Friday, February 7, 2014

Olympic Spirit Says No to Israeli occupation Raid and Eviction of Palestinians from Ein Hijleh


Israeli occupation raid and evict Palestinians from Ein Hijleh

Press Release
Friday 7, February 2014

Hundreds of Israeli forces have raided Ein Hijleh village in the Jordan Valley and evicted all its residents violently around 1:30 am and declared the village a closed military zone.  And it is estimated that between 200-250 Palestinians were in the village at the time of eviction.

35 Palestinians were injured and taken to Jericho hospital after the eviction. At the time of the raid Israeli forces fired large amounts of sound bombs to scatter the crowd that gather at the center of the village while many women and children were automatically evicted from homes and tents where they were asleep.

Israeli forces have attacked the residents of Ein Hijleh by beating them up, kicking them and pushing them to the ground and into the fire.

The residents of the village were transferred after the eviction with Israeli occupation military buses while being humiliated and mocked by the soldiers on the bus.  The residents of Ein Hijleh where transferred to the entrance of Jericho and were received by Palestinian security forces and taken to the center of Jericho city.

Israeli forces have also attacked journalists and medical teams in the village at the time of eviction including a cameraman from Palestine TV who was pushed from one of the rooftops to the ground and one of the medics from the medical relief team was hit with a riffle on his chest.

Several Palestinians were arrested at the time of eviction and were later released at the entrance of Jericho.

The activist from the popular struggle committee in AlMasara Mahmoud Zawahreh said that the activists have managed to revive the village and although they were evicted from Ein Hijleh but the Israeli occupation failed to evict the village and the great work achieved from the hearts and minds of Ein Hijleh residents.

Activist from the popular struggle from Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem Monther Amira said that the eviction will not end the work of the activists in the Jordan Valley, he added “we will continue with our campaign Melh AlArd (Salt of the Earth), and the revival of the village was only the start to our work in the Jordan Valley, we will continue our work and we will remain to be the salt to this earth working against Israeli policies in all of Palestinian lands especially against the Judaization and annexation of the Jordan Valley.

List of the injuries taken from Jericho hospital:
  1. Bade’ Dwaik 41 years
  2. Mohammad Musa Da’ajneh 25 years
  3. Mohammad AbdelKarim AlKhatib 25 years
  4. Abdel Majeed Omar 22 years
  5.  Mohammad Nae’m Hasan 29
  6. Maher Taher Samara 29 years
  7. Mohammad Saeed Abu Gharbieh 19 years
  8. Baha Jalal Tamimi 26 years
  9. Ziad Abu Ein 54 years
  10. Ramzi Mohammad Abu Sa’da 30 years
  11. Abdel Majeed Bassam Omar 22 years
  12. Maher Nayef Saleh 47 years
  13. Murad Mohammad Omar 25 years
  14. Sami Ahmad Di’es 25 years
  15. Mahmoud Ahmad Ismail 29 years
  16. Marwa Jihad Samhan 23 years
  17. Waed Basem Tamimi 17 years
  18. Ashira Ali Ramadan 29 years
  19. Mahmoud Naser 21 years
  20. Nibal Mohamad Abd Rabu 24 years
  21. Fadi Methqal AlJayousi 34 years (Palestine TV cameraman)
  22. Suhaib Rafe’ Sawafta 22 years
  23. Ma’en Jamal Daraghmeh 25 years
  24. Ahmad Daraghmeh 21 years
  25. Mohannad Abdel Fatah 23 years
  26. Anas Mahmoud Zghaiar 18 years
  27. Karam Akram Zghaiar 23 years
  28. Ala’ Zghaiar 25 years
  29. Hasan Othman Faraj 33 years
  30. Hamza Hasan Jawabreh 20 years
  31. Osama Hasan Na’amreh 20 years
  32. Islam Saleh Tamimi 18 years

Daughters and sons of Palestine, be the salt of this earth and stay steadfast on it.
Evicting Ein Hijleh in the Jordan Valley
Evicting the residents of Ein Hijleh Brutal eviction of peaceful village Ein Hijleh

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