germany, and by implication the EU, are forced to “follow suit” and adhere to Washington’s dictates.
The Russian administration of President Vladimir Putin prides itself of being a proponent of a global community of interdependent but sovereign nation States. Taking the initiative with regard to the abolishment of the enemy State clause and a peace treaty with Japan could, arguably, be the most wise long-term investment that would secure that this vision can bear fruit and show that Russia’s position is genuine.
Ultimately, one must ask the question why non of the G-4 has yet taken the initiative
Is it a function of mistrust between cold-war and new-cold-war alliances? Or is it a conscious perpetuation of Yalta where the G-4 carved up the world into hegemonies, divided by Iron, Bamboo and Banana curtains?
If so, the invariable outcome will be that an increasing number of those States who have been subjugated and forced into these hegemonies, sooner rather than later, will rise against the G-4. Others, like Egypt, will note that the UN failed as much as the League of Nations, in protecting smaller nations from the conflicts that were unleashed during and after WW I & WW II. The trend to reform the UN or to abolish it all together is becoming increasingly prevalent.
Another invariable outcome of a continuation of Yalta in new drag will be that the seemingly endless string of low-intensity conflicts that is being fueled by the aftershocks of Yalta will continue while the G-4 position themselves and their power base, using people from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East as cannon fodder and hostages.
Dr. Christof Lehmann,

Veröffentlicht am 5. Juni 2015
Vor vier Jahren verhängten die „Freunde Syriens“, die EU, USA und die Golfmonarchien, ein Embargo gegen Syrien: seine Auslandsguthaben wurden eingefroren, Importe aus Syrien verboten.
Dem Land sollte jede Einkommensquelle genommen werden. Ebenfalls verboten wurden Exporte von Treibstoff, Erdöl, Technik und Ausrüstung nach Syrien, um die Wirtschaft dieses Landes lahmzulegen und seine Regierung zum Fall zu bringen.
Ist das verantwortungsbewusste, ist das menschliche Politik? Wie würde es in unserem Land aussehen, wenn USA, unsere europäischen Nachbarn und die arabische Welt gemeinsam gegen Deutschland ein Embargo verhängen würde? Was wäre mit unseren Arbeitsplätzen in Automobilindustrie, Maschinenbau, chemischer- und elektrotechnischer Industrie, wenn wir nichts mehr exportieren dürften? Was wäre, wenn man uns keinen Treibstoff, kein Erdgas und kein Heizöl mehr verkaufen würde? Hätten wir noch genügend Lebensmitteln zum Essen?
Müssen wir uns wirklich wundern, wenn heute nach vier Jahren Embargo in Syrien Hunger herrscht, überall Gewalt um sich greift, das Volk sich in einem blutigen Bürgerkrieg zerfleischt, Millionen auf der Flucht sind?
Helfen Sie mit, das Aushungern des syrischen Volkes zu beenden. Geben Sie ihre Unterschrift unter dem Appell an Bundeskanzlerin, Fraktionen und Abgeordnete, das Embargo gegen Syrien unverzüglich aufzuheben.
Appell an Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und die Abgeordneten und Fraktionen im Deutschen Bundestag und im Europäischen Parlament
Beenden Sie das Aushungern des syrischen Volkes! Schluss mit dem Embargo, damit Syrien Frieden bekommt!
Seit über vier Jahren führen die USA mit ihren Verbündeten verdeckt Krieg gegen Syrien: sie beliefern islamistische Gruppen mit modernsten Waffen und lassen sie von Militärberatern in Lagern in der Türkei und Jordanien für den blutigen Einsatz in Syrien ausbilden. Das wahabitische Regime in Saudi-Arabien und die Golfmonarchien stellen ähnlich wie in den 70er und 80er Jahren in Afghanistan Milliarden Dollar für die Rekrutierung und Bewaffnung von ISIS und Al Nusra zur Verfügung.
Die Verantwortung der Bundesregierung und der EU
An diesem schmutzigen Krieg gegen Syrien beteiligen sich EU und Bundesregierung. Seit 2011 haben sie ein Embargo gegen Syrien verhängt.
