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Europe Misses Chance to Preserve Ukraine Unified

Alexander DONETSKY | 16.04.2014 | 00:00

The recent PACE* session adopted a resolution flatly denying the right of South-Eastern Ukraine to defend democracy and freedom and express the people’s will by staging peaceful protests. The conclusions PACE came to are based on myths instilled by unscrupulous Ukrainian politicians and public activists. 
The myth number one states than Ukraine is a unitary state, where Russians are a minority that came from outside. That’s what is expounded in compilated works by nationalist historians who have poor knowledge of the history of Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Nikolayev, Kherson and Odessa regions which had no settled population at the moment of their accession to Russia. Russians are natives there, part of this territory belonged to Don Cossacks. 
The 1926 census in the USSR did not define nationality on ethnic grounds. The criterion was the place of residence on the territory of one or another Soviet republic. As a result, many Russians, Greeks, Jews and Polish were forcibly made Ukrainians.
The second myth is related to the linguistic situation. The statistics have always been based on ethnic composition of population making all ethnic Ukrainians Ukrainian language speakers. But even official data states that from one half to three thirds of the population in the South-East are native Russian speakers.
Social studies show that 80-90% of people living in the south-eastern part of the country speak Russian in the family. According to Gallup Institute, around 83% of Ukraine’s population prefer to use Russian in everyday life, business correspondence and while speaking to each other. The Russian language is suppressed in preschool education. The new regime in Kiev constantly steps forward with initiatives to ban Russian speakers from holding any state positions, or even put them behind bars and make them subject to death sentences. Just imagine Wallonians in Belgium to be handed down death sentences for speaking French! 
 The third myth is the cultural-historic unity of Ukrainian society. The values of South-East are unacceptable for the West. The differences mainly boil down to opposing views on the heroic fight of Soviet people against fascists. At the same time the South-East and Central Ukraine don’t accept the heroization of collaborationists who sided with Hitler and expounded fascist views, especially Stepan Bandera, the agent of Hitler’s Abwehr known under the alias Grey, and Roman Shukhevych, a Wehrmacht captain, commander of Nachtigall Battalion formed by German fascists for subversive activities. It’s an open secret that many Nazi from OUN (the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) took part in Holocaust. They are held in esteem by contemporary Ukrainian politicians. The Maidan’s slogan was «Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!» These words were used as passwords by Nazi of Bandera’s OUN. Kiev declares the values of South-East as damaging for the state, while those who defend them are considered to be «second-rate» citizens. 
* * *
Can protests be avoided in the conditions when half of population is subject to discrimination on ethnic and linguistic grounds, and people are persued for convictions? When the persons already suffering from being subject to discrimination were called «second rate» citizens, an uncontrolled and powerful explosion became inevitable. 
The people living in South-East want their children to get education, listen to the news and watch TV in native tongue. They don’t want to put up with being called «enemies of state» only because they were born in Russian speaking families. They cannot stand any longer the fact that their predecessors are called oppressors and criminals only for defending homeland in the battle of Stalingrad and liberating Auschwitz, while those who shot Jews in Babi Yar are called national heroes. 
It’s impossible to have such opposing values peacefully coexist in a unitary state which defends only one part of population. As Irina K, a professor from the Donetsk region, says, «We won’t comply with the rules imposed by Western Ukraine. Few take part in protests, the rest have to work so that life would not stop in the cities. But if they use force to suppress our movement, then literally the whole population of Donbass will rise». At present it’s only two regions out of eight that we’re talking about, but they account for 15% of the Ukraine’s population and 30% of the country’s GDP. 
As the world history shows, including the experience of ethnic conflict management in former Yugoslavia, federalization is the only peaceful solution to such deep-rooted conflicts. Becoming a federal state allows every part of the country to independently define the course of its political, economic and humanitarian development, while the central authorities are responsible for coordination and the functions that cannot be carried out at local level. 
It makes no sense to hold the Geneva crisis management talks slated for April 17 with the participation of the European Union, the Russian Federation, the United States of America and Ukraine only without the representation of Ukrainian South-East. Otherwise the crisis will aggravate and turn into a full-scale civil war waged in the vicinity of the borders with the European Union, and Ukraine will not exist as a unitary state anymore being divided into a few parts hostile to each other…
*PACE = Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

