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Syria: Chemical Attack False Flag?/Syrianews

US Military Intelligence behind the Chemical Attack in Syria?

U.S. Military Intelligence Involved in Chemical Attack in Syria (Source: OrientalReview.Org)
Chemical Attack in Syria: Leaks might confirm a staged attack. The turmoil and situation in and around Syria are still very tense and every side involved in the Syrian conflict is blaming each other for incidents and attacks in the Arab country. However, the most important questions are currently such questions as who was really behind the recent chemical attacks in suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus and whether the U.S. administration of President Obama will launch an US-led military strike on Syria or not. Read More »

Syria: Former US Representative – Chemical Attack was a False Flag

Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar
Lies about Saddam Hussein (Iraq) now followed by propaganda against Syria. The Former US Representative Ron Paul said in new remarks in terms of the US-led accusations against the Syrian government in Damascus that it has used chemical weapons (poison gas) against Syrian civilians near the capital some days ago, that this reported chemical weapons attack from Syria was a false flag act and probably carried out by the foreign-backed, and even US-supported, terrorist groups in the Arab country. Read More »

Imminent War on Syria: Public Outcry wanted Now

Syria: Barack Obama is lying to whom?


For a War on Syria: Obama lies.

After the recent Damascene chemical attack under false flag by the 9/11-gang the war of aggression by Barack Obama against Syria comes closer. A leak from the intelligence apparatus of the United States appeared on the site of Patrick Lang.
The leak of the intelligence apparatus of the United States says that Barack Obama intends to begin with the bombardment of Syria possibly already on Monday, directly after the vote in the House of Representatives, where it is assumed that US President Obama will lose the vote in the House of Representatives. Further, the vote in the House of Representatives is expected to be delayed at least for one week.
The leak further says that the bombing of Syria is not intended as a warning shot, but that it will be comprehensive and that it also includes the aim to shift the military situation on the ground in Syria in favour of the terrorists.
That is what Barack Obama would have promised to the US Senators McCain and Graham, both received awards by the Zionist lobby JINSA, while he has, however, publicly announced something else, namely that he intends no regime change (in Syria) but limited military strikes.
This is, so the leak, what Barack Obama would have promised to the US Senators McCain and Graham, both received awards by the Zionist lobby JINSA, while he has, however, publicly announced something else, namely that he intends no regime change (in Syria) but limited military strikes. It is clear that Obama is lying.
The only question is, to whom is he lying – to the Israel Lobby or to the public?
The leak of the intelligence apparatus of the United States also says that there currently would be three problems in terms of the war against Syria:
1 The state of evidence for the accusations by the Obama administration that the Syrian government has committed the alleged chemical weapons is bad and shaky.
2 The planned U.S. military action against Syria is clearly an illegal war of aggression under the terms of the international law.
3 Barack Obama assumes that the Syrians are going to be slaughtered by the United States without any kind of retaliations by Syria and Syria’s allies, whereby Obama is not quite sure about this assumption, but Obama wants to play it by ear (chance it).
The overall mood in the intelligence apparatus of the United States is the fear that, because Obama has already baseless bombarded Libya, wherefore Robert Gates has resigned, the US President could now be narcissistic enough to start the third World War (WWIII) by a war of aggression against Syria.
The first commentator at the leak speculated that there might be the case that there will be another attack under false flag in Syria next week, by which Barack Obama will then justify that he is no more able to wait with the launch of the war of aggression against Syria till the vote in the House of Representatives will happen.
Source: nocheinparteibuch /Syrianews

Chemical Weapons: From Turkey to Syria


Chemical Weapons: From Turkey to Syria

Video Proves Militants Launch Chemical Attacks in Syria (Source: FNA)
Former Turkish official: Chemical weapons came from Turkey to Syria. While the U.S. Defence Secretary, Chuck Hagel, claimed that Moscow was one of the supplier of chemical weapons (e.g. poison gas) to the Syrian government and the national army of Syria, a former member of a city council in the Turkish province of Hatay has testified that the chemical weapons (e.g. Sarin nerve agent) that were allegedly used in suburbs of Damascus on August 21 were transported from Turkey to Syria. Read More »

SyriaNews update

Ron Paul:
«Every Member ought to vote against this reckless and immoral use of the US military». He added, «I disagree with the idea that every conflict, every dictator, and every insurgency everywhere in the world is somehow critical to our national security», Paul said. «That is the thinking of an empire, not a republic. It is the kind of thinking that this president shares with his predecessor and it is bankrupting us and destroying our liberties here at home». Says Retired Representative , the congressional old timer,  it would be «reckless and immoral» for the United States to intervene in the country’s civil war.
Paul’s son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, has asserted that he too is against military intervention in Syria. He voted «no» on September 4 and opposed the legislation to arm the Syrian rebels earlier this year by saying such a move would boost al Qaeda.

