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„Die Menschen dieses Landes sind keine Untertanen.“ – Hans-Jürgen Papier Search for: KRiStA – Netzwerk Kritische Richter und Staatsanwälte n.e.V. Home Beiträge Über uns Satzung Kontakt MRZ 18 2022 Stellungnahme von KRiStA zur öffentlichen Anhörung im Gesundheitsausschuss am 21. März 2022 ab 10:00 Uhr zum Thema „Impfpflicht“ 2 Minuten Lesedauer Das Netzwerk KRiStA hat für die Anhörung im Gesundheitsausschuss zum Thema „Impfpflicht“ am kommenden Montag, 21. März 2022, eine Stellungnahme erarbeitet. Diese wurde dem Gesundheitsausschuss heute zugeleitet und wird hier zum DOWNLOAD zur Verfügung gestellt. Unvereinbarkeit der Impfpflicht mit den COVID-19-Impfstoffen mit dem Grundgesetz sowie mit bindendem Völkerrecht Die Stellungnahme zeigt auf, dass die in den oben genannten Gesetzentwürfen bzw. in dem Antrag geplante Impfpflicht – sei es eine allgemeine oder eine auf Vorrat oder beschränkt auf bestimmte Altersgruppen – mit dem Grundgesetz und bindendem Völkerrecht nicht vereinbar ist. Bei dem festzustellenden Verstoß gegen des Grundgesetz wird der Schwerpunkt der Darstellung auf eine bislang wenig beachtete Problematik gelegt, nämlich auf den Umstand, dass der Staat mit einer Impfpflicht vorsätzlich Menschen tötet – wenn auch im Verhältnis zur Gesamtzahl der Impfungen in geringer Zahl. Dies ist mit der Menschenwürdegarantie des Grundgesetzes unvereinbar (I.). Im völkerrechtlichen Bereich werden Verstöße gegen die Europäische Menschenrechtskonvention und den Internationalen Pakt über bürgerliche und politische Rechte aufgezeigt (II.).

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An Overview of the Bay of Pigs and its Relevance for Today Cynthia Chung Mar 17
“There is a kind of character in thy life, That to the observer doth thy history, fully unfold.”– William Shakespeare Once again we find ourselves in a situation of crisis, where the entire world holds its breath all at once and can only wait to see whether this volatile black cloud floating amongst us will breakout into a thunderstorm of nuclear war or harmlessly pass us by. The majority in the world seem to have the impression that this destructive fate totters back and forth at the whim of one man. It is only normal then, that during such times of crisis, we find ourselves trying to analyze and predict the thoughts and motives of just this one person. However, in order to assess such situations, we cannot lose sight of the whole picture, and righteous indignation unfortunately causes the opposite to occur. Our focus becomes narrower and narrower to the point where we can only see or react moment to moment with what is right in front of our face. We are reduced to an obsession of twitter feeds, news blips and the doublespeak of ‘official government statements’. Thus, before we may find firm ground to stand on regarding the situation of today, we must first have an understanding as to what caused the United States to enter into an endless campaign of regime-change warfare after WWII, or as former Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Col. Prouty stated, three decades of the Indochina war. An Internal Shifting of Chess Pieces in the Shadows It is interesting timing that on Sept 2, 1945, the very day that WWII ended, Ho Chi Minh would announce the independence of Indochina. That on the very day that one of the most destructive wars to ever occur in history ended, another long war was declared at its doorstep. Churchill would announce his “Iron Curtain” against communism on March 5th, 1946, and there was no turning back at that point. The world had a mere 6 months to recover before it would be embroiled in another terrible war, except for the French, who would go to war against the Viet Minh opponents in French Indochina only days after WWII was over. In a previous paper I wrote titled “On Churchill’s Sinews of Peace”, I went over a major re-organisation of the American government and its foreign intelligence bureau on the onset of Truman’s de facto presidency. Recall that there was an attempted military coup d’état, which was exposed by General Butler in a public address in 1933, against the Presidency of FDR who was only inaugurated that year. One could say that there was a very marked disapproval from shadowy corners for how Roosevelt would organise the government. One key element to this reorganisation under Truman was the dismantling of the previously existing foreign intelligence bureau that was formed by FDR, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) on Sept 20, 1945 only two weeks after WWII was officially declared over. The OSS would be replaced by the CIA officially on Sept 18, 1947, with two years of an American intelligence purge and the internal shifting of chess pieces in the shadows. In addition, de-facto President Truman would also found the United States National Security Council on Sept 18, 1947, the same day he founded the CIA. The NSC was a council whose intended function was to serve as the President’s principal arm for coordinating national security, foreign policies and policies among various government agencies. In Col. Prouty’s book he states, “In 1955, I was designated to establish an office of special operations in compliance with National Security Council (NSC) Directive #5412 of March 15, 1954. This NSC Directive for the first time in the history of the United States defined covert operations and assigned that role to the Central Intelligence Agency to perform such missions, provided they had been directed to do so by the NSC, and further ordered active-duty Armed Forces personnel to avoid such operations. At the same time, the Armed Forces were directed to “provide the military support of the clandestine operations of the CIA” as an official function.” What this meant, was that there was to be an intermarriage of the foreign intelligence bureau with the military, and that the foreign intelligence bureau would act as top dog in the relationship, only taking orders from the NSC. Though the NSC includes the President, as we will see, the President is very far from being in the position of determining the NSC’s policies. An Inheritance of Secret Wars “There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.” – Sun Tzu On January 20th, 1961, John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as President of the United States. Along with inheriting the responsibility of the welfare of the country and its people, he was to also inherit a secret war with communist Cuba run by the CIA. JFK was disliked from the onset by the CIA and certain corridors of the Pentagon as they knew where he stood on foreign matters and that it would be in direct conflict for what they had been working towards for nearly 15 years. Kennedy would inherit the CIA secret operation against Cuba, which Prouty confirms in his book, was quietly upgraded by the CIA from the Eisenhower administration’s March 1960 approval of a modest Cuban-exile support program (which included small air drop and over-the-beach operations) to a 3,000 man invasion brigade just before Kennedy entered office. This was a massive change in plans that was determined by neither President Eisenhower, who warned at the end of his term of the military industrial complex as a loose cannon, nor President Kennedy, but rather the foreign intelligence bureau who has never been subject to election or judgement by the people. It shows the level of hostility that Kennedy encountered as soon as he entered office, and the limitations of a President’s power when he does not hold support from these intelligence and military quarters. Within three months into JFK’s term, Operation Bay of Pigs (April 17th to 20th 1961) was scheduled. As the popular revisionist history goes; JFK refused to provide air cover for the exiled Cuban brigade and the land invasion was a calamitous failure and a decisive victory for Castro’s Cuba. It was indeed an embarrassment for President Kennedy who had to take public responsibility for the failure, however, it was not an embarrassment because of his questionable competence as a leader. It was an embarrassment because, had he not taken public responsibility, he would have had to explain the real reason why it failed. That the CIA and military were against him and that he did not have control over them. If Kennedy were to admit such a thing, he would have lost all credibility as a President in his own country and internationally, and would have put the people of the United States in immediate danger amidst a Cold War. What really occurred was that there was a cancellation of the essential pre-dawn airstrike, by the Cuban Exile Brigade bombers from Nicaragua, to destroy Castro’s last three combat jets. This airstrike was ordered by Kennedy himself. Kennedy was always against an American invasion of Cuba, and striking Castro’s last jets by the Cuban Exile Brigade would have limited Castro’s threat, without the U.S. directly supporting a regime change operation within Cuba. This went fully against the CIA’s plan for Cuba. Kennedy’s order for the airstrike on Castro’s jets would be cancelled by Special Assistant for National Security Affairs McGeorge Bundy, four hours before the Exile Brigade’s B-26s were to take off from Nicaragua, Kennedy was not brought into this decision. In addition, the Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles, the man in charge of the Bay of Pigs operation was unbelievably out of the country on the day of the landings. Col. Prouty, who was Chief of Special Operations during this time, elaborates on this situation: “Everyone connected with the planning of the Bay of Pigs invasion knew that the policy dictated by NSC 5412, positively prohibited the utilization of active-duty military personnel in covert operations. At no time was an “air cover” position written into the official invasion plan…The “air cover” story that has been created is incorrect.” As a result, JFK who well understood the source of this fiasco, set up a Cuban Study Group the day after and charged it with the responsibility of determining the cause for the failure of the operation. The study group, consisting of