"CIA Terror Chief Pulls Rank in Kiev as Washington’s $5 Billion Covert Investment in Regime Change is at Stake." Finian CUNNINGHAM

Finian CUNNINGHAM | 15.04.2014 | 18:21

There could hardly be an American official more sinister than CIA director John Brennan, yet when his mysterious visit to Kiev at the weekend is exposed in various news media the White House responded with vacuous naiveté and as if Russia is foolishly over-reacting.
It is not without good reason that Brennan is known unofficially as Obama’s «assassination and torture tsar». The 58-year-old spymaster is the embodiment of how Washington has itself become a secret, unaccountable government that has set itself above the law in the running of torture and assassination programs by presidential command. Brennan is the «éminence grise» of the White House’s covert world of state terrorism.  
Following disclosure of Brennan’s weekend visit to the Ukrainian capital, the White House was evidently caught on the back foot. The Oval Office made the somewhat unconvincing attempt to portray it as a perfunctory meeting between security officials. Well, if it was merely a routine itinerary then why was the fact of the meeting such a closely guarded secret – up until the matter was leaked by parliamentary sources in Kiev?
The timing of Brennan’s sojourn in Kiev comes at a crucial juncture. The unelected Western-backed junta in Kiev is threatening a violent crackdown on pro-Russian protesters in the east and south of the country… 
So far, the protesters have taken over government and police buildings in the major cities of Donetz, Karkhov, Lugansk, Slavyansk and Horlivka. The takeovers have been carried out with notably little violence – in contrast to the Western-backed street violence that occurred in Kiev from the end of November. The eastern Ukraine protests have met minimal resistance from local police and other security forces, and indeed the latter seem to have willingly joined in the defense of the demonstrations.
The leaders of the self-appointed regime in Kiev are struggling to contain the protesters in the east and south of Ukraine. The chaotic situation is a pointed reminder that the fascists and neo-Nazis who seized power in Kiev at the end of February – after nearly three months of Western-backed street subversion – do not have a democratic mandate to rule over the whole country. The protesters in the eastern cities view the Kiev junta as having come to power illegally. As one woman told media: «They are just a gang of criminals». 
That view would seem to be substantiated by the tacit revolt among police and security forces in the east of Ukraine against the orders for a crackdown given from Kiev. Such clear lack of command over a basic institution of the state indicates that the Kiev cabal has lost control, or more accurately, never had control in the first place – apart from precipitating the illegal coup in Kiev against the incumbent President Viktor Yanukovych.
The vacuum of central authority in Ukraine is evident from the ineffective deadlines issued by the office occupiers in Kiev. Ironically, this supports Moscow’s position that any political solution will have to be based on a federal settlement among the regions of Ukraine. American, European and Russian officials are to meet in Geneva this week, but there is little sign that the Western parties can admit to the reckless folly of their efforts at forcing regime change across Ukraine on the back of the Kiev cabal. 
Kiev’s first ultimatum for the protesters in the eastern cities to relinquish their occupation of public buildings expired last Friday. Kiev had given demonstrators 48 hours last week to disperse otherwise it was sending in «anti-terror» military forces to do so. That deadline was defiantly ignored by armed protesters behind their barricades. So too was a second deadline, which expired on Monday morning. 
This is the context for the secret visit by CIA chief John Brennan to Kiev at the weekend. The Washington-backed regime is floundering to cope with the nationwide crisis it has helped to provoke, and it needs a steadying hand from Uncle Sam. 
The CIA’s covert involvement in destabilizing Ukraine goes all the way back to the end of the Cold War, when the country was targeted for regime change from the early 1990s as a calculated pressure point to exert on Russia. The admission at the end of last year by US state department official Victoria Nuland that the US had funneled some $5 billion into Ukraine for subversive activities under the guise of myriad CIA front organizations, such as the National Endowment for Democracy and the Heritage Foundation, is testimony to this strategic gambit.
The question might be asked: why did Brennan have to visit Kiev in person? Surely, a lesser dignitary bearing a sealed letter would have sufficed? The fact that Brennan was obliged to press the flesh with leaders of the Kiev junta suggests two things. Firstly, the junta is way out of its depth in maintaining a façade of «governance» over a population of 45 million, many of which are armed and implacably opposed to its Western-infiltrated rule. Given Brennan’s top ranking as Washington’s éminence grise, his meeting in Kiev was probably designed at shoring up the shaky US-backed regime in the face of growing dissent. 
Secondly, and more sinisterly, Brennan was letting his hosts in Kiev know – in the most authoritative unspoken way – that they could rely on the full panoply of Washington’s state terrorist expertise. 
The CIA director is a holdover from the Bush administration in which he was a formative figure in drawing up the torture and extraordinary rendition practices during the 2000s. Brennan’s rise through the ranks of the American national security apparatus is in tandem with the rise of American government lawlessness around the world. 
In 2008, he had to withdraw his nomination for the top CIA post under public pressure then from his known involvement in and support for torture. The Obama administration circumvented that glitch by appointing Brennan as the president’s «chief counterterrorism advisor» – a career appointment that did not require Congressional oversight. 
Last year, the Obama administration finally appointed Brennan as head of the CIA with minimal controversy. The promotion was viewed as reward for Brennan’s legal streamlining of the American killer drone program, which has given the White House control of selecting targets in the weekly meetings known as «Terror Tuesdays», where suspects around the world, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia among other places, are nominated for assassination. This facility of extrajudicial murder in the hands of an American president – requiring no legal or public oversight – is the dubious deft work of John Owen Brennan. 
The Kiev putschists came to power after covert snipers shot dead up to 100 people in the Maidan Square, including protesters and police, during late February. The Western mainstream news media quickly blamed the deaths on the Ukrainian security services and the public outcry led partly to the ouster of President Yanukovych on February 22-23. It has since been disclosed that the snipers were actually working for the coup organizers, and there is evidence that the CIA was involved in orchestrating that atrocity, as it had done for the general street protests leading up to it.
In the present standoff between the US-backed regime in Kiev and the cities of eastern Ukraine, the rent-a-mobsters in Kiev led by the so-called Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk are in danger of buckling from the trenchant popular opposition to their illegal power grab. Washington’s $5 billion covert investment in regime change is at stake. This is where Uncle Sam steps in to straighten up the rattled ranks. And who better to exude sinister authority than John O. Brennan – Obama’s right-hand man for state terrorism?


