Friday, August 30, 2013

Die Amerikaner sind kriegsmüde und innerhalb der Bevölkerung wächst der Widerstand gegen Weltpolizei-Einsatz.

US-Präsident Obama plant  angeblich einen Alleingang in Syrien, nachdem er mit Großbritannien seinen wichtigsten Verbündeten für einen Militärschlag verloren hat. However, what the information about a new meeting of U.S. President Barack Obama with his national security team in regards of a potential military strike against Syria means remains to be seen. At least, it is still the situation that Russia, Iran, and other nations such as Germany, Poland and Italy reject a military attack on Syria.

WILPF Statement on Syria, chemical weapons and avoiding military intervention

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) < the decision by the British Parliament to refuse the endorsement of military action against Syria. Parliament upheld the principle that the use of chemical weapons can never be justified, but reasserted the importance of international law and the UN Charter in dictating any response by the international community. However, media reports indicate that the US government is still intent on a military strike against Syria, even without UK support.

It has been WILPF’s position since the first reports of use of gas that the use of chemical weapons is a serious violation of international law, regardless of which party to the conflict perpetrated the attack. But the use of chemical weapons, however abhorrent and illegal, should not be used as a pretext for military intervention. Other options are available and must be pursued.

Chemical weapons and international lawThere is no doubt that the use of chemical weapons in armed conflict is a violation of international law. The 1925 Geneva Protocol < the use of chemical and biological weapons in war. Furthermore, the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) < the development, production, acquisition, stockpiling, retention, transfer, or use of chemical weapons. While Syria is party only to the 1925 Geneva Protocol and not the CWC, legal experts < the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) < pointed out that these agreements have created a principle against the use of chemical weapons through customary international law.

This means the prohibition against using chemical weapons is just as binding as a treaty and is similarly binding on armed groups < Consequently, if either the government or a rebel faction that uses chemical weapons, they can be held accountable for this violation of international law. The alleged use of chemical weapons must not be used as a pretext for military intervention.

Against military interventionRather than rushing to military intervention or war, the international community must respond in conformity with international law. International legal obligations permit military intervention only under specific circumstances, none of which are applicable in this situation.

The rhetoric of the governments pushing for intervention is more akin to retribution and punishment < justice in accordance with international law. It presupposes both the “right” of Western governments to act as global police and the legitimacy of the use of force to resolve international problems.
The consequences of military intervention are inevitable: collateral damage, exacerbation of the conflict and suffering of civilians, radicalization of forces in the region, and making the prospect of a peaceful negotiation even more remote. Military intervention will not help the Syrian people secure relief from the violence nor will it result in a peaceful transition to a democratic and accountable government. A dialogue must happen and it must happen with the voices of those who advocate a nonviolent solution.

Alternative optionsAlternatives to armed force have been carefully constructed over decades and there are systems in place that could and should be used.

1. Ensure effective investigation of the attack through an extension of the existing mandate of the UN inspections. The UN inspections must be allowed to be completed. The inspection team has so far collected samples and interviewed victims and witnesses. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has argued < the team must be allowed to do its job and establish the facts, pushing back against the US and UK government’s assertions of “certainty <” about the facts of the case and their demands that the inspection team leave the country. Once the inspectors have determined whether chemical weapons were used and perhaps the origins of these weapons, the international community should then act in accordance with international law in its response.

2. Seek a UN Security Council resolution to secure the hand-over of any WMD in the possession of any party to the conflict. The first obligation on the UN Security Council is to ensure the prevention of further chemical weapons use. Consequently, it should promulgate a resolution to facilitate the seizure of the prohibited weapons. This could get the support of the Russian government, which has supported the prohibition of use of chemical weapons and which seems to have considerable influence over the Syrian government. Because of Russia’s strong participation in the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, (which has a larger geographical mandate than just Europe), the OSCE may also be able to secure the hand-over of the weapons.

3. Request the UN Security Council refer the matter to the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC has been established to bring justice when a state is unwilling or unable to do so, as would be the case here. There needs to be an investigation into the identification of the perpetrators and the nature of the command responsibility. Syria is not a party to the ICC but the UN Security Council can and should refer the matter to the office of the prosecutor and ensure that funds are available for investigation and indictment.

4. Support a political solution through inclusive peace talks. The political process developed to provide a political solution to the Syrian crisis through “Geneva I” talks in 2012 and planned “Geneva II” talks this year have been established to provide a political rather than military solution to the crisis. The first set of discussions developed a plan for a transitional government in Syria involving both government and opposition members. This discussion needs to be continued in Geneva II talks with strengthened support < permanent UN Security Council members. Pressure also needs to be strengthened for an inclusive process involving women on all sides as well as nonviolent humanitarian and women’s groups to ensure a strong peace process and outcome.

In the meantime, arms transfers to the Syrian government and rebel forces must stop. These arms flows have achieved only more bloodshed. In calling for those providing weapons to either side to stop, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon notes <, “The military logic has given us a country on the verge of total destruction, a region in chaos and a global threat.  Why add more fuel to the fire?