Allen Dulles, Gen. Maxwell Taylor, Adm. Arleigh Burke and Attorney General Robert Kennedy (the only member JFK could trust), concluded that the failure was due to Bundy’s telephone call to General Cabell (who was also CIA Deputy Director) that cancelled the President’s air strike order. Kennedy had them. Humiliatingly, CIA Director Allen Dulles was part of formulating the conclusion that the Bay of Pigs op was a failure because of the CIA’s intervention into the President’s orders. This allowed for Kennedy to issue the National Security Action Memorandum #55 on June 28th, 1961, which began the process of changing the responsibility from the CIA to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As Prouty states, “When fully implemented, as Kennedy had planned, after his reelection in 1964, it would have taken the CIA out of the covert operation business. This proved to be one of the first nails in John F. Kennedy’s coffin.” If this was not enough of a slap in the face to the CIA, Kennedy forced the resignation of CIA Director Allen Dulles, CIA Deputy Director for Plans Richard M. Bissell Jr. and CIA Deputy Director Charles Cabell. In Oct 1962, Kennedy was informed that Cuba had offensive Soviet missiles 90 miles from American shores. Soviet ships with more missiles were on their way towards Cuba but ended up turning around last minute. Rumours started to abound that JFK had cut a secret deal with Russian Premier Khrushchev, which was that the U.S. would not invade Cuba if the Soviets withdrew their missiles. Criticisms of JFK being soft on communism began to stir. NSAM #263, closely overseen by Kennedy, was released on Oct 11th, 1963, and outlined a policy decision “to withdraw 1,000 military personnel [from Vietnam] by the end of 1963” and further stated that “It should be possible to withdraw the bulk of U.S. personnel [including the CIA and military] by 1965.” The Armed Forces newspaper Stars and Stripes had the headline U.S. TROOPS SEEN OUT OF VIET BY ’65. Kennedy was winning the game and the American people. This was to be the final nail in Kennedy’s coffin. Kennedy was brutally shot down only one month later, on Nov, 22nd 1963. His death should not just be seen as a tragic loss but, more importantly, it should be recognised for the successful military coup d’état that it was and is. The CIA showed what lengths it was ready to go to if a President stood in its way. (For more information on this coup refer to District Attorney of New Orleans at the time, Jim Garrison’s book. And the excellently researched Oliver Stone movie “JFK”) Through the Looking Glass On Nov. 26th 1963, a full four days after Kennedy’s murder, de facto President Johnson signed NSAM #273 to begin the change of Kennedy’s policy under #263. And on March 4th, 1964, Johnson signed NSAM #288 that marked the full escalation of the Vietnam War and involved 2,709,918 Americans directly serving in Vietnam, with 9,087,000 serving with the U.S. Armed Forces during this period. The Vietnam War, or more accurately the Indochina War, would continue for another 12 years after Kennedy’s death, lasting a total of 20 years for Americans. Scattered black ops wars continued, but the next large scale-never ending war that would involve the world would begin full force on Sept 11, 2001 under the laughable title War on Terror, which is basically another Iron Curtain, a continuation of a 76 year Cold War. A war that is not meant to end until the ultimate regime changes are accomplished and the world sees the toppling of Russia and China. Iraq was destined for invasion long before the vague Gulf War of 1990 and even before Saddam Hussein was being backed by the Americans in the Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s. Iran already suffered a CIA backed regime change in 1953. It had been understood far in advance by the CIA and US military that the toppling of sovereignty in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran needed to occur before Russia and China could be taken over. Such war tactics were formulaic after 3 decades of counterinsurgency against the CIA fueled “communist-insurgency” of Indochina. This is how today’s terrorist-inspired insurgency functions, as a perfect CIA formula for an endless bloodbath. What is the relevance for today? That nothing has changed. Former CIA Director (2017-2018) Mike Pompeo recently participated in a discussion at the Texas A&M University, on April 15, 2019, where he voluntarily offered the admission that though West Points’ cadet motto is “You will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.”, his training under the CIA was the very opposite, stating “I was the CIA Director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It was like we had entire training courses. (long pause) It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment”. Cynthia Chung is the President of the Rising Tide Foundation and a writer at Strategic Culture Foundation, consider supporting her work by making a donation and subscribing to her substack page. This is article is a redacted form of the original that was published by Strategic Culture Foundation.

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9. Mai Tag der Befreiung in Moskau

Ob Regen, ob Sonnenschein Maiglöckchen läuten den Sommer ein. 12. Mai 2021 von Irene Eckert
„Freude heißt die starke Feder in der ewigen Natur, Freude, Freude treibt die Räder in der großen Weltenuhr“ Ode an die Freude, Schiller „Der höchste Genuss aber ist die Freiheit des Gemüts in dem lebendigen Spiel all seiner Kräfte.“ Braut von Messina, Schiller Freudentränen über Moskauer Siegesfeier Heiße Freudentränen kamen mir heute beim nachgeholten Anblick der Moskauer Siegesparade vom 9. Mai. Meine spontane Freude galt zum einen dem Anblick so vieler farbenfroher, alter und junger, un-maskierter, offener Menschengesichter, all den feierlich aus angemessenem Anlass versammelten Menschen. Anlässlich des Gedenkens an die Befreiung vom Hitlerfaschimus haben die Russen sich endlich vom Mit-Tun-Zwang beim demütigenden Pandemie-Geschehen öffentlichkeitswirksam befreit. Meine tief empfundene Freude gilt insbesondere dem berechtigten, wieder erwachten Stolz einer Nation, die zwar Hitler besiegt hatte, die aber im Nachgang des Mauerfalls von 1989 doch noch eine schlimme Niederlage hatte einstecken müssen. Fast hätten ihre Antipoden verspätet noch ihr Ziel erreicht, das ja seit eh und je dem Reichtum des unermesslichen Landes gilt. Die Zertrümmerung des Staatenverbundes und die Unterminierung ihres Zusammenhaltes war das Etappenziel. Die fremde Einmischung mittels ‚farbiger‘ Pseudo-Revolutionen brachte neues Leid und nicht nur für die Völker der einst siegreichen Sowjetunion. Das„Wende-Jahr 1989“ eröffnete freie Bahn den Kriegstreibern. Das ausbleibende sowjetische Njet! im UN-Sicherheitsrat ermöglichte den ersten Golfkrieg gegen den Irak 1990/91. Eine Serie neuer Kriegs-Szenarien sollte folgen. Erster kritischer Höhepunkt war der völkerrechtswidrige Angriffskrieg gegen Jugoslawien 1999, der auch ein Alarmsignal gegen die Russische Föderation sein sollte. Die Führungsmacht der in NATO verbündeten „Westlichen Werte-Gemeinschaft“ sorgte auf beiden Kriegsschauplätzen dafür, dass gen-schädigende Uranmunition zum Einsatz kam. Damit war eine Grenze des Zumutbaren überschritten. Mit Präsident Putin betrat Ende des Jahres 1999 eine neue Führungspersönlichkeit die Weltbühne. Niederlage des Nazi-Faschismus und der ihn hervorbringenden Kräfte am Horizont Je mehr seine Antagonisten diesen großen Politiker und mit ihm sein kulturschöpfendes Volk verunglimpfen, desto deutlicher zeichnet sich für den Rest der Menschheit ab, daß in ihm wieder ein Rettungsanker für die Welt erwachsen ist. Meine Freude gilt daher in diesen Maientagen vor allem der nunmehr unübersehbaren Tatsache, daß im 80. Jahr nach dem teuflisch-vertragsbrüchigen Überfall Hitlers auf die UdSSR am 22. Juni 1941, die russische Nation wieder stark und überzeugend vor die Welt tritt. Als am 8. Mai 1945 die Völker der Welt das Kriegsende und den Sieg der Sowjetarmee bejubelten, begriffen wachsame Menschen auch, daß ein geeintes, starkes heimatverbundenes Volk jeder Herausforderung Stand zu halten und sich die nötigen Partner zu sichern vermag. Immerhin hatte die deutsche Wehrmacht 1939 als die stärkste Armee der Welt gegolten. Sie verfügte über einstmals sehr mächtige Verbündete und war angetreten die Welt zu beherrschen. Allerdings zeichnete sich bereits im Winter 42/43 in Stalingrad ab, dass der Sieg über Hitlers Armeen besiegelt war. Nicht die verspätet erfolgte Landung in der Normandie sollte, wie es der atlantische Mythos will, kriegsentscheidend sein. Ohne den Sieg der Russen am 8. Mai 1945 wären die Todeslager im Osten nicht geöffnet, die Konzentrationslager nicht befreit worden. Nicht nur Deutschland, nein ganz Europa und der Rest Welt wäre unter einem NS Regime versklavt geworden. „So was hätt' einmal fast die Welt regiert! Die Völker wurden seiner Herr, jedoch daß keiner uns zu früh da triumphiert“ hatte Bertolt Brecht schon früh in seinem Anti-Hitler Stück Arturo Ui gewarnt. Der Dichter wusste, wie so viele Weltbewohner mit ihm, was der menschenverachtende, überflüssige Abwurf der Atombomben auf Hiroshima und Nagasaki im August 1945 zu bedeuten hatte. Trotz alledem und all der nachfolgenden verheerenden Kriege: „Gottes Mühlen malen zwar langsam, sie malen aber trefflich fein“. Wo Gefahr ist, wächst das Rettende auch Unter Vladimir Putin, Sergej Shoigus und Sergej Wiktorowitsch Lawrows Regie wurde ab 1999 dem weiteren Zerfall Russlands schließlich Einhalt geboten. Das Land erwachte im Bunde mit China zu neuer Größe und ist damit gegenwärtig unangreifbar. Diese neue geopolitische Tatsache schafft ein neues friedenspolitisches Paradigma. Aller Hassrede und Kriegspropaganda zum Trotz verdanken wir es der hocheffizienten Ausrüstung der Roten Armee mit Awangard Hyperschallwaffen, dass ein Atomkrieg gegenwärtig nicht führbar ist. Die NATO-Strategen wissen das. Sie sind es, die die neuen Abstandsregeln einhalten müssen. Anstatt uns also Russland, anstatt uns am Ende ganz Asien zum Feind zu machen, sollten wir dankbar für die historischen Leistungen