Erklärtes Ziel dieses Embargos ist es, die Wirtschaft Syriens zum Erliegen zu bringen und seine Bevölkerung zum Aufstand gegen die eigene Regierung zu treiben. Gemeinsam mit den USA und den Herrschern Saudi-Arabiens und der Golfmonarchien haben EU und Bundesregierung
die Auslandsguthaben dieses Landes „eingefroren“ und
die Importe aus Syrien, besonders von Rohöl, verboten. Jeder Geldverkehr wurde unterbunden, um dem Land seine Einnahmen zum Einkauf der Güter zu entziehen, die es für seine Bevölkerung und Wirtschaft benötigt. Selbst Überweisungen syrischer Gastarbeiter an ihre Verwandten sind nicht mehr möglich.
Exporte nach Syrien, insbesondere von Treibstoff, Heizöl sowie von Technologie und Ausrüstung zur Förderung und Raffination von Erdöl bzw. Verflüssigung von Erdgas und für Kraftwerke zur Stromgewinnung, wurden untersagt. Ohne Treibstoff und Strom aber kommen Landwirtschaft und Lebensmittelproduktion, Handwerk, Industrie zum Erliegen.
Zynisch fragte die Tagesschau bereits am 14. Februar 2012: „Wie lange hält Assads Wirtschaft das durch?“ und fuhr triumphierend fort: „Jetzt geht es Syriens Wirtschaft schlecht. 30 Prozent der Menschen lebten schon vor dem Volksaufstand von nicht viel mehr als einem Euro am Tag. Die Inflation galoppiert. Lebensmittel sind doppelt so teuer, Diesel und Importe knapp. Strom wird selbst in Damaskus drei Stunden abgeschaltet, anderswo länger“. Heute, drei Jahre später, ist das Sozialprodukt Syriens um 60 % eingebrochen, die Arbeitslosenquote von knapp 15 % auf 58 % hochgeschnellt. 64,7 % der Syrer leben in extremer Armut und können sich selbst die notwendigsten Lebensmittel nicht mehr kaufen. In dieser verzweifelten Situation gedeihen Gewalt, Fanatismus, Kriminalität, können Terrororganisationen wie ISIS und Al Nusra leicht rekrutieren.
Ein Volk gezielt aushungern, ist ein Verbrechen
Das Embargo gegen das Entwicklungsland Syrien ist eine unmenschliche Form der Kriegsführung. Sie richtet sich gegen die Zivilbevölkerung. Mehr als eine Millionen Menschen, darunter über 500.000 Kinder mussten in den 90er Jahren infolge des Embargos im Irak sterben. Soll das jetzt übertroffen werden? Das Embargo gegen Syrien wirkt wie ein Brandbeschleuniger. Es heizt die blutigen Kämpfe in diesem Land an. 220.000 Tote, fast eine Million Verletzte und Verstümmelte, über zehn Millionen Menschen auf der Flucht – reicht das immer noch nicht?
Wir fordern Sie, Frau Bundeskanzlerin, die Abgeordneten und Fraktionen im Bundestag und Europaparlament auf, umgehend tätig zu werden
Das Embargo gegen Syrien ist aufzuheben, damit sich die Wirtschaft des Landes wieder erholen und eine weitere Verelendung dieses Volkes verhindert werden kann.
Dem Land ist großzügig humanitäre und Wiederaufbauhilfe zu gewähren
Die diplomatischen Beziehungen mit Syrien sind wieder herzustellen. Seine Souveränität ist zu respektieren.
Es ist höchste Zeit, dass Bundesregierung und EU in diesem Konflikt eine Rolle als Vermittler übernehmen und ihren Beitrag zur Wiederherstellung des Friedens in Syrien und der Region leisten.
Das Embargo weiter aufrechtzuerhalten, heißt, sich an einem Völkermord mitschuldig zu machen!
V.i.S.d.P. Bernd Duschner, Samhofstrasse 2a, 85276 Pfaffenhofen
hier unterzeichnen:

Appell an Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und die Abgeordneten und Fraktionen im Deutschen Bundestag und im Europäischen Parlament

Embargo gegen Syrien ist aufzuheben! Syrien ist humanitäre und Wiederaufbauhilfe zu gewähren! Seine Souveränität ist zu achten!
