Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SU-24 Shot Down: Accomplices of Terrorists Stab in the Back

Dmitriy SEDOV | 25.11.2015 | 00:05

A SU-24 front-line bomber on a mission to strike the Islamic State terrorist group was brought down 
by Turkish air defense. It poses a lot of questions to be mulled over by politicians and military. Why does Ankara give priority to the so-called inviolability of its borders over the fight against the common enemy that is supposed to a joint endeavor? What is behind this stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists, as President Putin called them? 
The answer is clear enough: the Russian Aerospace Forces operated in the vicinity of Jarabulus, the Syrian city highly populated by Turkmen. They control the supply routes used by the Islamic State to receive arms and new recruits.
The Russian aircraft hit the positions held by Turkmen formations. Ankara viewed it as an attack against Turkmen populated areas. Most important, the Syrian army supported by Russia’s Aerospace Forces advanced to the area of crucial importance for the Islamic State. This prompted the Turkish military to stage a provocation. The supply route must be kept intact even if it requires shooting down Russian aircraft.
As someone who has no whatsoever relation to military matters, I’d like to offer an option for consideration – it’s easy to do. I suggest that Russian fighter-bombers abandon the area where the Su-24 was shot down. The positions of the Islamic State and the Turkmen who support it, should be leveled to the ground by cruise missiles strikes. I don’t know what the military will say, but that’s the Islamic State supply route must be blocked, come what may.
There is no need to have any illusions that it would change the policy of Turkish President  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as he conducts his so-called fight against terror. This is an unusual fight. Turkey is not on its own. The decision to attack the Russian aircraft was too important. No way could the Turkish military do it without consulting Washington first. 
Now everything is clear about the prospects for creating a “broad coalition”. The masks are pulled off. No more pretending, it’s all has come out in the open now. Since a long time ago the United States and NATO view the fight against the Islamic State as a game. Now they are trying to make it a bloodshed game for Russia to play. The Russian Aerospace Forces protect the forward area of defense at the distant approaches to the national borders, there is no way Russia could retreat with Damascus and Moscow behind it.

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