der mit Russland verbündeten Nationen sein. Wir sind gut beraten auf ihre nimmermüden Kooperationsangebote endlich einzugehen. Ein neues antifaschistisches Paradigma am Horizont Lügen haben bekanntlich kurze Beine. Nach 76 Jahren zerfällt der Normandie-Mythos. Die 1989 von Francis Fukuyama ausgerufene Illusion vom Ende der Geschichte ist passe, der unipolare Moment vorbei. Die Zukunft wird multipolar sein. Die Welt lässt sich auch im Computerzeitalter nicht von einem Zentrum aus beherrschen. Der Größenwahn einer selbsternannten ‚Ausnahmenation‘, die weder Recht noch Gesetz für sich kennt, könnte derzeit nicht symbolträchtiger ins Bild gesetzt werden. Ein kaum autorisierter, stotternder altersschwacher Präsident und sein ständiger Schatten in Gestalt einer unerfahrenen, schwarzmaskierten Dame steht an der Spitze ihrer für „unverzichtbar“ gehaltenen Nation. Ihre wichtigsten Partner ergänzen das trübselige Bild des Zerfalls. Die Europäische Union schwächelt dahin. Dem einst Großen Britannien, gelenkt von einer eher clownesken Erscheinung, droht nicht nur Schottland zu entgleiten. Frankreich, ‚La Grande Nation‘, wird von einem Möchtegern Sonnenkönig, einem Männlein mit Napoleon Allüren regiert. In Wahrheit ist der ehemalige Goldmann Sachs Banker ein äußerst unpopuläres Kunstprodukt seiner Sponsoren. Hohe Militärs warnen dort gar vor einem drohenden Bürgerkrieg. Die Eiserne deutsche Kanzlerin ist kurz vor dem Abgang. Ihre von den Davoser Globalisten als ‚Young Leader‘ ( zu deutsch junger Führer) ausgelobte Grüne Nachfolgekandidatin ist im Lande der Dichter und Denker mehr als unpopulär. Kaum einer außer ihrer Ausloberclique hält ihre Unbedarftheit für ein Kanzler kürendes Qualifikationsmerkmal. Überall wird im Europa der ‚Werte-Gemeinschaft‘ mit polizeistaatlichen Methoden versucht, eine neue Gesundheitsdiktatur zu errichten. Diesmal ist nicht der jüdisch-bolschewistische Untermensch, sondern ein unsichtbares, tödliches Virus als Feind auserkoren. Ihre Repressalien werden mit jedem Tag skurriler, ihre Propagandarufe schriller. Je lauter ihr Ton, desto unüberhörbarer wird es. Es sind die Todes-Signale einer absterbenden Welt. Eine Epoche neigt sich dem Ende zu. Komm, lieber Mai und mache die Stirne wieder frei und lass uns an dem Bache als Unmaskierte gehn. Waren wir In diesen zunächst bitterkalten Maien-Tagen auch mit einer rational kaum noch zu fassenden, anti-russischen Hysterie konfrontiert, schien es fast so, als würde über der Ukraine der III. Weltkrieg ausbrechen und der offen bösartige, kalte Schlagabtausch in offene Konfrontation münden, so glätteten sich vor dem Hintergrund russischer Stärke doch wieder die Wogen. Der greisenhafte atlantische Onkel Joe rief sein für seelenlos gehaltenes, vermeintlich mörderisches Pendant zum Wiener Klimakongress. Im Nahen Osten wird das tapfere Syrien - Blockade hin oder her - endlich mit Hilfsgütern versorgt. Chinesisch-russisch-iranischer Zusammenhalt macht’s möglich. Saudi-Arabien spinnt wieder Fäden in Richtung Syrien und Iran. China spielt Schach mit Australien und Neuseeland. Es versucht das Geheimdienstbündnis der 5 Augen auszutricksen. Israels Thron wackelt, das Land zerstört sich im Turbotempo selbst und nicht nur, indem es den Musterschüler in Sachen menschenverachtender Impfexperimente spielt. Der Sommer kommt bestimmt und mit ihm werden größer werdende Menschenströme weltweit unmaskiert auf die Straße gehen, um gegen den neuen Faschismus im Filzlatschenkostüm einer neuer Gesundheitsdiktatur auf die Straße zu gehen. Man kann alle Menschen für eine Weile in die Irre führen, aber nicht die gesamte Menschheit für immer. Die Menschen sind ihrer Natur nach schöpferische Wesen. Sie sind ausgestattet mit Erfindergeist und mit kollektivem historischen Gedächtnis begabt. Die impfstrategischen, eugenischen Programme einer psychopathisch veranlagten, machtgeilen Clique sind daher zum Scheitern verurteilt. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit und des entschiedenen Einsatzes für Respekt vor dem Menschenrecht. Das Wissen um die Veränderung der Kräfteverhältnisse in der Welt, die der 9. Mai in Moskau so deutlich ins Bild gesetzt hat, kann uns dabei eine unschätzbare Stütze sein.

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18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a COVID Vaccine by Christian Elliot

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a COVID Vaccine by MATTEHRET POSTED ON MAY 9, 2021 By Christian Elliot A few friends have asked my thoughts on the COVID jab(s) so I thought it was time to write an article on the topic. Knowing how contentious this issue is, part of me would rather just write about something else. But I believe the discussion/news is so one-sided that I should speak up. As I always strive to do, I promise to do my best to be level-headed and non-hysterical. I’m not here to pick a fight with anyone, just to walk you through some of what I’ve read, my lingering questions and explain why I can’t make sense of these COVID vaccines. Three ground rules for discussion: If you care to engage on this topic with me, excellent. Here are the rules. I am more than happy to correspond with you if: You are respectful and treat me the way you would want to be treated. You ask genuinely thoughtful questions about what makes sense to you. You make your points using sound logic and don’t hide behind links or the word “science.” If you do respond, and you break any of those rules, your comments will be ignored/deleted. With that out of the way, let me say this: I don’t know everything, but so far no one has been able to answer the objections below. So here are the reasons I’m opting out of the COVID vaccine: 1. Vaccine makers are immune from liability The only industry in the world that bears no liability for injuries or deaths resulting from their products are vaccine makers. As first established in 1986 with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and reinforced by the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, vaccine makers cannot be sued — even if they are shown to be negligent. The COVID vaccine makers are allowed to create a one-size-fits-all product, with no testing on sub-populations (i.e. people with specific health conditions), and yet they are unwilling to accept any responsibility for any adverse events or deaths their products cause. If a company is not willing to stand behind its product as safe, especially one rushed to market, I am not willing to take a chance on that product. No liability. No trust. Here’s why … 2. The checkered past of vaccine companies The four major companies who are making COVID vaccines are/have either: Never brought a vaccine to market before COVID (Moderna and Johnson & Johnson). Are serial felons (Pfizer, and AstraZeneca). Are both (Johnson & Johnson). Moderna had been trying to “Modernize our RNA” (thus the company name) for years, but had never successfully brought any product to market. How nice for the company to get a major cash infusion from the government to keep trying. In fact, all major vaccine makers (save Moderna) have paid out tens of billions of dollars in damages for other products they brought to market when they knew those products would cause injuries and death — see Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex, Thalidomide and opioids as a few examples. If drug companies willfully choose to put harmful products in the market — when they can be sued — why would we trust any product where they have no liability? Three of the four COVID vaccine makers have been sued for products they brought to market even though they knew injuries and deaths would result. Johnson & Johnson has lost major lawsuits in 1995, 1996, 2001, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2019 (For what it’s worth, the company’s vaccine also contains tissues from aborted fetal cells, perhaps a topic for another discussion). Pfizer has the distinction of the biggest criminal payout in history. The company lost so many lawsuits it’s hard to count. You can check out its rap sheet here. Maybe that’s why Pfizer is demanding that countries where they don’t have liability protection put up collateral to cover vaccine-injury lawsuits. AstraZeneca has similarly lost so many lawsuits it’s hard to count. Here’s one. Here’s another…you get the point. And in case you missed it, the company had its COVID vaccine suspended in at least 18 countries over concerns of blood clots, and it completely botched its meeting with the FDA with numbers from their study that didn’t match. Oh, and apparently Johnson & Johnson (whose vaccine was granted Emergency Use Authorization in the U.S.) and AstraZenca (whose vaccine is not approved in the U.S.), had a little mix up in their ingredients … in 15 million doses. Oops. Given the free pass from liability, and the checkered past of these companies, why would we assume that all their vaccines are safe and made completely above board? Where else in life would we trust someone with that kind of reputation? To me that makes as much sense as expecting a remorseless, abusive unfaithful lover to become a different person because a judge said deep down they are a good person. No. I don’t trust them. No liability. No trust. Here’s another reason why I don’t trust them …CHD and The Defender Now in 5 Languages – Watch Now 3. Ugly history of attempts to make coronavirus vaccines There have been many attempts to make viral vaccines in the past that ended in utter failure — which is why we did not have a coronavirus vaccine in 2020. In the 1960s, scientists attempted to make an RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) vaccine for infants. In that study, they skipped animal trials because the trials weren’t required then. In the end, the vaccinated infants got much sicker than the unvaccinated infants when exposed to the virus in nature, with 80% of the vaccinated infants requiring hospitalization. Two of them died. After 2000, scientists made many attempts to create coronavirus vaccines. For the past 20 years, all ended in failure because the animals in the clinical trials got very sick and many died, just like the children in the 1960s. You can