Sunday, November 25, 2012

Remember Stalingrad: Fascism is not yet defeated

Stalingrad was only the beginning of its defeat 

The Womb this crawled from is still going strong.“ (Bert Brecht)

This Brechtian line from the epilogue of his play 'Arturo Ui' refers neither to a single man nor to a woman. The metaphor rather epitomizes an economical and political system that has performed at its „best“ during the NAZI-period between 1933 to 1945.

The English translation below does not adaequately reflect the meaning of Brecht's precise and dialectic wording in German.

Therefore learn how to see and not to gape

To act instead of talking all day long
The world was almost won by such an ape!

The nations put him where his kind belong.

But don’t rejoice too soon at your escape

The womb he crawled from is still going strong.

(International Socialism, February 1977
Bryan Rees, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
Brecht's wording offers a key to comprehension and opens the path to the transformation of an unhealthy state of social affairs.
Hitler as an individual certainly was a most disagreable creature, but he was no „ape“. The jobless survivor of World War I was definitely manoeuvred by the social forces who had carried him to power. Under their well defined terms he did his job 'well' up to his undignified end. He had served and was easily to be discarded when no longer wanted. A sentence at the International War Tribunal in Nuremberg would have been much better for the world. His principals would have to be named.
However the undignified death of the 'dictator' and the defeat of Nazi-Germany symbolized the weakening of the economical system Hitler had stood for.
In 1935 the Bulgarian communist, Georgi Dimitrov (1882˗1949), had called fascism “the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital.”
This definition had set the ground for the most powerful resistance movement finance capital has ever met.
Comprehending the current war drive demands a closer look at the implications of Dimitrov's once popular definition.
It seems impossible to challenge the profound economical, politicial and cultural decay the world is confronted with without analyzing its systemic root causes. Global militarism and the death toll it entrenches cannot be confronted successfuly without limiting the profit making mechanism. Peace and justice will come only as a result of such a policy.
For too long now has the world been duped, for too long now have most scholars neglected the study of three precious volumes of the CAPITAL by Karl Marx. And yet the present state of affairs shows the profound forsight of this German scholar of Jewish origin. By discarding the relevance of Marxens studies many other great analysts and strategists, like Lenin and Stalin have been discarded.
Stalingrad had earmarked a historic turn. An army of one million excellently equipped soldiers had been forced there into defeat. The greatest army of world history had eventually been crushed in a joint effort.
And yet, Brecht's prophetic epilogue of his Arturo Ui can open up our minds into seeing that facism as a system with all its lethal consequences has not been overcome on a global scale.
On the contrary - Nazy Germany has almost reached posthumously some of its major goals.
Nazi-German Fascism from an early stage onwards had focused on whiping out what they qualified as „Jewish Bolshevism“ and consequently wanted to enslave the peoples in the East of Europe, namely those who had put into practice many of Marxens ideas. They wanted of course essentially to get hold of the precious natural resources of Russia, but also did they yawn for taking their soil for settlements for the „nordic race“. These new settlements were meant to feed their home based population. They strived at world rulership for German capital. „Jewish Bolshevism“ that had gained power in Soviet Russia and enormous influence in the world was a major barrier to this end.
In deed many leaders in Soviet Union were of Jewish origin. The fact that Jewish people had been discriminated against heavily might have driven them to communism. Communism is also grounded spiritually in the Jewish-Christian heritage and the universal strive for justice and truthfulness is rooted there.
Bolshevism, in the eyes of the NAZI- rulers of German was almost identical with Judaism. This is why the Jews were to be exterminated.
The other reason for going after the Jews of Europe was the Zionist project.
More to follow soon.