Stellung beziehen gegen die Kriegstreiber der NATO, darin liegt der Ausweg!

Ostern, das Fest der Auferstehung steht vor der Tür. Nutzen wir die tiefe Symbolik des Frühlingsfestes. Machen wir uns auf die Beine, erheben wir unsere Stimme. Nutzen wir die uns gegebene Möglichkeit,  gegen den Strom an zu denken. Gebieten wir Einhalt gegen die hetzerischen Reden unserer gekauften Medien.

Die   meinungsmachenden Medienarbeiter  sind in der Tat gekauft, liiert, im Bunde mit den am Kriege verdienenden Kreisen.

Der  Journalist und Medienwissenschaftler Uwe Krüger demonstriert es in seiner Doktorarbeit
"Medienmacht - Der Einfluss von Eliten auf Leitmedien und Alpha-Journalisten, eine kritische Netzwerkanalyse", Köln 2013.

Lernen wir daraus und  aus der Geschichte:

Nicht Russland bricht das Völkerrecht. Wir sind es.  Genauer gesagt, sind es die von uns gewählten Entscheidungsträger oder doch 'unsere' Freunde und Verbündeten. Sie  hetzen  schon wieder zum Krieg gegen das große Russland.

Natürlich sind die Bürger unseres Landes, die Bürger Europas damit nicht einverstanden.

Wir Bürger  müssen aber diesem NEIN deutlicher und massenhaft  Gehör verschaffen: Schreiben wir noch mehr Briefe, rufen wir  unsere Abgeordneten an, gehen wir Ostern auf die Straße mit klaren, zentrierten Forderungen.

Ein NEIN zu den Drohnen, die wie der SPIEGEL letzte Woche vermeldet, den Machern  jetzt erst recht notwendig scheinen, genügt nicht.

  • Wir müssen NEIN sagen zur Kriegshetze gegen Russland, ihnen die  verlogenen Argumente    aus der Hand schlagen! 