read a summary of this history/science here. Or if you want to read the individual studies you can check out these links: In 2004, attempted vaccine produced hepatitis in ferrets. In 2005, mice and civets became sick and more susceptible to coronaviruses after being vaccinated. In 2012, the ferrets became sick and died. And in this study, mice and ferrets developed lung disease. In 2016, this study also produced lung disease in mice. The typical pattern in the studies referenced above is that the children and the animals produced beautiful antibody responses after being vaccinated. The manufacturers thought they hit the jackpot. The problem came when the children and animals were exposed to the wild version of the virus. When that happened, an unexplained phenomenon called antibody dependent enhancement, also known as vaccine enhanced disease, occurred where the immune system produced a “cytokine storm” (i.e. overwhelmingly attacked the body) and the children/animals died. Here’s the lingering issue: The vaccine makers have no data to suggest their rushed vaccines have overcome that problem. In other words, never before has any attempt to make a coronavirus vaccine been successful, nor has the gene-therapy technology in mRNA “vaccines” been safely brought to market. We might assume that because the companies received billions of dollars in government funding, they must have figured out that problem. Except they don’t know if they have … 4. The ‘data gaps’ submitted to FDA by vaccine makers When vaccine makers submitted their papers to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Emergency Use Authorization (which is not the same as a full FDA approval), among the many “data gaps” they reported was that they have nothing in their trials to suggest they overcame that pesky problem of vaccine enhanced disease. They simply don’t know if the vaccines they’ve made will also produce the same cytokine storm (and deaths) as previous attempts at such products. As Dr. Joseph Mercola points out … “Previous attempts to develop an mRNA-based drug using lipid nanoparticles failed and had to be abandoned because when the dose was too low, the drug had no effect, and when dosed too high, the drug became too toxic. An obvious question is: What has changed that now makes this technology safe enough for mass use?” If that’s not alarming enough, here are other gaps in the data — in other words, there is no data to suggest safety or efficacy regarding: Anyone younger than age 18 or older than age 55. Pregnant or lactating mothers. Autoimmune conditions. Immunocompromised individuals. No data on transmission of COVID. No data on preventing mortality from COVID. No data on duration of protection from COVID. In case you think I’m making this up, or want to see the actual documents sent to the FDA by Pfizer and Moderna for their Emergency Use Authorization, you can check out this, or this respectively. The data gaps can be found starting with page 46 and 48 respectively. For now let’s turn our eyes to the raw data the vaccine makers used to submit for emergency use authorization … 5. No access to raw data from trials Would you like to see the raw data that produced the “90% and 95% effective” claims touted in the news? Me too. But the companies won’t let us see that data. As pointed out in the BMJ, something about the Pfizer and Moderna efficacy claims smells really funny. There were “3,410 total cases of suspected, but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1,594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1,816 in the placebo group.” Wait … what? Did they fail to do science in their scientific study by not verifying a major variable? Could they not test those “suspected but unconfirmed” cases to find out if they had COVID? Why not test all 3,410 participants for the sake of accuracy? Can we only guess they didn’t test because it would mess up their “90-95% effective” claims? Would it not be prudent for the FDA to expect (demand) the vaccine makers test people who have “COVID-like symptoms,” and release their raw data so independent third parties could examine how the manufacturers justified the numbers? It’s only every citizen of the world we’re trying to get to take these experimental products — why did the FDA not require that? Isn’t that the entire purpose of the FDA anyway? Good question. Foxes guarding the hen house? No liability. No trust 6. No long-term safety testing With products that have been on the market only a few months, we have no long-term safety data. In other words, we have no idea what this product will do in the body months or years from now — for any population. Given all the risks above (risks that all pharmaceutical products have), would it not be prudent to wait to see if the worst-case scenarios have indeed been avoided? Would it not make sense to want to fill those pesky “data gaps” before we try to give this to every man, woman and child on the planet? That would make sense. But to have that data, they need to test it on people, which leads me to my next point … 7. No informed consent What most who are taking the vaccine don’t know is that because these products are still in clinical trials, anyone who gets the shot is now part of the clinical trial — part of the experiment. Those (like me) who do not take it, are part of the control group. Time will tell how this experiment works out. But, you may be asking, if the vaccines are causing harm, wouldn’t we be seeing that all over the news? Surely the FDA would step in and pause the distribution? (Editor’s note: federal health officials on Tuesday paused the Johnsons & Johnson vaccine over concerns related to blood clots). If the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) — the government-run system for reporting deaths and injuries after vaccines — worked, maybe things would be different, but … 8. Under-reporting of adverse reactions and deaths According to a Harvard study (commissioned by our own government), less than 1% of all adverse reactions to vaccines are actually submitted to VAERS. While the problems with VAERS have not been fixed (as you can read about in this letter to the CDC), at the time of this writing, VAERS reports over 2,200 deaths from the current COVID vaccines, as well as close to 60,000 adverse reactions. If those numbers represent only 1% of the total adverse reactions (or .8% to 2% of what this study published recently in the JAMA found), you can do the math — but that equates to somewhere around 110,000 to 220,000 deaths from the vaccines to date, and a ridiculous number of adverse reactions. Bet you didn’t see that on the news. That death number would currently still be lower than the 424,000 deaths from medical errors that happen every year (which you probably also don’t hear about), but we are not even six months into the rollout of these vaccines yet. If you want a deeper dive into the problems with the VAERS reporting system, you can check out this or this. But then there’s my next point, which could be argued makes these COVID vaccines seem pointless … 9. The vaccines don’t stop transmission or infection Aren’t these vaccines supposed to be what we’ve been waiting for to “go back to normal”? Nope. Why do you think we’re getting all these conflicting messages about needing to practice social distancing and wear masks after we get a vaccine? The reason is because these vaccines were never designed to stop transmission or infection. If you don’t believe me, I refer you again to the papers submitted to the FDA I linked to above which show that the primary endpoint (what the vaccines are meant to accomplish) is to lower your symptoms. Sounds like just about every other drug on the market right? That’s it … lowering your symptoms is the big payoff we’ve been waiting for. Does that seem completely pointless to anyone but me? It can’t stop us from spreading the virus. It can’t stop the virus from infecting us once we have it. To get the vaccine is to accept all the risk of these experimental products and the best it might do is lower symptoms? There are plenty of other things I can do to lower my symptoms that don’t involve taking what appears to be a really risky product. Now for the next logical question: If we’re worried about asymptomatic spreaders, would the vaccine not make it more likely that we are creating asymptomatic spread? If it indeed reduces symptoms, anyone who gets it might not even know they are sick and thus they are more likely to spread the virus, right? For what it’s worth, I’ve heard many people say the side effects of the vaccine (especially the second dose) are worse than catching COVID. I can’t make sense of that either. Take the risk. Get no protection. Suffer through the vaccine side effects. Keep wearing your mask and social distancing … and continue to be able to spread the virus. It gets worse … 10. People are catching COVID after being fully vaccinated Talk about a bummer. You get vaccinated and you still catch COVID. It’s happening in Washington State. It’s happening in New York. It’s happening in Michigan. It’s happening in Hawaii. It’s happening in several other states too. It happened to 80% of 35 nuns who got the vaccine in Kentucky. Two of them died by the way. In reality, this phenomenon is probably happening everywhere, but those are the ones making the news now. Given the reasons above (and what’s below), maybe this doesn’t surprise you, but bummer if you thought the vaccine was a shield to keep you safe. It’s not. That was never the point. If 66% of healthcare workers in L.A. are going to delay or skip the vaccine … maybe they aren’t wowed by the rushed science either. Maybe they are watching the shady way deaths and cases are being reported … 11. Overall death rate from COVID According to the CDC’s own numbers, COVID has a 99.74% survival rate. Why would I take a risk on a product, that doesn’t stop infection or transmission, to help me overcome a cold that has a .26% chance of killing me — which actually in my age range is has about a .1% chance of killing me (and .01% chance of killing my kids). With a bar (death rate) that low, we will be in lockdown every year … i.e., forever. But wait, what about the 500,000-plus deaths, that’s alarming right? I’m glad you asked … 12. Bloated COVID death numbers Something smells really funny about this one. Never before in the history of death certificates has our own government changed how deaths are reported. Why now, are we reporting everyone who dies with COVID in their body, as having died of COVID, rather than the co-morbidities that actually took their life? Until COVID, all coronaviruses (common colds) were never listed as the primary cause of death when someone died of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune conditions or any other major comorbidity. The disease was listed as the cause of death, and a confounding factor like flu or pneumonia was listed on a separate line. To bloat the number even more, the World Health Organization and the CDC changed their guidelines such that those who are suspected or probable (but were never confirmed) of having died of COVID, are also included in the death numbers. If we are going to do that then should we not go back and change the numbers of all past cold and flu seasons so we can compare apples to apples when it comes to death rates? According to the CDCs own numbers, (scroll down to the section “comorbidities and other conditions”), only 6% of the deaths being attributed to COVID are instances where COVID seems to be the only issue at hand. In other words, reduce the death numbers you see on the news by 94% and you have what is likely the real numbers of deaths from just COVID. Even if the former CDC director is correct and COVID-19 was a lab-enhanced virus (see Reason #14 below), a .26% death rate is still in line with the viral death rate that circles the planet every year. Then there’s this Fauci guy. I’d really love to trust him, but besides the fact that he hasn’t treated one COVID patient, you should probably know … 13. Fauci and others at NIAID own patents on the Moderna vaccine Thanks to the Bayh-Dole Act, government workers are allowed to file patents on any research they do using taxpayer funding. Tony Fauci owns more than 1,000 patents (see this video for more details), including patents being used on the Moderna vaccine … for which he approved government funding. In fact, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) — which oversees the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), of which Fauci is the director — claims joint ownership of Moderna’s vaccine. Does anyone else see this as a major conflict of interest, or criminal even? I say criminal because there’s also this pesky problem that makes me even more distrustful of Fauci, NIAD, and the NIH in general … 14. Fauci is on the hot seat for illegal gain-of-function research What is “gain-of-function” research? It’s where scientists attempt to make viruses gain functions — i.e. make them more transmissible and deadlier. Sounds at least a touch unethical, right? How could that possibly be helpful? Our government agreed, and 2014, banned the practice. So what did the Fauci-led NIAID do? They pivoted and outsourced the gain-of-function research (in coronaviruses no less) to China — to the tune of a $600K grant. Mr. Fauci, you have some explaining to do … and I hope the cameras are recording when you have to defend your actions. For now, let’s turn our attention back to the virus … 15. The virus continues to mutate Not only does the virus (like all viruses) continue to mutate, but according to world-renowned vaccine developer Geert Vanden Bossche (whom you’ll meet below if you don’t know him) it’s mutating about every 10 hours. How in the world are we going to keep creating vaccines to keep up with that level of mutation? We’re not. Might that also explain why fully vaccinated people are continuing to catch COVID? Why, given that natural immunity has never ultimately failed humanity, do we suddenly not trust it? Why, if I ask questions like the above, or post links like what you find above, will my thoughts be deleted from all major social media platforms? That brings me to the next troubling problem I have with these vaccines … 16. Censorship and the complete absence of scientific debate I can’t help but get snarky here, so humor me. How did you enjoy all those nationally and globally televised, robust debates put on by public health officials, and broadcast simultaneously on every major news station? Wasn’t it great hearing from the best minds in medicine, virology, epidemiology, economics and vaccinology, from all over the world. as they vigorously and respectfully debated things like: Lockdowns Mask wearing Social-distancing Vaccine efficacy and safety trials How to screen for susceptibility to vaccine injury Therapeutics, (i.e. non-vaccine treatment options) Wasn’t it great seeing public health officials (who never treated anyone with COVID) have their “science” questioned? Wasn’t it great seeing the FDA panel publicly grill the vaccine makers in prime time as they stood in the hot-seat of tough questions about products of which they have no liability? Oh, wait … you didn’t see those debates? No, you didn’t. Because they never happened. What happened instead was heavy-handed censorship of all but one narrative. Mark Zuckerberg can question vaccine safety, but I can’t? When did the First Amendment become a suggestion? It’s the FIRST Amendment, Mark — the one our founders thought was most important. With so much at stake, why are we fed only one narrative. Shouldn’t many perspectives be heard and professionally debated? What has happened to science? What has happened to the scientific method of always challenging our assumptions? What happened to lively debate in this country, or at least in Western society? Why did anyone who disagrees with WHO, or the CDC get censored so heavily? Is the science of public health a religion now — or is science supposed to be about debate? If someone says “the science is settled” that’s how I know I’m dealing with someone who is closed minded. By definition science (especially biological science) is never settled. If it was, it would be dogma, not science. I want to be a good citizen. I really do. If lockdowns work, I want to do my part and stay home. If masks work, I want to wear them. If social distancing is effective, I want to comply. But, if there is evidence they don’t (masks for example), I want to hear that evidence, too. If highly credentialed scientists have different opinions, I want to know what they think. I want a chance to hear their arguments and make up my own mind. I don’t think I’m the smartest person in the world, but I think I can think. Maybe I’m weird, but if someone is censored, then I really want to hear what they think. Don’t you? To all my friends who don’t have a problem with censorship, will you have the same opinion when what you think is censored? Is censorship not the technique of dictators, tyrants and greedy, power-hungry people? Is it not a sign that those who are doing the censoring know it’s the only way they can win? What if a man who spent his entire life developing vaccines was willing to put his entire reputation on the line and call on all global leaders to immediately stop the COVID vaccines because of problems with the science? What if he pleaded for an open-scientific debate on a global stage? Would you want to hear what he has to say? Would you want to see the debate he’s asking for? 17. World’s leading vaccinologist is sounding the alarm Here is what may be the biggest reason this COVID vaccine doesn’t make sense to me. When someone who is very pro-vaccine, who has spent his entire professional career overseeing the development of vaccines, is shouting from the mountaintops that we have a major problem, I think the man should be heard. In case you missed it, and in case you care to watch it, here is Geert Vanden Bossche, explaining: Why the COVID vaccine may be putting so much pressure on the virus that we are accelerating its ability to mutate and become more deadly. Why the COVID vaccines may be creating vaccine-resistant viruses (similar to antibiotic resistant bacteria). Why, because of previous problems with antibody dependent enhancement, we may be looking at a mass casualty event in the next few months/years. If you want to see/read about a second, and longer, interview with Vanden Bossche, where he was asked some tough questions, you can check this out. If half of what he says comes true, these vaccines could be the worst invention of all time. If you don’t like his science, take it up with him. I’m just the messenger. But I can also speak to COVID personally … 18. I already had COVID I didn’t enjoy it. It was a nasty cold for two days: Unrelenting butt/low-back aches Very low energy Low-grade fever It was weird not being able to smell anything for a couple days. A week later, coffee still tasted a little “off.” But I survived. Now it appears (as it always has) that I have beautiful, natural, life-long immunity — not something likely to wear off in a few months if I get the vaccine. In my body, and my household, COVID is over. In fact, now that I’ve had it, there is evidence the COVID vaccine might actually be more dangerous for me. That is not a risk I’m willing to take. In summary The above are just my reasons for not wanting the vaccine. Maybe my reasons make sense to you, maybe they don’t. Whatever does makes sense to you, hopefully we can still be friends. I for one think there’s a lot more that we have in common than what separates us. We all want to live in a world of freedom. We all want to do our part to help others and to live well. We all want the right to express our opinions without fearing we’ll be censored or viciously attacked. We all deserve to have access to all the facts so we can make informed decisions. Agree or disagree with me, I’ll treat you no differently. You’re a human just as worthy of love and respect as anyone else. For that I salute you, and I truly wish you all the best. I hope you found this helpful. If so, feel free to share. If not, feel free to (kindly) let me know, in the comments below, what didn’t make sense to you. Originally published by TRUE Whole Human.

May 8th Liberation Day!

