Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Commemorating the First World Zionist Congress in Basel

The founding Congress of World Zionism in Basel 1897 is strangely being commemorated these days on public radio in Germany.

As we strive for a peace in justice and for human and humane survival, we have to come to an  realistic and truthful understanding of the material forces behind "Zionism".
Zionism is contradictory to Judaism says Israeli historian Shlomo Sand. Judaismus is therefore not identical with Zionism - on the contrary.
Judaism is  the oldest monotheistic religion. This  religion laid the ground for Christianity and Islam. Like all religions Judaism strives universally for a  better,  a human life on earth. Judaism  is as universal  as the religions that followed on is foot-prints. Therefore it  cares for and  respects humanitarian and international law. The UN-Charter is the embodyment of such a universal moral. Therefore  the Charter is respected by all nations, no matter how disrespectful some "leaders" my treat this precious document at times.

Zionism  is contrary to the UN-spirit, a nationalistic, even chauvinistic  and racist philosophy. In its essence it is as  much a distortion of Judaism as is "Islamism"  is with respect to Islam.  All  such  comparable antihuman, aggressive  and shrewd ideologies  can easily  lead to terrorism.

Zionism, Islamism, like  the chauvinistic Hinduism  of  the Hindutva and Christian fundamentalism and comparable  forms of fundamentalism are  contradictory to any humanistic attitude.  Such ideologies hurt their  adherents and their families and friends as much as they  consequently hurt  neighboring  peoples.

"National-Socialism" was as an ideology with alleged  high aspirations as  contradictory to Socialism as the above mentioned ideologies are to what they claim to be. NS-ideology led the German people into a  catastrophic defeat  and it led the world to the brink of total destruction. It was an ideology that had put into practice lethal  consequences for all Jewish people and  on the long run  it would have been lethal for  the rest of humanity.

"National-Socialism" was  the most extreme form of German fascism. Yet, it is not the only and not the final form of fascism. For an indepth definition of fascism see Georg Dimitrov (1935).

 Today Zionism is one of the most dangerous  ideologies. Islamism in the form of Wahabism or Djihadism is nothing much better. They are altogether inventions of Western colonialist spirits. They are aggressive and brutal mind sets and they tend to violate the most basic human values as substantial to  all world religions.

 Put into  political practice all the above mentioned ideologies are threating  neighboring countries with war. Even nuclear warfare is one of their options. However, Zionism was not invented by religious or socially conscious Jewish people. Imperialist colonialists of various nations stood at its cradle, let us not forget this.  God-parents of the above mentioned mind sets are colonialists  and fascists. Such  harmful world views dictated by bought up intellectuals are twin-sisters and brothers  of fascism. Zionism put in action brings quasi necessarily dangerous  new waves of anti-semitism as a logical result with it. It is  therefore contradictory to anything human and certainly not in the service of the nation of Israel, nor in the interest of Jews any where in the world. We must hence learn how to comprehend its true nature and see clearly who  keeps feeds it. We need to construct a peaceful future without  fundamentalist ideologies and its terroristic results.