Tuesday, December 31, 2013

May 2014 Become A New Year of Enlightenment and Successful Efforts for Peace On Earth!

May everyone see his or her possibility to contribute to this wishful thinking in the year ahead, so that together we will eventually become strong enough to implement the noble  project 'peace by peace'.
The first piece of  peace begins in the minds and hearts of people. Therefore let us be prepared to stretch out our hand to those who have been  denigrated and labelled as enemies for us. Enemy images can be and must be shred. Reality must be looked at afresh without preconceptions.
Let us celebrate unity for the most nobel causes on earth:  Solidarity for a modest but good life. NO to war propaganda and arms expenditures. Let us  defy the distortation of language and  the renaming of  violent aggression as "humanitarian intervention" or "responsibility to protect".  ONE HUNDRED YEARS are enough! We want no more wars, no more power over other nations, no more of exploiting the natural riches of others for free. May there be peace on earth and may it be furthered by us.