by Irene Eckert 76 years ago our ancestors joyfully celebrated the end of the war. However, not everyone in Germany or abroad understood that it was above all the Russians who had defeated Hitler and his fascist regime. But it still remains a historical fact that the Russians under Soviet rule had done the heavy lifting in combating the most powerful and well equipped army of those days, the German Wehrmacht and her allies. It was due to the Soviet people and their collective effort in support of the Red Army that the Second atrocious War of a sad century ended on May 8th in 1945. The mythical landing in the Normandie unveiled When the US army landed on the shores of Normandie the battle in the East had already been decided. The Germans had been defeated in Stalingrad. The memory of mankind is brief. After the victory the brainwashing machinery continued. Therefore most people never understood the satanic nature of the international forces that had brought fascism to power and its evil minded twin sister WAR that came with it . The former victims of the NS regime, the democratic intelligentsia in exile, the political opponents who had survived concentration camps did understand this. They felt the liberation most profoundly but did not only applaud the end of the fighting prematurely. They knew the battle had not ended yet. Many of those who saw the bad moon rising and spoke out against the danger of a new - potentially nuclear - war, like Bert Brecht, happened to die a premature death. Many of those opposing the re-armament of West-Germany and its joining NATO fiercely, ended up in jail again under the Adenauer regime. The Communist party was banned in the FRG until 1968 and even then their members were refused access to public services. Age old tactics of subjugation to be overcome Today the real old anti-fascist fighters, those who had survived prison or NAZI concentration camps, those in the know are almost all dead by now. New generations seem to have lost the tools of theoretical and historical analyses, tools that could help them understand the forces of evil and their mechanisms. These mechanisms have survived for centuries, they keep breading and breading. It is, however, such knowledge, such awareness of the age old tactics which is dearly needed. Knowledge and awareness can show us out of the mess we have gotten ourselves into. But the knowledge is there, it is available. It can be picked up and used against the perpetrators. But we do have to make sure who the perpetrators are. They are human beings, they have name and address and they are few. These irresponsible actors leading humanity to the brink of self destruction must be pointed out. We, the people, the overall majority are responsible for neglect of duty, if we are looking the other side. Taking interest in politics is key "If we are not interested in politics this does not mean that politics doesn't take interest in us". What Perikles says centuries ago is still true. We will become victims of the decisions others will make. We will be forced into slavery, again and again if we are not on the alert. This time humanity altogether is at stake. The Nazis have exposed how far evil doers are prepared to go in the name of profit. The situation has become extremely serious again. Some analysts, like the Swiss Peter König say, World War III has already begun. But this time the theatre of war is different for some nations, more complicated to see through. It may also have escaped us that others have been slaughtered for years and years, for the WWII has never ended. It all began with in August 1945 against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The horror scenario was continued in 1950 against Korea, 1953 against Vietnam, against Afghanistan in 2001, against Iraq in 1991/ 2003, against Jugoslavia in 1999, against Lebanon /Gaza 2006 ff., against Libya 2011, against Sudan for years and years, against Syria since 2012, against Yemen since 215. We name here the most prominent spectacles of this never ending theatre of ‚conflict‘ . Other than Wikipedia and the US dominated MSM wants it, none of the above mentioned were "civil wars". Their true name is imperialist aggression Postmodern ‚conflicts‘ are media wars in the first place. This time fascism comes gradually and on slippers. The Western world over people have been deprived of their enshrined citizens right without even fully realizing yet, what is being done to them. Those in the driver seat have redefine the meaning of citizen's or even human rights. In their understanding these undeniable rights every individual is born with, according to them can be abolished in the name of ‚Public Health‘ for the alleged good of everybody. This false view must be challenged. We have seen event 9/11. It supposedly led to combatting terrorism at home. I certainly t opened the scenario for unlimited and undeclared wars. We have seen Event 201. It provided the smoke screen for skipping democracy. For the holy sake of public health every single citizen right has been crushed. A virus that affects only a tiny portion of the population seriously, a virus against which there are cures beyond vaccination, serves as a pretext for Draconian measures. Before, the likes was not even known during wartime periods. And yet, in spite of strong creative and peaceful citizen resistance, the majority has been manoeuvered into consent. The Pretexts of Public Health and Climate Threats This is so, in spite of the fact that millions of lives of people the world over are at stake due to the allegedly live saving policy decisions. We seem to be nailed between a rock and a hard place. And the next threatening act of the drama is on the horizon. More equally Draconian measure are under way. This time to allegedly save us from Climate Change. Our children have been seduced into boycotting school according to Greta's tune for almost a year. This was a prelude only. Now they are forcibly prevented from attending school in order to be protected against influenza. Behind the smoke screen of such protectionism more of the same is being prepared. In reality all this is done to sustain the Western hegemon, otherwise called imperialism from falling apart. Those in power are in fact without a clue. They truly believe they can prevent their downfall in putting the rest of the world in custody. Such bizarre ideas will certainly not protect the perpetrators for going under. On the contrary, they are actively participating in a process of self destruction. At the same time they are preparing to destroy those nations who offer alternatives. Those who show ways out of the dangerous paths are under attack. But this will never come to fruition. The sooner more people will comprehend, the better for everybody, including those strangely distorted individuals on the top. All healing depends on the number of people who will quickly become aware of the sheer fact that the Emperor Has No Clothes. Every single individual can contribute to help others understand the insanity of the present self destructive political decisions. These decisions are not only contradictory in themselves, they are directed against life. They even have the potential to lead us to a thermonuclear war scenario by accident. We have to understand the earnest of the situation. We must recognise that a dictatorship under the guise of public health measures is a form fascism. We have to understand that depriving future generations from available sources of energy is also an act of grave injustice that amounts to genocide. We have to understand that forging enemy images eventually leads to war. BUT: Citizens the world over have spoken. They call for Peace - Freedom and Democracy !!! They pledge: In commemoration of World War II we will do everything to end the NATO aggressions against Russia, China, Iran and befriended nations! We demand an end to sanctions that are a from of warfare! We will defend free speech! We say NO to any form of hate speech! We resist neofascist organisations, reserve armies of the ruling class even, if they hide in the uniform of Anti-fascists. We strongly reject the age old stratagem of „divide et impera“ . They will not divide us nor will they conquer the world! We will address the issue of infiltrated agents in our pro-democracy and pro-people’s rights defence movements! We call on individuals in all legal parties, especially in the various shades of Red-Green parties to help understand each other "Whom the Bell Tolls" and what is presently at stake. It concerns everybody, them, too. Such Citizen's Calls are incompatible with right wing policies Might does not make Right The new citizen movements, civil rights movements are incorrectly labeled "populist", „right wing“ or even „fascist“. This is false. This is bullshit. Stigmatising those who speak out in defence of democracy, for ‚people's' power as "populists" makes sense only for those violators of people's rights. Right wing historically stands for violence, for repression, for depriving citizens of their basic constitutionally guaranteed rights. Right wing has always stood for the power of the few over the many. But might never makes right. Democracy is incompatible with elitist power. Defending civil rights and commitment against War historically belonged to the LEFT. The original West-German "Basic Law" - de facto the German constitution - is a good document in so far as it provides the legal groundwork for good governance and good citizenship. Not only does it guarantee basic democratic rights, it obliges our political leaders to uphold International Law and to keep PEACE (Article 25/ 26) and it includes the right to resistance against those who try to violate this law in case that other means fail (Article 20,4). The Communist Max Reimann, Member of West German Parliament, Member of the "Parliamentary Council" who drafted the Basic Law once said in 1949: „We Communists object to that Law, because it implies the partition of Germany, but the day will come when we will defend the violation of this very Law.“ And so they did. But today nobody seems to remember this legacy. Does the Left (Die LINKE, SPD, DGB, DKP) not realise what is being played today? The political LEFT and the civil rights movement When Left politicians questioned the new democratic movement, a movement that quickly developed in spring 2020, challenging the abolition of basic civil rights, dictated under the pretext of Public Health, this was a true tragedy. Whereas the new movement functioned within the framework of the Basic Law (once declared provisional by the Western allies in 1949) and came out out in its defence, the entire Left turned their back on the movement and supported the government. Most of the LEFT are in support of and even participate in the aggressive and often violent posture of the alleged „ANTIFAS“ who are similar to the SA hords of Herrn Hitler's buddy Röhm. Recently the lawyer and activist Markus Haintz was aggressed by a young 'Antifa' woman (!) with green hair in Kassel (Germany) on March 20th 2021. The police arrested him, not her. There is ample video footage from various angles to proof who was the aggressor. The journalist Boris Reitschuster was attacked by „Antifas“ while filming the people's protest, commemorating one year of Corona restrictions. The IT-entrepreneur Michael Ballweg, founder of the young civil rights movement from Stuttgart in Germany is being suspicioned by the Left. How can parties who only criticise government measures for being too weak, too late, not comprehensive enough dare to question the motives of the courageous civil rights activists. We, the people We, the people still have a choice. No political affiliation gives anybody the right to question the motives of dissenting minds, of free thinkers, of opponents to government decisions. On the contrary the Left is invited to participate and to come out in defence of those who criticise the unheard of repressive government measures and the police state. The message of May 8th Liberation Day unites all peace and democracy loving people: Never again fascism, never again war. Friendship with Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, Syria! Let there be Peace on Earth and let it happen through us.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Stop Brainwashing US Into Fascism* and War!