Dennis Kucinich:
On August 28, 2013 former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) told The Hill that airstrikes on Syria would turn the U.S. military into «Al Qaeda’s air force».  The outspoken anti-war activist said any such action would plunge the United States into another war in the Middle East and embolden Islamist militants fighting Bashar Assad’s regime«So what, we’re about to become Al Qaeda’s air force now?» Kucinich said. «This is a very, very serious matter that has broad implications internationally. And to try to minimize it by saying we’re just going to have a ‘targeted strike’ — that’s an act of war. It’s not anything to be trifled with».

"The pathetic attempt at media “debate” surrounding Obama’s imminent plan to bomb Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack – which morphed from a couple of hours of feigning scepticism straight into accepting unsubstantiated western allegations as fact, and then repeating them verbatim – all have one common theme: that of a reluctant Obama, unwilling to sacrifice “boots on the ground” and desperate to avert wider regional conflict in another endless war in the Middle East.
Yet, upon analysing the conflict from a realistic perspective – which was from the onset, a sectarian, foreign-funded insurgency – as opposed to the corporate-media, and western politician’s manufactured fantasy-narrative of a “democratic grass-roots uprising” – it becomes clear that the reluctant facade of Obama has also been manufactured from false media narratives – propagated by the government “sources” that shape them." 

poste by: Matthias Klostermayr is a former blogger and journalist, who regularily travels to the Middle East.Matthias Klostermayr, a former blogger and journalist, has many experiences in the Middle East and has decided to concentrate on the developments and events in this region. He is an independent author at the website of SyriaNews and his articles only present his opinions and experiences. He has lived in different regions and currently resides in a small German town. He traveled to (and through) Syria despite the ongoing conflict in the Arab nation and is currently writing his first novel about his experiences in terms of the "world policy". Matthias Klostermayr is a pseudonym to protect his privacy.

GBM-Unterstützung für Weltfriedensraterklärung

page1image1496Die Gesellschaft zum Schutz von Bürgerrecht und Menschenwürde e.V. Berlin unterstützt voll und ganz diese Erklärung des Weltfriedensrates.
Diese Unterstützung verbinden wir mit einer entschiedenen Verurteilung der Politik der Regierung der BRD gegenüber dem Konflikt in Syrien, mit der sie keinen Beitrag zu seiner Lösung auf dem Wege von Verhandlungen der Konfliktparteien geleistet hat. Im Gegenteil. Die Bundesregierung trägt mit Schuld an der Radikalisierung des syrischen Bürgerkrieges, unter dem in erster Linie das syrische Volk leidet.
In der heutigen Situation, wo sich die USA und einige Willige unter dubiosen Beschuldigungen des Giftgaseinsatzes durch die Regierung Assad auf gefährlichen Kriegskurs, eine militärische Strafaktion gegen Syrien begeben, müssen die friedlichen Kräfte dieses Landes eine Wende in dieser Politik erzwingen und jeder militärischen Einmischung in den Syrien – Konflikt von außen eine entschiedene Abfuhr zu erteilen.
Deshalb fordern wir:

  • Den sofortigen Stopp aller Vorbereitung eines Militärschlages gegen die Syrische Arabische Republik.
  • Waffenstillstand und politische Verhandlungen zwischen den Konfliktparteien ohne Einmischung von außen.
  • Die zügige und komplexe Aufklärung aller Umstände des vermeintlichen Giftgaseinsatzes im syrischen Bürgerkrieg und die Analyse der Ergebnisse in den zuständigen Gremien der UNO.
  • Die aktive Unterstützung der Vorbereitung und Durchführung der Konferenz Genf II durch die Bundesregierung verbunden mit dem Rückzug aller Kräfte der Bundeswehr , der Patriotraketen, der deutschen Awacs – Besatzungen und des Spionageschiffes aus der Region.
  • Unverzügliche Einstellung von Waffenlieferungen deutscher Rüstungskonzerne in diese Region und in andere Krisengebiete der Welt.


Dieses geschundene Land braucht Frieden in souveräner Selbstbestimmung und humanitäre Hilfe bei der Überwindung der Wunden des Krieges.