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Regscafe Berlin; Eva Bulling-Schröter, MdB, Landessprecherin Die Linke Bayern; Christoph Burkard; Isabelle Casel, Freiberuflerin; Sevim Dagdelen, MdB, migrationspolitische Sprecherin der Linksfraktion; Daniela Dahn, Schriftstellerin; Elias Davidson, Komponist und Völkerrechtler; Dieter Dehm, MdB, mittelstandspolitischer Sprecher der Linksfraktion; Marianne und Reinhard Dorschner-Brunner; Hartmut Drewes, Pastor i. R., Bremer Friedensforum; Bernd Duschner, Dipl. Volkswirt, Vorsitzender von Freundschaft mit Valjevo e. V.; Heinz Eckel, Soziologe und Arzt; Dr. Salem El-Hamid, Generalsekretär der Deutsch-Syrischen Gesellschaft; Dr. med Katharina Feaux, Mitglied der SPD und IPPNW; Peter Feininger, Privatlehrer für Kunst und Musik, Redakteur; Anneliese Fikentscher, Bundesvorsitzende Arbeiterfotografie; Udo Fröhlich, Bürgermeister a. D.; Wolf Gauer, Journalist, Filmemacher; Wolfgang Gehrcke, MdB, stellvertretender Vorsitzender und außenpolitischer Sprecher der Linkspartei; Senne Glanschneider, stellv. Bundesvorsitzende Arbeiterfotografie; Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Gleichmann, Friedensforum Düsseldorf; Kurt Gritsch, Historiker; Yvonne Großmann, für „BürgerInnen gegen den Krieg“ (Landkreis Ebersberg); Annette Groth, MdB, menschenrechtspolitische Sprecherin der Linksfraktion; Joachim Guilliard, Heidelberger Forum gegen Militarismus und Krieg; Heinz-W. Hammer, Dipl. Soz. Päd.; Kay Hanisch, Sprecher der Bürgerbewegung Neue Richtung; Heike Hänsel, MdB, Entwicklungspolitische Sprecherin der Linksfraktion; Dr. Dirk-M. Harmsen, Mitglied Leitungskreis Forum Friedensethik (FFE) der Landeskirche in Baden; Dr. Jürgen Harrer, Verleger; Klaus Hartmann, Bundesvorsitzender des Deutschen Freidenkerverbandes; Ralph Hartmann, Publizist, Botschafter a. D.; Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Publizistin; Frank Heffele, Politologe, Schriftsteller; Prof. Dr. Heinrich, Fink, Theologe; Michael Held, Sprecher des ökumenischen Netzes in Deutschland; Wieland von Hodenberg, Friedensaktivist und Autor; Willi Hofmeister, IGM-Delegierter; Inge Höger, MdB, abrüstungspolitische Sprecherin der Linksfraktion; Helmut Holfert, Redakteur des Ostdeutschen Kuratoriums von Verbänden e. V.; Jörg Holzscheiter, Dipl.-Kaufm., Privatdozent; Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Horn, IAEA-Expert in Isotope Geochemistry; Dr. Ibrahim, HNO Facharzt; Dr. Anne Maximiliane Jäger-Gogoll, Priv. Doz.; Ulla Jelpke, MdB, innenpolitische Sprecherin der Linksfraktion; PD Dr. med. Hans-Peter Jung; Claudia Karas, Aktionsbündnis für einen gerechten Frieden in Palästina; Kristine Karch, Co-Sprecherin des internationalen Netzwerkes No to War – no to NATO; Dr. Helmut Käss, Braunschweig; Sima Kassaie, Soziologin und Schriftstellerin; Professor Dr. Sabine Kebir, Privatdozentin; Dr. Thomas Keith, Literaturwissenschaftler; Professor Dr. Karam Khella; Peter Kleinert, Redakteur der Neuen Rheinischen Zeitung; Professor Dr. Reinhard Kleinknecht; Monika und Otto Köhler, Hamburg; Professor Dr. med. Klaus-Dieter Kolenda, Arzt und Wissenschaftler; Herbert Krüger, Gewerkschaftssekretär a. D.; Susanna Kuby, Publizistin; Berhard Kusche, Landessprecher Bayern der DFG-VK; Dr. Brigitte Kustosch, Lehrerin i. R; Dr. Helmut Lohrer, International Councillor IPPNW Deutschland; Helmut Lorbeer, Biologe; Professor Domenico Losurdo, Universität Urbino, Präsident der Internationalen Gesellschaft für