  We Will Resist! By Irene Eckert-Palmer, March 12th 2021 ” It would be difficult to overestimate the extent to which liberty and democracy in the United States are currently endangered …” Albert E. Kahn, Treason in Congress, April 1948 .”..  mankind is threatened with wars, compared with which the past  ones look like poor attempts and they will come without a doubt if  the hands of those preparing  them in public, are not smashed. Bertolt Brecht , 1952″ A strange kind of war A strange kind of war is presently being waged upon us, pattering along on doves feet.  In Germany it was on March 13th , exactly one  year ago, that a  bombardment of measures began to gradually strangle our liberties. Businesses were shut down. Almost all civil activities, apart from wage labor were suffocated. In the name of health we were ushered into wearing face masks while exercising our daily duties. Eventually meetings with our our fellow citizens even with relatives were narrowed down. Every movement of the individual was to be controlled. All and sundry were  ‘gently’ forced into having their health tested. Hastily designed vaccines  were  imposed on every citizen fragile or strong. Lothar Whieler, director of the RKI (German Centre for Disease Control) demanded categorically: “These rules must never be questioned”. Refuseniks quickly  saw themselves stigmatised as  conspiracy super spreaders. Political representatives  acted like feudal lords on executive orders. In other parts of the world and at other times such phenomena would be qualified  ‚dictatorship‘ or  ‚fascist intrusion‘ but presently such critical attributes are tabooed. Government friendly media, the entire political class  and  the scientific community  as well are brainwashing us  in the name of  Public Health . In the meantime  NATO is getting ready for another war against the eternal Russian bogey man and its Chinese partner. And a docile public In order to explain the  compliance of a vast part of the population  confronted with such unheard  of deprivation of civil rights  and pushing towards  a global war we must look back and far. With the financial melt down ahead certain “elites” react in panic mode. For the larger public social and economic penalties are accompanied by police operations  for  disobedience. Due to an oiled brainwashing machine hammering day in day out  on the same melody people’s minds get tired and they abide by its  monotonous tune. The incessant work of this well greased PR-machine  began in an early stage of  WWI. The  Austrian-American pioneer of PR-techniques,  Edward Louis Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud set its mechanisms going. His book „Propaganda“, a  pioneer ‘chef d’oeuvre’ in PR techniques  prepared the ground for many evils, among others  NS-Goebbel’s ideological efficiency. With the help of pseudo scientific methods Bernays and his likes achieved spinning around the  American public  reluctance vis a vis entering World War I. Not much later  women were mislead into  the emancipatory   goodness of smoking. With the help of a  rich tool box of PR devices it  became possible to turn peoples minds to any wanted direction. Wording plays a key role in this devilish game. Brainwashed into a Cold War: As  Abroad so At Home If it was only seducing women into smoking, the damage would be limited, you might think. Although there are  considerable health risks at stake and  future generations concerned.  But undoubtedly, even more damage was done by unleashing the Cold War  against America’s major  WWII ally, Russia right after Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (FDR) death on April 12th 1945. The age of political Freeze that came along with the US president’s untimely passing away would  cost millions of lives. Suffice it to name Korea, Vietnam, Latin America, African Kongo. Considering the present  groundswell of Sino- and Russophobia it is important to understand that there has always been method in this madness.  The coining of the enemy image, that is the distortion of realities in revolutionary Russia began long before World War II had even started. Peoples the world over  have  been entangled in  a world wide struggle between imperialistic, narrow minded, pro  fascist forces and socially grounded efforts to overcome this bloody nonsense . While Hitler was shovelled into power in Germany in 1933, the US people had managed to corner the fascist forces by electing FDR into the Oval Office.  This president managed to stay in power for 12 long years with the help of a wide range of social arrangements based on his forward looking New Deal policy strategies. But the Office of Strategic Services was inaugurated that same year and later CIA chief Allen Dulles was sent to meddle in German politics since 1920, when he was send to Berlin the first time.   The HUAC (House Committee for the Investigation of Un-American Activities) was formed in 1938. Its first Chief Investigator was Edward F. Sullivan, the ex-director of the Ukrainian-American Educational Institute of 1933 (without speaking a word of the Ukrainian language). Sullivan was also very close to the pro-Nazi and anti Jewish German-American Bund. In August 1936 he agitated  against the Roosevelt Administration as a „Jewish Communist Plot“ in his function as  the  keynote speaker at their national gathering in Asheville, North Carolina (see: ‚Treason in Congress, The Record of the House of Un-American Activities Committee‘, by Albert E. Kahn, introduced by O. John, former assistant US General Attorney, published by the Publications Committee Literature Division, Arts, Science and Professions, Progressive Citizens of America , 19 Park Avenue, New York 16, N.Y, in 1948) The NS-like persecutions of alleged inner enemies after WWII,  accusing individuals of  collaborating with an ex-allied nation did not make sense at all from a Rooseveltian viewpoint. But Roosevelt was threatened himself. He was the declared enemy of those fascist forces who came  after Russia.  As abroad so at home public enemies were made out of nothing. With his popular NewDeal policies FDR was labeled  „a dirty commie“ from the get go. He had to be done away with.  When President Roosevelt died an untimely death on April 12th 1945 his opponents had a free pass. „In the months following the V-J Day, the Committee launched an all-out propaganda campaign against the Soviet Union and Moscow’s „Communist fifth column“  in the US. In an incessant stream  of lurid press releases, „official reports“ and public statements by its members the committee proclaimed that the „Soviet imperialism“ was plotting world domination  and that a Kremlin-directed network of saboteurs and atom bomb spies honeycombed the United States“ (Albert E. Kahn). Does that sound familiar? The capital elements  who orchestrated such war mongering between the two nations early in 1945  knew more than well, that they dealt with a war ridden Soviet Union who had suffered enormous losses and was rushing to reconstruct her hard hid country. These fascist left over  circles wanted to disrupt friendly relations between the US and the USSR. “Words like hysteria and paranoia come to mind … The Cold War prism saw the main threat to America in the halls of the Kremlin. The bogey was Stalin, a despot and a devil, a devious plotter with a Blueprint for World Domination … As it turned out the image was an illusion. The spectre of a powerful Russia was  remote from reality of a country weakened by war.” (Harry Rositzke, The CIA’s Secret Operations: Espionage, Counterespionage and Covert Action, New York Reader’s Digest 1977, quoted by Stephen Kinzer, p. 105) Coining the enemy image – shifting the blame for partitioning  Europe  As soon as the Western allies arrived in Berlin a witch hunt  began against all those who had survived prison and Hitler’s concentration camps. They immediately saw to it, that the constructive  Russian hand was pushed back. With the help of their propaganda station RIAS Berlin (Radio in the American Sector) the liberators image was painted all in black. With many minds thwarted  by NS-anti-Russian-warfare-ideology this seemed an easy task. After the swift replacement of anti-fascist personnel in key positions whom the Russians had placed there, it  was  no big deal  rubbing the image of the „Russian rapist“ into Berlin’s brains. Nazi propaganda had been working thoroughly  for 12 long years. However, social action works better than any ideology. And the first thing the “conquering  Russians rapists” had  gotten straight was to repair the heavily bombed  infra-structure  in the City of Berlin. The Red Army soldiers immediately started feeding the hungry population in the NAZI capital, that lay in shambles and they re-opened the theatres. It was the Americans and the Brits  that had destroyed the crowded city centres  of Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden, whereas Russians soldiers fought and died on the ground. In  spite of all their dead bodies still lying around,  the Russians posted cardboards  alongside the  Hohenzollern Damm, road axes from West to East Berlin  lettering: „While Hitlers come and go, the German nation will remain“. My own father, my grandfather and my husband told me the rhymed  slogan in German: “Hitlers kommen und gehen, das deutsche Volk aber bleibt  bestehen” signed by Stalin. With such a concept in mind the Soviets  re-opened schools, they hastily edited  new school books with German classical texts and  poetry. The Russian language was taught among others in  College and High School. However, after less than a year  a different mind set was blown into every German brain, one imposed under the tutelage of the British and US occupiers. This was done in opposition to the humanistic vision that Stalin  and his likes had tried to offer the German people  accompanied by a grand reconstruction effort. Remnants of these early Russian postwar efforts can still be visited in the Eastern part of Berlin, once the capital of the German Democratic Republic ( aka GDR). In the ‘Park of Treptow‘ (Treptow a district of Berlin) a huge monument documents  the spirit of those early post war days under Soviet influence, expressing the Russian quest for peace and reconciliation.  