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Jean-Pierre Chevenement: European Independent Player in Multipolar World or US Follower?

Ukrainian Conflict is New Proxy War Organized by US  French Politician

The Ukrainian crisis happened due to the clash of Russian and American interests, said Jean-Pierre Chevenement, the former French Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense, in Le Monde Diplomatique.
© AP Photo/ Evgeniy Maloletka

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After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine? (564)
The Ukrainian crisis happened due to the clash of Russian and American interests, said Jean-Pierre Chevenement, the former French Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense, in Le Monde Diplomatique.
The United States seeks to isolate Russia from the rest of Europe, at the same time increasing Washington's role in the continent, according to Chevenement.
There is a geopolitical argument between those, who want to keep the old form of partnership between Europe and Russia laid out in the early 2000s, and supporters of the policy of containment, similar to the strategy used against the Soviet Union during Cold War.
Ukraine became another proxy war zone. Right now in Ukraine, on the one hand, there is the Ukrainian army, backed by the United States and its allies, and on the other hand, the Donbass militia, who found support primarily among the Russian-speaking population of Eastern Ukraine, Chevenement said.
If the conflict in Ukraine goes on, it can turn the country into the permanent bone of contention between Russia and the European Union (EU), the French politician continued.
The main question here is whether Europe could establish itself as an independent player in the multipolar world of international relations. If EU leaders fail to put up with Washington's pressure, Europe will stay as the United States' vassal for a long time, Chevenement said.
The politician also added that Europe must try to convince the United States that it is far better to find a working solution with Russia and come up with mutually-agreed set of new rules that would benefit everyone. Europe does not want to shut Russia off completely out of its radar.

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US Cries FIFA Foul to Penalise Russia

The saying goes: don’t mix politics and sport. That is exactly what the United States’ authorities seem to be doing over this week’s dramatic arrests of World Cup officials and allegations of rampant fraud amounting to $150 million. The ostensible American concern is to clean up the tarnished image of the “beautiful game” in a global sting operation, which saw the arrest of seven senior members belonging to FIFA – the international federation that organises the quadrennial soccer World Cup finals... 

Roses Have Thorns or How Important is the Real Story?

Siege on Donetsk 2014 and Beyond
These are always very long videos, but amazing in the amount of material contained and the excellent way of presenting it. This is the first of two parts about the beginning of the siege on Donetsk, after the Donbass military had left Slaviansk last summer. The next part will soon be ready.

There is History in these pictures. It all happened only last years, but the struggle goes on. If we want to understand the root causes of these fierce struggles we need to understand the historical background.  Is it important or not to know the true history of  the struggle of the  people of Donetsk?
And what about  the Russians and what about the Soviet people? The Russian people are a great people, but even today Russia is home to other peoples and what about the Soviet area?

Will treating the  subject of "How the  great Soviet achievements were ruined and how this lead to the present debacle really not prove  relevant to the policies of today? Will it not help us in our efforts to inform the public about what is happening today. It may put  some people off, in deed, mostly those who do not want their lies to be exposed.

The US researcher Grover Furr from Monclair State University ("Khruchev Lied" 2007, "BLOODLIES" 2014)  holds it important to discover historic lies and to do research in order to get a better  idea of what the USSR achieved in the early years before the Great War destroyed so much of their efforts to improve the lives for millions.
Yes, it seems extremely  important to focus now  on what the Russian people in conjunction with all the other peoples under the Soviet banner  achieved under a competent leadership. A good people under a trustworthy, non corrupt and competent leadership can achieve a lot in a few time.
As it is important to have a closer look at the last 15 years of Russian history under Putin's and his very comptetent colleagues leadership, it is also important to go beyond that period. We must understand how the Soviet Union was ruined. Which forces within and without the country contribute to this tragedy for mankind. Those responsible for the crimes against humanity  must be named. Their ways must be exposed.
Research into historical facts is as important as it is  to get accurate information about the present events.
The Vineyard Saker's Blog is one of the very good resources and thanks goddess, he has a hugh following. What is known about his background? He is from an old Russian military family....meaning Tsarist military. His parents left Russia and he was brought up apparently partly in Europe. Actually in his last podcast, he chatted away about his time as a student in a US university or academy and how his political views developed. Later he worked as a military analyst, in Chechnia and in Bosnia....and that is where he said "no", this isn't the way, had some problem, got out, went to the US with his wife and kids, at first wanting to be unpolitical, but starting the bloc. He also mentioned in that podcast that at some point he had worked at the ILO in Geneva. The podcasts are usually him answering questions from his followers but also where more personal views come out.  They are all found in his blog.
Thanks to all of you who help expose the truth.