dialektisches Denken; Birgit Ludwig, Landesvorsitzende Deutscher Freidenkerverband Bayern; Pascal Luig, Vorstandsmitglied der Naturwissenschaftlerinitiative Verantwortung für Frieden und Zukunftsfähigkeit; Prof. Dr. Georg Meggle, Philosoph; Dr. phil. habil. Karl Melzer, Arabist und Philosoph; Ulrich Mercker, Bonner Friedensbündnis; Alois Mittermüller, früherer bayerischer MdL; Dr. Amir Mortasawi, Arzt und Autor; Professor Dr. sc. Mrazek; Albrecht Müller, Publizist und Herausgeber der NachDenkSeiten, Planungschef im Bundeskanzleramt unter Willy Brandt und Helmut Schmidt; Maren Müller, Publizistin; Dr. Izzedin Musa, Diplom-Geologe i. R; Harald Nestler, Handelsrat a. D, Sprecher des Ortsverbandes Berlin-Köpenick der GBM e. V; Alexander S. Neu, MdB, Obmann der Linksfraktion im Verteidigungsausschuß; Andreas Neumann, Vorstand Arbeiterfotografie; Christoph Neunzig, Dipl.-Sportwissenschaftler; Norman Paech, Völkerrechter, Universität Hamburg; Georg Polikeit, Journalist, Wuppertal; Doris und George Pumphrey, Berlin; Reinhard Püschel, Stadtrat DKP; Professor Dr. Georg Putensen; Brigitte Queck, Dipl. Staatswiss. Außenpolitik; Klaus von Raussendorff, Landesvorsitzender Deutscher Freidenkerverband NRW; Ellen Rohlfs, Mitglied der Deutsch-palästinensischen Gesellschaft und der Friedensgruppe Gush Shalom, Israel; Andreas Romel, Architekt; Clemens Ronnefeldt, Referent für Friedensfragen; Jürgen Rose, Oberstleutnant a. D. und Publizist; Professor Dr. Werner Ruf, Politikwissenschaftler und Friedensforscher; Dr. Werner Rügemer, Publizist; Rainer Rupp, Journalist; Michael Sack, Rechtsanwalt; Erich Schaffner, Schauspieler und Rezitator; Dr. Marianna Schauzu, Marx-Engels-Zentrm Berlin; Dr. Jörg Schid-Kikuchi, Hochschullehrer a. D; Dr. Sabine Schiffer, Leiterin des Institut für Medienverantwortung; Einar Schlereth, Schriftsteller und Übersetzer; Erasmus Schöfer, Schriftsteller; Jochen Scholz, Oberstleutnant a. D.; Renate Schönfeld, Pfarrerin i. R; Renate Schoof, Schriftstellerin; Mechthild Schreiber; Leonore Schröder, Friedenskreis Castrop-Rauxel; Uwe Schrön, Rechtsanwalt; Willi Schulze-Barantin, Dipl.-Bauingenieur, Landesvorsitzender Hessen Deutscher Freidenkerverband; Mignon Schwenke, MdL; Hans Peter Seidel, Musikwissenschaftler; Harry Siegert, Autor & Publizist; Angelika Spell, Mitglied der Grünen; Eckart Spoo, Publizist und Herausgeber des Ossietzky; Klaus Stampfer, Diplominformatiker, Sprecher Augsburger Friedensinitiative; Dr. Robert Steigerwald, Philosoph; Thomas Immanuel Steinberg, ehemals SteinbergRecherche; Theo Stetter, Arzt; Dr. Hans-Günter Szalkiewicz, Berlin; Gisela Vormann, Initiative Nordbremer Bürger gegen den Krieg; Sahra Wagenknecht, MdB, erste stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Linksfraktion; Frieder Wagner, Journalist und Filmemacher; Dr. med. Jens Wagner, IPPNW; Dr. Ludwig Watzal, Redakteur und Journalist; Andreas Wehr, Marx- Engels-Zentrum Berlin; Professor Dr. Günter Wendel, Wissenschaftshistoriker; Hartmut Wihstutz, IPPNW; Willy Wimmer, Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär des Bundesministers der Verteidigung a. D.; Laura Freiin von Wimmersperg, Moderatorin der Berliner Friedenskoordination; Johann Wisliceny, Dipl. Physiker; M.B. B.Ch. (ET) Amer Yazigi, Facharzt für Chirurgie; Petra Yazigi, Krankenschwester; Zoran Zdravkovic, stellvertretender Vorsitzender Freundschaft mit Valjevo e.V., Lucas Zeise, Finanzjournalist; Manfred Ziegler; Guido Zingerl, Maler und Karikaturist