Wir müssen es auch  den "Sprechern" der "Friedenskreise" sagen: Eure Worte sind nicht  klar genug! Eure Aufklärung genügt uns nicht! Wir brauchen eine Abkehr vom Sprachgebrauch der Kriegstreiber. Die  Sprache der NATO darf nicht unsere Sprache sein. Wir müssen stets  den Aggressor beim Namen nennen und seine Argumentationsführung entlarven. Das kostet Mut. Daher sind Zusammenschlüsse verbindlicher Art mit demokratischer Meinungsbildung und Verantwortlichkeiten das Gebot der Stunde, auch wenn es altbacken klingen mag. Die Spontaneität hat ausgedient. Sie dient dem Missbrauch von Autorität und Macht.  Ämter bedürfen der demokratischen Rechenschaftslegung und Kontrolle.
  • Nein zum Krieg!
  • Nein zur Kriegshetzerei, die auf Feindbildern aufbaut!
  • Nein zur Verdrehung der realen Vorgänge bis zur Unkenntlichkeit!
  • Ja zur Aufklärung,  ja zur Richtigstellung von Tatsachen!
  • Ja zur Gegeninformation und zur Organisation von Friedenskräften ohne die gängige  Unterwanderung durch die am Kriege verdienenden Kreise!
  • Ja zur Wachheit!
  • Ja zur Kritik und zum kritischen Denken und Handeln!

"CIA Director John O' Brennan has been in Kiev" Obama according to Bavarian Radio II - Wayne Madson knows more

Ukraine’s Secret Recipe: «Brennan Kiev»