Moving forwardSome will question where the justice is in simply completing inspections and securing the weapons. Law is not about quick “fixes” often demanded by governments, or the immediate justice that is wanted by victims. However, it provides a process which is critical to engage with if we want to move away from violent retribution and towards processes of peace and justice.

WILPF calls, yet again, for choosing peace over violence, and political over militarized solutions. Sustainable peace cannot be built on more violence.

Irananders Bulletin: Anklage gegen Iran wegen Bombenterror zwielichtig

Anklage gegen Iran für den Bombenterror auf AMIA stützte sich auf die MEK
Der argentinische Staatsanwalt Alberto Nisman stützte seinen Haftbefehl von 2006 gegen führende iranische Verantwortliche im Zusammenhang mit der Bombardierung eines jüdischen Gemeindezentrums in Buenos Aires im Jahr 1994 auf die Behauptungen von Vertretern der bewaffneten iranischen Opposition Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), wie nun der vollständige Text des Dokuments enthüllt.


Aktion des FSK Frankfurt/ Mobilisierung für Demo gegen die Aggression gegen Syrien

Hier ist ein Video von der Aktion des SKFS in Frankfurt gestern, mit Wolfgang Gehrcke, Christiane Reymann und Ernst Schwarz

Joint Statement of Turkish,Greek and Cypris Peace Movement

 We call upon our peoples to oppose and to shout:

No to another imperialist war in our neighborhood!
No involvement in the crime against our neighbors, the Syrian People.
No land, no water to the Murderers of the Peoples!
Close down all military bases!
Our three Peace Movements reaffirm our commitment to coordinate our struggle with the holding of the 4thTrilateral meeting which be held this year on October 19-20 in Chania/Crete, close to the US/NATO Souda Base.

 The peace and anti-imperialist Movements of Turkey, Cyprus and Greece join their voices and condemn in the most intense way the final preparations by the imperialists for another predatory war in our region. We once again strongly denounce the well-organized blood-soaked plan that has been set up and executed for more than two years now and has provoked an unprecedented massacre of our neighbouring Syrian People, under the well-known slogan of promoting democracy.
 We specifically state that the fundamental cause of these dramatic developments regarding Syria are the imperialists’ designs, and more specifically of the USA and NATO, to impose changes in line with the concrete plans for the "New Middle East". In this murderous war-game, apart from the USA, a significant and decisive role is being played by Turkey, NATO as an organisation, various reactionary Gulf monarchies and the EU all searching for a share of the loot.
 The WPC and our Peace movements have for a long time been revealing and exposing to our peoples the escalation plans of the last year, with the active participation of Government of Turkey, as the country has been used as a springboard for the preparation and infiltration of armed gangs while NATO Patriot Missiles have also been installed near the Turkish-Syrian borders. These days logistical help is being facilitated through the foreign Military bases in Greece and Cyprus, converting the respective governments in accomplices in the imperialist criminal plans.
 Syria represents for imperialism and its allies a central reference point. A possible occupation of Syria and the establishment of another puppet state is related to the control of extremely important strategic energy routes and the encirclement of Iran, which is rich in natural resources, by the forces taking part in the attempt to overthrow the current Syrian regime.
 To fulfil their criminal target they have implemented the final act that paves the way for another unjust imperialist war. The pretext is known from Iraq and elsewhere, their tactic dirty as always - chemical weapons of mass destruction used by the regime. This is an allegation that has not been substantiated, as in previous cases of course. But even the former Hague prosecutor and today member of the UN Commission on inquiry, Carla del Ponte in May 2013 has stated that the "Opposition" forces used chemical gas.
 We further more emphasize the timing of this development. It is not a coincidence that the campaign of aggression against Syria has escalated in the recent days. It can easily be observed that the radical Islamist militant groups have been experiencing defeat after defeat by the Syrian Army. Also these Islamist armed groups have received their most recent defeat with the June Uprisings in Turkey. Additionally the attack is timed at a moment when dialogue and peace can resolve the conflict. It is apparent that the purpose of this is to isolate the Government of Syria from the Geneva Peace Talks. All governments of NATO and EU share responsibility at this moment in relation to the ongoing planned crime against the Syrian people.
 The peace loving forces of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey express their enormous concern about the active involvement of our governments in a war that will bring new tragedies for our peoples. The people of Greece, Turkey and Cyprus denounce by vast majority the imperialist criminal preparations with the active participation of our countries through the use of Military Bases, airports, and other infrastructure.
 We call upon our peoples to oppose and to shout:
No to another imperialist war in our neighborhood!
No involvement in the crime against our neighbors, the Syrian People.
No land, no water to the Murderers of the Peoples!
Close down all military bases!
Our three Peace Movements reaffirm our commitment to coordinate our struggle with the holding of the 4thTrilateral meeting which be held this year on October 19-20 in Chania/Crete, close to the US/NATO Souda Base