Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ukraine-kommentar von Dirk Müller - "MR. DAX" - (Video)

anbei ein ukraine-kommentar von dirk müller, dem sog. "mr. dax", weil er auf dem börsenparkett arbeitet (www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_YWdaQhRU4#t=17). seine burschikose und engagierte, ja fast aufgeregte art, dinge zusammenzufassen, gefällt mir in diesem beitrag, weil sie zeigt, wie wir manipuliert werden. leider nur unterstützt herr müller die AfD und die widerum ist mir sehr sehr fern …

Ukraine: Dirk Müller zum Hintergrund der Unruhen

Syria, Ukraine: One Antiterrorist Front


Syria, Ukraine: One Antiterrorist Front

The February armed coup in Ukraine has repeated the Syrian scenario in the Russia’s brotherly nation. It was a result of the actions planned in advance using both «soft» and «tough» power directed from outside... In Kiev the coup was staged by militants trained by the CIA. There were many of them coming from Western Ukraine to join together with mercenaries from Poland and the EU states, Georgia and the Islamists with combat experience received in Syria and Libya. Using snipers hired by the Maidan leaders is also the repetition of Syrian experience…