This monument in stone and garden art is also a graveyard,  hosting  the dead bodies of ten thousands of  Russian soldiers. The very special  monument  was  made possible through an  international cooperative effort. Another witness in stone dating from  the pre Cold War  period are the Stalin building monuments along the Frankfurter Allee (formerly Stalin Allee). Today those intact and impressive buildings  along the axes road  towards the East offer expensive  housing for better incomes.  The Treptow Park antiwar memorial site and the Stalin Allee Building bloc constitute quasi eternal  witnesses for mind-modelling. Very few German people remember  the story behind this architecture, they don’t even know of their existence.  The  huge and  still beautiful monument of the Treptow Park is neglected by the city authorities, while  Stalin has become the  epitome of evils and his team was turned into  a bunch of monsters.  This has been purposely done under the influence of rather monster like characters like  Allen Dulles and their hidden masters.  Dulles’ sister Eleanore was instrumental in orchestrating the  ‘insurgency’ of the GDR construction workers on June 17th 1953,  that helped metaphorically shape the image of an oppressive GDR  under the thumb of an even more  repressive ‚Stalinist‘ system. For more see Stephen Kinzer, The Brothers – John Forster Dulles, Allen Dulles and their Secret World War, New York, 2013 (Times Books). A dual biography of John Forster Dulles and Allen Dulles who led the US into an unseen war that decisively shaped today’s world. See p. 47 ff Germany was partitioned in 1949 after an artificial  Western allied air-bridge had been orchestrated in order to feed an  allegedly starving population, strangled by the Russians. In reality the population of Berlin was fed from the territory of  the surrounding GDR.  Opposite to the lead narrative the  country has been partitioned by the Western allies under the tutelage of Britain and the US. It was them who  single handedly introduced a new currency in their occupational zones without warning. It was them who imposed a Basic Law (uphelding Allied restrictions) to their occupational sectors, without consulting the people nor of course the Russians.  They integrated West Germany into the Marshall plan economy,  which was not accessible to the East. Popular voting on this quasi constitution for the Federal Republic of (West-) Germany to be, was made  illegal. Those who challenged the ban and organised a referendum were put in jail. West-Germany was soon to be integrated into the NATO alliance, even though Adenauer, a close friend of the Dulles family had  publicly promised otherwise. Catholic professor Klara Maria Fassbinder  who had worked for French-German reconciliation between the wars and who now committed herself to peaceful relations with Russia,  was one of  hundreds of thousands who suffered dearly for their  civil engagement. (See Diether Posser, Anwalt im Kalten Krieg. Deutsche Geschichte in politischen Prozessen 1951-1968, Bonn 2000, Dietz Verlag).  The  entry  of West Germany into the aggressive NATO “defence”  alliance  of 1949  did not pass without resistance, neither. It could  only  be publicly implemented  after the  German Communist Party was declared  illegal in  1956. In 1952 several Soviet  plans for a peaceful re-unification of Germany  before it officially joined NATO had been  turned down right away as Stalin’s  “propaganda tools”. When living monuments are destroyed or collapse, war is in the air On March 5th in 1953  Stalin died of a heart attack. His death had as many immediate political consequences as FRD’s sudden death in 1945.  Successor Krushchev turned the wheel around.  The GDR government was pushed to impose unpopular policies. The manufacture workers rose in protest. Eleanore Dulles helped to instigate the June 17th upheavals in East Berlin in 1953 into what the CIA  would  frame  as a “revolution”. With more and unpopular decisions coming along especially after the fatal  Krushchev “secret speech” at XXth Soviet Communist Party Congress in 1956 , which appeared first in the New York Times, the once globally popular image of the Soviet Union, as a hero of WWII and the nation who had defeated Hitler was turned around. Krushchev’s secret “speech”  prepared the ground for not only  crushing  Stalin’s image the world over, but eventually gave ground to those  fascist forces who had wanted to destroy Revolutionary Russia from the get go.  GDR academy member and historian Kurt Gossweiler kept a secret political diary showing the fatality of Krushev’s political and economic decision making step by step. He quotes Alan Dulles as having said in 1956  “The anti-Stalin campaign  together with the “liberalisation programme” has caused a chain reaction that cannot be stopped in the long run” Archiv der Gegenwart, 11. Juli 1965 quoted in the Taubenfuß-Chronik I, p.101 . Elsewhere  I have read that ‘With that Krushchev’s secret speech a bomb was planted which will have much longer lasting and  more devastating consequences than the explosion of the atom bomb”. Gossweiler’s two volumes of the Taubenfuß-Chronik were  only published much later, in fact after the GDR did no longer exist. The title of   the  originally private diary  “The  Dove’s Feet Chronicals”  reflects the character of  some of the methods the antagonistic forces applied. Is strange sounding  title was later discussed  publicly with the writer Peter Hacks in an exchange of letters , published in  “Am  Ende werden sie es doch verstehen”.  Peter Hacks, who had left West Germany  in the 50s  in order to work  more freely in the GDR, was the only prominent public figure who shared Gossweiler’s insight.  The antifascist historian’s  observations during  a decade show that the Soviet Union was systematically  and voluntarily destroyed from within and with it, most of  the socialist part of the world.  However, China and Cuba survived miraculously. This goes to prove that fascism, the very antagonism of socialism was not completely defeated in 1945. “The lap was fertile still “as big  Bert Brecht put it  in 1941 in  the epilogue of his play ‘Arturo Ui’ . The inventor of  the epic drama, also  holder of the Stalin peace prize was another  public figure who died an early death in 1956, as did  Johannes R. Becher in 1958, author of the national anthem and  first secretary of Cultural Affairs of the GDR. Both writers might have profoundly understood how socialist efforts were gradually turned in tits opposite. The wheel of history was turned in 1956, but it should take another 34 years before the GDR would be gone for ever. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 the mostly academically trained crowds rejoiced and very few understood, that a cornerstone for peace had fallen. No record was kept for  those who cried or committed suicide. But only ten years later we saw the war return to Europe: Belgrade was bombed for the third  time in the last century, It was bombed by NATO forces, depleted Uranium was applied. All three  wars  were waged with German assistance. Yugoslavia was attacked under the pretext of save guarding  human rights and protecting the people from a Hitler like dictator .  A Green German Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer had cleared the path for the first  postwar war  on European soil. A series of  more wars  the world over was to follow in  the aftermath of  the World Trade Centre’s  collapsing. War against Afghanistan was the first answer. The Greens and Social democrats then  argued that we needed to send soldiers in order to help  liberate  Afghan women from wearing the Hijab. Wars against other Moslem countries followed: Irak (2003), Lebanon (2006), Libya (2011), Syria (2012), Yemen (20015) to name only the most prominent ones. In the meantime we all have to cover our faces, we all have to wear face masks,  formerly the costume of bank robbers. Today the pretentious masters of the universe  are imposing  a new kind of war on us. It is  a weird hybrid war  against an invisible enemy, an ever mutating virus. In order to combat  this tricky creature, we are told  to sacrifice everything that has been dear to us human beings  so far. Mind you, fascism is on the horizon*.  War is in the air. But as a German saying goes : “Noch ist nicht aller Tage Abend” (Now is not the end of all days). And: Wenn die Herrschenden gesprochen haben, dann sprechen die Beherrschten/ An wem liegt es ,wenn die Unterdrückung bleibt?  An uns! Bert Brecht, Lob der Dialektik (Translation: Once the rulers have spoken, those below will have their say/ Whose fault is it when the oppression does not go away? Ours! I.E.) Let us join hands: Cooperation not confrontation is  what we want. ______ * The classical definition of fascism by Georgi Dimitrov:  “the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital.” Recommended Literature: - David Horrowitz, From Yalta To Vietnam. American Foreign Policy in the Cold War 1965, supported by Verdandi in Uppsala, German ed. “Kalter Krieg, Hintergründe der US -Außenpolitik vo nYalta bis Vietnam, Berlin (Wagenbach) 1969 - Rena Giefer/Thomas Giefer, Die Rattenlinie – Fluchtwege der Nazis, eine Dokumentation, Frankfurt Main 199 Grover Furr, Krushchev Lied, February 2011, German ed. Berlin 2014 - Julius Mader, Hitlers Spionage Genrale sagen aus, Berlin 1970 - Kurt Gossweiler, Die Taubenfuß-Chronik oder die Chrutschschowiade 1953 – 1964, BdI München 2002 und Bd II, München 2005 - Peter Hacks, Am Ende verstehen sie es, politische Schriften 1988-2003, Berlin 2005, Eulenspiegel Verlag

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Berlin: Demo gegen Corona-Maßnahmen von der Polizei aufgelöst (Video) 2.08.2020 • 11:12 Uhr Berlin: Demo gegen Corona-Maßnahmen von der Polizei aufgelöst (Video) Quelle: Reuters © Fabrizio Bensch Polizeibeamte stehen neben Demonstranten während eines Protests gegen die Corona-Maßnahmen der Regierung. Berlin, Deutschland, am 1. August 2020. 396 RT Folge uns aufRT Am Nachmittag des 1. August hat die Berliner Polizei eine Demonstration gegen die Corona-Maßnahmen vorzeitig für beendet erklärt. Grund für die Beendigung war die weitläufige Verletzung der Corona-Maßnahmen. Zudem wurde Anzeige gegen die Veranstalter erstattet. Entgegen den Anweisungen der Polizei blieben die Demonstrationsteilnehmer vor Ort. Es kam zu einzelnen Verhaftungen. Die Veranstalter des Protestes wurden von der Bühne geführt. Gegen sie wurde Anzeige wegen Verstoßes gegen die Hygienemaßnahmen erstattet. Mehr zum Thema - Polizei meldet 18 verletzte Beamte nach Demo gegen Corona-Auflagen in Berlin