Wayne MADSEN | 15.04.2014 | 00:00

Central Intelligence Agency director John O. Brennan has been cooking up a storm in Ukraine and «Brennan Kiev» is the entrée on the menu. Brennan recently paid a secret visit to the Ukrainian capital to discuss with coup leaders their response to the insurgency sweeping eastern Ukraine. It has been reported by various European news agencies that Brennan landed on April 12 in Kiev with a diplomatic passport under a false identity. 
Brennan reportedly urged members of the «Council of National Security and Defense,» the supreme authority created by the leaders who ousted President Viktor Yanukovych in a February coup, to put down the rebellion by pro-Russian Ukrainians in the east with extreme force. Brennan and other U.S. government officials have also been responsible for identifying secessionists in the east as «terrorists,» which is part of a major U.S. and western intelligence propaganda war against eastern Ukrainian secessionist leaders and the Russian government. 
The intelligence on Brennan’s secret visit to Kiev primarily came from Yanukovych loyalists who remain embedded in the Ukrainian government, as well as Ukrainian Communist Party officials still serving as members of the Ukrainian parliament. Brennan has coordinated the CIA’s counter-Russian activities with the intelligence services of America’s NATO allies in eastern Europe, particularly those of the Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. It is also significant that Brennan, who is the son of Irish immigrants, is married to Kathy Pokluda, a native of New Jersey who is of Czech descent. Brennan’s three children, Kyle, Kelly, and Jaclyn, are Czech-Irish. Pokludas are not only found in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia and western Ukraine. Brennan’s ties to the Czech Republic, which has elected leaders who are virulently anti-Russian, may explain, in part, Brennan’s eagerness to ratchet up tensions with Moscow in eastern Ukraine.
The United States and Britain had called leaders of the violent rebellion that overthrew Yanukovych in February «freedom fighters» and «pro-democracy forces» even though armed right-wing nationalist militias fired on the crowd of protesters in Maidan Square from sniper nests in buildings around the protest venue. The West’s «freedom fighters» shot to death a number of protesters and police officers. The CIA, mainly using George Soros «civil society» front groups and media operations, issued talking points that the sniper fire came from Yanukovych government loyalists and even Russian special forces units. 
However, what the CIA accused Yanukovych and Russia of doing in Ukraine is exactly what is has been doing for the past several weeks: deploying special forces units, including CIA-directed private security forces from Academi (the infamous ex-Blackwater) to fire on pro-Russian protesters throughout eastern Ukraine.
Brennan, whose pro-Saudi feelings are so well-known he is nicknamed «Shaikh Brennan» by CIA insiders, reportedly helped craft a violent response by Ukrainian security forces in the eastern city of Slovyansk and other population centers, including Donetsk, Kharkov, and Lugansk. As is the normal routine for traveling CIA directors, Brennan would have been assisted in providing consultation to Ukrainian officials by a team from the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, including CIA field officers who have previously been posted in Ukraine and who speak fluent Ukrainian.
In reaction to Brennan’s presence in the Ukrainian capital, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov demanded an explanation from Washington about what Brennan was doing in Ukraine. Speaking at a press conference, Lavrov said Russia has yet to receive a reasonable response from the United States about the purpose of Brennan’s clandestine trip to Kiev.
The CIA has a long history of taking over virtual command of foreign security services like the Ukrainian Security Service or Sluzhba Bezpeky Ukrayiny (SBU). During the reign of the Shah of Iran, the CIA gave orders to the dreaded Iranian SAVAK security service and after he stepped down as CIA director, Richard Helms became the U.S. ambassador in Tehran. As with Brennan’s recent activities in Ukraine, Helms gave the orders to the CIA-trained SAVAK in Iran. What followed Helms’s service in Tehran was the Islamic revolution that, in part, was in reaction to the CIA’s training of SAVAK agents in torture techniques and extrajudicial executions of Iranian opposition leaders.
The CIA also virtually ran the intelligence services of Zairean dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, Dominican Republic caudillo Rafael Trujillo, Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, and Nicaraguan strongman Anastasio Somoza. However, in what may cause some apprehension among the interim leaders of Kiev, it should be noted that when the CIA grew tired of these dictators, it quickly helped eject them from power. Mobutu died in exile in Morocco after being overthrown by forces aided by the CIA. Trujillo was assassinated in his chauffeured Chevrolet Bel Air by plotters trained by the CIA. Noriega was arrested while seeking asylum in the Vatican embassy in Panama City after a U.S. military invasion; he served prison sentences in Florida and France and is now rotting away in a Panamanian jungle prison; and Somoza was forced to flee Nicaragua after a cut-off in U.S. support; his car was later hit by an anti-tank rocket while he lived in exile in Paraguay. 
Ukrainian acting President Oleksandr Turchynov, acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, and other Ukrainian coup leaders have obviously not considered what the CIA does to its foreign «friends» after they become unneeded and disposable. 
Ukrainian Communist Party parliamentary deputy Vladimir Golub told RIA Novosti that the Ukrainian SBU had become a «unit of the CIA.»
CIA officials rejected the reports that Brennan was in Kiev as «an outright lie». However, Brennan has been known to lie in the past about CIA clandestine operations and the CIA issued its standard reply that it would «neither confirm nor deny» Brennan’s presence in Ukraine.
Brennan was less than truthful about his role with the Saudis and Qataris in a failed CIA operation in Benghazi, Libya that saw the U.S. ambassador to Libyan Christopher Stevens and three other America diplomatic personnel killed by Libyan Islamist rebels in an attempt to transfer weapons from the armories of ousted Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi to Salafist guerrillas in Syria. Brennan was the deputy national security adviser to President Obama at the time of the Benghazi disaster. After CIA director David Petraeus’s admission of an extramarital affair with his biographer, Brennan, a retired CIA National Clandestine Services officer with long ties to Saudi Arabia, was named as Petraeus’s replacement. 
Brennan helped craft the George W. Bush administration’s secret rendition and torture policy used against «Al Qaeda» suspects around the world. After his retirement in 2005, Brennan became the chief executive officer of The Analysis Corporation (TAC), a favorite CIA private contractor. 
During the outset of the 2008 presidential campaign, Brennan’s TAC employees in the State Department’s Passport Office ensured that certain information on Obama and his relatives were deleted from State Department files. The mini-scandal, which also involved the passport records of Obama’s opponents, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain, were also deleted from the files. Brennan was rewarded for his work on behalf of the Obama campaign with the number two job on the National Security Council and, ultimately, the directorship of the CIA after Petraeus’s downfall. Brennan makes few decisions without first discussing them with Obama. Any decision to send CIA operatives, including private mercenaries, into eastern Ukraine would have Obama’s official consent, done by the signing of a «Presidential Finding,» or unofficially with a mere «wink and a nod» to Brennan.
Brennan, who has been called a «knuckle-dragging thug» by current and retired CIA officials who know him, is not the most welcomed figure in Ukraine if the Kiev authorities actually desire a peaceful outcome with its opponents…
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