Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Syria: More than 125 000 Terrorists from Different Corners of the World

For two and half years since the Syrian crisis broke out and the Syrian officials continuously argued that despite some of the demands some of the protesters sincerely joined the protests were legitimate and the government of Dr. Bashar Al Assad instantly recognized and addressed to the extent of rewriting the entire constitution, rewrote the political parties law and accepting the formation of a number of new parties, calling for local and parliamentary elections and changing the government to include some of the real opposition figures who didn’t boycott the elections and won some of the parliament seats, rewrote the media law and so on, despite all of that there are large numbers of 5th column are taking advantage of the chaos and escalating the crisis into a bloody confrontation.

In his first speech after the crisis erupted, Dr. Assad stated that some of the security officials have concealed the true figures of outlaw fugitives and there are over 60,000 at large, some of which are wanted for dangerous crimes like killing, kidnapping, raping and theft.
In a country like Syria sharing borders with NATO member state Turkey, NATO occupied Iraq, NATO failed Lebanon, NATO parking lot Jordan and NATO spoiled baby Israel, from all sides, it’s quite difficult to maintain 100% security all over with the resources available.
Ask the US regime who keep complaining from the influx of gangsters and illegal immigrates from one neighbor Mexico in the south and from cavemen flying airplanes into its cities destroying 2 iconic towers and having a 3rd fall down with them in a rare show of sympathy, with all the resources and capabilities the US regime has compared with those available to the Syrian government with the conditions mentioned above.
Syrian media showed a large number of riots from the very first days carried out by gangsters and reported scores of unarmed riot control policemen being sniped in Daraa and in Homs in the very first week; more than 11o of them between 15 March and 21 March 2011. But totally ignored by the synchronized western mainstream media whom strangely were all having the same media narrative on Syria in demonizing the Syrian state and the Syrian president in person, later demonizing the Syrian Arab Army with the foolish narrative of ‘killing own families and people’! It worked with Libya and other places, it was working with Syria for some time.
Those following reports coming out from real activists from inside Syria and not from offices in London, New York or Paris, or even from Qatar, learned about foreign elements joining the ‘spontaneous public uprising’ in Syria by the Syrian people, at the beginning, those elements were mainly from neighboring and regional countries namely Lebanon, Saudi and Turkey.
When the Syrian Arab Army managed to withstand the waves of terrorist herds and didn’t collapse like planned for, NATO started importing radical anti-Islamic Islamist Jihadists from all parts of the world. UN special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi confessed there were more than 40,000 foreign terrorists in Syria in a statement he made in April 2013, our estimates from reliable sources from the Syrian security and from activists confirm there were more than 125,000 terrorists were smuggled mostly into Syria from Turkey which shares with Syria an over 800 kilometers long borders.
Turkish prime minister and caliph wannabe Erdogan managed through his loyalists in the Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı, MİT, the Turkish intelligence forces, to recruit, train, arm and finance tens of thousands of those terrorists then smuggle them into Syria with the help of large parts of the over 60,000 fugitives mentioned above. No other country would do such a thing to a neighboring country on this planet as this will always backlash, but for Erdogan promised to be the caliph of the revived Ottomans, nothing can stand in the face of his dreams, not even the national security of Turkey.

2 ‘Arab Spring’ Flowers blossomed in Syria – airlifted by the Obama Regime into Syria via NATO members state Turkey
In recent remarks, Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad in the latest series of interviews, and Syrian minister of foreign affairs Walid Moallem at the United Nations, Syrian media and many Syrian officials relayed there were terrorists from more than 80 countries fighting in Syria, either killed, arrested or reported by locals. Germans, French, Turkish, Australians, USAisns (there’s no other word to describe them), Saudis, Qataris, Egyptians, Jordanians, Tunisians, Libyans, Chechen, Chinese, even from Chile, the far country in Latin America are fighting in different terrorist groups under the FSA, Free Syrian Army umbrella.
An interview with a lady from Chile in the coming video (Click here to watch on YouTube) with English and Arabic subtitles, the English version is based on the Arabic one in case there might be any missing text:
Free Syrian Army or Free FROM Syrians Army fighting to promote democracy or to establish radical enclaves under competing Emirs, Sultans and Caliphs? Western citizens should tell us what they paid their hard earned tax money to establish in Syria and what their governments are doing in their names, and please do not claim it’s against your will, you elected them into power ‘democratically’. Source: Syrianews

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